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Industry CFF Group of 5 Draft

Thursday, July 5, 2018

During the last week of June, I convened 15 college fantasy football experts from around the industry to take part in two BestBall leagues: One Power 5 league, and one Group of 5 league. These were not “mock drafts.” Both leagues required fees and will be played out. Upon completion of the draft, I asked each owner to answer five questions about each draft. Those answers are below. The Power 5 installment drops next week.

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Roster of owners:

Conner Allen - Rotoworld
Mike Bainbridge - Athlon
Greg Brandt - DFF_Devy
Joshua Chevalier - CFF guys
Christopher Crawford - Rotoworld
Robert Dudzik - theCFFsite
Joe DiSalvo - theCFFsite
Kyle Francis - DFF_College
Zach Hall - CFF Champs
Wes Huber - Pro Football Focus
John Laub - Football Diehards
Mark Lindquist- Rotoworld
Bill Lubitz - theCFFsite
Nathan Marchese - CFFantasyNate
Thor Nystrom - Rotoworld



1 1 RB Singletary, Devin FlAtl Kyle Francis - DFF_College
1 2 RB Washington, Juwan SDSU Joe DiSalvo - theCFFsite
1 3 WR Johnson, Anthony Buff Mike Bainbridge - Athlon
1 4 RB Mattison, Alexander Boise Greg Brandt - DFF_Devy
1 5 QB Hansen, Justice ArkSt Thor Nystrom - Rotoworld
1 6 QB Rourke, Nathan Ohio Wes Huber - Pro Football Focus
1 7 QB Perry, Malcolm Navy Nate Marchese - CFFantasyNate
1 8 QB Evans, Caleb ULMon Zach Hall - CFFChamps
1 9 QB Milton, McKenzie UCF Christopher Crawford - Rotoworld
1 10 QB Fine, Mason NorTx Connor Allen - Rotoworld
1 11 WR Brown, Trevon ECU Mark Lindquist - Rotoworld
1 12 QB Hicks, Ben SMU Robert Dudzik - theCFFsite
1 13 QB King, D'Eriq Hou Joshua Chevalier - CFFGuys
1 14 RB Ward, Jonathan C Mi John Laub - FootballDiehards
1 15 WR Lee, Ty MidTN Bill Lubitz - theCFFsite
2 16 RB Moore, Jalin App Bill Lubitz - theCFFsite
2 17 RB Seymour, Shakif Toled John Laub - FootballDiehards
2 18 RB Henderson, Darrell Mem Joshua Chevalier - CFFGuys
2 19 RB Thomas, Lexington UNLV Robert Dudzik - theCFFsite
2 20 RB Brooks, Shamari Tuls Mark Lindquist - Rotoworld
2 21 WR Isabella, Andy UMass Connor Allen - Rotoworld
2 22 WR Johnson, KeeSean Fres Christopher Crawford - Rotoworld
2 23 RB Brown, Spencer UAB Zach Hall - CFFChamps
2 24 QB Gangi, Ty Nev Nate Marchese - CFFantasyNate
2 25 WR Hart, Penny GASt Wes Huber - Pro Football Focus
2 26 WR Brady, Tyre Marsh Thor Nystrom - Rotoworld
2 27 RB Huntley, Jason NMSt Greg Brandt - DFF_Devy
2 28 WR O'Leary-Orange, Brendan Nev Mike Bainbridge - Athlon
2 29 WR Gandy-Golden, Antonio Lib Joe DiSalvo - theCFFsite
2 30 WR Thompson, Cody Toled Kyle Francis - DFF_College
3 31 RB Car, Mulbah Hou Kyle Francis - DFF_College
3 32 QB Childers, Marcus NIU Joe DiSalvo - theCFFsite
3 33 QB Stockstill, Brent MidTN Mike Bainbridge - Athlon
3 34 WR Snelson, Dredrick UCF Greg Brandt - DFF_Devy
3 35 RB Cox, Jeremy OD Thor Nystrom - Rotoworld
3 36 RB Smith, Nic NorTx Wes Huber - Pro Football Focus
3 37 WR Proche, James SMU Nate Marchese - CFFantasyNate
3 38 WR Green, Marcus ULMon Zach Hall - CFFChamps
3 39 RB Jones, Xavier SMU Christopher Crawford - Rotoworld
3 40 RB Taylor Jr., Patrick Mem Connor Allen - Rotoworld
3 41 QB Smith, J'mar LaTec Mark Lindquist - Rotoworld
3 42 WR Johnson, Diontae Toled Robert Dudzik - theCFFsite
3 43 WR Veal, Teddy LaTec Joshua Chevalier - CFFGuys
3 44 QB Jackson, Tyree Buff John Laub - FootballDiehards
3 45 WR Gardner, James MiaOH Bill Lubitz - theCFFsite
4 46 RB Clair, Andrew BGSU Bill Lubitz - theCFFsite
4 47 WR Mannix, McLane Nev John Laub - FootballDiehards
4 48 RB Young, Marquis UMass Joshua Chevalier - CFFGuys
4 49 RB Freeman, Ke'Mon SMU Robert Dudzik - theCFFsite
4 50 WR Evans, Octavius Boise Mark Lindquist - Rotoworld
4 51 RB Henderson, Jamarius Troy Connor Allen - Rotoworld
4 52 WR Guyton, Jalen NorTx Christopher Crawford - Rotoworld
4 53 RB Bogan, Jamauri WestMI Zach Hall - CFFChamps
4 54 RB Ouellette, A.J. Ohio Nate Marchese - CFFantasyNate
4 55 WR Coxie, Damonte Mem Wes Huber - Pro Football Focus
4 56 WR Williams, Preston ColSt Thor Nystrom - Rotoworld
4 57 RB King, Tyler Marsh Greg Brandt - DFF_Devy
4 58 RB Matthews, Izzy ColSt Mike Bainbridge - Athlon
4 59 WR Lark, Courtney Hou Joe DiSalvo - theCFFsite
4 60 WR Ursua, John Hawaii Kyle Francis - DFF_College
5 61 QB Thomson, Alex Marsh Kyle Francis - DFF_College
5 62 RB Dancy, Jaqwis LaTec Joe DiSalvo - theCFFsite
5 63 RB Boddie, Rashaad ColSt Mike Bainbridge - Athlon
5 64 RB Rankin, Justin Kent Greg Brandt - DFF_Devy
5 65 WR Miller, Scott BGSU Thor Nystrom - Rotoworld
5 66 RB Gilbert, James Ball Wes Huber - Pro Football Focus
5 67 WR Hobbs, Justin Tuls Nate Marchese - CFFantasyNate
5 68 WR Hall, Justin Ball Zach Hall - CFFChamps
5 69 RB Reed, Emmanuel Buff Christopher Crawford - Rotoworld
5 70 RB Woolfolk, Darnell Army Connor Allen - Rotoworld
