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Friday, September 27, 2013

Round 5


1. Jonas Valanciunas C TOR - Andriesse

2. Thaddeus Young F PHI - Norof

3. Ersan Ilyasova F MIL - Buser

4. Jeff Green F BOS - Gawron

5. Jose Calderon G DAL - Rosenworcel

6. Brandon Jennings G DET - Raducanu

7. Tony Parker G SAS - Malewig

8. JaVale McGee C DEN - Levitan

9.  Rudy Gay F  TOR - Alexander

10. George Hill G IND - Bruski

11. Chandler Parsons F HOU - Gallagher

12. Nikola Pekovic C MIN – Balego


Round Recap: I was hoping JV would make it back to me, but at least I didn’t have to wait long. I went to summer league and fell in love, but apparently not in love enough. Fellow JV fans in leagues with savvy owners better reach and reach hard. Seriously, if you take him in the top 30, I don’t have a problem.

Jeff Green, Ersan Ilyasova and Thaddeus Young are major breakout candidates. Speaking of candidates, what ever happened to Trung Candidate? But I digress. Well, pretty much every player in this round could be an elite asset. Levitan is a big fan of Pierre McGee and he also took him in the draft-guide mock, but I'm not quite as bullish. As alluded to, it’s strange that Round 5 players have less risk than the guys taken in Round 3.

I am growing fondly of Chandler Parsons. While Dwight was with the Magic, his team ranked first in the NBA in 3-pointers for five of his last six seasons. Plus, the Rockets should be among the league leaders in pace and that’ll reflect positively on the Chandler Parsons Projects’ stats across the board.


Round 6


1. Greg Monroe F/C - Balego

2. Goran Dragic G PHX - Gallagher

3. Andre Drummond F/C DET - Bruski

4. Klay Thompson G/F GSW - Alexander

5. Kyle Lowry G TOR - Levitan

6. Enes Kanter C UTA - Malewig

7. David West F IND- Raducanu

8. Tobias Harris F ORL - Rosenworcel

9. Andre Iguodala G/F GSW - Gawron

10. Amir Johnson F/C TOR - Buser

11. Ryan Anderson F NOP - Norof

12. Bradley Beal G WAS – Andriesse


Round Recap: Greg Monroe has been the man in the middle for a long time with his efficient scoring at the rim, so he’s kind of a steal here. Bruski decided to corner the market on blocks like the Duke brothers cornered the marketed on frozen orange juice with his Drummond selection. Besides the 80’s movie references, there were some other interesting picks here. Doc went with Klay Thompson, and if I hadn’t hitched my wagon to Chandler Parsons, that was going to be my pick. There wasn’t really a bad pick in this round and that’s become a common theme. The last four picks of this round were terrific picks, as well. Oh and Enes Kanter could bust out this year.

Nobody wants Dragic with Bledsoe getting all the headlines. He’s still going to run the point quite a bit and the Suns don’t have much as far as offense. Is it that hard to believe that two guards can pick up most of the scoring burden? The Suns have major issues on offense on paper and it’s unclear who will score the ball for them. I will be drafting many more Suns in the following rounds.


Round 7


1. Marcin Gortat C PHX - Andriesse

2. Greivis Vasquez G SAC - Norof

3. Gordon Hayward G/F UTA - Buser

4. Wesley Matthews G/F POR - Gawron

5.  Wilson Chandler G/F DEN - Rosenworcel

6. Zach Randolph F/C MEM - Raducanu

7. Rajon Rondo G BOS - Malewig

8. Spencer Hawes F/C - Levitan

9. O.J. Mayo G - Alexander

10. Tyreke Evans G/F - Bruski

11. Kevin Martin G MIN - Gallagher

12. Raymond Felton G NYK – Balego


Round Recap: I have to say I was shocked that Bruski took Drummond over Gordon Hayward. Perhaps nobody pimped GH more than AB. Hayward has a massive opportunity this year and the Jazz seem content in allowing him to carry the load on the perimeter. Personally, I almost took him over Parsons. Moving along, the round kicked off with some interesting picks. Gortat is going to be on the trade block with his expiring deal and Vasquez will have to compete with Isaiah Thomas for their starting gigs. Of course, both have proven to be productive with a noticeable allotment of minutes.

There were some high-upside picks here, too. I thought Doc had a nice pick with Mayo and Levitan scooping up Hawes here made a lot of sense. He's not sexy, but the Sixers need him to perform big time. Rajon Rondo has a handful of questions, but at this point in the draft, it’s hard to blame Scott for pouncing here. Z-Bo and Reke seem like fairly safe picks at this point in the draft. Wesley Matthews was a steal last year, but one year after Portland had one of the shallowest benches in NBA history, that’s different this year. It's still a solid pick.

