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Industry CFF Power 5 Draft

Monday, July 9, 2018

During the last week of June, 15 college fantasy football experts from around the country convened to take part in two Best Ball drafts. The results of the Group of 5 draft can be found here. Upon completion of the drafts, I asked each owner to answer a series of questions about what transpired. Those answers are below.


Roster of owners:

Conner Allen - Rotoworld
Mike Bainbridge - Athlon
Greg Brandt - DFF_Devy
Joshua Chevalier - CFF guys
Christopher Crawford - Rotoworld
Robert Dudzik - theCFFsite
Joe DiSalvo - theCFFsite
Kyle Francis - DFF_College
Zach Hall - CFF Champs
Wes Huber - Pro Football Focus
John Laub - Football Diehards
Mark Lindquist- Rotoworld
Bill Lubitz - theCFFsite
Nathan Marchese - CFFantasyNate
Thor Nystrom - Rotoworld


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1 1 QB Tate, Khalil Ariz John Laub - FootballDiehards
1 2 RB Taylor, Jonathan Wisc Joshua Chevalier - CFFGuys
1 3 QB Grier, Will WVU Zach Hall - CFFChamps
1 4 RB Love, Bryce Stan Bill Lubitz - theCFFsite
1 5 RB Gaskin, Myles Wash Wes Huber - Pro Football Focus
1 6 QB McSorley, Trace PSU Robert Dudzik - theCFFsite
1 7 QB Murray, Kyler Okla Joe DiSalvo - theCFFsite
1 8 QB Fitzgerald, Nick MisSt Connor Allen - Rotoworld
1 9 RB Anderson, Rodney Okla Mark Lindquist - Rotoworld
1 10 RB Dillon, AJ BC Thor Nystrom - Rotoworld
1 11 WR Brown, A.J. Miss Greg Brandt - DFF_Devy
1 12 QB Ta'amu, Jordan Miss Mike Bainbridge - Athlon
1 13 WR Sills V, David WVU Christopher Crawford - Rotoworld
1 14 QB Pass, Jawon Lou Kyle Francis - DFF_College
1 15 RB Hill, Justice OkSt Nate Marchese - CFFantasyNate
2 16 QB Duffey, Jett TxTch Nate Marchese - CFFantasyNate
2 17 RB Montgomery, David IASt Kyle Francis - DFF_College
2 18 RB Dobbins, J.K. OHSt Christopher Crawford - Rotoworld
2 19 RB Swift, D'Andre UGA Mike Bainbridge - Athlon
2 20 RB Akers, Cam FlaSt Greg Brandt - DFF_Devy
2 21 WR Harry, N'Keal AzSt Thor Nystrom - Rotoworld
2 22 RB Carr, Stephen USC Mark Lindquist - Rotoworld
2 23 QB Wimbush, Brandon ND Connor Allen - Rotoworld
2 24 RB Sanders, Miles PSU Joe DiSalvo - theCFFsite
2 25 RB Harris, Damien Ala Robert Dudzik - theCFFsite
2 26 QB Haskins, Dwayne OHSt Wes Huber - Pro Football Focus
2 27 WR Vasher, T.J. TxTch Bill Lubitz - theCFFsite
2 28 RB Laird, Patrick Cal Zach Hall - CFFChamps
2 29 RB Snell, Jr., Benny KY Joshua Chevalier - CFFGuys
2 30 RB Williams, Trayveon TxAM John Laub - FootballDiehards
3 31 RB Moss, Zack Utah John Laub - FootballDiehards
3 32 QB Dungey, Eric Syr Joshua Chevalier - CFFGuys
3 33 WR Brown, Marquise Okla Zach Hall - CFFChamps
3 34 WR Jennings Jr., Gary WVU Bill Lubitz - theCFFsite
3 35 WR Mims, Denzel Bayl Wes Huber - Pro Football Focus
3 36 WR Lamb, CeeDee Okla Robert Dudzik - theCFFsite
3 37 RB Etienne, Travis Clem Joe DiSalvo - theCFFsite
3 38 RB Scott, LJ MSU Connor Allen - Rotoworld
3 39 WR Harmon, Kelvin NCSt Mark Lindquist - Rotoworld
3 40 QB Herbert, Justin Oreg Thor Nystrom - Rotoworld
3 41 WR Dortch, Greg Wake Greg Brandt - DFF_Devy
3 42 WR Butler, Devin C. Syr Mike Bainbridge - Athlon
3 43 WR Smith, Jaylen Lou Christopher Crawford - Rotoworld
3 44 RB McMillian, Travon Colo Kyle Francis - DFF_College
3 45 WR Johnson, Juwan PSU Nate Marchese - CFFantasyNate
4 46 TE Calcaterra, Grant Okla Nate Marchese - CFFantasyNate
4 47 RB Larkin, Jeremy NW Kyle Francis - DFF_College
4 48 QB Lock, Drew Mizzu Christopher Crawford - Rotoworld
4 49 RB Smith, Rodney Minn Mike Bainbridge - Athlon
4 50 TE Fant, Noah Iowa Greg Brandt - DFF_Devy
4 51 RB Young, Toren Iowa Thor Nystrom - Rotoworld
4 52 QB Robinson, Shawn TCU Mark Lindquist - Rotoworld
4 53 RB Homer, Travis MiaFL Connor Allen - Rotoworld
4 54 WR Zaccheaus, Olamide UVA Joe DiSalvo - theCFFsite
4 55 RB Higdon, Karan Mich Robert Dudzik - theCFFsite
4 56 WR Morgan Jr., Stanley Neb Wes Huber - Pro Football Focus
4 57 RB Hall, Darrin Pitt Bill Lubitz - theCFFsite
4 58 WR Sims Jr., Steven Kans Zach Hall - CFFChamps
4 59 WR Higgins, Tee Clem Joshua Chevalier - CFFGuys
4 60 WR Hall, Emanuel Mizzu John Laub - FootballDiehards
5 61 WR Ausbon, Jhamon TxAM John Laub - FootballDiehards
5 62 WR Samuel, Deebo SCar Joshua Chevalier - CFFGuys
5 63 WR Davis III, Felton MSU Zach Hall - CFFChamps
5 64 RB Brooks-James, Tony Oreg Bill Lubitz - theCFFsite
5 65 RB Bell, Greg Neb Wes Huber - Pro Football Focus
5 66 TE Okwuegbunam, Albert Mizzu Robert Dudzik - theCFFsite
5 67 QB Lewerke, Brian MSU Joe DiSalvo - theCFFsite
5 68 WR Ruggs III, Henry Ala Connor Allen - Rotoworld
5 69 WR Vaughns, Tyler USC Mark Lindquist - Rotoworld
5 70 WR Martin, Davontavean WaSt Thor Nystrom - Rotoworld
5 71 RB Edwards-Helaire, Clyde LSU Greg Brandt - DFF_Devy
5 72 WR Ratliff-Williams, Anthony UNC Mike Bainbridge - Athlon
