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Trade Deadline Madness: Part I

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Rockets: Kevin Martin has one foot out the door and half of their team is on the block.  Even Goran Dragic could reportedly be traded if the deal was right, which of course is interesting because Kyle Lowry is out for a while with a bacterial infection.  The Lakers want Lowry and the Rockets want Pau Gasol, so there’s a good amount of smoke there.  Luis Scola’s deal is looking to be shed and the rest of the lot that is on the block are spare parts, including Chase Budinger, Jonny Flynn, Terrence Williams, and most recently the Rockets offered Samuel Dalembert and Scola with a No. 1 pick to the Bucks for Andrew Bogut and Stephen Jackson.  If there was one team other than the Magic that I would bet on undertaking a huge overhaul, it would be the Rockets. 


Pau Gasol: I don’t want to overplay the possibility that he gets traded, but at least there are teams actively interested in acquiring the Spaniard.  The aforementioned Rockets interest will compete with the Bulls’ interest, which is unknown at this point.  If I had to think of a big-ticket deal that sounds crazy now but might shock everybody later, it would be a 3-teamer with the Bulls and Lakers trying to find a team with a power forward to follow in Gasol’s footsteps or a point guard to make it all work.  Word is that Gasol and Derrick Rose’s shared agent, Arn Tellem, is using his great relationship with Jerry Reinsdorf to try to make it happen.  The Wolves have also been linked to Gasol, which would have been sweet given the Ricky Rubio connection (before he got hurt), but one gets the sense that Minny isn't ready to make a splash.  It doesn't hurt, though, that the organizations share a lot of executive contacts.  Regardless, owners should be more concerned about the pieces that Pau would impact in a trade rather than his own value, which will hold relatively steady wherever he plays. 


The Nets: They’re not going to trade much, if anything, for the right to get Howard this season.  They know they’ll have his services next year, and for that reason they’re looking to shed cap right now.  They’re big into trading for Boris Diaw’s expiring deal, which has seen either Jordan Farmar or Anthony Morrow paired with Johan Petro and a future first rounder in some reports.  They'll take the cap flexibility and build on a core of Howard, Williams, MarShon Brooks, and Brook Lopez to go with a side of Beyonce. 




Here are the guys that teams desperately want to trade, which of course means that they’ll be rammed down potential buyers’ throats as throw-ins. 


Hedo Turkoglu: He has $24 million to go over the next two years and while he has played better than most could have hoped this year, the Magic are hell bent on moving him.  It’s hard to imagine him holding his value outside of the friendly confines of his current system. 


Emeka Okafor: Owed $28 million over the next two years, the Hornets would desperately like to get out from under his deal.  The million dollar question is about his knee, as the only way the team could get rid of that deal is if a contender believes he can help them out this year.  Teams will treat Okafor as a minus in any deal because of that contract. 


Kevin Martin: He reportedly is at odds with Kevin McHale ‘and’ Daryl Morey, and with just one year at $12 million to go he has a solid mix of talent, flexibility, and utility for the team that would acquire him.  He will be the carrot in many offers that the Rockets put out there, and owners really ought to do everything they can to hold him through the deadline.  Courtney Lee has also been dangled, and owners need to be ready to pounce if Martin gets traded (or before, depending). 


Luis Scola: Due $32 million over three years and having seemingly lost a step, the Rockets will do just about anything to get out from under his deal.  I’m having a hard time believing that Scola’s drop-off isn’t linked to Kevin McHale’s system to at least some degree, so there is some hope that in the right situation that he could see a bump in value.  Of course, he also has things pretty good in Houston from a minutes standpoint, so the situation is wishy washy from a fantasy perspective. 


Michael Beasley: He’s set to make $8 million on a player option, which is interesting because a strong showing this season could have set him up for a pretty good payday and at a minimum some extra years.  If he opts for that year, he faces the possibility of a face-plant if injuries or attitude woes kill his value in the middle of next year.  Beasley is still a heckuva talent, though, and he has been among the more rumored trade candidates this year.  Derrick Williams is likely already owned in your league, but keep an eye on Beasley if he lands somewhere that he can chuck it up. 


Raja Bell: The Jazz sound like they want to move the disgruntled former Kobe slower-downer, but his $3.2 million deal isn’t all that enticing according to most reports.  I’m a bit surprised by that, and the Clippers have been the most recent team ‘interested’ in his services.  The guy teams want is Josh Howard, who would be a nice piece for a contending team, and the usual suspects of the Lakers, Spurs, Knicks, and Celtics are most interested.  C.J. Miles is also generating rumors, as the Nets are interested, with Anthony Morrow and Johan Petro associated with a potential deal.  There is also a three-team deal being discussed that would send Howard to the Spurs, Danny Green and Wayne Ellington to the Jazz, and Miles and Jamaal Tinsley to the Wolves.  Whatever the case may be, the Jazz have a $10 million trade exception from the Mehmet Okur deal and have tons of flexibility.  The takeaway?  Gordon Hayward should be owned in all 12-team formats. 


Boris Diaw: Big Mac is actually drawing interest from the Spurs and Knicks if you’re listening to Tony Parker, and it’s not all that farfetched because Diaw can provide some value off the bench while his $9 million expiring (pro-rated) contract will help clear cap space.  The Nets have expressed the aforementioned interest and Diaw has been held off the court for the past few weeks.  A reunion in New York with Mike D’Antoni would be interesting, though I’d personally like to see the log-jam eased there somehow before getting too excited.  As for the Bobcats, I’m not jumping on any of the group of Tyrus Thomas, D.J. White, Derrick Brown, or Byron Mullens, though I believe Mullens’ game is the best complement to Bismack Biyombo


Andray Blatche: He has just under $24 million and three years to go, and while JaVale McGee has become the poster boy for unintentionally funny behavior, Blatche has become the target for fans’ ire.  The Wizards are desperate to move him and at this point it might actually help his value, as Trevor Booker continues to post big lines with 20 and 12 last night.  Booker is clearly a hold, and the Wizards are a dark horse team to make some moves before the deadline.  Nick Young has reportedly generated some interest from the Clippers, but as an unrestricted free agent next season teams will most certainly be looking at him as a high-maintenance rental.  McGee is no longer untradeable, but he’s sure to generate some interest after the Wizards sent a promotional package out to teams yesterday.


Anthony Randolph: We’re not hearing a lot about him, but surely the Wolves wouldn’t mind selling some of the proverbial upside for some cash considerations or a second round draft pick.  And once again, fantasy nation will ponder what could have been. 


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