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Week 11 Rankings Update

Friday, November 14, 2008

Week 11 Tight Ends

RankPlayer NameOpponentNotes
1Tony Gonzalezvs. NO -
2Kellen Winslowat BUF -
3Antonio Gatesat PIT -
4Owen Danielsat IND -
5Tony Schefflerat ATL -
6Jason Wittenat WASKeep eye on ribs
7Chris Cooleyvs. DAL -
8Dallas Clarkvs. HOU -
9Greg Olsenat GB -
10Bo Scaifeat JAC -
11Zach Millerat MIA -
12Jeremy Shockeyat KCStatus Uncertain
13Anthony Fasanovs. OAK -
14Marcedes Lewisvs. TEN -
15John Carlsonvs. ARZ -
16Billy Millerat KCMove up four spots if Shockey is out
17Vernon Davisvs. STL -
18Dustin Kellerat NE -
19Kevin Bossvs. BAL -
20Visanthe Shiancoeat TB -
21Todd Heapat NYG -
22David Martinvs. OAK -
23Desmond Clarkat GB -
24Ben Watsonvs. NYJ -
25Jerramy Stevensvs. MIN -

TE Notes: It's past time to take Bo Scaife's season seriously. Once a Rotoworld favorite because of his workmanlike 30-40 yards a game, Scaife fell off our radar before the season because of a disappointing 2007 season and the addition of Alge Crumpler. But Crumpler has not proven to be a threat and Kerry Collins is helping the passing game. With opposing safeties more worried about the Titans running game, Tennessee is featuring Scaife as a true weapon more. He's third in targets among tight ends since Week 7, and seventh overall on the season. He's seen four red zone targets in each of the last two games, including two on the goal line. Feel comfortable starting Scaife each week at this point. Dropping the TE2 you own behind Scaife makes sense in most cases. … Tyler Thigpen has saved Tony Gonzalez's season. With Kansas City's spread offense featuring a ton of short passes, Gonzo can contend with Jason Witten and Antonio Gates to be the top TE the rest of the way. … Brady Quinn should also help Kellen Winslow's season because he'll focus on the short stuff. Buffalo's defense has had all sorts of problems with short passing attacks, so this is a great matchup.

Tony Scheffler isn't 100%, but he's close enough. He's a must start. … Yes the Chargers are brutal covering tight ends. But Matt Spaeth is still a long shot pickup when there are so many solid options. … The Vikings give up 70 yards-per-game to tight ends, only 13 less than the Chargers. So Jerramy Stevens isn't a terrible emergency pick. … Chris Cooley is on pace to shatter his personal yardage record, but has only one touchdown on the season. His previous low is six. The lack of scores are fluky, so he's set up for a strong stretch run. He's always been a second half player.

Jeremy Shockey is turning into an embarrassment for the Saints. You just don't see the explosion in the rare times he has the ball. He doesn't pull away from linebackers on his pass routes and he's not attacking the ball. He's ranked high this week because of the matchup, but keep an eye on the status of his ankle. The Saints want to salvage something from Shockey, and I fully expect him to start against the Chiefs. He should get plenty of targets. Give him one more week. … With a little better effort, Vernon Davis could have had two long touchdowns last week. He's a good pickup if you need help.

Week 11 Team Defense

RankPlayer NameOpponentNotes
1Panthers Def/Spec Teamvs. DET -
2Eagles Def/Spec Teamat CIN -
3Titans Def/Spec Teamat JAC -
4Dolphins Def/Spec Teamvs. OAK -
5Giants Def/Spec Teamvs. BAL -
6Buccaneers Def/Spec Teamvs. MIN -
7Bears Def/Spec Teamat GB -
8Cardinals Def/Spec Teamat SEA -
9Packers Def/Spec Teamvs. CHI -
10Ravens Def/Spec Teamat NYG -
11Vikings Def/Spec Teamat TB -
12Chargers Def/Spec Teamat PIT -
13Steelers Def/Spec Teamvs. SD -
14Colts Def/Spec Teamvs. HOU -
15Jets Def/Spec Teamat NE -
16Patriots Def/Spec Teamvs. NYJ -
17Cowboys Def/Spec Teamat WAS -
18Jaguars Def/Spec Teamvs. TEN -
19Bills Def/Spec Teamvs. CLE -
20Browns Def/Spec Teamat BUF -
21Saints Def/Spec Teamat KC -
22Redskins Def/Spec Teamvs. DAL -
23Fortyniners Def/Spec Teamvs. STL -
24Raiders Def/Spec Teamat MIA -
25Rams Def/Spec Teamat SF -
26Falcons Def/Spec Teamvs. DEN -
27Texans Def/Spec Teamat IND -
28Seahawks Def/Spec Teamvs. ARZ -
29Lions Def/Spec Teamat CAR -
30Chiefs Def/Spec Teamvs. NO -
31Broncos Def/Spec Teamat ATL -
32Bengals Def/Spec Teamvs. PHI -

Week 11 Kickers

RankPlayer NameOpponentNotes
1Matt Praterat ATL -
2Rob Bironasat JAC -
3Mason Crosbyvs. CHI -
4David Akersat CIN -
5Stephen Gostkowskivs. NYJ -
6Jason Elamvs. DEN -
7Nate Kaedingat PIT -
8John Kasayvs. DET -
9Josh Scobeevs. TEN -
10Ryan Longwellat TB -
11Joe Nedneyvs. STL -
12Matt Bryantvs. MIN -
13Neil Rackersat SEA -
14Robbie Gouldat GB -
15Matt Stoverat NYG -
16Kris Brownat IND -
17Jeff Reedvs. SD -
18Jay Feelyat NE -
19Rian Lindellvs. CLE -
20John Carneyvs. BAL -
21Shaun Suishamvs. DAL -
22Adam Vinatierivs. HOU -
23Phil Dawsonat BUF -
24Nick Folkat WAS -
25Dan Carpentervs. OAK -
26Olindo Marevs. ARZ -
27Sebastian Janikowskiat MIA -
28Shayne Grahamvs. PHI -
29Josh Brownat SF -
30Garrett Hartleyat KC -
31Connor Barthvs. NO -
32Jason Hansonat CAR -

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