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Points League Draft Recap

Saturday, October 20, 2012

I am in a slow moving, 12-team, points-league that requires two starting centers. This is the first industry league I was ever invited to and guys with names like Hollinger, Berry and Karabell were in it back in the day. It’s a great league, although I struggle with the patience it takes to draft just one round per day.  In any case, here are the results of the first nine rounds.

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Owners, Draft Order and First-round Pick


1. Brian Flood – LeBron James F Heat

2. Keith Wayland – Kevin Durant F Thunder

3. Tim Trout – Kevin Love F/C Timberwolves

4. Hector Castro – Russell Westbrook G Thunder

5. Sergio Gonzalez – Chris Paul G Clippers

6. Andrew Feingold – Deron Williams G Nets

*7. Steve Alexander – Josh Smith F Hawks

8. Dave Gawron – Andrew Bynum C Sixers

9. Tom Carpenter – LaMarcus Aldridge F/C Blazers

10. Matt Buser – Dwight Howard C Lakers

11. David Klyce – Al Jefferson C Jazz

12. Dan Dobish – Marc Gasol C Grizzlies


LeBron James goes No. 1, rinse, repeat. This draft round happened before Kevin Love’s injury, but I took him at No. 6 in a similar situation post-injury.  No surprises here and it’s worth noting that Dwight Howard has much more fantasy appeal in points leagues where his terrible FTP and TOs won’t kill you.


Round 2


13. DeMarcus Cousins C Kings

14. Blake Griffin F Clippers

15. Kyrie Irving G Cavs

16. Dwyane Wade G Heat

17. Carmelo Anthony F Knicks

*18. Brandon Jennings G Bucks

19. Kobe Bryant G Lakers

20. Pau Gasol F/C Lakers

21. Stephen Curry G Warriors

22. Dirk Nowitzki F Mavericks

23. Greg Monroe C Pistons

24. Rajon Rondo G Celtics


Blake Griffin, Brandon Jennings and Rajon Rondo are all guys who fare better in points leagues, while Dirk Nowitzki was taken before his knee surgery was announced.  Stephen Curry’s ankle is already an issue again, albeit a minor one.


Round 3


25. Amare Stoudemire F/C Knicks

26. Al Horford F/C Hawks

27. Ty Lawson G Nuggets

28. Roy Hibbert C Pacers

29. Rudy Gay F Grizzlies

30. James Harden G Thunder

*31. Marcin Gortat C Suns

32. Paul Pierce F Celtics

33. Monta Ellis G Bucks

34. Tony Parker G Spurs

35. Paul Millsap F Jazz

36. David Lee F Warriors


This is where the draft really started and while there aren’t any real surprises, I am a little curious as to why people are shying away from Rudy Gay, and Marcin Gortat is a very popular No. 1 center this year.


Round 4


37. John Wall G Wizards

38. Tyreke Evans G/F Kings

39. Andre Iguodala G/F Nuggets

40. Brook Lopez C Nets

41. Chris Bosh F/C Heat

*42. Goran Dragic G Suns

43. Anthony Davis F/C Hornets

44. Mike Conley G Grizzlies

45. Steve Nash G Lakers

46. Carlos Boozer F Bulls

47. Kevin Garnett F/C Celtics

48. Joe Johnson G Nets


John Wall’s injury that will cause him to miss most of November didn’t deter Dobish from buying in, while most of the fantasy community is counting on a bounce back year from Brook Lopez.  The secret formerly known as Goran Dragic is out of the bag, while Andre Iguodala is worrying the owners of Ty Lawson by racking up assists in Denver.


