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Wired: The Fantasy Awards

Monday, April 11, 2011

Fantasy Steal of the Draft

Alexander: Dorell Wright
Bruski: Dorell Wright

Honorable Mentions: Monta Ellis, Kevin Love, Paul Pierce, LaMarcus Aldridge, Kevin Martin, Jrue Holiday, J.J. Hickson, Beno Udrih, Michael Beasley & Channing Frye.

Dr. A: Wright was likely gobbled up near the end of your draft and hit a ton of 3-pointers, as well as racked up huge fantasy numbers along the way. If he was drafted in your league, he was the obvious choice here.

Bruski: There's been some debate about whether or not Dorell Wright should be listed in the 'draft steal' section or the 'waiver wire pickup' section of the awards, which to me says all you need to know about a guy that was a flier pick in many drafts. Being a Warriors fan and following him in the preseason, it was clear to me early on that he would be productive in Golden State, and that one thought carried almost all of my teams to the promised land.

Fantasy Waiver Wire Pickup

Alexander: Kyle Lowry
Bruski: Kyle Lowry

Honorable Mention: Serge Ibaka, Marcin Gortat, Kris Humphries, Landry Fields, Jordan Crawford, Wesley Matthews, Nick Young, Tony Allen & Marcus Thornton.

Dr. A: Lowry was possibly dropped in some leagues when Aaron Brooks returned from his ankle injury, but it was Lowry who held onto the starting job and the numbers before Brooks was finally sent packing to the Suns. If you picked up Lowry and held onto him, you might have won your league due to a savvy move on the wire.

Bruski: There can be arguments made for guys that got hot during the playoffs (Jordan Crawford, Marcus Thornton) and an argument can be built for guys like Marcin Gortat and Kris Humphries, too. For my money, you just can't overlook the breadth of Kyle Lowry's work, as he held off Aaron Brooks and put up monster numbers in 71 starts.

Fantasy Bust

Alexander: Joe Johnson
Bruski: Brandon Roy

Honorable Mention: Joakim Noah, Rashard Lewis, O.J. Mayo, Marcus Thornton, Rashard Lewis, Aaron Brooks, Antawn Jamison, Jeff Green & Brandon Jennings.

Dr. A: Johnson finished with 8th-round fantasy value, and while he was still rather productive, he just no longer looks like a player who should be taken in the first three rounds of fantasy drafts. He stayed healthy and still really hosed his owners, so I'm going with him as my bust of the year. How can Thornton be on both the Bust and Pickup list? It's pretty simple, in that he killed those of us who drafted him in October, and then likely came through for another team in your league late for someone who grabbed him off waivers after he was traded to the Kings.

Many folks will have Brook Lopez on their Bust list, but he played well late and was still at least productive throughout the season, despite being outrebounded by several guards in the league.

Bruski: As he did with the Portland brass, Brandon Roy sold owners a bill of goods that implied he had a functioning knee. As it would go he didn't, and many owners' seasons were crippled early on.

Fantasy Rookie of the Year

Alexander: Blake Griffin
Bruski: Blake Griffin

Honorable Mention: Greg Monroe, John Wall, DeMarcus Cousins & Landry Fields.

Dr. A: Bruski covers this pretty well and Blake was a no-brainer for this award. Therefore, I'll let Aaron do the heavy lifting.

Bruski: Griffin will get overdrafted next season, and depending on your format his value swings wildly, but no other rookie came close to equaling his fantasy value over the entire season, though John Wall has come on late and outproduced him in the playoffs. When you factor in Wall's midseason struggles and injury concerns, it's clear that the points go to Griffin. And when you add into the mix that you got to watch your guy put on a show every night, there really is no contest here.

Most Frustrating Player To Own

Alexander: Danny Granger
Bruski: Brook Lopez

Honorable Mention: Joe Johnson, Baron Davis, Jason Kidd, Any Piston, Stephen Curry, Marc Gasol, Carlos Delfino, Andrew Bogut, Brook Lopez, Deron Williams, Jeff Green, Jameer Nelson, Vince Carter, DeJuan Blair, Tyreke Evans, JaVale McGee.

Dr. A: Danny Granger missed a Sunday game late with the flu that cost me a shot at a championship. He also shot it miserably at times, jacking up ill-advised 3-pointers and playing without any semblance of discipline. He's not a leader and reminds me more of Joe Johnson and Shawn Marion than anyone else. He's a solid NBA player, but I pity the Pacers for having him being options No. 1 and 2 in Indy. I'm putting him on my "never again" list, although that could end up being a bad decision in the long run.

Dr. A (for Bruski): Any time your starting center and high draft pick grabs less than six rebounds per game, it's going to be a rough season. Lopez had five or less boards in 37 games (and counting) and three or less 12 times. C'mon, man.

Fantasy Coach of the Year

Alexander: Larry Drew
Bruski: Tom Thibodeau

Honorable Mention: Doc Rivers, Paul Silas, Rick Alderman, Frank Vogel, Vinny Del Negro, Scott Brooks & Nate McMillan.

Dr. A: You could rely on the Hawks' rotation throughout the season and it's hard to blame Drew for Joe Johnson's problems. I'm putting that one on Joe.

Bruski: Like many things coaching related, the personnel made all the difference here, as I could write the Bulls blurbs before the game was even played. And like a referee that doesn't get noticed, Thibs found a rotation at shooting guard and let his other four starters play heavy minutes. There were other coaches who faced a greater degree of difficulty on their jump, but when you can set it and forget it with Thibs -- I can't vote against the guy.

Worst Fantasy Coach of the Year

Alexander: John Kuester
Bruski: John Kuester

Honorable Mention: Avery Johnson, Jim O'Brien, Keith Smart, Scott Skiles & Monty Williams.

Dr. A: Kuester's rotations, random lineup changes, misuse of Rodney Stuckey, Greg Monroe (early) and Austin Daye, as well as the situations with Rip Hamilton and Tracy McGrady, made Kuester the toughest guy in the league to get a read on. He won't have a job next season, and has no one to blame but himself. I didn't think a guy like Kuester or Keith Smart (GSW) could make me miss Don Nelson, but these two pulled it off. Not to mention Avery Johnson.

Bruski: One month ago I would have voted Avery Johnson for his overwhelming mental kung fu grip, but I cannot ignore the mess in Detroit. Surely, those cats had already devoured Flip Saunders, and Kuester was probably dead to rights before he arrived -- but good god man have some dignity. You don't deactivate a player in Rip Hamilton, who helped deliver a championship to your city, when he can start for any number of teams in the league -- and you certainly don't get into a urination match with him, either. Daily rotation changes, players openly laughing at him and disrespecting him, and generally pinning the tail on the wrong donkey -- John Kuester took train wreck to a whole new level.

Steve "Dr. A" Alexander is the senior editor for the NBA for and a contributor to The 2017-18 NBA season marks (at least) his 16th year of covering fantasy hoops for Rotoworld. Follow him on Twitter - @Docktora.
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