I went with Kev-Mart. I was mildly surprised he was still around now that he won’t have to share the ball with KD and Westy. He’s been a perennial stud in free throw percentage and with Kevin Love and the penetration of Rubio, Martin seems to be set up nicely. I was expecting him to go higher in drafts, but I’ll gladly hop on here. Remember when he had third-round value in Sacramento with head coach Rick Adelman?


Round 8


1. Kenneth Faried F DEN - Balego

2. Trey Burke G UTA - Gallagher

3. Jimmy Butler G/F CHI - Bruski

4. Luol Deng F CHI - Alexander

5. Gerald Henderson G/F - Levitan

6. Evan Turner G/F PHI - Malewig

7. J.R. Smith G/F NYK - Raducanu

8. Kevin Garnett F/C BKN - Rosenworcel

9. Paul Pierce G/F BKN Gawron

10. Tyson Chandler C NYK - Buser

11. Steve Nash G LAL - Norof

12. Danny Green G/F SAS – Andriesse


Round Recap: Solid round. This is a recording. There were a lot safe picks here, which isn’t such a bad idea. The round kicking off with the Manimal seemed like a steal and as long as Shaw doesn’t slow the Nuggets down too much, he could be a 14-11 guy.

The Daily Dose Duo of Bru and Doc A went with the Bulls starting wings of Deng and Butler. If one thing is clear, coach Tom Thibodeau is set to unleash those guys and their values shouldn't be hurt too badly by Rose. Nobody will sleep on Deng, but make sure you keep your eye on Butler in this neighborhood of your draft. Evan Turner could be a steal, but he has to learn how to play more consistently. J.R. Smith's injury is going to cause him to slide, but there is still value at this spot.

I was a little surprised to see The Truth slide this far in draft, even after Kevin Garnett. Yes, no player was the consensus top pick more than KG from 2000-10, but the aging process is a cruel mistress.  The Nets are very deep and it’s going to be hard to draft any of their players. For what it’s worth, I’m a Nets fan.

I needed a high-upside point guard. What can fit the bill better than rookie on a team that’s rebuilding? While I was highly discouraged by Burke’s Orlando Summer League, it just made sense to take point guard here. Burke couldn’t combat the big men in the paint to get a shot, but I’m hoping the Jazz staff will be able to coach him up. John Lucas shouldn’t push him too much and as long as Burke isn’t a complete disaster, he should prove to have value in most fantasy leagues.


Round 9


1. Kyle Korver G/F ATL - Andriesse

2. Andrew Bogut C GSW - Norof

3. Jeremy Lin G HOU - Buser

4. Joe Johnson G/F BKN - Gawron

5. Anderson Varejao F/C CLE - Rosenworcel

6. Danny Granger G/F IND - Raducanu

7. DeMar DeRozan G/F TOR - Malewig

8. Victor Oladipo G ORL - Levitan

9. Cody Zeller F/C CHA - Alexander

10. Danilo Gallinari F DEN - Bruski

11. Harrison Barnes F GSW - Gallagher

12. Carlos Boozer F/C Balego


Round Recap: It’s fun time. Mr. Andriesse went with a 3-point bonanza with his Green-Korver connection. Quite frankly, I can’t believe Green slipped that far. He has one of the prettiest Js in the NBA and Manu Ginobili isn't getting any younger. Oh and Korver was second in the NBA in 3-point percentage and fourth in total makes last year, plus he could have added opportunity with Lou Williams still rehabbing.  I was eyeing Bogut with this pick at the back end, but Ethan didn’t make me sweat it out by taking him at No. 2 in this round. Head coach Mark Jackson has said nothing but positives with Bogut and he’s expected to be ready to resume a full amount of minutes with a loaded GSW squad.

The RW team went with a youth movement. I also was ready to pounce on Oladipo, but Levitan nabbed him. He and I tend to go for trendy guys, so he almost always takes I guy I have on my radar. Stick to football, Adam. Doc went with Cody Zeller and the Bobcat brass has been obsessing over him all summer. He’s clearly ahead of Josh McRoberts and could hit 32 minutes per game and may be a dub-dub guy.

There were a few picks that I’m not making in this round. I’m not touching Danny Granger. Rumor has it that he is only going to play 15 minutes per game in November and he’ll be frustrating owners across the globe. Although, there are some positive reports on Batman, so he carries nice value this late. Joe Johnson may be one of the best shooters in the clutch, but the Nets added depth makes him an extremely dicey play in fantasy leagues. Boozer and Varejao are just not my style either. They’re hurt too often and don’t offer enough upside. They’re not bad picks at all, just not for me.