5 73 RB Williams, James WaSt Christopher Crawford - Rotoworld
5 74 WR Butler, Hakeem IASt Kyle Francis - DFF_College
5 75 RB Benjamin, Eno AzSt Nate Marchese - CFFantasyNate
6 76 QB Tagovailoa, Tua Ala Nate Marchese - CFFantasyNate
6 77 WR Fitzpatrick, Dez Lou Kyle Francis - DFF_College
6 78 WR Lipscomb, Kalija Vand Christopher Crawford - Rotoworld
6 79 WR Bowman, De'Quan TxTch Mike Bainbridge - Athlon
6 80 RB Brown, Brittain Duke Greg Brandt - DFF_Devy
6 81 WR Reagor, Jalen TCU Thor Nystrom - Rotoworld
6 82 WR Jeudy, Jerry Ala Mark Lindquist - Rotoworld
6 83 RB Anderson, Darius TCU Connor Allen - Rotoworld
6 84 TmD Alabama Ala Joe DiSalvo - theCFFsite
6 85 WR Williams, Kyle AzSt Robert Dudzik - theCFFsite
6 86 QB Minshew, Gardner WaSt Wes Huber - Pro Football Focus
6 87 QB Huntley, Tyler Utah Bill Lubitz - theCFFsite
6 88 RB Williams, Aeris MisSt Zach Hall - CFFChamps
6 89 WR Richards, Ahmmon MiaFL Joshua Chevalier - CFFGuys
6 90 WR Davis, Ryan Aub John Laub - FootballDiehards
7 91 TE Breeland, Jacob Oreg John Laub - FootballDiehards
7 92 RB Crockett, Damarea Mizzu Joshua Chevalier - CFFGuys
7 93 RB Benson, KirVonte GATec Zach Hall - CFFChamps
7 94 WR Howard, Theo UCLA Bill Lubitz - theCFFsite
7 95 WR Johnson, Tyler Minn Wes Huber - Pro Football Focus
7 96 TmD Wisconsin Wisc Robert Dudzik - theCFFsite
7 97 TE Bushman, Matt BYU Joe DiSalvo - theCFFsite
7 98 WR Jacobs, Taivon MD Connor Allen - Rotoworld
7 99 QB Marshall, TaQuon GATec Mark Lindquist - Rotoworld
7 100 TE Wilson, Caleb UCLA Thor Nystrom - Rotoworld
7 101 RB Whitlow, JaTarvious Aub Greg Brandt - DFF_Devy
7 102 TmD Michigan Mich Mike Bainbridge - Athlon
7 103 RB Johnson, Ty MD Christopher Crawford - Rotoworld
7 104 WR Winfree, Juwann Colo Kyle Francis - DFF_College
7 105 WR Sweet, Kyle WaSt Nate Marchese - CFFantasyNate
8 106 WR Stoner, Dillon OkSt Nate Marchese - CFFantasyNate
8 107 RB Pierce, Artavis OreSt Kyle Francis - DFF_College
8 108 WR Arcega-Whiteside, JJ Stan Christopher Crawford - Rotoworld
8 109 WR Johnson, Nykeim Syr Mike Bainbridge - Athlon
8 110 QB Montez, Steven Colo Greg Brandt - DFF_Devy
8 111 WR Johnson, Tyron OkSt Thor Nystrom - Rotoworld
8 112 WR Edwards, Bryan SCar Mark Lindquist - Rotoworld
8 113 WR Guidry, Stephen MisSt Connor Allen - Rotoworld
8 114 WR Wharton III, Vic Cal Joe DiSalvo - theCFFsite
8 115 RB Verdell, CJ Oreg Robert Dudzik - theCFFsite
8 116 TE Sternberger, Jace TxAM Wes Huber - Pro Football Focus
8 117 RB Martin, Kam Aub Bill Lubitz - theCFFsite
8 118 TE Sweeney, Tommy BC Zach Hall - CFFChamps
8 119 WR Platt, Chris Bayl Joshua Chevalier - CFFGuys
8 120 TmD Ohio State OHSt John Laub - FootballDiehards
9 121 WR Johnson, Collin Tex John Laub - FootballDiehards
9 122 TE Pierce, Ravian Syr Joshua Chevalier - CFFGuys
9 123 TmD Clemson Clem Zach Hall - CFFChamps
9 124 TE Smith, Kaden Stan Bill Lubitz - theCFFsite
9 125 WR Giles, Jonathan LSU Wes Huber - Pro Football Focus
9 126 QB Bowers, Ross Cal Robert Dudzik - theCFFsite
9 127 RB Harris, Najee Ala Joe DiSalvo - theCFFsite
9 128 RB Weber, Mike OHSt Connor Allen - Rotoworld
9 129 TE McKeon, Sean Mich Mark Lindquist - Rotoworld
9 130 RB Gallaspy II, Reggie NCSt Thor Nystrom - Rotoworld
9 131 WR Westbrook, Nick Ind Greg Brandt - DFF_Devy
9 132 RB Carter, Michael UNC Mike Bainbridge - Athlon
9 133 RB Taylor, J.J. Ariz Christopher Crawford - Rotoworld
9 134 QB Jones, Daniel Duke Kyle Francis - DFF_College
9 135 QB Carter, McLane TxTch Nate Marchese - CFFantasyNate
10 136 WR Boykin, Miles ND Nate Marchese - CFFantasyNate
10 137 QB Perkins, Bryce UVA Kyle Francis - DFF_College
10 138 QB Jackson, Josh VaTec Christopher Crawford - Rotoworld
10 139 WR Meyers, Jakobi NCSt Mike Bainbridge - Athlon
10 140 WR Hazelton, Damon VaTec Greg Brandt - DFF_Devy
10 141 QB Patterson, Shea Mich Thor Nystrom - Rotoworld
10 142 TmD Washington Wash Mark Lindquist - Rotoworld
10 143 TmD Penn State PSU Connor Allen - Rotoworld
10 144 WR Mariner, Siaosi Utah Joe DiSalvo - theCFFsite
10 145 WR Black, Tarik Mich Robert Dudzik - theCFFsite
10 146 RB McKoy, Kennedy WVU Wes Huber - Pro Football Focus
10 147 WR Mitchell, Dillon Oreg Bill Lubitz - theCFFsite
10 148 QB Bryant, Kelly Clem Zach Hall - CFFChamps
10 149 RB Whaley, Devwah Ark Joshua Chevalier - CFFGuys
10 150 QB Stidham, Jarrett Aub John Laub - FootballDiehards
11 151 RB Jamabo, Soso UCLA John Laub - FootballDiehards
11 152 RB Hill, Kylin MisSt Joshua Chevalier - CFFGuys
11 153 WR McClatcher, Chico Wash Zach Hall - CFFChamps
11 154 RB Scarlett, Jordan Fla Bill Lubitz - theCFFsite
11 155 RB Watson, Tre Tex Wes Huber - Pro Football Focus
11 156 WR Spiker, Marquis Wash Robert Dudzik - theCFFsite
11 157 RB Olorunfunmi, Bolu UCLA Joe DiSalvo - theCFFsite
11 158 TE Bryant, Hunter Wash Connor Allen - Rotoworld
11 159 WR Peoples-Jones, Donovan Mich Mark Lindquist - Rotoworld
