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Saturday, March 9, 2013

21 games

Bucks- 4(0), 4(1), 3(1), 4(1), 4(1), 2(0)- The Bucks have a great schedule and they have an NBA-high seven favorable matchups. This translates very well to must-start guys like Larry Sanders, Monta Ellis and Brandon Jennings. J.J. Redick also gets a nudge with so many games and it’s hard to believe he may have similar value in Milwaukee compared to his value with Orlando based on the extra games.

Favorable(7): DAL (3/12), ORL (3/17), POR (3/19), LAL (3/28), CHA (4/1), @ORL (4/10), @CHA (4/13)

Unfavorable(5): MIA (3/15), @IND (3/22),  @NYK (4/5), @MIA (4/9), @OKC (4/17)


Heat- 4(0), 4(0), 4(2), 3(2), 4(0), 2(0)- Miami’s schedule doesn’t have as many favorable matchups as Milwaukee, but getting Charlotte, Cleveland and Orlando twice arguably makes their schedule the easiest for fantasy production. There really isn’t a lot of analysis needed here because LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh would all be starting regardless, but Ray Allen in some standards and Shane Battier in deeper leagues could prove useful. Miami is going to clinch early, but since they didn’t rest their players much last year and had a great result, they’re not likely to rest them this year.

Favorable (6): @CLE (3/20), CHA (3/24), @ORL (3/25),  @CHA (4/5), @CLE (4/15), ORL (4/17)

Unfavorable (3): @CHI (3/27), @SA (3/31), CHI (4/17)


Wizards- 4(1), 4(1), 4(2), 4(2), 3(0), 2(0)- Bradley Beal (ankle) has been cut in some leagues and that is a mistake. The Wizards have a great schedule before the three-game week starting on April 8. Although, they have the most unfavorable matchups in the NBA and none of their favorable ones come at the Verizon Center. John Wall is playing better, too, and the odds are in his favor to be an asset in most formats.

Favorable (3): @CLE (3/12), @CHA (3/18), @ORL (3/29)

Unfavorable (7): MEM (3/25), @OKC (3/27), CHI (4/2), IND (4/6), @NYK (4/9), MIA (4/10), @CHI (4/17)


Grizzlies- 4(1), 4(1), 4(1), 4(0), 3(1), 2(0)- Marc Gasol, Zach Randolph and Mike Conley all are going to be must-starts. Jerryd Bayless has been productive and is worth holding in some leagues. One random observation is that the Grizzlies have slowed down their pace since Rudy Gay departed, but their offensive efficiency has made a noticeable jump. That just about sums up Rudy Gay right there.

Favorable (4): HOU (3/29), @SAC (4/7), CHA (4/9), @DAL (4/15)

Unfavorable (3): @LAC (3/13), @NYK (3/27), LAC (4/13)


20 games

Mavericks- 4(1), 4(0), 3(2), 4(2), 3(2), 2(0)- Dirk Nowitzki has looked terrific lately and the one-legged jumper is in full effect. O.J. Mayo has also been effective for the Mavs and he should be a valuable asset for points and triples. The Mavs have seven games on lighter nights, so fringe guys like Shawn Marion and Darren Collison could be helpful in the last three weeks of the season for daily leagues.

Favorable (2): CLE (3/15), @SAC (4/5)

Unfavorable (5): @SA (3/14), LAC (3/26), IND (3/28), CHI (3/30), MEM (4/16)


Blazers- 3(1), 5(2), 3(3), 4(0), 3(0), 2(1)- They are the only team that has a five-game week left on their schedule and they also have a seven games on light nights. All of the Blazers starters should be good to go, but there’s no reason to give a heating-up Meyers Leonard more value as a pickup, unless it’s for the five-gamer. He also sprained his ankle on Friday.

