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Week 14 Rankings Update

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Week 14 Tight Ends

RankPlayer NameOpponentNotes
1Tony Gonzalezat DEN -
2Dustin Kellerat SF -
3Antonio Gatesvs. OAK -
4Jason Wittenat PIT -
5Zach Millerat SD -
6Dallas Clarkvs. CIN -
7Tony Schefflervs. KC -
8Jeremy Shockeyvs. ATL -
9Chris Cooleyat BAL -
10Owen Danielsat GB -
11Kevin Bossvs. PHI -
12John Carlsonvs. NESwitch to Wallace hurts
13Bo Scaifevs. CLE -
14Visanthe Shiancoeat DET -
15Greg Olsenvs. JAC -
16Marcedes Lewisat CHI -
17Vernon Davisvs. NYJ -
18Billy Millervs. ATL -
19Donald Leevs. HOU -
20Todd Heapvs. WAS -
21Heath Millervs. DAL -
22Ben Watsonat SEA -
23Jerramy Stevensat CAR -
24L.J. Smithat NYG -

TE Notes: I've been pumping up John Carlson and Zach Miller throughout the week. They are still available on a lot of waiver wires and make better plays than Owen Daniels, Bo Scaife, and Greg Olsen. Miller is doing especially well because he's targeted down the field so often. He's no speedster, but gets targeted on many passes 15-20 yards from the line of scrimmage. Teams disrespect the Oakland passing game so much that Miller always gets single coverage and is crafty enough to beat linebackers and safeties. Miller has great hands and toughness. He could have Jason Witten's career if not for playing in Oakland. … Dustin Keller is second among tight ends in targets over the last month, only behind Tony Gonzalez. He's turned into an every week must start.

Jeremy Shockey is back to being a better fantasy option than real-life player. He misses some assignments and drops passes, but he's seeing a ton of targets. I'd feel comfortable playing him during the playoffs. … Tony Gonzalez is opening up a huge gap between him and the next closest tight end. He is making tough catches on every pass level and has Tyler Thigpen's undivided attention. … Chris Cooley is producing against all competition, so don't go crazy with the low ranking here. There just happen to be a lot of good matchups for excellent tight ends this week. There is a big drop-off after Cooley. … Tony Scheffler is hit-or-miss, but he's healthy enough to use in a great matchup. … Kevin Boss is starting to show surprising ability with the ball in his hands and enjoyed a great game against Philly last time. … Greg Olsen is too inconsistent to count on.

Week 14 Team Defense

RankPlayer NameOpponentNotes
1Titans Def/Spec Teamvs. CLE -
2Ravens Def/Spec Teamvs. WAS -
3Bears Def/Spec Teamvs. JAC -
4Vikings Def/Spec Teamat DET -
5Giants Def/Spec Teamvs. PHI -
6Buccaneers Def/Spec Teamat CAR -
7Colts Def/Spec Teamvs. CIN -
8Steelers Def/Spec Teamvs. DAL -
9Cowboys Def/Spec Teamat PIT -
10Jets Def/Spec Teamat SF -
11Cardinals Def/Spec Teamvs. STL -
12Chargers Def/Spec Teamvs. OAK -
13Dolphins Def/Spec Teamat BUF -
14Eagles Def/Spec Teamat NYG -
15Patriots Def/Spec Teamat SEA -
16Packers Def/Spec Teamvs. HOU -
17Bills Def/Spec Teamvs. MIA -
18Fortyniners Def/Spec Teamvs. NYJ -
19Redskins Def/Spec Teamat BAL -
20Jaguars Def/Spec Teamat CHI -
21Panthers Def/Spec Teamvs. TB -
22Texans Def/Spec Teamat GB -
23Broncos Def/Spec Teamvs. KC -
24Falcons Def/Spec Teamat NO -
25Raiders Def/Spec Teamat SD -
26Seahawks Def/Spec Teamvs. NE -
27Lions Def/Spec Teamvs. MIN -
28Saints Def/Spec Teamvs. ATL -
29Chiefs Def/Spec Teamat DEN -
30Browns Def/Spec Teamat TEN -
31Bengals Def/Spec Teamat IND -
32Rams Def/Spec Teamat ARZ -

Week 14 Kickers

RankPlayer NameOpponentNotes
1Rob Bironasvs. CLE -
2Stephen Gostkowskiat SEA -
3Jason Elamat NOProbable(hip)
4Ryan Longwellat DET -
5Neil Rackersvs. STL -
6Mason Crosbyvs. HOU -
7Robbie Gouldvs. JAC -
8Jay Feelyat SF -
9Garrett Hartleyvs. ATL -
10Matt Pratervs. KC -
11Matt Bryantat CAR -
12Adam Vinatierivs. CIN -
13John Carneyvs. PHI -
14David Akersat NYG -
15Dan Carpenterat BUF -
16Nick Folkat PIT -
17Nate Kaedingvs. OAK -
18Jeff Reedvs. DAL -
19Connor Barthat DEN -
20Joe Nedneyvs. NYJ -
21Josh Brownat ARZ -
22John Kasayvs. TB -
23Rian Lindellvs. MIA -
24Kris Brownat GB -
25Josh Scobeeat CHI -
26Sebastian Janikowskiat SD -
27Olindo Marevs. NE -
28Shayne Grahamat IND -
29Jason Hansonvs. MIN -
30Phil Dawsonat TEN -
31Shaun Suishamat BAL -
32Matt Stovervs. WAS -

Finally, here's a look at our Fantasy Fix preview of the Week 14. If you aren't terribly bored by the proceedings, check out the newly remodeled Fantasy Fix Homepage.

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