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Day 3: Top 25 Best Available

Saturday, April 27, 2013

List Of Top 5 Quarterbacks Remaining

1. Tyler Wilson, Arkansas

Height/Weight: 6'2/215

College Experience: Fifth-year senior

40 Time: 4.93

Comparison: Brett Favre, in terms of playing style

2012 Stats: 249-of-401 (62.1%) for 3,387 yds (8.44 YPA), 21 TD/13 INT

Pick projection: Third-round to Texans

Positives/Negatives: First and foremost, a very tough player who bounces up after hits. Consistently steps up into the pocket to deliver the ball under duress. Does not mind taking a beating when sensing a receiver will slip open. Underrated ability to buy himself time, can get first downs on the run when defenses are in man or in deep zones. Unafraid to test the field vertically. Arm strength is impressive in the intermediate game. Not overly concerned about the ball fluttering at the end of his targets, believe it is a footwork issue. Leads receivers on crossing routes and takes chances in the middle of the field rather than taking the conservative approach. Looks at multiple targets before checking down. Changes throwing plane in the face of pressure. However, delivery can be a bit elongated as he drops the football. Vertical shots can be floated, receivers tend to work back into a jump ball situation but the placement likely isn’t on purpose. Holds ball low in the pocket. Tended to lock onto receivers, namely Cobi Hamilton, and forced throws as a result. Made a number of throws that will make evaluators shake their heads, but have to take the bad with the good with him.

2. Zac Dysert, Miami (OH)

Height/Weight: 6'3/231

College Experience: Fifth-year senior

40 Time: N/A

Comparison: Ben Roethlisberger, in terms of being able to buy himself some time and throw with defenders draped

2012 Stats: 302-of-480 (62.9%) for 3,483 yds (7.26 YPA), 25 TD/12 INT; 265 rush yds, 2 TD

Pick projection: Raiders in the third-round

Positives/Negatives: Forced to play out of a quick throw, four and five wide receiver offense in 2012 to compensate for poor offensive line play. Much more effective in 2011, working in the pocket, stepping up against edge pressure, and making throws when draped by defenders. Very good at throwing on the run, even testing vertically when moving to his right. Sailed targets at the Senior Bowl but didn’t see that happen in tape review. Flashes anticipation on comebacks and breaking routes, not just on crossing patterns. Made some unbelievable throws downfield with effortless velocity and bucket placement. That's where his accuracy shows the most. Inconsistent feeling backside rushers. Needs to prove he can find check-downs and secondary reads inside the pocket rather than escaping to space, but that could have also been the offense’s fault in 2012. Some easy throws are blatantly off target for no apparent reason. Also showed a tendency to lock onto a first read in 2012. Did the offense in his final season stunt his development?

3. Ryan Nassib, Syracuse

Height/Weight: 6'2/227

College Experience: Fifth-year senior

40 Time: 5.06

Comparison: Jake Locker with better accuracy

2012 Stats: 294-of-471 (62.4%) for 3,749 yds (7.96 YPA), 26 TD/10 INT; 142 rush yds, 2 TD

Pick projection: Bills at No. 8

Positives/Negatives: There are some frenetic qualities to the Syracuse product’s game, but if harnessed he can be quite good. Perhaps he is comfortable with the jittery movements, but they have resulted in good and bad things. Has plus velocity in the short and intermediate game when balanced and clean in his footwork. Quick release, gets the ball out in a hurry when necessary. When the rhythm is there, the accuracy follows. Shows that he can make multiple reads, san look off safety to come to the opposite side of the field. Does his best to avoid sacks, but puts himself in those situations too. Puts a lot of air under deep balls, perhaps due to his motion, footwork, or lack of vertical arm strength, but it gives his man a chance to make a play. Sells play action and screens well, throwing well on the run to his right. Trust in his arm strength has led to poor decisions and poor placement when forcing passes into tight windows. It all goes back to that frenetic movement, for me.

4. Matt Barkley, USC

Height/Weight: 6'2/227

College Experience: Fourth-year senior

40 Time: N/A

Comparison: Ryan Fitzpatrick

2012 Stats: 246-of-387 (63.6%) for 3,273 yds (8.46 YPA), 36 TD/15 INT

Pick projection: Jaguars at No. 33

Positives/Negatives: Might make more adjustments at the line than any other passer in this class. Usually accurate when he is able to set his base and stride into his throws. Asked to move the pocket and throw on the run, or roll and plant to reset and test downfield. Needs to be a rhythm passer, plant off back foot and hit target. Will struggle to make time for himself. Has good placement when able to step into throws, even on vertical targets, but lack of velocity will make those throws more difficult in trash. Will he have smaller windows to hit if he is a tick late on his reads?

5. Tyler Bray, Tennessee

Height/Weight: 6'6/232

College Experience: Third-year junior

40 Time: 5.05

Comparison: Jeff George

2012 Stats: 268-of-451 (59.4%) for 3,612 yds (8.01 YPA), 34 TD/12 INT

Pick projection: Browns in the fourth-round

Positives/Negatives: When set, and even unbalanced at times, he has a ridiculous arm. not only from a velocity standpoint, but some vertical shots are precise. Was on the losing end of a lot of drops and contested catches. Footwork is a major issue. Does he care about improving it and does his decision making drop as the team’s falls further back on the scoreboard? Has added weight, but throws were all arm. Very little use of the lower body. Can change his arm slot.

Josh Norris is an NFL Draft Analyst for Rotoworld and contributed to the Rams scouting department during training camp of 2010 and the 2011 NFL Draft. He can be found on Twitter .
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