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2014 NBA Trade Deadline Guide

Wednesday, February 19, 2014



Players in the Rumor Mill Heading OUT: Andre Miller, Kenneth Faried, Jordan Hamilton


Players in the Rumor Mill Heading IN: Iman Shumpert, Beno Udrih


Commentary: Miller getting dealt is almost a foregone conclusion with the Wolves being Miller’s preferred location and most likely acquisition from a Minny perspective according to reliable Darren Wolfson.  But Miller and Minny’s wishes aren’t at the top of the list here, as the Knicks view Miller as a consolation prize, the Wizards like him in a pure backup role, and the Sixers have even been mentioned.  There’s not enough smoke near the Sixers to get excited there, however.  The Iman Shumpert injury is also likely to juggle the market throughout the wee hours of the night.  Miller has also been mentioned with the Kings, but that talk has cooled in the last week or so. 


I'm leaving Shumpert up here until he's unequivocally removed from trade talk, but it's telling that Adrian Wojnarowski didn't mention Denver at all when discussing Shumpert and the Knicks.  I'm also tempted to remove Faried's name with no real viable trade partner in the news, but he has been a hot name on the block and it's possible other deals crawl out of the woodwork. 


Bottom Line: Faried just had a big game on Tuesday and he’s been a late-round value as of late, and he should be owned in all 12-team formats for the current production and also the possibility that he's more appreciated in a new location.  J.J. Hickson and Timofey Mozgov were low-to-mid level stashes when Faried was attached to the Knicks, and they may return to being that, but we need to see more smoke for Faried to keep them rated that high. Miller is just a low-level stash for the chance he lands in New York in a post-Raymond Felton environment, or the currently unlikely dream scenario of playing in Philly with a guarantee of big minutes. 




Players in the Rumor Mill Heading OUT: Greg Monroe, Rodney Stuckey, Jonas Jerebko, Charlie Villanueva


Players in the Rumor Mill Heading IN: None at this time


Commentary: Go back two weeks and the Pistons were a hot team in trade circles.  But the firing of Mo Cheeks and the uneasy status of GM Joe Dumars have cooled things off considerably.  A soft market for restricted free agent Greg Monroe early on has also contributed here.  Monroe is expected to receive a max contract that guys like David Aldridge and Zach Lowe think will be matched by Detroit, regardless of the massive failure that the Josh Smith-Monroe-Andre Drummond trio already is and is most certainly going to be. 


The thinking is that the Pistons can survive the cap hits and get out from Smith’s deal at a later time, but if the market picks up for Monroe then that could change.  The Warriors have expressed interest lately and that’s intriguing because they’re looking to make a splash and can include Harrison Barnes or Klay Thompson in a deal, which at least gives a starting point for discussions.  No deal is imminent on that front and conversely is being panned as unlikely at this time.  The rest of the guys are expiring salaries and so far only Stuckey has been taken seriously on that front.  As a secondary player on the market there hasn’t been any news about him for over a week. 


Bottom Line: Monroe’s stable value can only go up outside of Detroit and thus he’s a hold or mild buy low target right now.   Give the same amount of credibility to Smith's buy low status for the chance that Monroe gets moved – which again isn’t likely right now. 




Players traded IN: Steve Blake

Players traded OUT: Kent Bazemore, MarShon Brooks

Players in the Rumor Mill Heading OUT: Harrison Barnes, Klay Thompson


Players in the Rumor Mill Heading IN: Luol Deng, Greg Monroe, Thaddeus Young, Tristan Thompson, Kenneth Faried, John Henson, Amir Johnson, Brandon Bass, Dion Waiters


Commentary:  The Warriors traded away spare parts in MarShon Brooks and Kent Bazemore for injury-ridden but solid Steve Blake.  The move will desperately help a team that needs ballhandlers, though I'd stop short at saying that Blake is the answer for their penetration woes.  Still, it's a solid move with practically no downside. 

The Warriors aren't done dealing just yet, either, so stay tuned. 


