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Points League Primer

Wednesday, January 08, 2014



Yahoo! default scoring system:


Each point scored = 0.5

Made FG = 1

Attempted FG = -0.45

Made FT = 1

Attempted FT = -0.75

Made 3-pointer = 3

Rebound = 1.5

Assist = 2

Steal = 3

Block = 3

Turnover = -2


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You’ll notice that although FGA/FGM and FTA/FTM are scored in this setting, I have not included them in the above breakdown. That is because the Yahoo! formula leads to a negation of scoring for those categories – FGM add 37.4 percent more total ‘fantasy points’ (as a percentage of the mean total) but FGA eliminates another 37.4 percent. Similarly, FTM add 17.4 percent and FTA eliminate 17.4 percent. This does NOT mean that these categories don’t weigh into the final equation, they just have to be judged on a truly case-by-case basis. I am fascinated by the fact that rebounds accounted for 34 percent of the total points accumulated in these default Yahoo! leagues, and it’s a fact owners in such formats should remember well. Turnovers in Yahoo! also take a more significant chunk of points away, relative to the other formats under discussion.



ESPN scoring system:


Each point scored = 0.08

Made FG = 0.25

Attempted FG = -0.08

Made FT = 0.25

Attempted FT = -0.17

Rebound = 0.1

Assist = 0.17

Steal = 0.3

Block = 0.28

Turnover = -0.17


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For the ESPN format, unlike with Yahoo!, there was a significant positive spread between FGM and FGA, as well as FTM and FTA, so I have included them in the chart above. That’s all I have time for today. To reiterate, I’m presenting this information as one more way to gauge values and prepare an optimal lineup, but it’ll do you little good if you don’t view it in a more holistic context including the factors I mention in my intro paragraph (most of which is dealt with on a minute-by-minute basis in Rotoworld’s incomparable player news blurbs). Also check back on Friday for some insights into individual matchups.


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