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Free Agency Preview - Hitters

Monday, September 15, 2008

&idThis is part two of the offseason preview columns, with the hitters as the focus this time. Again, please don't get stressed out about the team predictions; it's way too early to expect to hit those with any accuracy. Once the free agency period is about to start up, I'll have a revised column with new (and hopefully improved) predictions. Right now, I'm just trying to give readers the rundown on who will be available and what kind of contracts they might get.


Ivan Rodriguez (Yankees) - Since a big decline in his age-33 season, Pudge has had four similar offensive years in a row. Still, the Tigers were willing to trade him for Kyle Farnsworth and the Yankees probably wish that they never picked him up in the first place. Rodriguez's game-calling -- particularly with speedsters on first base -- has always been a topic of discussion, and Andy Pettitte isn't the only veteran starter in the league who doesn't want to throw to him. That said, he clearly remains an above average regular and he looks like the best bet for 2009 among the very weak field of catchers. The Astros, Marlins, Reds and Blue Jays are among the teams that could offer him one- or two-year deals. It seems highly unlikely that any GM will go beyond that.

Prediction: Reds - one year, $10 million

Jason Varitek (Red Sox) - Rodriguez won his 13th Gold Glove last year, but it's a safe guess that most of baseball's starting pitchers would rather be teamed with Varitek given the choice. Both will play next year at 37. Varitek's arm is below average these days, but that's the only thing Pudge has on him defensively. On offense, Varitek has been clearly better than Rodriguez in two of the last four seasons. However, after a fine start this year, he was the league's easiest out in June and July. Trying to predict what 37-year-old catchers are going to hit is a foolish errand. Varitek has always been streaky, and one of these days, he's simply not going to bounce back from one of those stretches in which he hits .180 with little power. The Red Sox know the risk, yet they have no internal options to replace him and they're not going to target Rodriguez over him. As long as Varitek is reasonable in his contract demands, something should be worked out.

Prediction: Red Sox - two years, $16 million

Paul Lo Duca (Marlins) - Another 37-year-old. Lo Duca's OPS has slipped from 783 in 2006 to 689 last year and 600 this season. He hasn't homered in 170 at-bats with the Nationals and Marlins. He's still not striking out at all, so he's probably been unlucky to have hit just .241. The power, though, isn't coming back, and it's not like he's an asset on defense. Ideally, he'd enter next year as a backup. However, the lack of alternatives available in free agency could result in him competing for a starting job somewhere. It's possible that he'll stay in Florida with the Marlins.

Prediction: Marlins - one year, $1.5 million

Other free agents: David Ross (Red Sox)*, Michael Barrett (Padres), Paul Bako (Reds), Johnny Estrada (FA), Brad Ausmus (Astros), Javier Valentin (Reds), Chad Moeller (Yankees), Vance Wilson (Tigers), Jason LaRue (Cardinals), Brayan Pena (Royals), Mike DiFelice (Rays), Sal Fasano (Indians), Eric Munson (Brewers), Guillermo Rodriguez (Giants), Adam Melhuse (Rockies), Raul Casanova (Mets), Josh Paul (FA)

Ross was supposed to qualify as a free agent, but I'm not positive that he'll still have the service time after being let go by the Reds and picked up by the Red Sox. It's nearly a moot point, since the Red Sox would likely non-tender him if they still controlled his rights. … Barrett's second straight disastrous season may prevent any team from taking him seriously as a regular this winter, but he has more offensive upside than any free agent catcher. The A's, Blue Jays, Red Sox and Yankees are among the AL teams that should look to bring him in as a potential backup catcher, DH and first baseman. … Estrada is set to join his fifth team in five years. If healthy -- something he never was this year -- he could end up playing regularly. Still, there are a lot of teams that won't touch him because of his attitude.