Round 5


49. Zach Randolph F Grizzlies

50. Tim Duncan F Spurs

51. Luol Deng F Bulls

52. Jrue Holiday G Sixers

53. Luis Scola F Suns

54. Serge Ibaka F/C Thunder

*55. Nicolas Batum G/F Blazers

56. Ryan Anderson F Hornets

57. Paul George G Pacers

58. Kyle Lowry G Raptors

59. Danny Granger F Pacers

60. Kemba Walker G Bobcats


Jrue Holiday sure looks good in Philly so far and will probably love life without Andre Iguodala around.  Serge Ibaka is an example of a guy who’s not as strong in points leagues, due to the fact he doesn’t score much and is primarily a boards/blocks guy.  Danny Granger’s knee is a big red flag for me, and beware of auto-drafting Kemba Walker in CBS leagues, as they’ve currently got him ranked at 35 overall.


Round 6


61. Andrea Bargnani F/C Raptors

62. Evan Turner G/F Sixers

63. Nikola Pekovic C Wolves

64. Joakim Noah C Bulls

65. Tyson Chandler C Knicks

*66. Klay Thompson G Warriors

67. Damian Lillard G Blazers

68. Bradley Beal G Wizards

69. Kenneth Faried F Nuggets

70. Michael Beasley F Suns

71. Manu Ginobili G Spurs

72. O.J. Mayo G Mavericks


Things get interesting in Round 6, as Evan Turner, Nikola Pekovic, Klay Thompson, Damian Lillard, Bradley Beal, Kenneth Faried, Michael Beasley and O.J. Mayo are all guys with huge expectations, but are somewhat unproven players.  Buser took Pekovic just before I picked, leaving me with just one center (Gortat), with options getting thin.  I went with Klay Thompson and was hoping a decent center would be around later. 


Round 7


73. Jeremy Lin G Rockets

74. Eric Gordon G Hornets

75. Marcus Thornton G Kings

76. Wesley Matthews G Blazers

77. Gerald Wallace F Nets

78. Jeff Teague G Hawks

*79. Ersan Ilyasova F Bucks

80. Lou Williams G Hawks

81. Danilo Gallinari F Nuggets

82. David West F Pacers

83. JaVale McGee C Nuggets

84. DeMar DeRozan G/F Raptors


I passed on a center again here and took the best player available, which was Ersan Ilyasova, in my book.  He felt like a steal this late after last year’s breakout season.  Jeremy Lin and Eric Gordon have some knee concerns, while owners are hoping that Danilo Gallinari can stay healthy, and that JaVale McGee will see a big role despite coming off the bench and having to compete for minutes with Timofey Mozgov and Kosta Koufos.  I like Wesley Matthews right here, and feel like he’s an undervalued player.


Round 8


85. Darren Collison G Pacers

86. Kris Humphries F Nets

87. Rodney Stuckey G Pistons

88. Brandon Knight G Pistons

89. Raymond Felton G Bobcats

*90. Glen Davis F/C Magic

91. Elton Brand F/C Mavericks

92. Nene F/C Wizards

93. Arron Afflalo G Magic

94. J.J. Hickson C Blazers

95. Kevin Martin G Rockets

96. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist F Bobcats


Still plenty of talent and upside in Round 8 and I finally got another “center,” even if it is power forward Glen Davis.  I don’t see a bad pick here, although MKG is unproven and hasn’t had a stellar preseason, and Nene’s feet are a mess.  Darren Collison, Brandon Knight and Raymond Felton going this late are proof that PG is deep.  It’s also surprising that Rodney Stuckey went in front of Knight.


Round 9


97. Derrick Favors F/C Jazz

98. Derrick Rose G Bulls

99. Gerald Henderson G Bobcats

100. Jared Dudley G/F Suns

101. Chandler Parsons F Rockets

102. Thaddeus Young F Sixers

*103. Isaiah Thomas G Kings

104. Mo Williams G Jazz

105. Andrew Bogut C Warriors

106. Anderson Varejao F/C Cavs

107. Chris Kaman F/C Mavericks


Still plenty to choose from in Round 9, although I would not take Derrick Rose this year, as I won’t be surprised if he doesn’t play at all.  Plenty of solid center options still available late (Derrick Favors, Andrew Bogut, Anderson Varejao and Chris Kaman), while Isaiah Thomas and Mo Williams should also be solid point guards. 

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