5 71 RB Williams, Terence Hou Mark Lindquist - Rotoworld
5 72 WR Lewis, Kahlil Cin Robert Dudzik - theCFFsite
5 73 WR Wright, Willie FlAtl Joshua Chevalier - CFFGuys
5 74 WR Lawrence, Michael NorTx John Laub - FootballDiehards
5 75 RB Moore, Kelton Nev Bill Lubitz - theCFFsite
6 76 WR Smith, Kwadarrius Akr Bill Lubitz - theCFFsite
6 77 WR Watkins, Quez SMiss John Laub - FootballDiehards
6 78 WR Anderson, Otis UCF Joshua Chevalier - CFFGuys
6 79 TE Bryant, Harrison FlAtl Robert Dudzik - theCFFsite
6 80 QB Rogers, Armani UNLV Mark Lindquist - Rotoworld
6 81 RB West, Terelle MidTN Connor Allen - Rotoworld
6 82 RB Ragas, Trey ULLaf Christopher Crawford - Rotoworld
6 83 RB Young, Kenny MiaOH Zach Hall - CFFChamps
6 84 RB Armstead, Ryquell Temp Nate Marchese - CFFantasyNate
6 85 RB Wand, Warren ArkSt Wes Huber - Pro Football Focus
6 86 RB Bradwell, Darius Tul Thor Nystrom - Rotoworld
6 87 QB White, Brady Mem Greg Brandt - DFF_Devy
6 88 RB Mack, Elijah SoFL Mike Bainbridge - Athlon
6 89 RB Owens, Tyrone NM Joe DiSalvo - theCFFsite
6 90 RB Fields, Wesley GaSo Kyle Francis - DFF_College
7 91 RB Doaks, Gerrid Cin Kyle Francis - DFF_College
7 92 TmD Boise State Boise Joe DiSalvo - theCFFsite
7 93 WR McInnis, Justin ArkSt Mike Bainbridge - Athlon
7 94 WR Wright, Isaiah Temp Greg Brandt - DFF_Devy
7 95 RB Overstreet, Kellen Wyo Thor Nystrom - Rotoworld
7 96 WR Byrd, Cedric Hawaii Wes Huber - Pro Football Focus
7 97 QB Abey, Zach Navy Nate Marchese - CFFantasyNate
7 98 TE Deane, Mik'Quan W Ky Zach Hall - CFFChamps
7 99 WR Way, Jamarius SoAl Christopher Crawford - Rotoworld
7 100 WR Richardson, A.J. Boise Connor Allen - Rotoworld
7 101 WR Benson, Brandon SMU Mark Lindquist - Rotoworld
7 102 WR Bright, Gerold UtSt Robert Dudzik - theCFFsite
7 103 WR McCants, Tyre SoFL Joshua Chevalier - CFFGuys
7 104 QB Rypien, Brett Boise John Laub - FootballDiehards
7 105 WR Jackson, Lucky W Ky Bill Lubitz - theCFFsite
8 106 QB Robison, Chris FlAtl Bill Lubitz - theCFFsite
8 107 RB Huntley, Caleb Ball John Laub - FootballDiehards
8 108 RB Killins Jr., Adrian UCF Joshua Chevalier - CFFGuys
8 109 RB Boyd, Frank Lib Robert Dudzik - theCFFsite
8 110 TE Raymond, Dax UtSt Mark Lindquist - Rotoworld
8 111 WR Williams, Malcolm CoCar Connor Allen - Rotoworld
8 112 QB Erdely, A.J. UAB Christopher Crawford - Rotoworld
8 113 RB Taylor II, Corey Tuls Zach Hall - CFFChamps
8 114 WR Bussey, Jr., Rico NorTx Nate Marchese - CFFantasyNate
8 115 WR Duhart, Jonathan OD Wes Huber - Pro Football Focus
8 116 TE Hessbrook, Logan C Mi Thor Nystrom - Rotoworld
8 117 WR Hennigan, Thomas App Greg Brandt - DFF_Devy
8 118 RB Torrey, DeAndre NorTx Mike Bainbridge - Athlon
8 119 QB Lewis, Levi ULLaf Joe DiSalvo - theCFFsite
8 120 TE McLean, Aaron UConn Kyle Francis - DFF_College
9 121 RB Pollard, Tony Mem Kyle Francis - DFF_College
9 122 RB Jasmin, Chase SDSU Joe DiSalvo - theCFFsite
9 123 TE Oliver, Josh SJSU Mike Bainbridge - Athlon
9 124 WR Durante, Jovon FlAtl Greg Brandt - DFF_Devy
9 125 RB Eriksen, Ian E Mi Thor Nystrom - Rotoworld
9 126 RB Holly III, Freddie Hawaii Wes Huber - Pro Football Focus
9 127 TmD San Diego State SDSU Nate Marchese - CFFantasyNate
9 128 WR Mayala, Hergy UConn Zach Hall - CFFChamps
9 129 TmD Wyoming Wyo Christopher Crawford - Rotoworld
9 130 WR Guyton, Datrin BGSU Connor Allen - Rotoworld
9 131 WR Singleton, Raelon Hou Mark Lindquist - Rotoworld
9 132 TmD Marshall Marsh Robert Dudzik - theCFFsite
9 133 RB Cronkrite, Jordan SoFL Joshua Chevalier - CFFGuys
9 134 RB Marable, Torrance CoCar John Laub - FootballDiehards
9 135 QB Johnson, De'Andre FlAtl Bill Lubitz - theCFFsite
10 136 RB Harbison, Tre NIU Bill Lubitz - theCFFsite
10 137 TmD Northern Illinois NIU John Laub - FootballDiehards
10 138 WR Casey, Gatlin MidTN Joshua Chevalier - CFFGuys
10 139 QB Moore, Hayden Cin Robert Dudzik - theCFFsite
10 140 TmD Troy Troy Mark Lindquist - Rotoworld
10 141 TE Butler, Cameron ColSt Connor Allen - Rotoworld
10 142 TE Mabry, Tyler Buff Christopher Crawford - Rotoworld
10 143 TmD Fresno State Fres Zach Hall - CFFChamps
10 144 RB Walker, Kell Army Nate Marchese - CFFantasyNate
10 145 TE Wilcox, Mitchell SoFL Wes Huber - Pro Football Focus
10 146 RB Parks, Tez SMiss Thor Nystrom - Rotoworld
10 147 WR Cephus, Aaron Rice Greg Brandt - DFF_Devy
10 148 WR Turner, RJ ULMon Mike Bainbridge - Athlon
10 149 WR Williams, Marcel Marsh Joe DiSalvo - theCFFsite
10 150 QB Calvert, Stephen Lib Kyle Francis - DFF_College
11 151 WR Tears, Spencer NIU Kyle Francis - DFF_College
11 152 WR Watson, Keishawn WestMI Joe DiSalvo - theCFFsite
11 153 QB McMaryion, Marcus Fres Mike Bainbridge - Athlon
11 154 QB Nelson, Kato Akr Greg Brandt - DFF_Devy
11 155 WR Wilson, Andre UAB Thor Nystrom - Rotoworld
11 156 QB Carta-Samuels, K.J. ColSt Wes Huber - Pro Football Focus
11 157 WR King, Damian Lib Nate Marchese - CFFantasyNate
11 158 QB Banks, Jonathan Tul Zach Hall - CFFChamps