11 160 RB Chandler, Ty Tenn Thor Nystrom - Rotoworld
11 161 RB Sermon, Trey Okla Greg Brandt - DFF_Devy
11 162 QB Browning, Jake Wash Mike Bainbridge - Athlon
11 163 TE Conrad, C.J. KY Christopher Crawford - Rotoworld
11 164 WR Patmon, Dezmon WaSt Kyle Francis - DFF_College
11 165 RB Williams, Dexter ND Nate Marchese - CFFantasyNate
12 166 WR Campbell, Parris OHSt Nate Marchese - CFFantasyNate
12 167 TE Togiai, Noah OreSt Kyle Francis - DFF_College
12 168 K Gay, Matt Utah Christopher Crawford - Rotoworld
12 169 RB Hasty, JaMycal Bayl Mike Bainbridge - Athlon
12 170 QB Wilkins, Manny AzSt Greg Brandt - DFF_Devy
12 171 WR Simms, Marcus WVU Thor Nystrom - Rotoworld
12 172 RB Jones, Markell Purd Mark Lindquist - Rotoworld
12 173 WR Johnson, Johnathon Mizzu Connor Allen - Rotoworld
12 174 WR Zico, Isaac Purd Joe DiSalvo - theCFFsite
12 175 RB Rountree III, Larry Mizzu Robert Dudzik - theCFFsite
12 176 WR Noa, Kanawai Cal Wes Huber - Pro Football Focus
12 177 QB Starkel, Nick TxAM Bill Lubitz - theCFFsite
12 178 WR Spielman, JD Neb Zach Hall - CFFChamps
12 179 QB Ehlinger, Sam Tex Joshua Chevalier - CFFGuys
12 180 RB Colburn II, Matt Wake John Laub - FootballDiehards
13 181 WR Metcalf, D.K. Miss John Laub - FootballDiehards
13 182 RB Herbert, Khalil Kans Joshua Chevalier - CFFGuys
13 183 RB Vaughn, Ke'Shawn Vand Zach Hall - CFFChamps
13 184 TmD Georgia UGA Bill Lubitz - theCFFsite
13 185 RB Ahmed, Salvon Wash Wes Huber - Pro Football Focus
13 186 WR Godwin, Terry UGA Robert Dudzik - theCFFsite
13 187 RB McFarland, Anthony MD Joe DiSalvo - theCFFsite
13 188 K Ammendola, Matt OkSt Connor Allen - Rotoworld
13 189 RB Barnes, Alex K St Mark Lindquist - Rotoworld
13 190 RB Ellis, Jordan UVA Thor Nystrom - Rotoworld
13 191 TmD Miami (FL) MiaFL Greg Brandt - DFF_Devy
13 192 RB Olonilua, Sewo TCU Mike Bainbridge - Athlon
13 193 WR Fuller, Aaron Wash Christopher Crawford - Rotoworld
13 194 WR Jones, Ty Wash Kyle Francis - DFF_College
13 195 RB Tilford, Nathan Ariz Nate Marchese - CFFantasyNate
14 196 TmD Florida Fla Nate Marchese - CFFantasyNate
14 197 TE Dorsey, Lou Ill Kyle Francis - DFF_College
14 198 TmD Iowa Iowa Christopher Crawford - Rotoworld
14 199 TE Parkinson, Colby Stan Mike Bainbridge - Athlon
14 200 WR Claypool, Chase ND Greg Brandt - DFF_Devy
14 201 QB Brewer, Charlie Bayl Thor Nystrom - Rotoworld
14 202 QB Daniels, JT USC Mark Lindquist - Rotoworld
14 203 WR Rahming, T.J. Duke Connor Allen - Rotoworld
14 204 QB Martinez, Adrian Neb Joe DiSalvo - theCFFsite
14 205 K Blankenship, Rodrigo UGA Robert Dudzik - theCFFsite
14 206 RB McCall, Demario OHSt Wes Huber - Pro Football Focus
14 207 RB Bryant, Tre Neb Bill Lubitz - theCFFsite
14 208 WR Terry, Tamorrion FlaSt Zach Hall - CFFChamps
14 209 WR Covey, Britain Utah Joshua Chevalier - CFFGuys
14 210 TE Crum, Micky Lou John Laub - FootballDiehards
15 211 TmD Louisiana State LSU John Laub - FootballDiehards
15 212 WR Humphrey, Lil'Jordan Tex Joshua Chevalier - CFFGuys
15 213 RB Ward, Da'Leon TxTch Zach Hall - CFFChamps
15 214 WR Lodge, DaMarkus Miss Bill Lubitz - theCFFsite
15 215 WR Brown, Nate Mizzu Wes Huber - Pro Football Focus
15 216 QB Fromm, Jake UGA Robert Dudzik - theCFFsite
15 217 WR Victor, Binjimen OHSt Joe DiSalvo - theCFFsite
15 218 WR Anthrop, Jackson Purd Connor Allen - Rotoworld
15 219 RB Feaster, Tavien Clem Mark Lindquist - Rotoworld
15 220 TmD Auburn Aub Thor Nystrom - Rotoworld
15 221 RB Ellison, Morgan Ind Greg Brandt - DFF_Devy
15 222 WR Wesley, Antoine TxTch Mike Bainbridge - Athlon
15 223 WR Shorter, Justin PSU Christopher Crawford - Rotoworld
15 224 RB Epstein, Mike Ill Kyle Francis - DFF_College
15 225 QB Thompson, Skylar K St Nate Marchese - CFFantasyNate
16 226 QB Delton, Alex K St Nate Marchese - CFFantasyNate
16 227 QB Fields, Justin UGA Kyle Francis - DFF_College
16 228 RB Borghi, Max WaSt Christopher Crawford - Rotoworld
16 229 RB Holyfield, Elijah UGA Mike Bainbridge - Athlon
16 230 WR Washington, Scotty Wake Greg Brandt - DFF_Devy
16 231 WR Nance, Jonathan Ark Thor Nystrom - Rotoworld
16 232 TE Hopkins, Brycen Purd Mark Lindquist - Rotoworld
16 233 RB Brown, Jordon UNC Connor Allen - Rotoworld
16 234 RB Fontenot, Alex Colo Joe DiSalvo - theCFFsite
16 235 RB Hubbard, Chuba OkSt Robert Dudzik - theCFFsite
16 236 QB Burrow, Joe LSU Wes Huber - Pro Football Focus
16 237 QB Brown, Dru OkSt Bill Lubitz - theCFFsite
16 238 QB Lawrence, Trevor Clem Zach Hall - CFFChamps
16 239 WR Bowden, Lynn KY Joshua Chevalier - CFFGuys
16 240 K Nuernberger, Sean OHSt John Laub - FootballDiehards
17 241 QB Finley, Ryan NCSt John Laub - FootballDiehards
17 242 RB Phillips, Scottie Miss Joshua Chevalier - CFFGuys
17 243 TE Green, Farrod MisSt Zach Hall - CFFChamps
17 244 K Seibert, Austin Okla Bill Lubitz - theCFFsite