Gregg Zaun (Blue Jays) - $3.75 million club option
Henry Blanco (Cubs) - $3 million club option, $300,000 buyout
Miguel Olivo (Royals) - $2.7 million mutual option, $100,000 buyout
Rod Barajas (Blue Jays) - $2.5 million club option, $500,000 buyout
Toby Hall (White Sox) - $2.25 million club option, $150,000 buyout
Mike Redmond (Twins) - $950,000 club option, $100,000 buyout
Gary Bennett (Dodgers) - $900,000 mutual option, $50,000 buyout

The Blue Jays figure to retain Barajas and let Zaun go. Even though he'll be 38 next year, Zaun could be looked at as the top backup on the market. However, that also depends on what happens with Blanco and Olivo. … With the way Geovany Soto has established himself, the Cubs can find better ways to spend $3 million than on a backup catcher. Still, they'd probably prefer to have Blanco back if he'd take $1.5 million or so. … The Royals have been giving Olivo more starts over John Buck lately and might look for a way to keep him. Olivo has already said he won't exercise his half of a $2.7 million option, but that was back when he wasn't happy about his playing time. He'd be the one catcher on the market still in his prime, so he shouldn't have much trouble landing a multiyear contract. … Hall has bounced back enough this season that he'll probably continue to find work as a backup. Still, he's not worth nearly $2.25 million. … The Twins figure to keep Redmond for another year, while Bennett is certain to be set free.

Trade candidates: Curtis Thigpen (Blue Jays), Miguel Montero (Diamondbacks), Bengie Molina (Giants - NTC), Kelly Shoppach (Indians), Kenji Johjima (Mariners), Rob Johnson (Mariners), Ramon Hernandez (Orioles), Josh Bard (Padres), Jason Jaramillo (Phillies), Carlos Ruiz (Phillies), Ronny Paulino (Pirates), Gerald Laird (Rangers), Max Ramirez (Rangers), Jarrod Saltalamacchia (Rangers), Taylor Teagarden (Rangers), John Jaso (Rays), George Kottaras (Red Sox), Yorvit Torrealba (Rockies), Brandon Inge (Tigers)

The 25-year-old Montero has quietly hit .267/.337/.436 as Chris Snyder's backup, and there will probably be a few teams looking to make him their starter. The Diamondbacks, though, figure to hang on to him unless a surprisingly strong offer comes in. … Cleveland has a big decision to make on how to handle the Shoppach/Victor Martinez situation. Shoppach's excellent showing this year must have the team giving strong consideration to turning Martinez into a first baseman. … The Orioles would probably prefer to wait until June to commit to Matt Wieters, but they could still make Hernandez available this winter. In such a barren market, he'd have some value.

The Rangers have to move at least one of their four catchers this winter. Teagarden's explosion onto the scene this month should give them plenty of confidence that they can afford to part with Laird even with the questions they have about Salty's arm. Expect to see Laird starting for Florida, Houston or another team next year. … If Inge remains content with catching, the Tigers figure to keep him. There aren't any obvious upgrades out there. As little demand as their figures to be, it'd just be a salary dump if they traded him.

Non-tender candidates: Kevin Cash (Red Sox), Matt Treanor (Marlins), Guillermo Quiroz (Orioles), Rob Bowen (Athletics), Jamie Burke (Mariners), Wil Nieves (Nationals), Humberto Quintero (Astros), Raul Chavez (Pirates), Eliezer Alfonzo (Giants), Dane Sardinha (Tigers), Danny Ardoin (Dodgers), Robby Hammock (Diamondbacks), J.R. House (Astros), Corky Miller (Braves), Koyie Hill (Cubs), Ryan Jorgensen (Twins), Robinson Cancel (Mets), Luke Carlin (Padres), Paul Phillips (White Sox), Gustavo Molina (Mets), Mark Johnson (Cardinals)

A lot of interchangeable players here. … The Red Sox could try to bring in a young heir to Varitek's job. Cash handles Tim Wakefield well and he hasn't been a complete zero offensively, so it wouldn't be a disaster if he was brought back for another year. However, Boston needs to find someone who wouldn't be a liability playing more than once a week. … Quiroz still has youth on his side, but nothing he's done this year suggests that he'll make it as a long-term backup.

2009-10 free agents: Victor Martinez (Indians)*, Ramon Hernandez (Orioles)*, Bengie Molina (Giants), Brian Schneider (Mets), Josh Bard (Padres), Jason Kendall (Brewers), Ramon Castro (Mets), Yorvit Torrealba (Rockies)*, Jose Molina (Yankees)

2010 options: Martinez - $7 million ($250,000 buyout), Hernandez - $8.5 million ($1 million buyout), Torrealba - $4 million mutual ($500,000 buyout)

2010-11 free agents: Joe Mauer (Twins), Victor Martinez (Indians), Chris Snyder (Diamondbacks), Gerald Laird (Rangers), A.J. Pierzynski (White Sox), Brandon Inge (Tigers), Matt Treanor (Marlins)