11 159 RB White, Papi Ohio Christopher Crawford - Rotoworld
11 160 QB Griggs, Kwadra SMiss Connor Allen - Rotoworld
11 161 RB Davis, Keion Marsh Mark Lindquist - Rotoworld
11 162 RB Samuel, Joshua W Ky Robert Dudzik - theCFFsite
11 163 RB Rhodes, Jalen UTSA Joshua Chevalier - CFFGuys
11 164 RB Thompkins, Art Toled John Laub - FootballDiehards
11 165 TE Knight, Camrin GASt Bill Lubitz - theCFFsite
12 166 QB Worthman, Arion AF Bill Lubitz - theCFFsite
12 167 RB Gore, Derrick ULMon John Laub - FootballDiehards
12 168 RB Daniels, B.J. UTSA Joshua Chevalier - CFFGuys
12 169 RB Nevens, Tyler SJSU Robert Dudzik - theCFFsite
12 170 QB Neal, Riley Ball Mark Lindquist - Rotoworld
12 171 TmD Central Florida UCF Connor Allen - Rotoworld
12 172 WR Encalade, Terren Tul Christopher Crawford - Rotoworld
12 173 WR Tarver, Ron'Quavion UtSt Zach Hall - CFFChamps
12 174 QB Thomas, Zac App Nate Marchese - CFFantasyNate
12 175 WR Page, Tyler SMU Wes Huber - Pro Football Focus
12 176 TmD Appalachian State App Thor Nystrom - Rotoworld
12 177 TE Magnifico, Joey Mem Greg Brandt - DFF_Devy
12 178 RB Birdow, Taven AF Mike Bainbridge - Athlon
12 179 RB Bellamy, LeVante WestMI Joe DiSalvo - theCFFsite
12 180 WR Cooks, Elijah Nev Kyle Francis - DFF_College
13 181 RB Williams, Charles UNLV Kyle Francis - DFF_College
13 182 QB Guadagni, Mitchell Toled Joe DiSalvo - theCFFsite
13 183 RB Thompson, Darwin UtSt Mike Bainbridge - Athlon
13 184 RB Mitchell, Elijah ULLaf Greg Brandt - DFF_Devy
13 185 RB LeMay, Benny Char Thor Nystrom - Rotoworld
13 186 WR Harris, Drake WestMI Wes Huber - Pro Football Focus
13 187 WR Dingle, Brennon UMass Nate Marchese - CFFantasyNate
13 188 RB Smith, Alonzo MiaOH Zach Hall - CFFChamps
13 189 TE Rice, Jared Fres Christopher Crawford - Rotoworld
13 190 WR Douglas, Deondre Troy Connor Allen - Rotoworld
13 191 TE Isaac, Javonis ArkSt Mark Lindquist - Rotoworld
13 192 K Hoggarth, Haden Boise Robert Dudzik - theCFFsite
13 193 RB Dauphine, Corey Tul Joshua Chevalier - CFFGuys
13 194 WR Johnson, C.J. Wyo John Laub - FootballDiehards
13 195 TmD Houston Hou Bill Lubitz - theCFFsite
14 196 QB McDonald, Cole Hawaii Bill Lubitz - theCFFsite
14 197 RB Davidson, Andy Army John Laub - FootballDiehards
14 198 QB Williams, Steven OD Joshua Chevalier - CFFGuys
14 199 WR Johnson, Jon'Vea Toled Robert Dudzik - theCFFsite
14 200 WR Conway, Austin Wyo Mark Lindquist - Rotoworld
14 201 WR Watts, Tyler TxSt Connor Allen - Rotoworld
14 202 QB Werts, Shai GaSo Christopher Crawford - Rotoworld
14 203 WR Worton, CJ FLInt Zach Hall - CFFChamps
14 204 RB Vann, Shaq E Mi Nate Marchese - CFFantasyNate
14 205 QB Barrett, Woody Kent Wes Huber - Pro Football Focus
14 206 TmD Florida Atlantic FlAtl Thor Nystrom - Rotoworld
14 207 WR Salomon, Darnell SoFL Greg Brandt - DFF_Devy
14 208 WR Davis, Gabriel UCF Mike Bainbridge - Athlon
14 209 TE Brinkman, Mitchell NIU Joe DiSalvo - theCFFsite
14 210 WR Presley, Brandon UNLV Kyle Francis - DFF_College
15 211 QB Jones III, Willie TxSt Kyle Francis - DFF_College
15 212 RB Williams, Kaegun SDSU Joe DiSalvo - theCFFsite
15 213 WR Armstrong, Trevion Nev Mike Bainbridge - Athlon
15 214 QB Ragland, Gus MiaOH Greg Brandt - DFF_Devy
15 215 QB Eckels, Drew W Ky Thor Nystrom - Rotoworld
15 216 TmD Utah State UtSt Wes Huber - Pro Football Focus
15 217 WR Quick, Michiah Fres Nate Marchese - CFFantasyNate
15 218 TmD South Florida SoFL Zach Hall - CFFChamps
15 219 K Wright, Matthew UCF Christopher Crawford - Rotoworld
15 220 WR Malone, Ryheem ULLaf Connor Allen - Rotoworld
15 221 K Vest, Jameson Toled Mark Lindquist - Rotoworld
15 222 QB Ford, Andrew UMass Robert Dudzik - theCFFsite
15 223 QB Moore, David Mem Joshua Chevalier - CFFGuys
15 224 WR Singleton, Bryce FLInt John Laub - FootballDiehards
15 225 RB Mensah, Kevin UConn Bill Lubitz - theCFFsite
16 226 TmD Central Michigan C Mi Bill Lubitz - theCFFsite
16 227 RB Mims, Jordan Fres John Laub - FootballDiehards
16 228 TE Bates, John Boise Joshua Chevalier - CFFGuys
16 229 TmD Temple Temp Robert Dudzik - theCFFsite
16 230 TmD Eastern Michigan E Mi Mark Lindquist - Rotoworld
16 231 WR Johnson, Keenen Tuls Connor Allen - Rotoworld
16 232 WR Skanes, Quayvon UConn Christopher Crawford - Rotoworld
16 233 QB Wassink, Jon WestMI Zach Hall - CFFChamps
16 234 QB Skipper, Luke Tuls Nate Marchese - CFFantasyNate
16 235 TE Hescock, Jake UCF Wes Huber - Pro Football Focus
16 236 QB Herring, Reid ECU Thor Nystrom - Rotoworld
16 237 WR Johnson, Willie Marsh Greg Brandt - DFF_Devy
16 238 WR Thompson, Michael E Mi Mike Bainbridge - Athlon
16 239 K Zervos, Louie Ohio Joe DiSalvo - theCFFsite
16 240 TmD UTSA UTSA Kyle Francis - DFF_College
17 241 QB Locksley, Kai UTEP Kyle Francis - DFF_College
17 242 QB Pindell, David UConn Joe DiSalvo - theCFFsite
17 243 RB Esukpa, Emmanuel Rice Mike Bainbridge - Athlon
17 244 TmD Memphis Mem Greg Brandt - DFF_Devy
