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Roto Auction Recap

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

These are the results of an industry auction draft that took place on Tuesday, Oct. 16.  It had a $200 budget and just 10 team owners and 13 roster spots, meaning we only went 130 players deep.  It’s set up as an 8-category, Rotisserie league, meaning you accumulate stats all season long, with the last place team in a category taking a “1” and the first place team taking a “10.”  This is also a “one center” league, meaning centers didn’t go at a premium like they would in leagues that require you to start two centers.


The participants were:


Steve Alexander Rotoworld

Dave Gawron Rotoexperts

Tom Carpenter ESPN

Hector Castro Freelance Fantasy Writer

Dan Dobish Rotoexperts

Kyle McKeown Rotowire

Jack Moore Rotowire

Erik Ong Givemetherock

Andrea Lamont FantasyPros911

John Cregan ESPN


Despite the fact this was an auction, it should also help those of you playing in 8-category Rotisserie leagues, as the dollar amounts should generally follow the basic draft strategy in regular drafting leagues.  Keep in mind that if you’re in a league that counts turnovers, or a H2H or Points league, these results would likely be quite different.  The owner of Dwight Howard is a lock to finish last in free throw percentage in this league, while Blake Griffin isn’t exactly a catch in this format either, given his poor free throw shooting and lack of steals and blocks.  Expect a Draft Strategy column from me soon, where I’ll moan about how the fantasy hoops community would be a lot easier to cover if we could all agree on one format.  And now, let’s get to the results, quick-hits style.


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I’m not going to break down each team, but did put an asterisk by my players.  Also, spending your money early works much better in a 10-team league than it does in a 12-team league, as there are a lot of solid players left in the dollar rounds. 


*LeBron James $77 – A steal, considering I paid $94 for him in a similar auction.


Kevin Durant $76 – Take him No. 1 or 2 in all drafts.


Kevin Love $69 – Just beware of late-season missed games.  News broke Wednesday that Love broke his shooting hand and will miss about six weeks.  I'm guessing he would go for $20 less if we drafted a day later.


Chris Paul $61 – Putting thumb injury behind him.


Russell Westbrook $59 – Has his faults, but is a fantasy stud and getting better.


Deron Williams $53 – Looking for bounce-back season in Brooklyn.


*Josh Smith $49 – No Joe Johnson and playing for a contract. Let’s do this!


Dwyane Wade $44 – Worried about his knee/health, but a stud if healthy.


Al Jefferson $40 – Bynum’s knee injury makes him the top center.

Kyrie Irving $40 – Hopefully Byron Scott will turn him loose.


DeMarcus Cousins $39 – Maturing and is simply a beast.


LaMarcus Aldridge $38 – “The Man” in Portland this year.

Serge Ibaka $38 – Draft Ibaka, win blocks. It’s that simple. Scoring an issue.


Kobe Bryant $35 – The old man is not ready to turn the team over to Dwight just yet.

Ty Lawson $35 – Slightly worried about Iguodala taking his dimes, but still the right price.

Carmelo Anthony $35 – It’s now or never for him to have a career season.


*Goran Dragic $33 – How can he not succeed in Phoenix.  How?

Stephen Curry $33 – I am coming around on him again, but he’s still total risk vs. reward

Monta Ellis $33 – Maybe overrated playing for deep Milwaukee team.


Andrew Bynum $32 – Sore knee is scary, but the No. 1 center if he makes it through 75 games.


Rajon Rondo $31 – Lack of scoring, 3-pointers a bummer, but assists/steals galore.


Brandon Jennings $28 – I’m convinced he’s going to go nuts this year. Love him.

Marc Gasol $28 – Solid No. 1 fantasy center in any format.


Pau Gasol $27 – Yes, Marc is going higher than Pau with Dwight in L.A. Another reason I don't like trade vetoes.

Dwight Howard $27 – Will his back hold up? Congrats on that “1” in FTP.


James Harden $26 – What’s not to love about Harden? And he’s only getting better.

Jrue Holiday $26 – Great preseason and no Iguodala pumps up his value.


Nicolas Batum $25 – This is a recording – breakout season is coming.

Mike Conley $25 – Quietly steady fantasy point guard.

Al Horford $25 – Should average a double-double this year, but wish he had more blocks.