17 245 QB Pickett, Kenny Pitt Wes Huber - Pro Football Focus
17 246 WR Hippenhammer, Mac PSU Robert Dudzik - theCFFsite
17 247 WR Simmons, T.J. WVU Joe DiSalvo - theCFFsite
17 248 WR McCleskey, Jalen OkSt Connor Allen - Rotoworld
17 249 K Carlson, Anders Aub Mark Lindquist - Rotoworld
17 250 RB Strickland, Dontae Syr Thor Nystrom - Rotoworld
17 251 TE Mack, Alize ND Greg Brandt - DFF_Devy
17 252 WR Shenault Jr., Laviska Colo Mike Bainbridge - Athlon
17 253 TE Moreau, Foster LSU Christopher Crawford - Rotoworld
17 254 WR Winston, Easop WaSt Kyle Francis - DFF_College
17 255 WR Hurd, Jalen Bayl Nate Marchese - CFFantasyNate
18 256 RB Patrick, Jacques FlaSt Nate Marchese - CFFantasyNate
18 257 TmD Mississippi State MisSt Kyle Francis - DFF_College
18 258 QB Bentley, Jake SCar Christopher Crawford - Rotoworld
18 259 RB Wilson, Colin Lou Mike Bainbridge - Athlon
18 260 QB Perry, N'Kosi MiaFL Greg Brandt - DFF_Devy
18 261 TE Green, Cameron NW Thor Nystrom - Rotoworld
18 262 WR Buckley, Camron TxAM Mark Lindquist - Rotoworld
18 263 WR Renfrow, Hunter Clem Connor Allen - Rotoworld
18 264 QB Kendall, Austin Okla Joe DiSalvo - theCFFsite
18 265 WR Pittman Jr., Michael USC Robert Dudzik - theCFFsite
18 266 TE Gentry, Zach Mich Wes Huber - Pro Football Focus
18 267 TE Wood-Anderson, Dominick Tenn Bill Lubitz - theCFFsite
18 268 TmD Virginia Tech VaTec Zach Hall - CFFChamps
18 269 WR Thomas, Jeff MiaFL Joshua Chevalier - CFFGuys
18 270 RB Holston, Jalen VaTec John Laub - FootballDiehards
19 271 RB Evans, Chris Mich John Laub - FootballDiehards
19 272 TE Jordan, Brevin MiaFL Joshua Chevalier - CFFGuys
19 273 WR Cephus, Quintez Wisc Zach Hall - CFFChamps
19 274 TmD Stanford Stan Bill Lubitz - theCFFsite
19 275 TmD Michigan State MSU Wes Huber - Pro Football Focus
19 276 RB Perine, Lamical Fla Robert Dudzik - theCFFsite
19 277 TE Hudson, Ray Cal Joe DiSalvo - theCFFsite
19 278 QB Costello, K.J. Stan Connor Allen - Rotoworld
19 279 TmD Texas Tex Mark Lindquist - Rotoworld
19 280 WR Murray, Nyqwan FlaSt Thor Nystrom - Rotoworld
19 281 K Nordin, Quinn Mich Greg Brandt - DFF_Devy
19 282 TE Helm, Daniel Duke Mike Bainbridge - Athlon
19 283 RB Person, Ricky NCSt Christopher Crawford - Rotoworld
19 284 TmD Florida State FlaSt Kyle Francis - DFF_College
19 285 WR Jefferson, Van Fla Nate Marchese - CFFantasyNate
20 286 TmD Texas Christian TCU Nate Marchese - CFFantasyNate
20 287 QB Devito, Tommy Syr Kyle Francis - DFF_College
20 288 QB Stanley, Nate Iowa Christopher Crawford - Rotoworld
20 289 QB Surratt, Chazz UNC Mike Bainbridge - Athlon
20 290 TmD South Carolina SCar Greg Brandt - DFF_Devy
20 291 TmD Notre Dame ND Thor Nystrom - Rotoworld
20 292 WR Turpin, KaVontae TCU Mark Lindquist - Rotoworld
20 293 TmD Texas A&M TxAM Connor Allen - Rotoworld
20 294 K Gaglianone, Rafael Wisc Joe DiSalvo - theCFFsite
20 295 TmD USC USC Robert Dudzik - theCFFsite
20 296 TmD Utah Utah Wes Huber - Pro Football Focus
20 297 WR Simpkins, Demari Utah Bill Lubitz - theCFFsite
20 298 QB Dawkins, Brandon Ind Zach Hall - CFFChamps
20 299 WR Lindsey, Tyjon Neb Joshua Chevalier - CFFGuys
20 300 WR Brown, Shun Ariz John Laub - FootballDiehards
21 301 RB Bussey, Kendall TxAM John Laub - FootballDiehards
21 302 K Aguayo, Ricky FlaSt Joshua Chevalier - CFFGuys
21 303 K LaCamera, Daniel TxAM Zach Hall - CFFChamps
21 304 RB Ware, Aca'Cedric USC Bill Lubitz - theCFFsite
21 305 K Bulovas, Joseph Ala Wes Huber - Pro Football Focus
21 306 RB Lingard, Lorenzo MiaFL Robert Dudzik - theCFFsite
21 307 TmD Boston College BC Joe DiSalvo - theCFFsite
21 308 TE Hockenson, T.J. Iowa Connor Allen - Rotoworld
21 309 RB Hayden, Chase Ark Mark Lindquist - Rotoworld
21 310 K Creque, Blanton Lou Thor Nystrom - Rotoworld
21 311 K Yoon, Justin ND Greg Brandt - DFF_Devy
21 312 K Toner, Jet Stan Mike Bainbridge - Athlon
21 313 WR St. Brown, Amon-Ra USC Christopher Crawford - Rotoworld
21 314 K McCann, Tucker Mizzu Kyle Francis - DFF_College
21 315 RB Sinkfield, Alec WVU Nate Marchese - CFFantasyNate
22 316 K Ruiz, Brandon AzSt Nate Marchese - CFFantasyNate
22 317 WR Jennings, Jauan Tenn Kyle Francis - DFF_College
22 318 TmD Duke Duke Christopher Crawford - Rotoworld
22 319 TmD Northwestern NW Mike Bainbridge - Athlon
22 320 WR Thompkins, DeAndre PSU Greg Brandt - DFF_Devy
22 321 K McGrath, Chase USC Thor Nystrom - Rotoworld
22 322 K Pollack, Josh Ariz Mark Lindquist - Rotoworld
22 323 K Molson, JJ UCLA Connor Allen - Rotoworld
22 324 WR Rambo, Charleston Okla Joe DiSalvo - theCFFsite
22 325 QB Hornibrook, Alex Wisc Robert Dudzik - theCFFsite
22 326 K Limpert, Connor Ark Wes Huber - Pro Football Focus
22 327 QB Blackman, James FlaSt Bill Lubitz - theCFFsite
22 328 QB Rosier, Malik MiaFL Zach Hall - CFFChamps
22 329 TmD Purdue Purd Joshua Chevalier - CFFGuys
22 330 K Martin, Connor Bayl John Laub - FootballDiehards


