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The Doug Martsch Interview

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Did you see the dirty wrist-chop that Tyson Chandler put on Joel Przybilla's injured wrist a few weeks ago? Where does that rank on your list of thug moves you've seen in the NBA?

DM : Yes, that ranks somewhere just below Kobe Bryant's string of vicious follow-throughs while his shots were being blocked.

You semi-famously covered MIA's Paper Planes recently and are pretty well known for getting creative with the covers at your shows. In addition, your side project, Boise Cover Band, put out a great record with songs by David Bowie, Captain Beefheart and an instrumental version of the Pretenders' Chain Gang. What song haven't you covered that you want to?

DM : We've already covered every song in the world (that we know about).

What is the first concert you remember attending as well as the first record you bought?

DM : Two years after they'd been my favorite band, when I didn't like them any more, I saw Quiet Riot with a friend who still liked them. My first record (actually, it was a cassette tape) was Billy Squier, Emotions in Motion--which I still like.

SA: Sweet! I think She's a Runner is my favorite Squier song.

What music have you been listening to lately?

DM: I like a lot of Boise bands right now--the Universal, Revolt Revolt, Ian Waters, Finn Riggins, and of course, Le Fleur. The only new music I've been listening to is MGMT.

SA: Of course, Le Fleur.

We got a Wii for Christmas and I often find myself bowling or taking golf target practice at 4 a.m. Any similar problems for you?

DM: I'm playing Zelda Phantom Hourglass on my son's Nintendo DS as we speak.

What's the next project you've got coming up? Seems a little strange that you're not touring right now, as it seems that's where you usually are.

DM : I am working on finishing the new Built To Spill record that will be released in the fall – It's going to be called There Is No Enemy.

Many of today's artists are selling their songs for commercial use, which is usually an issue for their fans. But it also seems to be about the easiest way for indie bands to get paid. Any thoughts?

DM : There's nothing wrong with getting paid, but sometimes if a song has some special meaning to someone, it can be ruined when it's put in a distasteful context.

What are some of your favorite songs by people in our league - Pavement, Sleater-Kinney, Quasi, the Grails, etc.?

DM : I don't know, but my favorite NWA song is F--- tha Police.

SA: In case you're wondering, no – Ice Cube is not in our hoops league. Have you guys ever covered F--- tha Police?

DM: No. Built To Spill has never covered any rap music, but when we were young I thought about doing "Shut 'Em Down" by Public Enemy.

My Morning Jacket is generally regarded as the best live band going, and I tend to agree. What's your take?

DM : Dinosaur Jr. is the best live act going.

What's the best part of living in Boise, Idaho? And do you have a Super Bowl prediction for us?

DM : I've heard the best thing about Boise is the skiing, but I don't ski. And I also don't care about the Super Bowl.

Thanks, Doug. Look for the new record - There Is No Enemy - sometime this fall. And if you go to see Built To Spill and can't get a ticket, don't worry. You may be treated to a private show like these ticket-less folks were.

11 Great Built To Spill Jams (and a Doug Martsch cover)

Car – There's Nothing Wrong With Love
Velvet Waltz – Perfect From Now On
The Plan – Keep It Like A Secret
Just A Habit – You In Reverse
Carry the Zero – Keep It Like A Secret
Else – Keep It Like A Secret
Randy Described Eternity – Perfect From Now On
Liar – You In Reverse
You Were Right – Keep It Like A Secret
Big Dipper – There's Nothing Wrong With Love
You Were Right – Keep It Like A Secret
Strange – by The Delusion – as covered by Boise Cover Band

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