I’m all in on Harrison Barnes. The Warriors did bring in Andre Iguodala to start at the small forward spot and handle the ball a bit while on the floor. Not to mention there are too many injury-prone players on the Warriors. Stephen Curry (ankles), Andre Iguodala (tendinitis in knees and Achilles), David Lee (hip, knee and shoulder issues) and Andrew Bogut (body) have all missed numerous games recently. If any of their starting five goes down, it will directly benefit Barnes.


Round 10


1. Brandon Knight G MIL - Balego

2. Michael Carter-Williams - Gallagher

3. Anthony Bennett F CLE - Bruski

4. Tiago Splitter C SAS - Alexander

5. John Henson F/C MIL - Levitan

6. Andrei Kirilenko F BKN - Malewig

7. J.J. Hickson F/C DEN - Raducanu

8. Jarrett Jack G CLE  - Rosenworcel

9. Omer Asik C HOU - Gawron

10. Jameer Nelson G ORL - Buser

11. Dion Waiters G CLE - Norof

12. Brandan Wright F/C DAL – Andriesse


Round Recap: Bruski put a cap on the rookie run with his selection of Anthony Bennett. In an effort to make a shameless plug, check out Ryan Knaus’ position battles column for more on the 2013 top pick. Besides that, nothing else really stood out. I thought Brandan Wright and Jameer Nelson were nice picks while John Henson could be more than a muppet. Buser has been pimping Wright a lot on Twitter and he could have a big year. Dallas could be a fantasy factory this season. I also thought Dion Waiters was a solid pick here, too. Brandon Knight could also have some opportunity since someone has to score the ball besides Ersan and Mayo.

Double dipping is usually dangerous territory, especially with people you don’t know. Well, that’s what I did. After going with Burke, I went rookie PG hunting for Michael Carter-Williams here. My logic is that one of the two will have a solid season and since neither has any competition behind them it’s not too far-fetched that they both become top-20 PGs. Yes, I’m aware my FG% is stinky with these picks.


Round 11


1. Nene Hilario F/C WAS - Andriesse

2. Moe Harkless G/F ORL - Norof

3. Samuel Dalembert C DAL - Buser

4. Jamal Crawford G LAC - Gawron

5. Nerlens Noel F/C PHI - Rosenworcel

6. Tristan Thompson F/C CLE - Raducanu

7. J.J. Redick G LAC - Malewig

8. Alec Burks G UTA - Levitan

9. Isaiah Thomas - Alexander

10. Otto Porter F WAS - Bruski

11. Markieff Morris F PHX - Gallagher

12. Ben McLemore G SAC – Balego


Round Recap: As per usual, Jeff A. kicked off the round with a solid pick. Emeka Okafor (neck) being out indefinitely should bode well for Nene and he’s going to get minutes at the five, per coach Randy Wittman. The Magic have a bit of a cluster (bad word here) on the wings, so while Harkless could completely break out after his strong second half, he’s no lock to do so. Plus, he’s one of the worst jump shooters in the NBA. Obviously, it’s not a bad pick at this stage of the game. I really like Alec Burks quite a bit this year and if he can somehow hit treys, he could be in for a big season. I’m a fan of the Dalembert and Crawford picks as safe options in this round. Doc A getting IT2 could prove to be a major steal. Noel was interesting, but he's going to have a minutes cap for most of the season for the Philadelphia Tanks.

There’s something about the mystery of crappy teams. I’m honing in on the Suns quite a bit this year. They have cleared out most of their depth this year and have paved the way for a handful of players. There aren’t many players that can hit treys, block shots and earn some steals, but that’s what Markieff Morris can do. I will gladly take a chance on him and you can usually get him late.


Round 12


1. Eric Gordon G NOP - Balego

2. Caron Butler F MIL - Gallagher

3. Andrew Bynum - Bruski

4. Kevin Seraphin F/C WAS - Alexander

5. Lou Williams G ATL - Levitan

6. Manu Ginobili G -  Malewig

7. Andrea Bargnani F/C NYK - Raducanu

8. Rodney Stuckey G DET - Rosenworcel

9. DeAndre Jordan C LAC- Gawron

10. Marcus Thornton G SAC - Buser

11. Nick Young G/F - Norof

12. Shawn Marion F DAL – Andriesse


Round Recap: “Smoke if you got ‘em,” Bruski said as he put the Bynum slide to a halt. You really can’t blame him for taking the big man in the 12th round. If he’s not ready, then you can cut him and not feel too bad about it.