Rudy Gay $23 – Going suspiciously low this year.  He’ll end up being super value pick.


Dirk Nowitzki $22 – I’m thinking he’s going to have knee surgery.  Therefore, I’m not touching him.

*Marcin Gortat $22 – A high quality center and I’m just hoping he can play without Nash.


Andre Iguodala $21 – Should score more in Denver and is a quality value pick.

Anthony Davis $21 – The rookie is going to block shots and play heavy minutes. I like it.

Paul Pierce $21 – Mr. Consistency should be in for another efficient season.

Paul Millsap $21 – The Favors concern may be overblown, but it’s still lingering.

Brook Lopez $21 – Can he stay healthy? Can he rebound? At least we know he can score.


David Lee $20 – If Bogut ever gets healthy, Lee’s rebounding could take a hit.

Paul George $20 – Up and coming stud, and even better if Granger’s knee is a problem.

Greg Monroe $20 – I wish he blocked shots, but he’s got serious fantasy game.

Joe Johnson $20 – No more “Iso Joe” – how will he handle sharing?


Amare Stoudemire $17 – Worried about those knees, and lack of defense.

Steve Nash $17 – Something tells me he’s going to go assist crazy in L.A.

Klay Thompson $17 – My guy, but I never seem to get him. 


Blake Griffin $16 – Not great in a Roto format and generally overvalued in all but H2H points format.

Chris Bosh $16 – Quietly a very solid PF/C qualifier.

Tyreke Evans $16 – The fact he’s starting at SG is good news.


Zach Randolph $15 – I’m feeling a struggle coming for Z-Bo, but not sure why.


Roy Hibbert $14 – Value center for 14 bucks.

Joakim Noah $14 – Hopefully foot and ankle problems are behind him.

Andrea Bargnani $14 – Looking for bounce back year, but I’ve been there, done that.

Marcus Thornton $14 – Coming off the bench is a buzzkill.


Kyle Lowry $13 - Has serious beast potential if he can stay healthy, hold off Calderon. 

Ryan Anderson $13 – If he starts at small forward, or gets 35 minutes per game, a steal.

Eric Gordon $13 – I don’t draft guys with one knee.

Kevin Garnett $13 – Another old guy who still has plenty left in the tank.


Arron Afflalo $12 – It might be Glen Davis’ team, but Afflalo is going to score and hit treys.

Ersan Ilyasova $12 – Excellent value and on many sleeper lists in all formats.

John Wall $12 – He’ll miss a month, but could go nuts once he’s healthy.


Carlos Boozer $11 – The Boozer vs. Noah fight for rebounds and points can wear on you quickly.

Raymond Felton $11 – Yes, he’s in shape and playing very well for Knicks. I like him.

Ricky Rubio $11 – He’s going to miss time and can’t shoot, but is still fun to own.

Danny Granger $11 – Again, I don’t draft guys with one knee.

Tony Parker $11 – Should be a value pick in all leagues this year while we chase young guys.


Gerald Wallace $10 – Enough balls to go around in Brooklyn? Worth a shot for 10 bucks.

Lou Williams $10 – Coming off bench in Atlanta, but should score 15 points a night.

Luol Deng $10 – If wrist doesn’t hold him back he’ll be an extreme value pick here.

Mo Williams $10 – Don’t discount the new starting PG in Utah.


Wesley Matthews $9 – I love Matthews this season, should rack up steals and threes.

Tyson Chandler $9 – Another nice value pick.  Nothing flashy, but very solid.


Damian Lillard $8 – Rookie of the Year, and we don’t have to worry about TOs.

Jeremy Lin $8 – Surgically repaired knee an early concern, and he’s yet to show his stuff in Houston.

Danilo Gallinari $8 – Always injured, but a force when healthy.


Kenneth Faried $7 – Can he build on last season’s success and become a beast? Yes.

JaVale McGee $7 – I don’t like the three-headed monster at center in Denver.

Gordon Hayward $7 – I like him, but something tells me he may never have a breakout season.


Brandon Knight $6 – Speaking of breakout seasons, it’s coming soon.


Kris Humphries $5 – Great value pick, but Lopez’s return doesn’t help him.

Jonas Valanciunas $5 – The mystery pick of the draft, and could be very good.