Favorable (3): HOU (4/5), DAL (4/7), LAL (4/10)

Unfavorable (5): MEM (3/12), @CHI (3/21), @OKC (3/24), MEM (4/3), @LAC (4/16)


Sixers- 3(2), 4(1), 4(1), 3(1), 4(0), 2(0)- Philly’s schedule is a mixed bag. They have a ton of favorable matchups, but they also have four really bad matchups with Indy twice -- the worst matchup of any team. Jrue Holiday hasn’t put up a big line in a while and is in a shooting slump, but he’s been consistent enough through the course of the season to be considered a PG1 in all formats.

Favorable (6): POR (3/18), @SAC (3/24), @CLE (3/29), CHA (3/30), @CHA (4/3), CLE (4/14)

Unfavorable (5): MIA (3/13), IND (3/16), @LAC (3/20), @MIA (4/6), @IND (4/17)


Celtics- 3(1), 4(1), 4(2), 4(0), 3(1), 2(1)- Boston’s offense has been just fine without Rajon Rondo. Even without a real point guard, they still rank 17th in pace over the last 20 games. Although, their offensive efficiency is just 21st in that span. They are going to make the playoffs and only Kevin Garnett may get rest before the last game of the season.

Favorable (6): @CHA (3/12), CHA (3/16), @DAL (3/22), @CLE (3/27), CLE (4/5),  @ORL (4/13)

Unfavorable (5): MIA (3/18), @MEM (3/23), @NYK (3/31), @MIA (4/12), IND (4/16)


Hawks- 4(0), 4(0), 4(1), 4(1), 2(0), 2(1)- The last full week for the Hawks really hurts. Atlanta only playing two games essentially cuts Josh Smith, Al Horford and Jeff Teague’s values in half. On the bright side, they have a perfect schedule before that two-game dud. They also have a ton of favorable matchups at home and just a couple unfavorable ones in March. The Hawks will help owners get to the finals, but they won’t be very useful in bringing home the Larry O’Brien fantasy trophy.

Favorable (5): LAL (3/13), DAL (3/18), POR (3/22), ORL (3/30), CLE (4/1),

Unfavorable (4): @MIA (3/12), @IND (3/25), @SA (4/6), @NYK (4/17)


19 games

Bulls- 2(0), 4(2), 3(1), 4(1), 4(2), 2 (0)- The Bulls have a horrible schedule for the next three weeks, but they finish perfect for the final two full weeks. They also have six games on light nights after their upcoming two-game week and their favorable matchups outweigh their unfavorable games. Derrick Rose has to be stashed no matter how annoying it’s been to monitor his strange rehab.

Favorable (5): @SAC (3/13), POR (3/21), @DAL (3/30), ORL (4/5), @ORL (4/15)

Unfavorable (3): IND (3/23), MIA (3/27), @MIA (4/14)


Cavs- 3(1), 3(0), 3(1), 4(0), 4(0), 2(0)- The Cavs are like the Bulls with an ugly schedule for the upcoming three, then finishing strong down the stretch. Dion Waiters and Tristan Thompson are going to be extremely start-worthy in standards. Kyrie Irving is one of the most worrisome situations and there is talk of the Cavs shutting him down. All owners can do is hope he stays healthy and if he does, he might be the most valuable point guard in April.

Favorable (4): @DAL (3/15), @HOU (3/22), ORL (4/7), @CHA (4/17)

Unfavorable (5): @SA (3/16), IND (3/18), MIA (3/20), @IND (4/9), MIA (4/15)


Spurs- 4(3), 3(0), 3(1), 4(2), 3(0), 2(0)- Last year the Spurs had a loaded schedule down the stretch, this year it’s just average. Coach Pop is going to rest his guys no matter what and he doesn’t care much about home-court advantage. The Spurs have a back-to-back on Monday and Tuesday, then they only other one is against Miami on March 31 and at Memphis April 1. The SA vets are never fun to own down the stretch, but the younger guys like Kawhi Leonard, Danny Green and Tiago Splitter could provide some nice dividends.