17 245 WR Childress, Brandon C Mi Thor Nystrom - Rotoworld
17 246 RB Maxwell, Napoleon FLInt Wes Huber - Pro Football Focus
17 247 TE Smith, Kelvin NorTx Nate Marchese - CFFantasyNate
17 248 WR Johnson, Olabisi ColSt Zach Hall - CFFChamps
17 249 TmD Louisiana Tech LaTec Christopher Crawford - Rotoworld
17 250 QB Doege, Jarret BGSU Connor Allen - Rotoworld
17 251 WR Farrow, B.J. Lib Mark Lindquist - Rotoworld
17 252 TE Givan, Nolan Ball Robert Dudzik - theCFFsite
17 253 RB Warren II, Michael Cin Joshua Chevalier - CFFGuys
17 254 WR Bayless, Omar ArkSt John Laub - FootballDiehards
17 255 K Patterson, Riley Mem Bill Lubitz - theCFFsite
18 256 WR Brown, D.J. NIU Bill Lubitz - theCFFsite
18 257 WR Osborn, K.J. Buff John Laub - FootballDiehards
18 258 WR Bell, Judah SMU Joshua Chevalier - CFFGuys
18 259 WR Willis, Damion Troy Robert Dudzik - theCFFsite
18 260 WR Gibson, Antonio Mem Mark Lindquist - Rotoworld
18 261 RB Hokit, Josh Fres Connor Allen - Rotoworld
18 262 TE Dykes, Sean Mem Christopher Crawford - Rotoworld
18 263 TE Becker, Nate MiaOH Zach Hall - CFFChamps
18 264 WR Sanders, C.J. SMU Nate Marchese - CFFantasyNate
18 265 RB Dunner, Malik Ball Wes Huber - Pro Football Focus
18 266 WR Palmer, Sadiq UMass Thor Nystrom - Rotoworld
18 267 TmD Western Michigan WestMI Greg Brandt - DFF_Devy
18 268 QB Poljan, Tony C Mi Mike Bainbridge - Athlon
18 269 WR Bradley, Ja'Marcus ULLaf Joe DiSalvo - theCFFsite
18 270 WR Jackson, Warren ColSt Kyle Francis - DFF_College
19 271 WR Ricci, Giovanni WestMI Kyle Francis - DFF_College
19 272 RB Minter, Tra SoAl Joe DiSalvo - theCFFsite
19 273 WR Boone, Johnathan NMSt Mike Bainbridge - Athlon
19 274 K Grant, Josh WestMI Greg Brandt - DFF_Devy
19 275 WR Corbin, Keith Hou Thor Nystrom - Rotoworld
19 276 QB Johnson, Cephus SoAl Wes Huber - Pro Football Focus
19 277 TE Reed, Collin App Nate Marchese - CFFantasyNate
19 278 QB Nutile, Frank Temp Zach Hall - CFFChamps
19 279 RB Taylor, Anthony D. TxSt Christopher Crawford - Rotoworld
19 280 TE Warring, Kahale SDSU Connor Allen - Rotoworld
19 281 RB Bateman, Taz GASt Mark Lindquist - Rotoworld
19 282 RB Whyte, Jr., Kerrith FlAtl Robert Dudzik - theCFFsite
19 283 TmD Arkansas State ArkSt Joshua Chevalier - CFFGuys
19 284 K Tarbutt, Michael UConn John Laub - FootballDiehards
19 285 TE Booker, Kobie Akr Bill Lubitz - theCFFsite
20 286 K Williams, Sawyer ArkSt Bill Lubitz - theCFFsite
20 287 TE Fort, Austin Wyo John Laub - FootballDiehards
20 288 K Sackett, Jared UTSA Joshua Chevalier - CFFGuys
20 289 WR Clark, OJ NMSt Robert Dudzik - theCFFsite
20 290 RB Wadley, Quardraiz UTEP Mark Lindquist - Rotoworld
20 291 K Eberle, Dominik UtSt Connor Allen - Rotoworld
20 292 QB Chapman, Christian SDSU Christopher Crawford - Rotoworld
20 293 RB Williams Jr., Marcus App Zach Hall - CFFChamps
20 294 WR Nixon, Tre UCF Nate Marchese - CFFantasyNate
20 295 K Farlow, Brady LaTec Wes Huber - Pro Football Focus
20 296 TE Pistone, Matt Boise Thor Nystrom - Rotoworld
20 297 TE Fisher, Jordan Toled Greg Brandt - DFF_Devy
20 298 K Verity, Jake ECU Mike Bainbridge - Athlon
20 299 WR Harper, Isaiah OD Joe DiSalvo - theCFFsite
20 300 TmD Old Dominion OD Kyle Francis - DFF_College
21 301 QB Tuioti, Tevaka NM Kyle Francis - DFF_College
21 302 TmD Alabama-Birmingham UAB Joe DiSalvo - theCFFsite
21 303 TmD Ohio Ohio Mike Bainbridge - Athlon
21 304 K Probert, Alex Lib Greg Brandt - DFF_Devy
21 305 K Shaunfield, Parker SMiss Thor Nystrom - Rotoworld
21 306 TmD New Mexico State NMSt Wes Huber - Pro Football Focus
21 307 K Crawford, Bryce SJSU Nate Marchese - CFFantasyNate
21 308 K Bryan, Wyatt ColSt Zach Hall - CFFChamps
21 309 WR Modster, Sean Boise Christopher Crawford - Rotoworld
21 310 K Mitcheson, Adam Buff Connor Allen - Rotoworld
21 311 RB Howe, Hussein ECU Mark Lindquist - Rotoworld
21 312 WR Jackson, Zachari ULMon Robert Dudzik - theCFFsite
21 313 WR Bonnette, Rhashid LaTec Joshua Chevalier - CFFGuys
21 314 K Baron II, John SDSU John Laub - FootballDiehards
21 315 RB Walker, Tre Navy Bill Lubitz - theCFFsite
22 316 QB Love, Jordan UtSt Bill Lubitz - theCFFsite
22 317 TmD Southern Miss SMiss John Laub - FootballDiehards
22 318 WR Adams, Jaylond SMiss Joshua Chevalier - CFFGuys
22 319 WR McKnight, Kam LaTec Robert Dudzik - theCFFsite
22 320 K Rothe, Cooper Wyo Mark Lindquist - Rotoworld
22 321 TmD Akron Akr Connor Allen - Rotoworld
22 322 RB McCrae, Greg UCF Christopher Crawford - Rotoworld
22 323 RB Gargiulo, Anthony Navy Zach Hall - CFFChamps
22 324 TmD Army Army Nate Marchese - CFFantasyNate
22 325 K Novikoff, Caden Hou Wes Huber - Pro Football Focus
22 326 K Fricano, Paulie E Mi Thor Nystrom - Rotoworld
22 327 TE Colubiale, Michael UCF Greg Brandt - DFF_Devy
22 328 TmD Georgia State GASt Mike Bainbridge - Athlon
22 329 WR Sloan, Jacquez W Ky Joe DiSalvo - theCFFsite
22 330 K Bass, Tyler GaSo Kyle Francis - DFF_College