2011 options: N/A

First Basemen/Designated Hitters

Mark Teixeira (Angels) - If CC Sabathia doesn't get the biggest contract of the winter, Teixeira will. It was fair to label the 28-year-old first baseman overrated going into 2008 -- he had just one season in which he was a true superstar and his numbers were clearly inflated by playing in Arlington -- but he's delivered the most impressive year of his career so far. He's not going to come close to matching his power numbers of 2005 (43 HR and 144 RBI), but he's currently sporting a 954 OPS despite playing in ballparks that at least slightly favor pitchers. Also, he has an 88/87 K/BB ratio, which is a clear step forward for him. It'd still be nice to see him break his habit of slow starts, but I'm more confident now than I was a year or two ago that the megadeal he's going to get will work out just fine for the team that signs him.

With the bidding potentially starting at $160 million for eight years, there won't be too many serious suitors for Teixeira. The Angels and Yankees are the obvious ones. The Angels can keep him, but even with what will probably be the game's second-highest payroll, they're not going to be able to retain everyone from a group that also includes Francisco Rodriguez, Vladimir Guerrero, Jon Garland and Garret Anderson. Teixeira should be the priority, but time will tell if they'll really compete with the Yankees. After such a disappointing year, it'd be a shock if the Yankees didn't land either Sabathia or Teixeira. Maybe they'll even sign both. Other teams potentially involved include the Orioles, Red Sox, Mets and Giants. The Orioles would love to add the Annapolis-born 28-year-old, but even if Teixeira still has a soft spot for his hometown team, it's hard to see why he'd join a last-place club when he'll have his pick of the game's winningest organizations. The Red Sox can get pretty creative when they have a chance to add talent, but spending upwards $200 million on a first baseman just wouldn't make much since for them right now. The Mets will likely go ahead and keep Carlos Delgado for another year. The Giants should have a better chance of adding a top-notch talent in a year, when they're closer to contending.

Prediction: Yankees - nine years, $200 million

Nomar Garciaparra (Dodgers) - A bit of a drop off. Nomar hit .283/.328/.371 in 431 at-bats last year and is at .234/.285/.393 in 145 at-bats this season, so he's not giving teams much reason to look at him as a regular in 2009, whether it's at first base, third base or even (gulp) shortstop. He belongs in a utility role anyway, since even if he does rebound offensively, he'd be an awful bet to remain healthy. Now that he's 35 and hardly a superstar, Garciaparra's lack of leadership skills could come back to haunt him. A lot of the teams that may want to add a veteran infielder to help guide younger players will probably decide to look elsewhere.

Prediction: Giants - one year, $3 million

Frank Thomas (Athletics) - The Big Hurt couldn't overcome his usual slow start during his age-40 season. After being released by the Jays, he did hit .319/.417/.516 in his first 91 at-bats for the A's. However, a quad problem knocked him out of action at the end of May and he just wasn't the same after returning in July. He ended up with a .240/.349/.374 line in 246 at-bats for Toronto and Oakland. My belief is that Thomas has one more year left in his bat, but there just aren't going to be many teams willing to add a 40-year-old designated hitter. The A's could invite him back, but they still have a natural DH in Jack Cust and they might not be able to use Eric Chavez at third base next year. He's not going to be high on anyone's list.

Prediction: A's - one year, $1.5 million plus incentives

Other free agents: Eric Hinske (Rays), Kevin Millar (Orioles), Doug Mientkiewicz (Pirates), Sean Casey (Red Sox), Richie Sexson (FA), Tony Clark (Diamondbacks), Ben Broussard (Yankees), Scott Hatteberg (FA), Greg Norton (Braves), Jose Vidro (FA), Shea Hillenbrand (FA), Chris Shelton (Rangers), Mike Sweeney (FA), Erubiel Durazo (FA), Brian Myrow (Padres), Brad Eldred (White Sox), Mark Sweeney (Dodgers), Garrett Jones (Twins), Matthew LeCroy (FA)

Hinske was in danger of drifting out of the league before barely making the Rays this year, but his bounce-back season figures to make him fairly popular as a free agent. Tampa Bay or another team could give him about $3 million for 2009. … Millar has reached 20 homers for the first time since 2003, but his 733 OPS is the worst of his career. Pity the team that signs him to play regularly. … Sexson would seem to be the other player here with a chance of entering 2009 as a regular. I wouldn't rule out the possibility of him hitting 25 homers for some team next year. The problem is that if he's not good enough to start, he doesn't belong in the league. Practically every other veteran here would make more sense as a bench player.