Favorable (5): DAL (3/14), CLE (3/16), @HOU (3/24), ORL (4/3), SAC (4/12)

Unfavorable (4): LAC (3/29), MIA (3/31), @MEM (4/1), @OKC (4/4)


Nets- 3(1), 4(1), 3(0), 3(2), 4(0), 2(0)- The Nets have a boring schedule and only one four-game week in the last three isn’t going to make Brook Lopez and Deron Williams owners feel great about them. Joe Johnson isn’t the type of player owners in standard weekly leagues will be starting on three-game weeks unless he gets extremely hot. The Nets are also ranked last in pace on the season, so they’re not exactly a fantasy factory.

Favorable (3): @DAL (3/20), @CLE (4/3), CHA (4/6)

Unfavorable (3): @LAC (3/23), CHI (4/4), @IND (4/12)


Bobcats- 3(1), 4(1), 3(0), 4(1), 3(1), 2(0)- Ah, those lovable Bobcats. The most enjoyable thing about watching them is the Lady Cats calendar commercial. Kidding aside, Gerald Henderson and Ben Gordon are heating up and they could be useful on the week of April 1.

Favorable (2): ORL (3/27), CLE (4/17)

Unfavorable (4): @MIA (3/24), @NYK (3/29), MIA (4/5), @MEM (4/9)


Thunder- 4(1), 4(1), 3(0), 3(1), 3(1), 2(0)- OKC going 3-3-3 to close out the year really stings especially since those owners with Russell Westbrook, Serge Ibaka or Kevin Durant are probably in the fantasy playoffs because all three have been outstanding. Scott Brooks probably cares about home-court advantage more than most playoff-bound coaches, so KD and Co. aren’t likely to get rest except for maybe the finale.

Favorable (5): ORL (3/15), @DAL (3/17), ORL (3/22), POR (3/24), SAC (4/15)

Unfavorable (3): @SA (3/11), @MEM (3/20), @IND (4/5)


Pacers- 3(1), 4(2), 4(2), 3(1), 3(0), 2(1)- They have a nice schedule before the semifinal and championship weeks with back-to-back four-game weeks with two games on light nights each. The good news is that they play a lot of up-tempo teams, so that might help alleviate the weak finish to the season. Danny Granger probably won’t get 26 minutes any time soon, so plan accordingly.

Favorable (6): LAL (3/15), @CLE (3/18), ORL (3/19), @HOU (3/27), @DAL (3/28), CLE (4/9)

Unfavorable (3): @CHI (3/23), LAC (4/1), @NYK (4/14)


Suns- 4(2), 4(0), 3(1), 3(0), 3(1), 2(0)- The Suns are a complete mess and they rolled out a brand new starting lineup with Wes Johnson at shooting guard, Marcus Morris at small forward, Markieff Morris at power forward and Luis Scola sliding over to center on Friday. Their schedule is terrible after the eight games in the next two weeks, so getting attached to picking up any of those aforementioned guys doesn’t add up.

Favorable (6): @HOU (3/13), LAL (3/18), SAC (3/28), @HOU (3/9), @DAL (4/10), HOU (4/15)

Unfavorable (2): IND (3/30), @LAC (4/3)


Jazz- 3(2), 4(0), 4(1), 4(0), 2(0), 2(0)- On a non-fantasy note, the Jazz have a really tough schedule.  They get to travel to Western Conference playoff teams Oklahoma City, Memphis and Houston. Utah will have a very tough time keeping the Lakers and/or the Blazers from leapfrogging them. Changing gears back to fantasy, that two-game week for the finals really stinks. If there’s a Jazz player you’re on the fence to cut, they shouldn’t get the benefit of the doubt.

Favorable (3): @HOU (3/20), @DAL (3/24), POR (4/1)

Unfavorable (4): @OKC (3/13), MEM (3/16), @SA (3/22), @MEM (4/17)


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