Playing Time Report

The Playing Time Report is a useful tool that will help you monitor trends in minutes from week-to-week. Simply click on the team logo to load the report for that set of players.

Each team report lists all players with their weekly minute averages for all games played up to that point. Weekly minutes are highlighted in the colors green (gain), red (loss) or black (minutes were equal to yearly per-game average).

Arrows showing significant gains or losses are used when a player’s minutes fluctuate more than 10% from the yearly minutes per game average. At the start of a new week, data from the prior week is used until the team has played one game. In addition, you can quickly click on the minutes for a particular week next to a player’s name to access their game log.

*Click on a team to view the playing time report for that team.

*Click on the minutes for a given week/player to view the game log for that player/week.

Playing Time Report - Miami Heat
PlayerWeekly MinutesM/PG
D. Waiters - SG-38.0------------------------38.0
H. Whiteside - C -36.0------------------------36.0
J. Richardson - SG-35.0------------------------35.0
G. Dragic - PG-31.0------------------------31.0
J. Winslow - SF-23.0------------------------23.0
T. Johnson - PG-21.0------------------------21.0
K. Olynyk - PF-21.0------------------------21.0
J. Johnson - PF-19.0------------------------19.0
W. Ellington - SG-10.0------------------------10.0
E. Adebayo - C -6.0------------------------6.0