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Playoff Fantasy Football Guidelines

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Playoff FF Rules

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

No more chasing Texans tailbacks. Tatum Bell's turf toe is history. No more Carson Palmer rotator-cuff speculation (for now).

You may have drafted LaMont Jordan in the first round thinking Tom Walsh and Art Shell's old-school ideas would translate to 30 carries-a-game. You may have selected Edgerrin James or Carnell Williams in the second, thinking you came away with a steal. If so, you were probably out of your fantasy football league by late October. Let's put all that behind us and realize something:

The NFL Playoffs present another opportunity for fantasy football success.

Fantasy playoff leagues don't last as long and aren't quite as popular as the regular season version, but that's beginning to change. Playoff fantasy has grown in the last few years and is a nice way to start the New Year, especially for those of us who came away from Weeks 1-17 empty handed.

Here's the deal.

Call up or e-mail your buddies. Tell 'em Notre Dame is gonna beat LSU and that they don't even have to watch. They can save that time and use it to refresh Rotoworld's NFL player news page so they know who to draft in their fantasy football playoff league. Or just tell 'em they can come over to the crib on Wednesday, and draft their team over some cheese, crackers, and Bud Diesel.

The normal league looks like this:

1 QB
2 RB
2 WR
1 TE
1 K

Look familiar? The only position here that can be switched around is the running back spot, but several teams have a second-stringer capable of scoring (Mike Anderson, Dominic Rhodes, Brandon Jacobs).

After the draft, no adds or drops, no bench spots, unless of course you insist. The format can always be tweaked, but it makes the most sense just to keep it simple and draft players on teams you think will go far in the postseason.

In playoff fantasy, games played is above all the key stat because you don't play head-to-head each week. Your points are totaled up at the end of the Super Bowl. So if you think the Colts will run the table and the Eagles will be bounced Sunday, Rhodes should be your pick over Correll Buckhalter. Rhodes gets an extra game over Reggie Bush because the Saints have a bye, giving Rhodes a one-game advantage, but Bush is the better bet for scoring over the long haul because he's the better player and probably will best Rhodes' two-game numbers in four quarters.

It's a crapshoot because picking playoff winners is so difficult, but so are all other fantasy leagues. Rotoworld will bring you more columns and blurbs geared towards helping you throughout the NFL postseason. We'll even bring you draft cheatsheets. Free of charge. MyFantasyleague.com also offers a free way to play.

The free-agent and draft rumors are fun, but there is much more football (and thus more fantasy football) to be played.

Evan Silva is a senior football editor for Rotoworld.com. He can be found on Twitter .
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