1. What was your strategy going into the draft, and were you able to implement it? What do you like and dislike about your team?


Crawford: I definitely was going to take a BPA (best-player available) approach in this format, and I think I implemented it; with a couple notable exceptions late because of position scarcity. I like a lot about my team. I think it's balanced, and I think there are solid players throughout the roster. It may lack in star power outside of the QB position, but I feel confident in all my early picks performing well.

Hall: I love drafting in the middle and in a 15 owner league that wasn’t a bad place for me to be. I wanted to get a QB, RB, and WR to build around. Getting Evans in Round 1 and Brown in Round 2 was about as good as it could get for me. Marcus Green might appear to be drafted too high but if Evans is having a great year with his arm then Green will also be having a great year. The one piece I don’t love is my QB depth. Outside of Evans it really drops off. I think Banks is one of those guys that could put together a good season but we’ll see.

Chevalier: My strategy was to target D’Eriq King in the 1st, then take best available RB or WR from there. I was definitely able to do that. I really like my WR’s for a PPR, best ball format. I am really thin at TE, defense & kicker, which is intentional, but probably too risky.

Bainbridge: This was my first time participating in a Best Ball draft so really didn’t have any specific strategy. Just draft the best players possible and make sure I have sufficient depth at each position to withstand any injuries. I love my top two receivers who are both Top 10 options this year in CFF. I am not as pleased with my running backs if I am being honest. Some good options, but nobody that will be a star.

Laub: In such a challenging league, I wanted to draft a high-risk, high-ceiling team. The only way to bring home the trophy against so many incredible owners is to take calculated risks. I am not interested in finishing in the middle of the pack. Drafting at the back end of a 15-team league, I wanted to grab running backs immediately, and acquired Jonathan Ward and Shakif Seymour with my first two picks.

Brandt: My approach to this draft was to go running back heavy early. I was able to accomplish this very well. I really liked my running backs and not a big fan of my tight end position.

Marchese: I strayed pretty far from my normal strategy. I always avoid triple option offenses like the plague in standard leagues due to inconsistent performances and difficulty knowing which back will get the production. But here I decided to roll the dice with a few of them since one often goes off and I don't have to worry about guessing from week-to-week which one it will be given no lineup adjustments in this format. Fantrax changing Perry from RB to QB eligibility mid-draft and me missing out on Darnell Woolfolk or Andy Davidson put a little cramp in my strategy. I also implemented the strategy of taking talented transfers late like Michiah Quick and Tre Nixon. We will see how that plays out.

Lindquist: This was a draft where I tried as often as possible to go "best player available." It was a touch-and-go affair in terms of implementation, as I ended up straying from my queues at times, to my detriment. In general, "best available" has never been a strategy that I've been able to implement to a strong degree. I've found better luck sorting players into tiers, which allows a little more flexibility. That said, not everything was horrible. I'm infatuated with my receivers. Trevon Brown and Octavius Evans are two players who I've targeted in multiple drafts and I secured both of them, here. I'm more concerned with my quarterbacks. J'Mar Smith, Armani Rogers and Riley Neal are fine, but there's no clear-cut slam dunk on my roster that I feel I can trust week-in, week-out.

Allen: Roster construction is a huge deal in BestBall leagues so prior to the draft I decided how many players I wanted to end up with at each position, and built my strategy from there. Since two QB’s start each week, getting one early in the draft was a priority. After round one I hammered the running back and wide receiver positions to flesh out the core of my team. I also wanted to make sure I waited until my last couple of picks to select a kicker. I liked that I was able to take four consecutive running backs in rounds 2-to-4 to try and establish a high floor each week. I was disappointed that there were five quarterbacks selected in a row prior to my first round pick which resulted in me settling on North Texas junior QB Mason Fine.

Francis: This draft felt pretty unpredictable. I chased quite a few ceilings in this one. I prioritized volume running backs again and also figured I could punt for a few rounds at QB. I’m thrilled with how I ended up at QB. In Marshall QB Alex Thomson and Liberty QB Buckshot Calvert I’ve got two guys that should throw it 40 times per game. I was able to take three potential spike players at QB in Texas State QB Willie Jones (AKA STEAMIN’ WILLIE BEAMEN) UTEP QB Kai Locksley, and New Mexico QB Tevaka Tuioti (AKA THE SAMOAN KHALIL TATE). My WRs are my weak spot. I’ll need some luck with them.