Jason Giambi (Yankees) - $22 million club option, $5 million buyout
Jim Thome (White Sox) - $13 million club option, $3 million buyout
Carlos Delgado (Mets) - $12 million club option, $4 million buyout

Giambi isn't worth $17 million, but as one of the few legitimate 30-homer guys on the market, he might be worth $10. The Yankees will probably look to bring him back if they don't get Teixeira. The A's and Giants could also figure into the picture here. … Thome has an 878 OPS in his age-37 season, and it looks like he'll end up at about 150 games played. He's clearly in decline, but with the lack of alternatives out there, the White Sox should choose to bring him back for $10 million. None of the cheaper free agents will be nearly as good of bets for 2009. … Delgado's option still could kick in and become guaranteed at $16 million, but that's highly unlikely. His second-half resurgence ensures that he'll be back with the Mets either way.

Trade candidates: Kendry Morales (Angels), Lyle Overbay (Blue Jays), Prince Fielder (Brewers), Brad Nelson (Brewers), Micah Hoffpauir (Cubs), Chad Tracy (Diamondbacks), Josh Whitesell (Diamondbacks), Michael Aubrey (Indians), Ryan Garko (Indians), Mike Jacobs (Marlins), Dmitri Young (Nationals), Aubrey Huff (Orioles), Ryan Howard (Phillies), Adam LaRoche (Pirates), Chris Carter (Red Sox), Todd Helton (Rockies - NTC), Joe Koshansky (Rockies), Jeff Larish (Tigers), Paul Konerko (White Sox - NTC), Juan Miranda (Yankees)

The Angels may have a spot open for Morales to compete for a job this spring. If not, then they should send him to a team that might play him. Spending more time in Triple-A won't do him much good. … Fielder could bring the Brewers the ace they'd need if they have to replace both Sabathia and Ben Sheets, but there's not going to be any pressure to move him when he's still three years away from free agency. If he's not willing to sign long-term, a deal would be more likely to come after 2009. … Hoffpauir should be the Cubs' replacement for Daryle Ward next year, but if some team wants to try him as a starter, the Cubs would be crazy not to listen. … Tracy would be more attractive trade bait if it was clear whether he had a chance of surviving back at third base. Still, since he's due a modest $4.75 million next year and has a $7 million option for 2010, there will be a few teams interested in grabbing him.

If the Indians move Martinez to first base, Garko would likely be shipped out. He's had a bad year, but he's cheap and his power should come back. … I don't know the last time a player had a quieter 35-homer season than Jacobs (well, 32 so far). He's getting on base only 29 percent of the time and he is arbitration eligible, so the Marlins could make him available. The Giants, Mariners and Orioles are some of the teams that may pursue him. … Howard seems highly unlikely to go, but who is to say the Phillies won't discuss it if they fail to make the postseason? He'd be one heck of a consolation prize for the losers in the Teixeira chase. … Helton's contract might be more unmovable than ever after a season wrecked by back problems. He'd prefer to stay in Colorado anyway. … Maybe this is the year we'll finally see a Konerko-to-Anaheim deal. It'd make some sense if Teixeira walks.

Non-tender candidates: Dan Johnson (Rays), Ryan Shealy (Royals), Josh Phelps (Cardinals), Andy Phillips (Reds), Jeff Bailey (Red Sox), Joe Dillon (Brewers), Randy Ruiz (Twins), Oscar Salazar (Orioles)

The Rays could opt to keep Johnson if Hinske leaves. The two are very similar players, and there won't be room for both. … No one else here is all that likely to open 2009 on a major league roster. Even Johnson is hardly a given.

