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NFBC Mock Draft Analysis

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Last Saturday afternoon, the National Fantasy Baseball Championship leagues drafted across the nation in Atlantic City, Las Vegas and New York City. Over 480 players are competing for a shot at the $100,000 grand prize, but the more immediate focus in many leagues is the $5,000 league prize for each 15-team Rotisserie league with standard 5x5 stats.

Our draft was held in the corporate boxes of Citi Field, and perhaps it will serve as a nice deep-league mock for those of you in last-minute drafts. The competition was certainly top-notch.

Team 1: Jeffrey Mitz, Chicago, Illinois
Team 2: Ron Marien, Bloomington, Minnesota
Team 3: Raymond Ventura, Bridgewater, New Jersey
Team 4: George Puhl, Metamora, Illinois
Team 5: Rick McLaughlin, Avon, Connecticut
Team 6: Eno Sarris, New York, New York
Team 7: Scott Skillings, Chicago, Illinois
Team 8: Virgilio Ramos, Guaynbo, Puerto Rico
Team 9: Robert Mihulka, Mt. Morris, Michigan
Team 10: Doug Cassidy, Scarsdale, New York
Team 11: August Thompson, Fairfield, Calfornia
Team 12: Doug Gruber, Troy, Michigan
Team 13: Brian Zirlin, Short Hills, New Jersey
Team 14: Andrew Moody, Columbus, Ohio
Team 15: George Kleemann, Palatine, Illinois

Below are the results of rounds 1-10. The rest of the mock draft will be available later this week. My picks are in bold, blue lettering. I wish I could tell you I feel great about this draft, but you may see from the analysis that follows, I'm my own worst critic at times.

Questions, comments, anything? Shoot me an e-mail or find me on Twitter. Enjoy!

1. 1. Albert Pujols
1. 2. Hanley Ramirez
1. 3. Alex Rodriguez
1. 4. Chase Utley
1. 5. Ryan Braun
1. 6. Matt Kemp
1. 7. Troy Tulowitzki
1. 8. David Wright
1. 9. Prince Fielder
1. 10. Evan Longoria
1. 11. Tim Lincecum
1. 12. Carl Crawford
1. 13. Miguel Cabrera
1. 14. Mark Teixeira
1. 15. Ryan Howard

Best Value: It's hard to assign a first-round pick with the 'value' moniker, but I'm sure the Mark Teixeira owner was ecstatic to get the metronome Yankee first baseman at #14. He won't cause any batting average problems, will be elite in home runs, runs and RBI, and may have an even better #2 hitter in front of him this year.

Questionable Selection: There's nothing wrong with Carl Crawford. Well, except for the fact that he's the only position player in the first round that has no shot of hitting thirty home runs this year. Unless the team that picked him drafts heavy on power in the middle rounds, they might find themselves behind the eight-ball to start. Either way, they now have a weakness that they will have to work on in the coming rounds.

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2. 1. Joe Mauer
2. 2. Jimmy Rollins
2. 3. Justin Upton
2. 4. Kevin Youkilis
2. 5. Matt Holliday
2. 6. Ian Kinsler
2. 7. Ryan Zimmerman
2. 8. Roy Halladay
2. 9. Grady Sizemore
2. 10. Mark Reynolds
2. 11. Jacoby Ellsbury
2. 12. Brian McCann
2. 13. Brandon Phillips
2. 14. Joey Votto
2. 15. Pablo Sandoval

Best Value: In the second round, you can begin to talk about someone 'falling' past their expected draft position, especially when there's a potential first-rounder in question. That's right, I'm calling Ian Kinsler a potential first-round talent. He's a 30/30 infielder, and with a couple better bounces of the balls he puts in play this year, that batting average can rise to a respectable level. If you could get Grady Sizemore at second base, you'd leap at the chance, right?

Questionable Selection: Just after talking up a power/speed guy on the middle infield, it's time to wonder if Jimmy Rollins is really the seventeenth-best player in fantasy baseball this year. Sure, he should rebound from one of his worst years, but at 31, he's past his power and speed peak, and he was never a good batting average guy to begin with. Rollins might fit fine at the end of this round, so it's not egregious or anything, but any one of the elite third basemen or outfielders in this round are probably preferable.

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