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Rotoworld PL Yahoo Leagues

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

The Premier League season may be 20 weeks old, but that isn't too late to introduce a new feature here on Rotoworld.


The first @Rotoworld_PL private league for the Yahoo Fantasy Premier League game is open for business and the details to join are below ...


Join the Yahoo Fantasy Premier League game

@Rotoworld_PL League 1
League ID: 85762
Password: igob2jp


The Yahoo private leagues are limited to 100 teams, but once the first one is full we'll open the next one. We're currently undecided on how many there will be in total, but once finalised we will be running a knockout @Rotoworld_PL Cup competition over the final 16 weeks of the season between all the fantasy teams in the private leagues (using the 'weekly performance' league stats).


Follow the RotoWorld_PL team on Twitter: Galin | Jeremy | Neal | Nik | Steve


More details on exactly how this Cup competition will work will follow next week, but I can reveal that there will be a prize for the top scorer in each round of the Cup, and of course, a prize for the eventual Cup winner. There will also be prizes for the top performing teams across the @Rotoworld_PL private leagues.


If you haven't started playing Yahoo Fantasy Premier League game yet then you should still join up now as everyone who gets a spot in our @Rotoworld_PL private leagues will have a chance of Cup glory.


Get involved!




The first six leagues are full; details for the seventh league below ...


@Rotoworld_PL League 2
League ID: 85763
Password: e11p5y

@Rotoworld_PL League 3
League ID: 85795
Password: ogpzjjv

@Rotoworld_PL League 4
League ID: 85822
Password: 5rcicvd

@Rotoworld_PL League 5
League ID 85873
Password 0sv4r9

@Rotoworld_PL League 6
League ID 85984
Password 5x4pq54

@Rotoworld_PL League 7
League ID 86350
Password 9cvosfj

PLEASE ONLY JOIN ONE LEAGUE. Any team found to be in multiple leagues will be removed. This is to ensure everyone gets a fair chance of getting in to the Cup competition. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Nik Argiropoulos is a London-based soccer writer for Rotoworld and co-founder of Never Manage Alone. You can find him on Twitter @nikarg.
Email :Nik Argiropoulos

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