Everybody between Young and Johnson on that list is a part of a spit-ballish report from Chad Ford, but nonetheless the players fit the profile of what GSW is looking for.  Bass might be the most realistic acquisition here, but the Warriors are going to try to go big as everything is suddenly in disarray at Oracle.  Add in an interesting, but perhaps overreaching report from Chris Mannix that Barnes and Andre Iguodala are having friction and the stage is being set for a big move – but the question is whether or not Joe Lacob and Bob Myers have the courage to make a big move.  Deng and Waiters for David Lee was floated by Tim Kawakami as a make-sense solution to the financial and on-court situation in Oakland, but with no smoke there it’s possible that Lacob isn’t ready to get off the Lee bandwagon just yet.  Monroe and Deng were tied to the Warriors most recently of the bunch, but we simply don’t have a lot to go on here. 


Bottom Line: Blake's value goes in the tank and he can be dropped in most regular formats.  It's arguable that he could eat into the value of Klay Thompson and to a lesser degree, Andre Iguodala and/or Harrison Barnes.  Bass would struggle for value playing for the Warriors.   




Players in the Rumor Mill Heading OUT: Omer Asik, Jeremy Lin


Players in the Rumor Mill Heading IN: Ersan Ilyasova, Mike Dunleavy, Anderson Varejao, Spencer Hawes


Commentary: Some Omer Asik talk has picked up lately but it’s still hovering between an unlikely and mostly unlikely status.  He’s been linked to Milwaukee in a deal for Ilyasova, but it’s doubtful the Rockets are going to bite given Ilyasova’s struggles and Terrence Jones’ solid play this year.  The Cavs rumor is about a week or two old before the front office shakeup. 


The big issue is the $15 million Asik is owed next season ($8.4 million cap hit), but the most interesting rumor I’ve heard (from Ken Berger) is the one sending Asik to Philly, who is $5.1 million under the cap and not winning a title anytime soon.  Asik doesn’t exactly fit the run and gun system, but Brett Brown would probably modify things a bit and it wouldn’t really matter – he’d be a tremendous upgrade and placeholder to allow Nerlens Noel to develop at a slow and steady rate.  The Hawks like Asik but not at the price Daryl Morey is reportedly asking for, which is a first round pick at this time.  Whether or not there’s a way to include Hawes is unclear, but the Rockets seem to have him on their ‘want’ list rather than ‘need’ list. 


Jeremy Lin has also come out of nowhere to gain momentum in deadline rumors, and I found it interesting that Marc Spears updated his power rankings/trade rumors column from “Houston won’t trade Lin for the scoring that he brings” to Houston is “actively shopping Lin, as well.”  Spears isn’t the only one reporting that Lin is available, though Chad Ford's rumor was tied to New York and that one is probably dead following the Iman Shumpert injury.  Ford named Shumpert and Tim Hardaway as the cost of doing business.  Basketball Insiders said that Lin was unlikely to be traded in a report that came out after Shump's injury on Wednesday. 


The Rockets were genuinely interested in Dunleavy but the Bulls appear to be hanging tight. 


The Rockets are reportedly interested in Rajon Rondo (who wouldn’t be), but they won’t give up Chandler Parsons and for now that’s the end of that.  If things heat up I’ll add them to the chart above but not until then. It’s worth noting that Morey and Danny Ainge have a good relationship. 


Bottom Line: Asik is a low-to-mid level stash right now in standard leagues (low-level for 14 teams in 9-cat), and that outlook would improve appreciably if things start pointing in Philly’s direction.  A move to Cleveland or Milwaukee seems unlikely, but he’ll be worth an add after just about any trade as long as there are no red flags with his knee.  Lin's value becomes less likely to change due to the deadline with no team to attach him to in a rumor.  The unlikely trio of Hawes, Varejao and Ilyasova would all take value hits in Houston, but that’s getting way ahead of ourselves and now is a great time to buy low on Jones.  He’s had a down couple of weeks and along with low probability trade rumors owners may not be feeling the love.  A declining late-mid round value is the ceiling for what you want to give up in a deal. 




Players in the Rumor Mill Heading OUT: Danny Granger


Players in the Rumor Mill Heading IN: None at this time


Commentary: The Pacers don’t have a realistic shot at trading Granger and they’re more likely to check out the buyout market and/or try to block players from the Heat. 


Bottom Line: Nothing to see here at this time.