2009-10 free agents: Adam LaRoche (Pirates), Chad Tracy (Diamondbacks)*, Aubrey Huff (Orioles), Carlos Delgado (Mets), Nick Johnson (Nationals), Dmitri Young (Nationals), Ross Gload (Royals)*

2010 options: Tracy - $7 million ($1 million buyout), Young - $6 million vesting option (guaranteed w/500 PA in 09), Gload - $2.6 million

2010-11 free agents: Albert Pujols (Cardinals)*, David Ortiz (Red Sox)*, Lance Berkman (Astros)*, Derrek Lee (Cubs), Carlos Pena (Rays), Kevin Youkilis (Red Sox), Paul Konerko (White Sox), Lyle Overbay (Blue Jays),

2011 options: Pujols - $16 million ($5 million buyout), Ortiz - $12.5 million, Berkman - $15 million ($2 million buyout)

Second Basemen

Orlando Hudson (Diamondbacks) - Hudson was knocked out of a pennant race by an injury for the second straight year, but that won't hurt his stock as a free agent. If anything, his value has increased recently because of the questions surrounding the shoulder of Mark Ellis. Hudson now looks like the only second baseman worthy of a multiyear deal, and the White Sox, Dodgers and Mets are big-market teams that could be interested in filling the position. The Yankees and Orioles could also explore the market if they trade their current second basemen. The Brewers, Cardinals, Rockies, Padres, Royals and Giants are longer shots to be players.

With so much demand, Hudson could command $10 million per year, though perhaps not in a five-year deal. He does turn 31 in December, and second basemen have an annoying habit of declining significantly or just falling completely off the table at ages 32 and 33. It'd make a lot of sense to overpay him for three years rather than go a fourth or fifth year in which he may be a liability as a regular. The Diamondbacks will likely make an effort to keep him, but it seemed like they essentially picked Eric Byrnes over him when they gave Byrnes his big extension a year ago. I suspect that the White Sox, who can move Alexei Ramirez to shortstop, will be among the high bidders.

Prediction: White Sox - four years, $42 million

Mark Ellis (Athletics) - Ellis and Hudson are pretty similar players. Ellis is older by six months. Hudson is the better hitter of the two, but Ellis has been a nice asset offensively two of the last four years. Both are among the game's five-best defensive second basemen, and there's a good argument that Ellis was actually the better fielder in 2006 and 2007. Also, both have had injury problems, with each having turned in just two 140-game seasons since debuting in 2002. Ellis, though, has had the greater health issues, and he's been dealing with shoulder problems for years. He originally missed 2004 with a dislocated shoulder, and he still has the tear in his labrum that he suffered then. He didn't hit at all after the beginning of July this year, and now his shoulder has cost him the final five weeks of the season. Since concerns will linger into 2009, he may have to settle for a one-year deal this winter. That'd seem to be good news for the A's, who now have a much better chance of keeping him. If it turns out that teams aren't scared off by his shoulder, he'd be in line for about $18 million for three years.

Prediction: Athletics - one year, $4 million plus incentives

Jeff Kent (Dodgers) - If Kent wanted to keep playing as a first baseman/designated hitter, there would probably be teams interested in adding him. After all, he's just a year removed from posting an 875 OPS, and his bat did pick up again this year following the Manny Ramirez acquisition by the Dodgers. However, it's expected that the 40-year-old will call it a career.

Prediction: Retirement

Felipe Lopez (Cardinals) - Lopez is hitting .363/.416/.505 in 91 at-bats since getting out of Washington, and he's still just 28. That he had so many problems as a National is his own fault, but it's no surprise that the change has turned around his career. He might actually be in line for a multiyear deal, though he could figure it will be better to wait and see if he can build his value further with a nice 2009. Instead of something like $7 million-$8 million for two years, he could put himself in line for a three-year, $21 million deal. The Cardinals figure to try to keep him, and the White Sox should also be interested.

Prediction: Cardinals - one year, $4 million

Ray Durham (Brewers) - Durham doesn't really belong at second base anymore, but he's rebounded from a rough 2007 and showed that he can still contribute. If the Indians, A's or White Sox could work out a way to give him 30 starts each at first, second and DH, he'd likely be an asset.

Prediction: Indians - one year, $3 million

Other free agents: Mark Grudzielanek (Royals), Juan Uribe (White Sox), Mark Loretta (Astros), Tadahito Iguchi (Phillies)*, Damion Easley (Mets), Tony Graffanino (Indians), Pablo Ozuna (FA), Jose Valentin (Mets), Miguel Cairo (Mariners), Freddie Bynum (Orioles), Luis Rivas (Pirates), Marcus Giles (FA), Jayson Nix (Rockies), Hector Luna (Blue Jays), Andy Gonzalez (Indians), D'Angelo Jimenez (Cardinals), Mark Bellhorn (Reds)