Huber: Picking sixth …. one goal: maximize weighted rushing statistics. Basing all of my picks on personal ranks, if neither Devin Singletary or Juwan Washington were available, securing Nathan Rourke was my fallback option. Rourke is gold when 100 percent. Post-draft regret passing on Xavier Jones in the third. The quality of my backfield will be dependent upon the growth/success of Nic Smith and the health of James Gilbert. A boiling-hot confidence in my wideouts mixed with frigid uncertainty from an unproven TE group.

DiSalvo: After landing the 2nd pick of the draft, I targeted San Diego State RB Juwan Washington, assuming FAU RB Devin Singletary would go No. 1 overall.  Knowing this is a BestBall league and no in-season acquisitions, my strategy was to corner the San Diego State running back market.  By selecting Washington in Round 1, Chase Jasmin in Round 9, and Kaegun Williams in Round 15, I'm protected in case of an injury and guaranteed to have the Aztecs No. 1 RB every week.  I also wanted to target a top-tier DST early in the draft, so I selected Boise State in Round 7. 

Lubitz: Get the best player available and then after that some potential high ceiling guys.  Was able to some what but completely underestimated how quickly the top QBs would be snatched up.  That lead me to what I like about my team, the perceived depth at RB and WR but also what I dislike about it — my QBs.  Gonna need one of my QBs to hit and be a sleeper Top 10 type.

Nystrom: Like many, I’m a best-player-available guy in the first five rounds. After that, I pay very close attention to positional tiers and try to put myself in the position to grab the last guy of a tier, as opposed to the first of the next one. In this draft, picking 1.5, I was stunned and delighted to see Justice Hansen— the consensus No. 1 G5 QB heading into the year — drop to me. I stuck to best player available with my next four picks, and ended up snagging three receivers and an RB. After that, I monitored the ebbs and flows of the draft with regards to my position tiers and thought I snagged guys like Darius Bradwell, Benny LeMay and Drew Eckels/Reid Herring in spots where others were likely to pounce within the next three picks or so.


2. What was your favorite pick that you made, and what was your least favorite?

Crawford: I was thrilled to get Milton at that point in the draft. I don't think he's a pro prospect, but he's clearly a performer, and I think they'll lean on him as they try and repeat as AAC champions. I would have taken him with the second pick. I probably took Keesean Johnson a little too early. I think he's very underrated and he's been an excellent performer, but I can't help but wonder if I could have procured his services in the later rounds.

Hall: I was pretty pumped to get Corey Taylor in RD 8. He started off so good last year before injury and should get plenty of carries. That Tulsa offense has had 2 solid CFF backs at the same time before and Taylor could be a 1,000 yard rusher this year. Nate Becker at TE is the pick I want back. I had both Hescock from UCF and Smith from North Texas all queued up and I kept telling myself…one more round. Then I lost both. I settled for Becker. Looking back now feels like there was better value out there.

Chevalier: My favorite pick was D’Eriq King. He is my favorite CFF player. I have him in all of my 10+ fantasy leagues this year. I think he is a more accurate Greg Ward clone. Not that I am biased or anything. My least favorite pick was Jaylond Adams. I wanted Joshua Fields, but I had already maxed out the number of RB’s I could have on my roster. I do like Adams upside though.

Bainbridge: Favorite pick is probably Middle Tennessee QB Brent Stockstill in the 3rd round. He stays healthy and is a Top 20 CFF quarterback. Least favorite was Air Force full back Taven Birdow. Fullbacks haven’t been getting as many opportunities to run the football as they have in year’s past. There were some better options remaining on the board.

Laub: I am ecstatic that Buffalo quarterback Tyree Jackson remained available with the 44th pick overall. Jackson played only eight games last season yet still passed for over 2,000 yards and rushed for 197 yards. At 6-foot-7 and 245 pounds, the junior is a dynamic dual-threat playmaker and poised to become a CFF celebrity.

Brandt: My favorite pick would have been my first pick with Alexander Mattison. I am expecting a major season out of him. Getting him at the 4th pick was a nice start to my running back heavy approach. My lease favorite would be my tight end picks. I waited too long to nab a tight end and ended up having to salvage the best I could.

Marchese: Ryquell Armstead was my favorite. I see an improved Temple offense that was injury stricken last year. I expect a bit of a bounce back season from the 2017 preseason top 15 RB. My least favorite selection was probably Proche given his struggles in the spring. He could crush me if that continues or he could be an Air Raid monster if he's actually the benefactor of Quinn and Sutton moving on. 

Lindquist: My favorite pick, hands down, was BSU WR Octavius Evans in the fourth round. While he's not a proven quantity as of yet, he's stepping into a prime opportunity with Cedrick Wilson no longer on roster. My least favorite pick was that of Houston RB Terence Williams in the fifth round. Frankly, it was a huge misstep, one which may well end up submarining my squad. He would have been fine -- and available -- multiple rounds later, and while I do like that he's reuniting with former Baylor OC Kendal Briles in H-Town, you just can't be whiffing on early round picks in a 15-team G5 draft. It's just asking for trouble.

Allen: My favorite pick was Southern Miss senior QB Kwadra Griggs in the 11th round as my second quarterback. Griggs recorded two or more total touchdowns in 7-of-10 starts last season and bolsters his fantasy floor with rushing totals. My least favorite pick was sophomore TE Cameron Butler out of Colorado State. I should have waited a few more rounds before selecting a tight end since that likely won’t be a big difference maker.
Francis: My favorite pick was New Mexico QB Tevaka Tuioti (AKA THE SAMOAN KHALIL TATE). My least favorite was taking Houston RB Mulbah Car in the third and not pulling the trigger on Terence Williams as his handcuff. I’m alone on an island thinking he will be their bell cow. He prob determines my fate in this league and is without a doubt my biggest risk.

Huber: Before the RB player pool evaporated, Warren Wand fell into my lap in the sixth. After posting nearly 900 total yards and seven TDs last year, four of his O-linemen return for his senior season. Each of my hopeful three TE targets were selected among the first four TEs off the board. Mitchell Wilcox may have been an overreaction to that fact in the 10th. While I think the opportunity is there for him, It’s conceivable that I’ll score less than 10 points all season at the position. Expectations are so low that anything consistent will make me very happy.

DiSalvo: I really like my depth at running back and receiver, but I need production from a handful of unproven, yet talented, quarterbacks.  My least favorite pick was Ohio K Louis Zervos in Round 16.   I don't like to draft kickers because I usually stream them week-to-week, but this is a BestBall league with no waiver claims.  I was worried about my depth, so I opted on another position player over a second kicker. 

