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Trade Deadline Final Review

Thursday, February 21, 2013

There was plenty of action at the trade deadline, but unfortunately none of it really mattered.  You’ll find a few low-end diamonds and often times the fantasy value impact can be found in the thing that ‘didn’t happen.’  Of course, this comes down to the owners rolling over the players in the last CBA negotiations, causing teams to fear the luxury tax to the point where stockpiling picks and good contracts is more important than anything else.  Throw in a bunch of old contracts from the past CBA still lingering to clog up the system, and it's going to equate lameness at the deadline. 


And speaking of things that didn’t happen, I’m off to go sob in a dark room while periodically throwing darts at a Utah Jazz logo. 


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Acquired: Charles Jenkins


Heading Out: Rights to Ricky Sanchez


Not Dealt: Evan Turner, Spencer Hawes


Fantasy Impacts:  None.  A trade wasn’t really expected so there probably wasn’t much movement on these players. Jenkins needs multiple injuries to matter and is not worth adding.




Acquired: Josh McRoberts


Heading Out: Hakim Warrick


Not Dealt:  Gerald Henderson, Ramon Sessions, Ben Gordon


Fantasy Impacts: The backcourt logjam didn’t get solved but owners of Henderson and/or Sessions shouldn’t be too down, since Gordon might have talked his way out of playing time during the run up to the deadline.  Henderson should be owned based on his overall body of work in most standard leagues, while Sessions has been coming on and I think he should also be owned, even if consistency could be an issue.  It’s a good thing Byron Mullens is making the Thunder look silly for giving up on him, banging down low and putting up big numbers nightly, because McRoberts would have theoretically put owners in a tizzy had Mullens been playing the way he was before he got hurt.  I wouldn’t downgrade Mullens much, if at all, and you may want to take a shot at Mullens since the natural reaction will be to think the frontcourt got more crowded.  If McBob can earn minutes, they will probably come out of Bismack Biyombo’s bucket first, and there’s probably enough for each of the three to play up to their reasonable expectation.  Keep an eye on McRoberts in deeper leagues, if anything because the Bobcats are so shallow. 




Acquired: J.J. Redick, Gustavo Ayon, Ishmael Smith


Heading Out: Beno Udrih, Tobias Harris, Doron Lamb


Not Dealt: Brandon Jennings, Monta Ellis, Samuel Dalembert, Ersan Ilyasova, Larry Sanders


Fantasy Impacts:  The big story here is that Josh Smith was seemingly ready to land here but it didn’t happen at the last minute, as the Bucks didn’t put a big enough package to land the prize of the deadline.  They also didn’t trade Ellis, who by the beginning of the day was the only Buck with major momentum for an exit.  Jennings was ruled out for a trade 24-48 hours prior, and Dalembert apparently played his way into favor this past week.  Ilyasova and Sanders’ names were kicked around, but they never gained any real traction. 


This means the overall structure of the team remained sound, except for the fact that they added a guy in Redick who will likely play more minutes than Udrih did.  On one hand, this could signify a move toward a run-and-gun lineup, but chances are the three-guard lineup will result in a small haircut for the starters and Redick will likely be a 23-27 minute guy coming off the bench.  Mike Dunleavy is going to struggle to stay on the floor as much as he had, and the whole wing group will start to press up against the bigs, where minutes are already at a premium. 


I wouldn’t go downgrading guys like Ilyasova, Sanders, Henson, or Dalembert in their current roles, but a few minutes here and there will be snipped from everybody.  Gustavo Ayon hasn’t done enough this year to predict a major change in that regard, but he could also throw a monkey wrench in things if he has a change in performance.  Hopefully for all parties, they will trend toward a faster tempo and that will be the rising tide to lift all boats (at least a little bit). 




Not Dealt: Carlos Boozer, Richard Hamilton


Fantasy Impacts:  No change whatsoever. 




Not Dealt:  Marreese Speights, Daniel Gibson, Omri Casspi


Fantasy Impacts:  Gibson and Casspi weren’t going to move the needle and they were sparsely mentioned in rumors.  Speights, on the other hand, wasn’t going to be helping himself by getting traded out of Cleveland’s shallow frontcourt.  It would have likely signified problems if the Cavs were willing to give up on him, and now he just needs to make enough of an impact to get Bryon Scott to loosen up the minutes.  I said this somewhere else this week, but I’m pretty close to cutting bait and the only thing that’s keeping me around is that lack of depth.  I’m not going to pass on a hot free agent in most leagues, that’s for sure. 




Acquired: Jordan Crawford


Heading Out: Leandro Barbosa


Not Dealt:  Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Rajon Rondo, Courtney Lee, Avery Bradley, Jason Terry, Fab Melo


Fantasy Impacts:  The Celtics were a prime example of all smoke and no fire, but the decision to move in on Crawford was one of necessity with Pierce and Garnett handling way too much load.  Unfortunately, they created a motherload of a logjam of shooting guards playing both guard positions.  How this gets moderated will be interesting to watch, and I do think the Celtics will take Crawford up on his offer to shoot anything he can get his hands on – with moderation of course.  Consider this an incremental hit to each of the three incumbents, and I’d be willing to take a flier on Crawford in 14-16 team leagues if I’m in a pinch, but nothing more at this time.  The addition of another scorer to help Garnett and Pierce will probably be a benefit in the long run, keeping them healthier and making them more efficient. 




Not Dealt:  Eric Bledsoe, DeAndre Jordan, Caron Butler


Fantasy Impacts:  The biggest impact is that Bledsoe isn’t going to get unleashed.  He may flirt with late round value as he did earlier in the year, and get a few games to run around and do damage if Chris Paul needs a blow.  Jordan could probably use a change of scenery, but it wasn’t entirely clear if a move would have helped him, so owners won’t be wringing their hands over it. A trade of Butler would have been a sneaky good benefit to the entire rotation, which is going to get a wee bit crowded as we go. 




Acquired: Dexter Pittman


Not Dealt: Zach Randolph


Fantasy Impacts: Nobody expected Randolph to be moved as we approached the deadline, and the Grizzlies didn’t get to use the trade exception they were talking about using.  Either way, Pittman is a non-factor and Memphis moves through the deadline with no change.


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