Isaiah Thomas $5 – If he can hold off Aaron Brooks and Jimmer, should be a great $5 player.

Andrei Kirilenko $5 – If he stays healthy and plays in 72 games, look out.


Chris Kaman $4 – Ditto.

Greivis Vasquez $4 – Highly underrated point guard, starting in New Orleans.

O.J. Mayo $4 – New life in Dallas, should return to form in starting lineup

*Nikola Pekovic $4 – This is my favorite cheap center pickup. If his feet hold up, look out.


Bismack Biyombo $3 – He can block shots and play D, but I’m not sure he’ll have much fantasy value.

*Jason Terry $3 – He’s in great shape and could even start at SG for Boston. Steal.

*Tim Duncan $3 – Yes he’s old, but he’s still Tim Duncan. And I’m not sure he’s not telling Popovich what to do.

Derrick Favors $3 – Millsap is still the starter, but Utah wants Favors to succeed. Value pick.

Kevin Martin $3 – Out of Kevin McHale’s doghouse (for now) and possible steal.

Tristan Thompson $3 – He’s going to get minutes, rebound and block shots.


George Hill $2 – Starting point guard in Indy for 2 bucks Why not?

Brandon Roy $2 – No, we don’t trust him, but so far, so good.

Jared Dudley $2 – I put him up for bid for $1 and lost him. Super sleeper.

Omer Asik $2 – Leading the league in rebounding, but keep in mind the “preseason” part.

Dion Waiters $2 – One of my least favorite rookies and has to deal with Byron Scott.

*J.R. Smith $2 – He’s not starting, but is now angry and ready to go off. We’ll see.

*Michael Beasley $2 – Potential steal of the draft if Phoenix is ready to turn him loose.

*Andrew Bogut $2 – Still not healthy, but a stud when he is. May wreck my FTP if he can stay healthy.

Kawhi Leonard $2 – Another super sleeper. What’s not to love?

Bradley Beal $2 – Should see early run without Wall around and a great keeper pick.

Rodney Stuckey $2 – Pistons are turning to young guys, but Stuckey still has game.

Manu Ginobili $2 – Missed games will be an issue, as Spurs will save him for playoffs.

Nene $2 – Not currently healthy and plantar fasciitis is no joke.

Luis Scola $2 – If he blocked shots he’d be one of my favorites.

Jameer Nelson $2 – A serviceable point guard who will have to score for a bad team.


*Glen Davis $1 – Words cannot describe how happy I was to get him for a buck.

Anderson Varejao $1 – He was going nuts before last season’s injury.

Jose Calderon $1 – Injury prone Lowry standing in his way, but worth a late flier.

Ray Allen $1 – If nothing else, should hit at least three 3-pointers per game.

Jeff Teague $1 – Gaining confidence and experience running point in ATL.

Andre Drummond $1 – Promising rookie, but a better pick in 12-team leagues.

Harrison Barnes $1 – Battling Brandon Rush for starting job, but may be winning.

Kemba Walker $1 – Up and coming point guard, but beware of Sessions.

Shawn Marion $1 – Remember when he was a Top 10 pick?

Danny Green $1 – Nice sleeper pick this late for Spurs.

Jared Sullinger $1 – Has had a great preseason, but Brandon Bass still favorite to start.

Evan Turner $1 – Should start at SF this year and I think mini-breakout is coming.

Thaddeus Young $1 – Will back up Spencer Hawes, and probably outperform him.

DeMar DeRozan $1 – If he hits threes after the first month of the season, he’ll have nice value.

DeAndre Jordan $1 – I’m a fan, but stayed away from his awful free throw percentage.

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist $1 – Mystery rookie should see a ton of minutes for Bobcats.

*Darren Collison $1 – Couldn’t have been happier with Collison’s new life in Dallas.

*Jason Richardson $1 – Starting SG for Philly, and a sneaky pick, if I do say so myself.

Thomas Robinson $1 – Good looking rookie, but I doubt he’s worth owning this season.

Derrick Rose $1 – Can you really hang onto him until February or March? OK then.

Trevor Booker $1 – Kevin Seraphin’s a better gamble, but Booker could also be sneaky.

Tyrus Thomas $1 – No thank you, I already gave at the office, three years ago.

Enes Kanter $1 – This is a 130 player league, not 230. 

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