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Preseason Dose & More 30-Deep

Friday, October 15, 2010

Everyone seemed to enjoy the "Sleeper Notes" section from a recent column, so I thought we'd do something like that again, although I'll call this a 'Preseason Dose.' I'm going to leave the word "Daily" off it for now, although we're getting close to having a column like this up every day. It's a combination of guys on the rise and others whose stock is falling.

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This year, more than any other I remember, guys are simply reaching for players they want. Cheat sheets and lists are being ignored as owners go for as much perceived value and upside as they can get, ignoring many solid veterans like Antawn Jamison, Jason Kidd and Monta Ellis for guys like Blake Griffin, Jrue Holiday and John Wall. The No. 1 rule about preseason used to be that it should be ignored. But nowadays we can actually watch the games on TV, get highlights, get in-depth breakdowns on blogs and actually come to some rational conclusions, when in the past you just assumed a big night meant the other team was playing it's scrubs, or star teammates were sitting.


In any case, if you have a guy, say the Clippers' Blake Griffin, that you really want, you better be ready to reach for him. You're not the only one seeing those nightly highlights of him looking like a man possessed, and in many cases he'll be gone by the time you pick in Round 4.


Gilbert Arenas lied to his coach about an injury and then injured his groin on Thursday. There are also rumors abounding that the Wizards still desperately want to move him, and the entire situation is one big red flag to me – not to mention the fact he really hasn't played in two years. I don't own him anywhere and don't plan to.


We posted a blurb about Monta Ellis taking on a leadership role with the Warriors. While there's no telling how long it will last or if it's even real, Ellis is looking very good to me right now. I've taken him in Round 2 and also seen him drop to Round 3, where he becomes a no-brainer. This column is worth checking out if you're thinking about drafting Monta, or if you already have him.


Cleveland's Antawn Jamison hurt his knee last night and while the details are still emerging, he's a guy simply being ignored in drafts. I'm still not sure why that is, but I too would rather take Griffin (and several others) over Jamison. And with him hurting, he's going to fall even further. But with Jamison no longer a hot commodity, I bet he ends up being a great value pick in the middle rounds for many of us. That said, small forward is also the most shallow position in fantasy hoops this year, as the talent really drops off quickly. And if Jamison is really injured, J.J. Hickson takes yet another step forward. I really like Hickson, but usually wait on him a little too long, or am not looking for a PF at the right time to get him.


Austin Daye and Greg Monroe, the two guys I ended up getting in 30-Deep recently, are on an uptick in Detroit. Daye has performed very well in a couple starts at power forward and there is growing sentiment that he could even win the starting job for opening night. Monroe has had a nice preseason and while he's not likely to start right away, he should get plenty of minutes behind Ben Wallace and whoever starts at PF. Check out the latest blurbs and see what these guys have been doing. Simply click on their names.

Haywood & Chandler

Brendan Haywood and Tyson Chandler have been a mess in Dallas and Haywood's falling, not just down draft boards, but all the way off of them. Both players should pretty much be avoided unless you're in a very deep league.

Sammy D

Kings center Samuel Dalembert's stock has been falling and a strained abductor that will keep him out for a month (at least) probably sealed his fate to not be drafted in most leagues. Not only is he hurt, but he has to deal with DeMarcus Cousins, who looks like a starting NBA center right now. Cousins' stock is rising quickly, and he's another guy you're no longer going to steal at the end of your draft. Carl Landry is also looking like a guy all of us should want to own this season. As for Dalembert, he's usually good for 82 games, so hopefully he'll be healthy and ready to go in December. If he is, he'll probably be worth a pick up.

Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry's value is still very high, despite a new coach in Golden State. He's going in the first round every time and I have seen him going in the Top 5 usually, although I have been responsible for some of those, as well. The bottom line is that he is coming off an injury-free season, put up monster numbers as a rookie, is the focal point of everything his team does and doesn't hurt you in any categories. Picking fourth or fifth is tough, and many guys are simply going with Curry, who should be a very fun player to own this year.


Stealing Pacers center Roy Hibbert late is going to be harder than ever after we saw that line of 16 points, 14 rebounds, four assists and seven blocks on Wednesday! Yes, we've seen lines like that from him before, and they've been followed by inconsistency. But this time it really feels like Hibbert has turned the corner and is ready for a break out year. I feel like he'll be going in Round 5 or 6 of many upcoming drafts. Is that the right spot for him to go? Maybe not, but this is the year of 'reaching for your guy.'


Josh McRoberts is also locked into the starting PF job in Indy and offers a nice combo of 3-pointers, rebounds and a few blocks. Once the stud PFs are gone, he's worth a look.

Anthony Randolph

Anthony Randolph is a guy whose stock is falling, as he's clearly not in the starting lineup and there are no indications of how many minutes he might get from night to night. But even Mike D'Antoni realizes that the kid has a chance to be a 'stat monster' and do it all for the Knicks. As one of Randolph's biggest supporters (ever), I kind of like the fact he's no longer in the spotlight. He now becomes a very manageable pick in the later-middle rounds of drafts when the risk factor becomes much lower, and non-existent in smaller leagues. I still think he'll get it figured out, bust into the rotation and could end up in the starting lineup by the first of the year. But it's the same old story with him, which comes down to his attitude, work ethic and enthusiasm for the game. Eventually he's going to get it.

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