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Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Welcome to the Premier League on RotoWorld and NBC Sports.  We are excited to be a part of kicking off the NBC Sports television coverage of the Premier League here in the US.  This is RotoWorld's first venture into covering soccer (or football or futbol depending on where you're from).  RotoWorld has long (at least counted in Internet Years) been a favorite resource for fantasy managers and sports junkies who want and need to not only have the latest news on players and teams in the major American sports but also get a fantasy spin on that news.  We look forward to continuing that successful tradition and applying it to the Premier League.  Here is the team that will be covering the Premier League for you at RotoWorld as we get started:

Editor's note: For the latest Premier League news, check out our Player News. Plus, follow us at @Rotoworld_PL.


Jeremy Spitzberg - Jeremy and I have been writing about the Premier League and soccer fantasy games for almost 10 years now and it seems like at least that long since we started our Blogger site and were happy to have 100 page views in a month.  He is a DC United and Newcastle supporter living in San Diego who has written for Yahoo UK!, World Soccer Magazine and SBNation. Twitter - @jspitzberg


Nik Argiropoulos - Nik started his own excellent Blogger site in 2009 under the Assistant Manager moniker.  Two seasons ago he joined Jeremy and me as we launched for SBNation.  Nik's Player Picks have consistently been an extremely popular column.  Nik is a Tottenham supporter but despite that, I really enjoy his company and his writing. Twitter - @nikarg 

Galin Dragiev - Galin is the rookie on our team but we are happy to have him despite the fact that he is a Chelsea supporter.  Galin is attending the University of Florida in the applied sciences and spends his time there working on things that none of the rest of us understand. Twitter - @galindragiev


Neal Thurman - Your host for this column and editor of RotoWorld's Premier League section.  I live in the Washington, DC suburbs and spend my days as a management consultant.  I support Arsenal and DC United and have previously written for Yahoo UK!,,,, World Soccer Magazine,,, and SBNation. Twitter - @nealjthurman


It is our hope that some of you know us from our previous homes at Yahoo! UK, our independent blogs, and  For those who are familiar with us from those places, the sensibility of our writing, especially our feature writing, will remain similar.  We want to prepare you to be successful in managing your fantasy teams or sounding smart to your friends when talking about the Prem with those not fortunate enough to know about our site.  Our new home will bring with it a few changes that we hope you like.


More Focus on Player News


As you can see from the site and other sections of RotoWorld, the bread and butter of the site is Player News.  We have not become nor inherited a news gathering agency as part of this switch.  Our goal is not to BREAK news.  Our goal is to quickly follow breaking news - a transfer, an injury, a bust-up between manager and player - with quick analysis that will (hopefully) help fantasy managers and fans of the game understand what that news is likely to mean on the field.  


It is nice to know that Robin van Persie sprained an ankle.  It is much more helpful to know what it means for Wayne Rooney, Javier Hernandez and/or Danny Welbeck.  Our Player News items will bring you that sort of analysis as the news happens. 


Depth Charts and Kick-takers

You may have seen versions of this elsewhere but the goal is to have an evergreen resource for fantasy managers to find likely starters and the players who take set pieces, corners and penalties.  We aren't going to attempt to update the projected starting line-ups every week but this standing resource will be updated as preferred Starting XIs change across the league. 




We're still working out exactly how this function will work but it is a tool that we have access to at RotoWorld to give you quick opinions from week to week on who will perform the best.  We'd like to think that everyone has the time and interest in reading Nik's Player Picks column or my column The Week Ahead but we know sometimes you just need to get to the bottom line very quickly.  The Rankings feature will get you exactly that with a minimum of fuss. 




In addition to the news stuff that I've described above, you can expect the regular feature-length columns that you've always expected out of us when the Premier League is in season: 


    1. Monday Morning Manager
    2. Schedule Analysis 
    3. Player Picks/The Week Ahead
    4. Late Fitness Check


As we are waiting for the 2013-14 season to get under way, we will be updating Player News with transfer analysis and speculation as it happens and writing Team Priorities features and, as the season gets closer, Team Previews and in-depth analysis of new players to the league and how they are likely to impact the standings and your fantasy choices.  

Rules of the Road


We have been extremely fortunate over all of our past stops to have build a community that has pushed us to be better and created a welcoming community for Premier League fans and fantasy managers from all over the world.  We try our best not to get hung up on specific terminology - soccer vs. football vs. futbol - because we could spend all of our time calling each other idiots for the regional differences that exist in our world-wide audience.  We also try our best to be civil to each other in comments sections and the like.  You are welcome to call the authors on this site idiots when we get something wrong - it happens - just make sure you're respectful of your authors and fellow readers.  This is supposed to be fun and we like to think that our site can contribute to that with content and community - please do your best to keep it that way. 


With all that said, have a look around - we hope you enjoy it and keep coming back as the summer unfolds and the season begins.


Cheers - Neal

Neal Thurman manages the Rotoworld's Premier League coverage and contributes to Never Manage Alone which he co-founded. He is also a diehard Arsenal supporter. You can find him on Twitter @NealJThurman.
Email :Neal Thurman

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