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Saturday, March 09, 2013

18 games

Nuggets- 3(1), 4(3), 3(1), 3(2), 3(0), 2(0)- The 18-game schedules aren’t fun and it’s too bad for the Nuggets. Over the last 20 games, they lead the NBA in pace and they’re absolutely crushing the rest of the league in points off turnovers and points in the paint. Ty Lawson is ballin’, but the weak schedule is going to offset it a tad. If you’ve been keeping someone like Kosta Koufos on the end of your bench, his schedule might be a back-breaker for you.

Favorable: SAC (3/23), DAL (4/4), HOU (4/6), @DAL (4/12), POR (3/14)

Unfavorable: MEM (3/15), @CHI (3/18), @OKC (3/19), @SA (3/27)


Lakers- 4(0), 2(0), 4(2), 3(1), 4(0), 1(0) – Kobe Bryant’s slump isn’t just over. Well, it’s over. In his last 10 games he’s averaged 32.2 points and 7.3 assists on 53.9 percent shooting. The Lakers have just one game in that half week that starts on April 15, so Laker players won’t be fun in leagues that go to the last day of the season.

Favorable (5): @ORL (3/12), @SAC (3/17), @SAC (3/30), DAL (4/2), HOU (4/17)

Unfavorable (3): @IND (3/15), MEM (4/5), @LAC (4/7)


Raptors- 3(0), 3(0), 3(1), 4(1), 3(0), 2(1)- The Raptors schedule is one of the worst and only having one four-game week isn’t going to help the case for potential pickups like Jonas Valanciunas and Alan Anderson in the wake of the Andrea Bargnani elbow injury.

Favorable (2): CHA (3/15), @CHA (3/20)

Unfavorable (3): MIA (3/17), @NYK (3/22), @CHI (4/9)


Rockets- 3(0), 3(0), 3(0), 4(1), 3(0), 2(1)- The Rockets only have two games on light nights and only one four-game week remaining. Chandler Parsons and James Harden are going to be must-start options, but owners will be in a tougher spot when deciding to start Omer Asik, Carlos Delfino and Jeremy Lin. Their schedule also puts a damper on Donatas Motiejunas or Thomas Robinson in deeper leagues.

Favorable (3): CLE (3/22), ORL (4/1), @SAC (4/3)

Unfavorable (4): IND (3/27), @MEM (3/29), LAC (3/30), MEM (4/12)


Hornets- 3(0), 3(0), 4(2), 3(0), 4(0), 1(0)- New Orleans was ranked dead last in pace all year, but they’ve picked it up lately and are now ranked 29th. Whoo! Greivis Vasquez is leading the league in assists and even the short schedule shouldn’t prevent him from retaining the title, but he isn’t likely to lead the league from this day forward. Eric Gordon is playing well, but he has to be considered as a shutdown candidate. Robin Lopez also gets knocked down a peg for a sub-par sked.

Favorable (4):  CLE (3/31), @SAC (4/10), DAL (4/14), @DAL (4/17)

Unfavorable (4): MEM (3/22), LAC (3/27), MIA (3/29), LAC (4/12)


Warriors- 4(1), 3(1), 3(1), 3(0), 3(1), 2(0)- After this week, the Warriors have one of the worst schedules in the league. They are the only team that won’t have a four-game week from March 18 and on, so guys like Harrison Barnes and Carl Landry are pretty much useless. What’s more, they only have three games on light nights in that stretch. Andrew Bogut and Jarrett Jack also move to the fringe area with their scheduling disadvantage.

Favorable (4): @HOU (3/17), LAL (3/25), SAC (3/27), POR (3/30)

Unfavorable (2): CHI (3/15), @SA (3/20)


Magic- 3(0), 3(1), 4(1), 4(0), 2(1), 2(0)- Orlando has been a hot topic for those that like to explore the waiver wire on a daily basis,  guys like Tobias Harris and Moe Harkless aren’t going to prove their worth over the next two weeks. However, they do have back-to-back four-game weeks after that stretch before finishing on an ugly two-gamer. The Magic are tied for the most unfavorable matchups, as well. To be clear, Tobias is still a must-own player.

Favorable (4): LAL (3/12), @CHA (3/27), @HOU (4/1), @CLE (4/7)

Unfavorable (7): @OKC (3/15), @IND (3/19), @NYK (3/20), MIA (3/25), @SA (4/3), CHI (4/15), @MIA (4/17)


17 games

Clippers- 2(0), 3(2), 4(1), 3(0), 3(1), 2(1)-  While nobody will argue that Chris Paul has first-round value, he’s probably not going to be a top-five PG the rest of the way. If they clinch early, the Clippers will likely rest Paul, too. He’s obviously still a must-start guy even in a three-game week. As for the center spot, there really isn’t much of a reason to own DeAndre Jordan in standard leagues.

Favorable (6): @SAC (3/19), @DAL (3/26), @HOU (3/30), LAL (4/7), POR (4/16), @SAC (4/17)

Unfavorable (4): MEM (3/13),  @SA (3/29), IND (4/1), @MEM (4/13)


Kings- 2(0), 4(3), 3(1), 3(0), 3(0), 2(0)- Marcus Thornton has become red hot and he’s as must-own as they come right now. The Kings do have a sweet week starting on March 18 with four games, three of which are on light nights. Sacramento is moving the ball much better on offense, but the schedule makers didn't do their fantasy owners any favors here.

Favorable (4): LAL (3/30), HOU (4/3), DAL (4/5), @HOU (3/14)

Unfavorable (6): CHI (3/13), LAC (3/19),  MEM (4/7), @SA (4/12), @OKC (4/15), LAC (4/17)


Pistons- 3(2), 3(1), 3(2), 4(1), 2(0), 2(0)- Not only do the Pistons have only 17 games left, they also end the season on a two-game week. The good news is that they have six games on lighter nights before that dreadful ending, so Brandon Knight could be helpful in daily leagues.

Favorable (3): @CHA (3/23), @CLE (4/10), CHA (4/12)

Unfavorable (3): @MIA (3/22), @CHI (3/31), CHI (4/7)

Mike Gallagher has covered fantasy hoops for eight years and this season is his second with Rotoworld. You can find him on Twitter talking about a player's shots at the rim.

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