Incredibly, Grudzy is the same hitter at age 38 that he was at 30 and a better one than he was in his 20s. Plus, he can still play a pretty good second base when healthy. He'd be a fit for the Padres or A's as a stopgap. … Uribe has seemingly been on the verge of being released or traded a half-dozen times, but he's back in favor in Chicago now. Since Ramirez is the only sure thing in the White Sox infield for 2009, the team might well try to re-sign the veteran. His power and versatility should mean he won't have to take too much of a cut from his current $4.5 million salary. … Iguchi's second straight miserable year probably means he won't be offered a starting job again. He could head back to Japan. … Don't forget about Graffanino, who hit .315 in 25 games in the minors for Cleveland after making it back from his torn ACL. He's 36, but he'll likely resurface as a backup somewhere.

Craig Counsell (Brewers) - $3.4 million club option, $400,000 buyout
Jamey Carroll (Indians) - $2.5 million club option, $150,000 buyout

Counsell hasn't given the Brewers their $5.6 million's worth over the last two years, and if he's brought back, it will be at a more modest salary. … Carroll has been a nice utilityman for Cleveland this year, but $2.5 million is pretty steep. Then again, the team thought it was worth trading for him when he was due $2.15 million this year. Odds are that he'll stay put.

Trade candidates: Sean Rodriguez (Angels), Kelly Johnson (Braves), Hernan Iribarren (Brewers), Rickie Weeks (Brewers), Aaron Miles (Cardinals), Tony Abreu (Dodgers), Josh Barfield (Indians), Dan Uggla (Marlins), Luis Castillo (Mets), Ronnie Belliard (Nationals), Brian Roberts (Orioles - limited NTC), Freddy Sanchez (Pirates), Danny Richar (Reds), Esteban German (Royals), Brendan Harris (Twins), Robinson Cano (Yankees)

I look at Johnson as a keeper, but the Braves have always been high on Martin Prado and may figure that he's ready to play regularly in 2009. If Johnson could bring back Justin Duchscherer or Jonathan Sanchez, the Braves would have to think about it. … The Brewers would be selling low if they moved Weeks now, but they may go that route anyway. That some teams may like him as a center fielder could potentially increase the demand for his services. … The Cardinals non-tendered Miles before re-signing him a year ago. Since he's currently hitting .317, he's due for another raise this winter, and the Cards don't lack for utility candidates.

Uggla could make about $6 million in his first year of arbitration, and he'll only get more expensive from there. He'll probably never have more trade value than he will this winter. The Indians, Rockies and A's could put together the kind of packages it'd take to land him. … The Mets would have to pay someone to take Castillo if they want out from under that ridiculous four-year deal. Perhaps the Marlins would consider bringing him back to Florida if particularly well compensated. If the Mets could move him, they'd immediately become the favorites to land Hudson. … The Orioles need to get something for Roberts while they still can. He'll likely be on the downside of his career by the time the team has any chance of contending, so an extension wouldn't be a good idea. … I think a Cano deal is a long shot, but if Yankees are convinced that it's a lack of effort behind his failure to progress, then it's always possible that they could go that route. Cano for Matt Holliday might work for both teams.

Non-tender candidates: Esteban German (Royals), Chris Burke (Diamondbacks), Ruben Gotay (Braves), Augie Ojeda (Diamondbacks), Russ Adams (Blue Jays), Craig Stansberry (Padres), Jarrett Hoffpauir (Cardinals)

German likely had some trade value a year ago, but he's hit just .249/.303/.348 in 201 at-bats this season, and the Royals have struggled to find the right role in which to utilize him. He figures to depart. … The Diamondbacks were hoping Burke would turn into a legitimate choice to replace Hudson in 2009 after acquiring him in the Jose Valverde deal, but it hasn't happened and he's barely playing lately.

2009-10 free agents: Brian Roberts (Orioles), Placido Polanco (Tigers), Mark DeRosa (Cubs), Freddy Sanchez (Pirates)*, Akinori Iwamura (Rays)*, Marco Scutaro (Blue Jays), Ronnie Belliard (Nationals), Aaron Miles (Cardinals), Adam Kennedy (Cardinals), Esteban German (Royals)

2010 options: Sanchez - $8 million ($600,000 buyout), Iwamura - $4.25 million ($250,000 buyout)

2010-11 free agents: Akinori Iwamura (Rays), Kaz Matsui (Astros), Chris Burke (Diamondbacks)

2011 options: N/A

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