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Dose: No Love For DeMar?

Monday, February 03, 2014

Games Played For Week 15






2 Games: CHA, HOU


After a nearly unwatchable Super Bowl for anyone other than A. Seattle residents, B. People who bet on the Seahawks, and C. Tom Brady fans, we’ll take a look at Week 15 in the NBA. Pau Gasol’s name is being kicked around in trade talks, but his trade value may be at an all-time low, while owners of Al Jefferson and James Harden in weekly leagues have to figure out a game plan with them playing just two games this week. And if you're bored, you can click on the headlines below for links to the referenced songs. And on a serious note, congratulations to the Seahawks. What a dominant performance. 


You can follow me on Twitter by clicking on this link, where you can see me say ridiculous things like:


15 yr old daughter having SB party. Just gave a 16 year old w/ huge hickey on his neck fantasy hoops advice. He's 12-1. It was epic.


My 6-year-old-son (and Seahawks fan) - "I forgot Seattle was even playing in this game because that halftime show was so long."


Editor's Note: Rotoworld's partner FanDuel is hosting a one-day $65,000 Fantasy Basketball league for Monday's games. It's $25 to join and first prize is $8,000. Starts at 7pm ET on Monday. Here's the FanDuel link.

(Can’t You) Trip Like I Do?


Let’s take a quick trip around the league and check out some headlines to think about heading into this week’s games.


Pau Gasol could be heading to the Suns, if you believe everything you read. The last time the Lakers and Suns made a trade it didn’t work out so well, as the Lakers got a washed up Steve Nash on bald tires for, gulp, two first-round picks and two second-round picks. I’m not sure the Lakers are going to be able to get much for Gasol, especially with the state of his groin, and we all saw how he struggled with the thought of being traded the last time they tried to move him. But with the Lakers season all but over, they don’t want to pay the luxury tax, and moving Gasol, and possibly others, is their only hope of avoiding that. As for Gasol’s fantasy value, he’s 33 years old, out for the next week with a groin injury that caused him to say “something’s not right in there,” and could be traded to a team that doesn’t need him to start. In other words, I’m not going out of my way to try to get my hands on him, and he should be on your bench until further notice.


Jefferson, I Think We’re Lost


R.E.M. might have been telling manager Jefferson Holt that they were lost back in the day, but Al Jefferson knows exactly where he is. And that is Charlotte, where he’s the best player on a bad team. Here’s what I wrote for his outlook in the Draft Guide last summer: “Unlike his last couple seasons in Utah, Jefferson should be the clear cut No. 1 priority in Charlotte and is poised for a truly monster season.” I’m not even sure I believed it when I wrote it, but after a dismal start to the season due to a sprained ankle, Jefferson has been one of the best players to own this season. Even with the slow start he’s coming in with early fourth-round value at, and if you look at him solely on a per-game basis, he’s No. 25 overall. And over the past month? Try No. 11, just behind LeBron James, and just ahead of Goran Dragic and John Wall. I don’t know how many more golden seasons Big Al has left in his tank, but if you drafted him and held onto him while he sat out nine of his first 12 games, congratulations. Those nine missed games seemed like an entire season’s worth when they were happening, but looking back on those three weeks, it was simply a blip on the radar. Patience is not a strength of mine, but maybe the story of Big Al Jefferson will help me work on that going forward.


Wall of Voodoo


It’s not a big deal (yet), but I am mildly concerned with the news that John Wall is talking about sitting out the Dunk Contest in order to rest his sore heel. Wall is having a great season and has managed to stay healthy, but he’s also dealt with back pain for most of the season, and hasn’t exactly been a picture of health for most of his career. Hopefully his back and heel are non-issues when the season resumes after the All-Star break, and getting as much rest that weekend should be a top priority for Wall and Wizards.


Don’t Call It A Comeback


I saw a comment on the Rotoworld_BK Twitter feed making fun of our headline for Rajon Rondo on Sunday, which was “Rajon Rondo goes off for 19 points, 10 dimes.” No, under normal circumstances, 19 points and 10 assists for one of the league’s best point guards is not ‘going off.’ But since Rondo has only played in seven games over the past 12 months, and didn’t do much in six of them, I think the headline was quite appropriate. Rondo’s minutes are on the way up and trade rumors have quieted down for now, so if you have been waiting for him to ‘go off’ this season, our wait is about over.


Positive Jam


Jameer Nelson is currently sitting with a knee injury but it’s not thought to be serious and he doesn’t need an MRI. He’s not traveling with the team and is out for Monday’s game in Indy, but could be back and ready to go on Wednesday when the Magic play the Pistons in Orlando. If you own Victor Oladipo, this could be a real productive week.


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