1. What was your strategy going into the draft, and were you able to implement it? What do you like and dislike about your team?

Crawford: I always take a best player available approach to any league, and I think I was able to do that; particularly early. I think David Sills has the potential to be among the league leaders in points as a wide receiver because of the offense he's in and his ability in the red zone, and even if the touchdowns drop down slightly, he could -- maybe should -- finish with more catches and yardage. J.K. Dobbins is a star in the making, and I love Jaylen Smith's potential on the outside. I think the one negative is outside of Sills there isn't really a "sure thing" among my group. There are reasons players like Dobbins, Smith and Drew Lock may not replicate the potential they showed last year. Overall, however, I feel confident in my club.

Hall: This was my first time in a Best Ball draft, so my normal strategy of grabbing every RB possible didn’t feel like the best way to go. I really wanted to start off the first three rounds getting a QB, RB, and WR that I could build around. I wasn’t necessarily looking for the “top” rated guy but a consistent scorer with upside in his schedule. Like every other draft I’ve ever been a part of, I try to stick to the strategy but it always veers off somewhere. I love my RBs. They probably aren’t the sexy picks but three of them went over 1,000 yards last year and I was able to grab WRs earlier on and get some good RBs late. I didn’t like having to spend two draft spots on the Clemson QB position, and I feel like I have too many WR wildcards at the moment.

Chevalier: My strategy was to get top RB’s early and high upside QB’s & WR’s. I was able to implement my draft strategy but had to do so with players that have a track record of getting injured. I like that my team has a lot of upside, if healthy. I dislike that history says my team will not stay healthy.

Bainbridge: This was my first time participating in a Best Ball draft so really didn’t have any specific strategy. Just draft the best players possible and make sure I have sufficient depth at each position to withstand any injuries. What I like about my team is having an elite CFF player at each position – aside from tight end. Jordan Ta’amu, D’Andre Swift, Devin Butler and the Michigan D should lead my team. If I have any gripes about my team, it is the running backs. I only have two sure-fire starters in Swift and Rodney Smith. The others could face serious competition.  

Laub: With the first pick overall, my strategy focused on drafting a good ground game to complement QB Khalil Tate. I acquired runners with both my second and third selections and followed with three consecutive wide receivers for a solid starting lineup.

Brandt: My approach was to draft the best player available and get an early advantage at the tight end position. I was able to nab Noah Fant in the 4th round which I believe will give me a big advantage moving forward at the tight end position.

Marchese: I wanted to target explosive players in fantasy friendly offenses and players that could thrive in the true PPR format. I also went into this willing to use multiple picks on QBs from the same team, knowing that this format takes away the guessing game on who will be named starter. Texas Tech, Clemson, K-State, and WSU were all options here and I put this strategy in place when Kyle took Juwon Pass ahead of me in Round 1. I also felt it would be important to take a top tier TE and DST in this format, something I rarely do in a standard league where you can plug and play throughout the season. This worked for me at TE but failed at DST.

Lindquist: My strategy in advance of the draft was to wait on quarterback -- I did not plan on drafting one until the third round at the earliest, unless the board broke very favorably -- and focus on skill-position talent early. I feel I implemented it well, for the most part. My first two picks went to running backs (Rodney Anderson, Stephen Carr), with three of my next four picks going to receivers. What I like most about this team is most definitely my receivers in Kelvin Harmon, Tyler Vaughns, Jerry Jeudy, Donovan Peoples-Jones, Camron Buckley and KaVontae Turpin. I feel far less comfortable with my running backs, waiting too long to back up Anderson and Carr.

Allen: I wanted to ensure a good roster construction that will provide a solid floor yet plenty of upside. I liked that I was able to wait a little longer on wide receiver yet still create a good unit overall. I didn’t like how fast quarterbacks flew off the board.

Francis: I prioritized volume running backs and ended up with Iowa State’s David Montgomery, Colorado’s Travon McMillian, and Northwestern’s Jeremy Larkin. McMillian and Larkin didn’t produce themselves last year but their offenses vacate a ton of production. In total, we are looking at 923 touches in 12 games, including 101 catches (1 PPR). I’m not sure those two are as talented and durable as Phillip Lindsay and Justin Jackson, but I love their opportunities. Throw in Oregon State RB Artavis Pierce under Myles Gaskin’s former OC and a good OL and Illinois’ dynamic back Mike Epstein and I think I managed to assemble a killer group. My WRs should have a lot of opportunities but there is little proven commodities in my ranks. If they materialize and mostly reach their potentials then I can be a real contender, but it’s risky.

Huber: As is the case when I approach all PPR leagues: 1) Maximize weighted rushing statistics, and 2) Allow picks to fall to me. In retrospect, collecting Myles Gaskins, Dwayne Haskins, and Greg Bell in the first five rounds successfully checked draft strategy box No. 1. As for No. 2, each of Stanley Morgan, Jr., Gardner Minshew, Jace Sternberger, Jonathan Giles, Tre Watson, and Kanawai Noa returned varying levels of value based upon my expected & actual ADP. RB depth behind Gaskins, Bell, and Watson is thin, but I was able to acquire some insurance with Salvon Ahmed in the 13th.