Lubitz: Kelton Moore Rd 5- Think this kid could have a real good year in that offense and in the MWC that doesn't play a whole lot of defense.  Least favorite: Jalin Moore Rd 2- Fool me once shame on know the rest.  One of those guys that I've used a high draft pick on in a previous year and it didn't work out great so I just don't feel good about drafting him again this time.

Nystrom: Outside of Hansen, I’d probably say WR Scott Miller. Miller averaged almost 20 fantasy points per game in 2016 (74-968-10) before dropping off ever so slightly last year amid Bowling Green’s offensive inconsistency (63-722-4). With Bowling Green’s offense likely to be better in 2018, Miller makes for an extremely high upside receiver who’s floor is also extremely high. I was geeked to get him with a modest Round 5 investment. My least favorite pick was probably Ian Eriksen— through no fault of his own. After taking Eriksen, my mission was to handcufff him with his backfield mate Shaq Vann. Marchese snatched Vann in Round 14, a round or two before I wanted him. I kicked myself for not paying the premium— that’s on me. And that decision makes Eriksen more of a risk for my team than he had any right to be.

3. Name one pick another owner made in the top 10 rounds that made you insanely jealous.

Crawford: It's obvious, but, Devin Singletary. The dude is just insanely good, and there's no reason to think he can't put up similar numbers. He's a great bet to be the most productive player in college football in 2018, in my opinion.

Hall: Shamari Brooks in Round 2 by Mark. In fact every RB pick in Round 2 before my pick made me jealous but I had a plan to try and get Shamari Brooks and then come back and get Corey Taylor later on. Mark wrecked that strategy. But I’m good with settling for Spencer Brown.

Chevalier: Kyle Francis selected Tony Pollard in the ninth round. I secretly have dibs on Pollard in every fantasy draft I participate in. Kyle just didn’t get the memo, I guess.

Bainbridge: Nate was able to draft Temple running back Ryquell Armstead in Round 6. I know those that play CFF are hesitant on him as Armstead was a huge bust last year, but the guy was injured for the majority season. If he is at 100 percent health in 2018, Armstead is a steal at that point.

Laub: In the fourth round, I wanted to grab my third running back but Bill of theCFFsite stole my guy: Andrew Clair of BGSU. The sophomore is in line for a large workload for the Falcons and will easily gain over 1,000 yards rushing.

Brandt: I was disappointed to miss out on Damonte Coxie. After starting heavy at the running back position getting him to team with Dredick Snelson would have been a good start at the wide out position as well.

Marchese: Mark took Terence Williams toward the end of the 5th. I'm pretty jealous of that one given he was a target for me that I really wanted and hoped to take a couple rounds later. He's a guy I expect to have a big role given his history with Kendal Briles.

Lindquist: Mike Bainbridge's selection of Middle Tennessee QB Brent Stockstill in the third round. He went through the 2017 season in injury purgatory, but was quite the productive cat in each of his previous two campaigns, throwing for 3,000-plus yards and 30-plus touchdowns in both. If he can rebound from his (essentially) lost year, he could rebound in a big way.

Allen: This sounds like a cop-out, but I was really hoping I would get the 1st overall pick so I could select FAU junior RB Devin Singletary. He is the ultimate high-floor, high-upside player every team dreams of having.

Francis: Mark Lundquist taking Terence Williams in the fifth and Thor Nystrom taking Tulane RB Darius Bradwell in the sixth - he could be a monster. Last but not least, Joe DiSalvo taking Marcel Williams in the tenth caused me physical and mental anguish.

Huber: Starting QB->WR with my first two picks, I had aspirations of securing at least two of four available RBs starting with the thirty-sixth pick. Decided on Nic Smith, then the dismay I felt watching Xavier Jones drafted at 3.09 paled in comparison to the misery felt when Andrew Clair and Marquis Young were selected seven, and nine picks later. Knew it was unlikely Jones would make it back to me, but Clair was my primary target.

DiSalvo: I was really surprised that Colorado State receiver Preston Williams was available in Round 4.  Having to wait 26 picks before you get back on the clock is painful.  I kept watching Williams slip pick-by-pick, until Thor grabbed him three picks ahead of me in Round 4.

Lubitz: Armani Rogers in Round 6. As a Vegas guy I love this kid.  Think he will be that much better this year and could really put up some big numbers.  Especially on a team that doesn't play any defense and will likely spend most of the season in shootouts.  Wanted him bad just because.

Nystrom: As mentioned, I expect Bowling Green’s offense to be noticeably better in 2018. In Round 4, I was eying RB Andrew Clair, but Bill put me out of my misery by taking him with the first pick in that round. Bonus: I turned my attention to Octavius Evans, but Lindquist snatched him four picks later. Plenty of touches up for grabs in that Boise State passing offense, and Evans looks like a keeper.

4. Which player selected in Round 12 or later do you think has the best chance of becoming a weekly CFF starter this year?

Crawford: Greg McRae. I know he has some players ahead of him in the backfield, but the reports all spring were spectacular, and I think he offers the best ability to make plays of their tailbacks. It may be a slow process to getting him touches, but by the end of the year, it wouldn't shock me if he was getting a large portion of the touches.

Hall: If Jalin Moore battles injuries again this year my pick of Marcus Williams Jr. in RD 20 could be great value. I’m also pretty intrigued to see how CJ Worton will be used in that FIU offense. I know Singleton looks to be the top WR right now but I still think Worton could make some noise. Outside of my team I really like the Cole McDonald pick from Hawaii in RD 14 by Bill. Maybe he won’t win that starter job and maybe their offense takes some time to really get going but if he picks up that run-and-shoot offense he could be a nice surprise this year.

Chevalier: If Trevion Armstrong gets TE designation from Fantrax, then he certainly has the talent and opportunity at Nevada to be an every week CFF starter.

Bainbridge: Thor was able to nab Western Kentucky QB Drew Eckels in the 15th round and I am still wondering how. Last year’s starter Mike White was routinely throwing for 300+ yards each and every week. Not saying Eckels is Mike White, but in that offense, he may be forced to throw the football 40+ times a game.

Laub: Last season, UCF posted an undefeated record, and QB McKenzie Milton passed for over 4,000 yards and 30 touchdowns. The Knights will throw the football a ton again, and WR Gabriel Davis steps into the starting lineup. At 6-foot-3 and 219 pounds, the sophomore should see a huge increase in snaps and targets.