Players in the Rumor Mill Heading OUT: Darren Collison, Jared Dudley, Reggie Bullock, Matt Barnes


Players in the Rumor Mill Heading IN: Iman Shumpert, Raymond Felton


Commentary: The Clippers/Knicks rumor is dead after the Shumpert injury according to Adrian Wojnarowski and still alive according to Chris Broussard. I'm going with Woj there.  The proposed deal was going to center around Shumpert and Collison, with the Clippers taking on Felton’s bad deal as a sweetener and the teams jockeying over whether or not to include Reggie Bullock (valuable) and/or Jared Dudley (not valuable). Shumpert and Felton are only included on this list until they're formally ruled out by another source.  Matt Barnes is probably available for the right price but the Clippers need him if they're not upgrading on the wing. 


Bottom Line: Collison's stash value evaporates unless he's included in another rumor down the road. Dudley is terrible and would need a miracle to pan out for owners in another location.  Until the next rumor, there's nothing to change value-wise for the Clippers.




Players traded IN: MarShon Brooks, Kent Bazemore

Players traded OUT: Steve Blake

Players in the Rumor Mill Heading OUT: Pau Gasol, Jordan Hill, Chris Kaman,


Players in the Rumor Mill Heading IN: Kevin Love, Emeka Okafor


Commentary: The Lakers are sellers and it wouldn’t be a deadline without the rebuilding franchise dominating headlines.  Pau Gasol is the obvious draw here, and the Kevin Love rumors were probably unfit to print but when in Rome is the rule at this time of year.  David Aldridge reported Wednesday afternoon that talks between the Lakers and Suns “if they were ever serious” were “dying on the vine,” which is in direct opposition to lower quality reports that the Suns viewed Gasol as the best they could do for Okafor’s enticing and partially insurance-covered expiring contract.


With Steve Blake now traded to Golden State, Gasol's chances of being traded are lessening by the moment.  Word from ESPN reporters Marc Stein and Ramona Shelburne is that the plan is shaping up to be to trade Hill, trade Kaman, and that will get them under the luxury tax without having to trade Gasol while keeping his Bird Rights.  In that plan, the Lakers would try to sign Gasol or sign-and-trade him during the offseason. 


For Hill, a market once dominated by just one team in the Nets has expanded to include the Cavs, Nets, Bobcats, Hawks and Pelicans.  The Hawks are also interested in Kaman. Ramona Shelburne reported that her sense was that the Nets and Pelicans are the favorites for Hill's services.  Owners would want to hope for a move to New Orleans and also hope that Monty Williams plays nice. 


Gasol has also been linked to the Cavs but those talks stalled, as did the talks for Kaman in the same location. 


Hill was all-but Brooklyn’s by lunchtime on Wednesday and then talks stalled out, with Cleveland entering the mix and presumably floating out offers greater than the ‘nothing’ that the Nets have offered (aside from their disabled player exception that would assist the Lakers with their cap number).  The Suns were apparently talking about Hill, too, but those talks have ended according to Woj.   Marc Stein has also jumped on the Cavs’ report. 


Kaman would be a great fit in Portland according to yours truly, especially given the big man injuries but mostly because they need a backup big man no matter what.  That said, an experienced backup PF is probably higher on the list than a center.  There have been no rumors about that type of deal whatsoever so it’s a non-starter in these parts.     


Bottom Line: The change of direction for L.A. on the Pau Gasol front has fundamentally changed the Lakers' big man situation, with Gasol and Robert Sacre set to lock down the center position and the Lakers having little to no depth if they deal Hill and Kaman, which is of no consequence to owners.  Hill and Kaman are best valued as low-end assets with the expectation they'll be playing somewhere else and owners can check both here and in the blurbs for the most recent updates.  Hill's value may get a slight bump in New Orleans over the other locations. 


This is undoubtedly big news for Kendall Marshall, who earned the trust of Lakers management to be the anchor to the Lakers' point guard attack.  He should be owned in all leagues as the Lakers' only durable player at the position and chances are he'll get plenty of run.  Brooks' value improves and he's somebody to watch but not pick up in most leagues.  His defense is terrible and he has a few guys to leapfrog before he gets consistent minutes, but he'll undoubtedly get a chance to impress Mike D at some point.  The move also gives a slight bump to Wes Johnson and Jodie Meeks, who don't have to compete against arguably D'Antoni's favorite healthy(ish) player.  Ryan Kelly also gets a boost with more players heading out than coming in, at least for the time-being.  I liked owning him before the news and I like owning him afterward. 


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