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30-Team First Round Draft

Monday, October 11, 2010

As many of you know, I play in a 30-team league each year and that draft is currently going down as we speak. It's among the slowest drafts you will ever find and it's been going on for two full days, yet I still haven't gotten to pick. But we're getting closer, as I prepare to see who is still there when I get picks 30 and 31. A few guys who will not be there include John Wall, Stephen Curry and Tyreke Evans, who are all going way early in the leagues I'm playing in.

For breaking NBA news and occasional humor, follow me on Twitter! I promise not to go all "play-by-play" on you this year. In fact, I'm dealing with that problem myself, as multiple NBA writers are basically doing play-by-play from the same game, which makes the real news I'm digging for tough to find.

And the Rotoworld NBA Draft Guide is available right now and includes everything you need to help you dominate your league. I will be updating projections and rankings on Saturday, accounting for recent injuries, playing time, rotation changes, and anything else that might hurt or help a player.

In 30-deep, because we draft so many players, the key is having healthy ones. So while taking John Wall with the 20th pick might not seem right, it was not a bad call. Young guys are a commodity in this league, because having one starter go down can ruin your entire season, unless you happen to have a starter at the same position stocked on your bench (which is unlikely). When Lou Williams went down last season with a broken jaw, my season was essentially over. As for Wall? His stock is rising daily and my guess is he will go in Round 2 or 3 in almost every draft from here on out.

I have gotten more questions about who to take with picks 4-10 this year than any other. And there are no easy answers. Hopefully this draft will give you some ideas, and help you realize that you're not crazy for reaching for someone this year. There are not many obvious picks, and players who are going 10-20 could also be taken 4-10 at times. It's going to be a fun year.

This league is 30 owners, start 1 PG, 1 SG, 1 SF, 1 PF, 1 C and 1 FLEX, head-to-head, with the standard nine scoring categories (pts, rebs, asts, stls, blks, 3s, ftp, fgp, TOs). There are 12 rounds and 30 teams, meaning we go 360 players deep. A guy like Dante Cunningham or Jeff Teague could be a real stud in this league.

30 Deep Round 1

1. Brian McKitish, ESPN, Kevin Durant

No brainer and he's been No. 1 in every draft I've done thus far. And the fact he plays 82 games every year is another key in this tough league.

2. Matt Stroup, Rotoworld, LeBron James

The automatic No. 2 pick. Like Durant, he doesn't miss many games and is still a beast despite playing with a couple All-NBA players.

3. Eric Mack,, Dwight Howard

His free throw percentage and turnovers are going to leave their mark, but in head-to-head, he will help win FGP, scoring, rebounds and blocks every week.

4. Sergio Gonzalez, CBS, Chris Paul

A steal at No. 4 if he can stay healthy this year.

5. Tom Carpenter, ESPN, Dwyane Wade

He's already hurt and his hamstring injury could linger, but Wade can single handedly win games for you. The big problem comes if he goes down, as it's tough to find a guy getting enough minutes on your bench in such a deep league.

6. Matt Satten,, Stephen Curry

Despite the loss of Don Nelson, Curry is still consistently going Top 10 in most leagues. He's young, healthy and a fantasy beast, and while this might have been a tad early, it's a tough pick to argue with.

7. Hector Castro,, Kobe Bryant

Old Mr. Reliable and despite his terrible performance in his last game, he played 26 minutes on his surgically-repaired knee.

8. Tom Lorenzo, FanHouse, RotoExperts, Dirk Nowitzki

Dirk remains an underrated and somewhat boring fantasy selection, but the bottom line is he gets it done on a nightly basis and doesn't miss games.

9. Aaron Gleeman, Rotoworld, Deron Williams

Williams is mature and ready to have a big season. He missed six games last year and 14 the previous season, but it would not be surprising to see him play in 80 game this year.

10. Jamey Eisenberg, CBS, Tyreke Evans

Was this a reach? Absolutely. But he's young, all upside and appears to be shooting the ball much better from the field, the line and from downtown. Obviously Jamey wanted Tyreke this year, and he would have been long gone had he passed on him here. I probably would have taken…

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