DiSalvo: After learning that I would be drafting from the 7th-spot, I immediately focused my attention on Oklahoma QB Kyler Murray.  How can you not love his potential in Lincoln Riley's offense?  Have concerns that he already signed a pro baseball contract?  Not me.  Knowing this is a best ball league with no in-season acquisitions, my strategy was to grab Austin Kendall later in the draft, which I did in Round 18, cornering the Oklahoma QB position. I also wanted to target a top-tier DST early in the draft, so I selected Alabama in Round 6. I really like my first nine picks of the draft, and I was able to get my 'must have' player in every draft of 2018, Virginia H-back Olamide Zaccheaus.  However, I do not like his Fantrax position designation, which means he is a RB in this league (instead of a WR).

Lubitz: Get the best player available and then after that some potential high ceiling guys.  Was able to somewhat but completely underestimated how quickly the top QBs would be snatched up.  That lead me to what I like about my team, the perceived depth at RB and WR but also what I dislike about it — my QBs.  Gonna need one of my QBs to hit and be a sleeper Top 10 type.

Nystrom: This being my first Best Ball draft of any kind, I decided on this strategy: Best available early, and then shoot for the moon. I was thrilled to come out of the first three rounds with the QB-RB-WR troika of Herbert-Dillon-Harry. After that, I grabbed a series of high-upside receivers in explosive passing offenses (Martin, Reagor, Johnson, Simms) and then tried to pay close attention to tier drops at positions of need. That latter focus helped me land Caleb Wilson in Round 7 at a time when he was clearly the best player of his position left— with a large drop-off after him. As long as a legitimate weekly starting RB materializes out of Toren Young, Reggie Gallaspy, Ty Chandler, Jordan Ellis or Dontae Strickland, my team is going to be extremely difficult to beat. But if one of those guys doesn't emerge as a star, my team is going to underachieve.

2. What was your favorite pick that you made, and what was your least favorite?

Crawford: My favorite pick was Dobbins. I considered him hard with my first-round pick, and was thrilled he made it back to me. This is a freshman who almost averaged eight yards a carry with the Buckeyes, and he should get more touches in 2018. My least favorite pick was probably C.J. Conrad as my tight end. He's obviously talented, but he's had trouble staying on the field, and he's probably a better pro prospect than a college fantasy one. There's just as much risk as there is reward.

Hall: My favorite pick was definitely Aeris Williams in Round 6. I really needed to get a solid RB and I like his upside in that offense this year. Honorable mention favorite pick was JD Spielman because my son was begging me to take him every single round. So it was nice to no longer hear “TAKE JD SPIELMAN THIS ROUND!” My least favorite pick is Felton Davis. Not that I don’t like it but I had Emanuel Hall and Deebo Samuel queued up and they both went right before my pick. After I picked Davis I spent the remainder of the round wishing I had picked a RB. Honorable mention least favorite is Will Grier. But by seasons end I think I’ll be happy with it.

Chevalier: My favorite pick was Sam Ehlinger. I think he has top 10 QB upside this year.  My least favorite pick was Ravian Pierce. I don’t like picking tight ends unless they are named Devon Johnson.

Bainbridge: I typically don’t prioritize defense whatsoever in standard CFF leagues. But since I can’t add any on the waiver wire in Best Ball, I am extremely happy to have this Michigan defense on my side. Aside from the Ohio State and Penn State game, they should get me double digit points every week. Least favorite was probably Rodney Smith. Good player on a terrible offense. Just feel like the 4th round may be a bit high for him, but needed running backs at that point.

Laub: In the fourth and fifth rounds, I grabbed two of my favorite under-valued receivers: Emanuel Hall and Jhamon Ausbon. Both are the primary targets in their respective passing games and should combine for 150 catches, 2,000 yards and 18 touchdowns.

Brandt: My favorite pick was getting Trey Sermon in the 11th round. Being a best ball league, I wasn’t worried about the impact of Rodney Anderson. I won’t have to pick and choice which weeks to start Sermon but I will get his peak weeks in my starting lineups. My least favorite picks would be drafting a kicker. Kickers have no place in fantasy football.

Marchese: I don't love Duffey and I would have never made this play in a standard league. But I knew having the last pick in the first round of a snake draft meant that 28 more picks would go by between my 2nd and 3rd pick and I wasn't willing to wait until pick 45 to take a QB. I reluctantly made Duffey my choice and put my previously mentioned strategy into player earlier than I would have liked knowing that I could get McLane Carter later in the draft and seemingly secure the T-Tech QB output. My favorite pick was actually Jacques Patrick in Round 18. Despite the huge play of Royce Freeman last year, the #2 and 3 Oregon RBs still combined for 1200 yds and 13 TDs, so there plenty of room in that Taggart run offense. Best case scenario is a monster year from Patrick should Cam get hurt.

Lindquist: I'll give you two on each count. At no point in the draft was I feeling giddier than after I landed USC WR Tyler Vaughns in the fifth round and Alabama WR Jerry Jeudy in the sixth round. My two least favorite picks were both Trojans in RB Stephen Carr (second round) and QB J.T. Daniels (14th round). On the former front, I love the idea of Carr, but the uncertainty surrounding his health scares me at a second-round price. And on the latter front, I just moved too early on Daniels.

Allen: My favorite pick was Alabama sophomore WR Henry Ruggs III in the fifth round. The former five-star recruit has rapport with National Championship standout Tua Tagovailoa who should be the starting quarterback for the Crimson Tide in 2018. I’m confident that if Tagovailoa is the starter Ruggs will turn in a big year. My least favorite pick was Notre Dame senior QB Brandon Wimbush in the second round. I admittedly panicked and wasn’t sure what talent would remain with eight quarterbacks being selected prior to my second round pick.

Francis: I took a ton of risks on my quarterbacks, even more so than my receivers. I feel hopeful but a bit squeamish with my group. I probably over-drafted Duke QB Daniel Jones and Virginia QB Bryce Perkins in the 9th and 10th rounds. Washington WR, Ty Jones, at pick 194 was one of my favorites. I’ve seen several other Washington WRs drafted before or around him and I think he’s the Huskies’ WR1 this year. Lot of upside if he can produce like John Ross or Dante Pettis the past couple years.

Huber: Instantly regretted selecting Demario McCall in the 14th. I do believe he would be fantasy relevant if given enough touches, but feel I may have invested a year early. Love each of my first 13 picks, but I’ll highlight Sternberger in the eighth round. Jace is expected to see TE1-volume touches for HC Jimbo Fisher this season.

DiSalvo: My favorite pick was Virginia H-back Olamide Zaccheaus in Round 4.  He caught 85 passes last year and should be even more dangerous paired with dual-threat QB Bryce Perkins.  My least favorite pick was Wisconsin K Rafael Gaglianone in Round 20.  I don't like to draft kickers because I usually stream them week-to-week, but this is a bestball league with no waiver claims.