I’ve seen Buser take Thornton in both mocks I’ve done with him, so he's clearly a fan.  I get that he was outstanding in the second half, making 47.0 percent from the field, but the addition of Vasquez doesn’t seem to help his case for minutes since GV has enough size to play some shooting guard. Plus, they drafted a wing in Ben McLemore. Although, at this stage, it’s hard to deny MT23’s upside. I liked Doc taking Seraphin here and Eric Gordon in the 12th round could be a useful pick. EJ has been way too hurt recently, but he’s capable of putting up big numbers.

The Bucks could be putting on a interesting show this year. They let their top three scorers go, so it’s wide open as far as offense goes. The team has already said they’re prepared to start Caron Butler at the three and he’s just five years removed from being a fantasy stud. Go ahead and draft him, but his injury history suggests that you might want to cut him at the first sign of trouble.


Round 13


1. Mario Chalmers G MIA - Andriesse

2. Arron Afflalo G/F ORL - Norof

3. Robin Lopez F/C POR - Buser

4. Carlos Delfino G/F HOU - Gawron

5. Al-Farouq Aminu F NOP - Rosenworcel

6. Avery Bradley G BOS - Raducanu

7. Amare Stoudemire F/C NYK - Malewig

8. Reggie Jackson G OKC- Levitan

9. Jordan Crawford G BOS - Alexander

10. Patrick Beverley G HOU - Bruski

11. Kelly Olynyk C BOS - Gallagher

12. Chris Kaman C LAL – Balego


Round Recap: I was angry that Levitan that took my guy Reggie Jackson. He’ll be worth owning as long as he gets 26 MPG and that’s within reach. Although, Durant said that Jeremy Lamb looks really good. We'll be watching that battle closely. Bruski taking his boy Patrick Beverley was right on time too and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him usurp the starting gig from Jeremy Lin. Chris Kaman could prove to be a must-start player, but his health will likely be a thorn in his side.

I went with Kelly Olynyk. He has some plantar fasciitis, but most signs indicate that he’s going to start at center. He was the best player at Orlando Summer League as far as the stats go. Yes, I understand that’s like winning the tallest midget contest.


Round 14


1. Chase Budinger G/F MIN - Balego

2. Archie Goodwin G PHX - Gallagher

3. Alex Len C PHX - Bruski

4. Mike Dunleavy G/F CHI - Alexander

5. Jared Sullinger F/C - Levitan

6. Gerald Wallace F BOS - Malewig

7. Tony Allen G/F MEM - Raducanu

8. Mo Williams G POR - Rosenworcel

9. Michael Kidd-Gilchrist F CHA - Gawron

10. Martell Webster G/F WAS - Buser

11. Metta World Whatever His Name Is These Days F NYK - Norof

12. Ray Allen G MIA – Andriesse


Round Recap: Most of these guys have lost their luster. Ray Allen was a perennial first-round pick back in the Sonics days, but he’s going to need Dwyane Wade to miss time to be a worth putting into lineups. I like the Sullinger, Budinger and Len picks the most for this round. Besides those, I can’t see myself drafting any other player from this round. Chase Budinger is going to miss time, but this pick was made before that news.


Archie Goodwin is my guy.


Round 15


1. Arnett Moultrie F PHI - Andriesse

2. Kris Humphries F BOS - Norof

3. Thabo Sefolosha G/F OKC - Buser

4.  Glen Davis F/C ORL - Gawron

5. Vince Carter G/F DAL - Rosenworcel

6. Devin Harris G DAL - Raducanu

7. Dorell Wright G/F POR - Malewig

8. C.J. McCollum G POR - Levitan

9. Nate Robinson G DEN - Alexander

10. Michael Beasley F MIA - Bruski

11. Meyers Leonard F/C POR - Gallagher

12. Andre Miller G DEN – Balego


Round Recap: I really liked Arnett Moultrie and the questionable rotation of the Sixers, but he’s out until 2014 with ankle surgery. This pick was made before the injury news. Thabo Sefolosha could be an asset, but the young guns in Reggie Jackson and Jeremy Lamb would really have to flop. RJ can stick most point guards and Russell Westbrook can guard a lot of twos, so it makes sense for RJ to get most of the minutes in between KD and Westy on the perimeter. It’s a very interesting backcourt rotation to watch, which seems silly since they earned the top seed in the Western Conference last season. McCollum couldn’t buy a bucket in Vegas and perhaps that’s why the team added Mo Williams, Nate Robinson doesn’t strike me as a Shaw guy and Michael Beasley is, ummm, yeah, that guy.


I went with Meyers Leonard. I’m not 100 percent sold in Robin Lopez locking down the center spot. Leonard had a strong offseason and he came on in the second half, too.


The NBA is back!

Mike Gallagher has covered fantasy hoops for eight years and this season is his second with Rotoworld. You can find him on Twitter talking about a player's shots at the rim.

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