Brandt: Darnell Saloman has the ability to step up heading into his junior campaign. If Blake Barnett can finally live up to the hype Saloman could become a weekly starter.

Marchese: Conner selecting Jarret Doege in the 17th round was great value. He had a strong finish to last season and has some nice weapons coming back to take on a relatively easy schedule.

Lindquist: Fresno State RB Jordan Mims, selected by John Laub in the 16th round. He tallied 765 yards from scrimmage with six touchdowns as a true freshman last season and could creep toward 1,000 total yards from scrimmage during the coming season. Two potential hurdles to a breakout campaign -- he's not a particularly explosive back (just 4.1 YPC) and Ronnie Rivers and Josh Hokit both figure to push him in August camp.

Allen: My 17th round pick, Bowling Green sophomore QB Jarret Doege, has a chance to be an every-week starter for my team.  He got on a roll the last four weeks of the season, scoring 13 combined passing and rushing touchdowns and should benefit from more experience as the Falcons signal-caller.

Francis: Western Michigan TE Giovanni Ricci. I love converted WRs that move to TE, especially when the offense lacks quality perimeter players. Getting a TE in the 19th that his coach says is “gonna eat” this year is a +EV proposition.

Huber: Thor scooped up Benny LeMay at 13.05, a pick ahead of me as I waited with a fork and knife in anticipation. LeMay broke out as a legitimate candidate for G5 RB1 consideration in 2017 after shredding the FIU defense for 178 yards and a receiving TD. He was concussed the very next game on October 7th against Marshall, missed Week 7, returned to a reduced workload to recover, and his production paid the price over his last five games. When healthy, he only scored four TD, doing the majority of his damage last season with yardage. A healthy 2018 season with continued growth in the passing game spell out LeMay as a legitimate candidate for a breakout.  

DiSalvo: I thought Thor got great value in the 19th Round, selecting Houston WR Keith Corbin.  He'll likely start in Kendal Briles' offense.

Lubitz: Jordan Mims- In what should be a really good offense in Jeff Tedford's second year back as Head Coach Mims has the potential to be a high level producer and most definitely a weekly CFF starter.

Nystrom: I really liked what Conner Allen did in the late rounds. Two picks specifically that I could see factoring heavily into his season are Deondre Douglas in Round 13 and Jarrett Doege in Round 17. Doege directs that Bowling Green offense that could light up scoreboards during MACtion this fall, and Douglas is a high-floor guy (over 12.0 fantasy points per game in each of the last two years) who is the undisputed No. 1 option in Troy’s Air Raid offense. Douglas feels like an unsexy veteran, but he could finally threaten 1,000 receiving yards if Troy finds a quarterback to replace Brandon Silvers.

5. Outside of your own team, which do you see as the most talented in the league post-draft?

Crawford: I really like what Joshua Chevalier did. D'Eriq King could be a star, and I think Teddy Veal could be one of the best wide receivers production-wise in the Group Of Five or Power Five. I also really like Darrell Henderson, and I think Adrian Killins was excellent value for him. Lots of good teams, but if I had to pick one, that'd be mine.

Hall: Again, this just feels so impossible because all these guys do such a great job and put together some good teams. But man, I like Jon Laub's team. He got both Toledo RBs (Jealous!), a QB in Round 3 in Tyree Jackson, and then followed up but taking 3 really good WRS. I don’t know if anyone had a better first 6 rounds.

Chevalier: I really like what Bill did with his draft. He did really well in drafting solid RB’s and WR’s while getting enough QB’s that at least one should have good production each week.

Bainbridge: Thought Mark was able to put together a really strong team. Trevon Brown and Shamari Brooks are high-end starters. J’Mar Smith, Octavius Evans and Terence Williams have a ton of potential this year. And he hit on some late-round gems in Antonio Gibson, Hussein Howe and B.J. Farrow. Nicely done.

Laub: I am envious of CFFFantasyNate’s roster this season. Drafting Navy QB Malcom Perry, who qualifies at RB, is an ingenious move. And Nate also acquired Ty Gangi, Zach Abey and Zac Thomas behind center. Nice job my friend.

Brandt: John Laub had a really nice start with Jonathan Ward and Shakif Seymour. Team that with Tyree Jackson and McLane Mannix, I really liked the starting foundation to his team.

Marchese: I tend to favor rosters that have explosive guys capable of putting up big numbers at multiple positions over a steady guy that you can count on from week to week in this BestBall format. I think Chris Crawford was able to do that with many of his early picks including Milton, Johnson, Jones, Guyton, and Ragas. Wyoming DST also had a propensity to score big last year and returns 8 starters. 

Lindquist: Huge fan of Wes Huber's roster. After setting himself up with Ohio QB Nathan Rourke at 1.6, he proceeded to move from smart pick to smart pick, rolling with Penny Hart and Nic Smith with his next two selections (both of whom I love). Beyond the top of his roster, he drafted smart depth, particularly at running back. James Gardner -- injury discounts are fun -- and Warren Wand are both rock solid, while Hawaii's Freddie Holly lacks experience but has opportunity in front of him with Diocemy Saint Juste no longer on roster.

Allen: I really like the depth and elite talent Mark Lindquist acquired for his team. His WR corps has one of the highest weekly upsides among all teams and he opted to select a tight end early, taking Utah State junior tight end Raymond Dax as the TE3 in the 8th round.

Francis: I generally liked what the group on the front side of the draft did. I’ll go with Mike Bainbridge. I am confident, when he finishes No. 2, that he will wear defeat with distinction and dignity.

Huber: Nathan Marchese drafted well throughout IMO, QB is stacked, he vacuumed up quality RBs early, and assembled an impressive group of receivers.

DiSalvo: I really like Greg Brandt's team, but I feel he made a mistake not drafting Memphis QB David Moore after picking Memphis QB Brady White in Round 6.  If Moore earns the starting gig, Greg is considerably weaker at QB than had he drafted both Memphis signal callers.  Good depth at running back and receiver, though.

Lubitz: Top to bottom with depth -- John Laub.

Nystrom: I side with Bainbridge here. He got things kicked things off with two mega-stud receivers, guaranteeing he’d have the league’s best WR corps heading into the season, got a nice value in QB Brent Stockstill in Round 3, cornered the market on all of Colorado State’s always-strong running game in Rounds 4-5, and seemed to methodically stick to best-player-available from there. His team is going to be tough to beat if his running backs come through.

Thor Nystrom is a former associate reporter whose writing has been honored by Rolling Stone magazine and The Best American Essays series. Say hi to Rotoworld's college football writer on Twitter @thorku.
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