Lubitz: Favorite pick: Kam Martin Rd 8- If he's THE guy at Auburn could be a Top 10 RB in that system and with the talent on that team.  Least favorite: TJ Vasher Rd 2- Lot of unknown there with this pick I think.  Could be a great pick and equally could be a complete bust.

Nystrom: My favorite picks were Justin Herbert in Round 3 and Caleb Wilson in Round 7. There was a big drop-off at each position after those guys were off the board. My least favorite pick was the worst kind of fantasy pick: An unforced error. In Round 18, I took Cameron Green, who was the highest rated TE on my board at a time when I wanted my backup TE. The issue is this: I forgot to check Green’s bye week, and it happened to be the same week that my starter, Wilson, has a bye. If I lose this league by single-digits, I can look back to my punted Week 4 of TE points as a reason why. And that sucks. I’m an idiot.

3. Name one pick another owner made in the top 10 rounds that made you insanely jealous.

Crawford: CeeDee Lamb in the third round. I'm very happy with Smith, but my hope was to take Lamb in the third. I think he's a potential superstar even without Baker Mayfield throwing him the football. If there would have been a way to trade up to procure his services, I might have done it.

Hall: Wes Huber made a lot of picks that I was about ready to make. Kennedy McCoy in Round 10 made me the most jealous. I was just sitting there watching each pick go by and texting my buddy that McCoy was going to be mine then Wes comes out of nowhere and snags him. HM goes to Wes again. After I flubbed on the Davis pick in Round 5 Wes takes Greg Bell and I felt like I should’ve drafted him.

Chevalier: Connor Allen choosing Travis Homer in round four made me insanely jealous. I am a huge Miami fan that believes Homer is way undervalued in the CFF community. I am still upset just thinking about the fact that I did not get to draft him. Well done, Connor.

Bainbridge: Thor getting Washington State receiver Davontavean Martin two picks before me was a severe gut punch. Those outside receivers for the Cougars are insanely productive no matter who the quarterback is. Martin will be one of the breakout stars in CFF.

Laub: In CFF drafts, one of my preferred mid-round running backs is Darius Anderson of TCU, and Connor Allen of Rotoworld took him off the board when he was locked in my queue. When Allen selected the Horned Frogs’ ball carrier six picks before my next one, I gasped and reloaded my on-deck prospects.

Brandt: Losing out on AJ Dillon right before my 1st pick was painful. He was a guy I had my eye on with my first pick.

Marchese: Mike had a number of picks that he swiped from me that were at the top of my queue but none made me as jealous as when he took Devin C Butler a few picks before me in the 3rd round. He's a high risk/reward guy that I was willing to gamble on.

Lindquist: Thor Nystrom's selection of UCLA TE Caleb Wilson in the seventh round. Just virtuoso timing. We had already seen three tight ends off the board at that point, but Wilson was my target at the position and Nystrom beat me to the punch by one pick.

Allen: Robert selected Alabama senior RB Damien Harris in the second round and in hindsight I’m kicking myself for not selecting him over Wimbush. Harris should receive a large portion of the workload on what should be a prolific offense in 2018.

Francis: I was really bummed when Christopher Crawford took Maryland RB, Ty Johnson in the seventh.

Huber: While I am confident the Nebraska offense will erupt in 2018 and fully expect Bell to approach 17-20 touches per game, I wanted Rodney Smith - drafted nine picks earlier by Mike Bainbridge at 3.12. Smith is set to be a very capable bell-cowl for the Gophers without the services of the talented Shannon Brooks.

DiSalvo: I was hoping West Virginia WR Gary Jennings would slip to me in Round 3, but Bill snatched him three picks before me. 

Lubitz: Kennedy McCoy Round 10- Gonna be a high powered Big 12 offense and to get this guy in Round 10 I think is a great get.  Shoot I thought he was already off the board when he got drafted.  Big upside for where he was drafted.

Nystrom: In order to take Justin Herbert in Round 3, I unfortunately had to bypass Devin Butler, a receiver who could go bonkers as WR1 in Dino Babers’ offense this fall. Two picks later, Bainbridge grabbed him for one of the draft’s best early value picks. Butler could absolutely be a top-five fantasy WR this fall. I may well regret not shelving QB for later and just taking Butler when he fell.

4. Which player selected in Round 12 or later do you think has the best chance of becoming a weekly CFF starter this year?

Crawford: There's a few candidates, but I think I'd go with Aaron Fuller at Washington. He was excellent this spring, and despite playing with high draft picks over his freshman and sophomore seasons, he's shown flashes of a strong connection with Jake Browning; scoring a touchdown in the Fiesta Bowl. The Huskies are going to need a wide receiver to step up, and with all due respect to Chico McClatcher and some talented underclassmen, I think Fuller might be Browning's go-to player in 2018.

Hall: On my team I think it’s TE Farrod Green from Mississippi St. I was really happy with getting him at that point in the draft and think the upside is pretty big there in that offense. But most TEs were taken this late so Trevor Lawrence is my next guy. Other teams, I liked the Jackson Anthrop pick in Round 15 by Connor. I think that offense only gets better and he should play a big role in that offense. HM here, Jeff Thomas in Round 18 by Chevalier.

Chevalier: As a former USF season ticket holder, I am very familiar with Willie Taggart’s Offense. Willie likes to feature one WR and Tamorrion Terry looks to be that guy for FSU. I could see him being a weekly starter, especially after his performance in the Spring Game.

Bainbridge: Dru Brown went in the 16th round to Bill. Since when has an Oklahoma State quarterback gone so low in CFF? There is obvious hesitation as there are three contenders vying for the job, including Brown, Taylor Cornelius and freshman Spencer Sanders. But if Brown ends up winning the job, Bill has a high-end CFF quarterback with the potential to put up big numbers in that offense.

Laub: In the thirteenth round, Joshua Chevalier of CFF Guys might have hit a grand slam with runner Khalil Herbert of Kansas. In back-to-back weeks against Ohio and West Virginia last year, the junior ball carrier rushed for 428 yards and scored four touchdowns. In a defensively challenged conference, Herbert’s possible outcomes include a ceiling of 1,150 yards and 11 touchdowns.

Brandt: Morgan Ellison is a sophomore that I could see making a major weekly impact. The Hoosiers have had a couple big time backs with Tevin Coleman and Jordan Howard in recent years. I can see him becoming a workhorse for the Hoosiers. N’Kosi Perry is another I took a risk on in the 18th round. If he’s able to steal the starting job midseason I could see him putting up big time numbers.

Marchese: Josh getting Ehlinger in round 12 is incredible value, but I will go with Greg's selection of Chase Claypool in round 14. I feel ND will be improved in the pass game this year and I have been waffling on who to target between Claypool and Boykin. I went with Boykin a few round earlier but Claypool certainly has the skillset to make a weekly impact if Wimbush truly has improved accuracy as reported. 

Lindquist: Care to play Ohio State wide receiver roulette with me? The selection of Binjimen Victor by Joe in the 15th round is a fun one in my book. OSU has plenty of mouths to feed, but Victor has elite speed and if QB Dwayne Haskins has a nice deep ball in his arsenal, this could pay dividends. One round earlier, two of my favorite sleeper quarterbacks went off the board in Nebraska's Adrian Martinez (to Joe once more) and Baylor's Charlie Brewer (to Nystrom).

Allen: One of my last picks, Clemson senior WR Hunter Renfrow, could be the go-to underneath target for whoever is the starting quarterback for the Tigers. If Kelly Bryant wins the job Renfrow probably won’t amount to anything exciting, but if freshman QB Trevor Lawrence, 2018’s No. 1 overall recruit, wins the job, then Renfrow could be in for some big games.

Francis: Washington WR Ty Jones in the 13th.

Huber: Two players stand out for me: Aaron Fuller by Christopher Crawford at pick 13.13, and Adrian Martinez at 14.9 by Joe D. Fuller will have the first opportunity to digest a boatload of available targets, and Martinez will eventually approach similar statistics to those posted by Frost back in 1997.

DiSalvo: When we look back on the 2018 season, I think my selection of West Virginia WR T.J. Simmons in Round 17 will be a steal.

Lubitz: Tre Bryant - Total homer pick I know, but if healthy (yeah could be a big if) he showed early glimpses last year of being a stud.  Could be a great fit in the new offense and easily a weekly fantasy starter.

Nystrom: I really liked Lindquist’s pick of Markell Jones in Round 12. Jones averaged over 12 fantasy points per game in each of his first two years on campus. Last year, he was banged up for most of the campaign but was healthy late when he dropped 217 rushing yards on Indiana in the regular season finale and 90 all-purpose yards in the bowl. Purdue’s offense will be improved in 2018. If Jones can stay healthy, 1,000-plus rushing yards is absolutely in play. Remember: HC Jeff Brohm produced a small handful of stud fantasy RBs at Western Kentucky. Jones has been overlooked in the CFF drafts I've participated in this summer.

5. Outside of your own team, which do you see as the most talented in the league post-draft?

Crawford: There are a ton of teams to like, but if I had to pick just one, it'd probably be Thor Nystrom's. AJ Dillon is going to put up monster numbers -- again -- as a sophomore, and I think you can argue that N'Keal Harry is the best wideout returning. Justin Herbert is also a solid first quarterback, and I think Caleb Wilson was a steal.

Hall: This feels impossible to answer because these guys all know their stuff. I really like what Chevalier did though. Starting off with 2 great RBs and getting Dungey, who if he stays healthy, could sneak into the top 10 at QB. Hopefully Dungey and Ehlinger stay healthy for his sake! 2nd would have to go to Bainbridge. But man, all these guys killed it. It was fun to watch this play out.

Chevalier: I think top to bottom Thor has the most talented team. He either got studs or guys that should play key roles in great offensive systems. Well done, Thor.

Bainbridge: I like what Wes Huber was able to put together, an evenly-distributed roster with talent at each position and no glaring weaknesses. If his quarterbacks pan out with Dwayne Haskins (Ohio State) and Gardner Minshew (Washington State), he will be tough to beat.

Laub: While the draft progressed, I continually noticed how well Joshua Chevalier of CFFGuys recruited his roster. His running back tandem of Jonathan Taylor and Benny Snell, Jr. and receiver trio of Tee Higgins, Deebo Samuel and Ahmon Richards are incredibly sound. Also, he acquired very nice depth at both positions throughout the draft. 

Brandt: I was a fan of Joshua Chevalier’s draft. Getting Jonathan Taylor and Benny Snell is a very powerful one, two punch at the running back position. He also had a nice set of receivers with Higgins, Samuels and Richards.

Marchese: I will give the slight edge to Zach Hall's draft over Josh Chevalier. I think he played my strategy better than I did. He's got players capable of big output like Grier and Marquise Brown, high PPR guys including Laird at RB, a tier 1 DST and tier 2 TE, and locked up the Clemson QB production by waiting on Bryant and Lawrence.

Lindquist: Loathe as I am to admit it, my colleague Thor Nystrom crushed this one. I've already mentioned two of his picks in my earlier responses to these questions -- Caleb Wilson and Charlie Brewer -- but beyond that pair, he could have arguably the best 1-2 RB-WR combo in the league in A.J. Dillon and N'Keal Harry. Later upside picks like Shea Patterson, Ty Chandler and Jalen Reagor just add to the allure.

Allen: I think Laub's team out of the first overall spot ended up having the most talent. Beyond pairing Arizona’s Konami code quarterback Khalil Tate with two solid running backs in Texas A&M junior running back Trayveon Williams and Utah junior RB Zach Moss, he also was able to grab a number of values throughout the draft. One pick that stood out to me was Auburn junior quarterback Jarrett Stidham in the 10th round as his second quarterback. Stidham is probably a better real quarterback than fantasy quarterback but is a perfect complement to his first pick in Khalil Tate.

Francis: I think this was a really challenging draft, overall. I look across the board and I think the majority of our teams will need some luck and will need some gambles to pay off. If Mike Bainbridge hits on the Syracuse and Texas Tech WRs then I think he will have a good shot at league runner up. I like what Joshua Chevalier did at the top of his draft a lot but my overall concern would be only taking two QBs, when Eric Dungey is almost certain to miss time this year due to injury. With a run of luck, I think he will be tough to beat.

Huber: Crawford put together an entirely viable collection at the skill positions, sans TE. His RB group of JK Dobbins, James Williams, Ty Johnson, JJ Taylor, and freshmen Ricky Person & Max Borghi is most impressive.

DiSalvo: I really like Thor's team. I think he has the quality depth needed to be a contender in this Best Ball format.

Lubitz: Josh Chevalier

Nystrom: I liked what Huber and DiSalvo did. Honorable mention to Chevalier, who had an outstanding draft outside of a curious QB strategy that I think will submarine his team. I’m fine with him rolling the dice on Eric Dungey— who once again is a possible big-time breakout candidate — but taking a high-risk player with health concerns like that demands making QB depth a priority. Instead, Chevalier came out of the draft with the only team that didn’t take at least three quarterbacks. And his second quarterback was Sam Ehlinger, a tease who’s once again trapped in a precarious QB platoon with Shane Buechele. On top of that, Ehlinger also battled injuries last year. There’s a chance that Chevalier takes at least one zero-point week at QB this fall, and that’s going to make it extremely difficult to win such a competitive league.

Thor Nystrom is a former associate reporter whose writing has been honored by Rolling Stone magazine and The Best American Essays series. Say hi to Rotoworld's college football writer on Twitter @thorku.
Email :Thor Nystrom

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