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Week 7 Rankings

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Week 7 Tight Ends

RankPlayer NameOpponentNotes
1Antonio Gatesat KC -
2Dallas Clarkat STL -
3Jason Wittenvs. ATL -
4Owen Danielsvs. SF -
5Tony Gonzalezat DAL -
6Heath Millervs. MIN -
7Brent Celekat WAS -
8Vernon Davisat HOU -
9Kellen Winslowvs. NE -
10Chris Cooleyvs. PHI -
11Greg Olsenat CIN -
12Zach Millervs. NYJ -
13Jeremy Shockeyat MIA
14Dustin Kellerat OAK -
15Visanthe Shiancoeat PIT -
16Jermichael Finleyat CLE -
17Kevin Bossvs. ARZ -
18Anthony Fasanovs. NO -
19Ben Watsonat TB
20Randy McMichaelvs. IND -

TE Notes: The Vikings have given up more fantasy points to tight ends than any team, so Heath Miller's career year should continue this week. … Second on the worst teams against tight ends list is Philadelphia. All the fears that Chris Cooley would be stuck as a blocker last week were overblown. He performed his usual role once the coaching staff had a week to prepare for life without Chris Samuels. … The Patriots are one of the best teams preventing yards to tight ends because of the play of Brandon Merriweather and Brandon McGowan. This will be a tough matchup for Kellen Winslow. … It's fair to have lost patience with Dustin Keller by now, especially with so many excellent options at tight end. Greg Olsen and Zach Miller are showing expected signs of life, for instance, and still have trouble cracking the top ten.

Week 7 Team Defense

RankPlayer NameOpponentNotes
1Eagles Def/Spec Teamat WAS -
2Jets Def/Spec Teamat OAK -
3Patriots Def/Spec Teamat TB -
4Colts Def/Spec Teamat STL -
5Packers Def/Spec Teamat CLE -
6Giants Def/Spec Teamvs. ARZ -
7Vikings Def/Spec Teamat PIT -
8Steelers Def/Spec Teamvs. MIN -
9Fortyniners Def/Spec Teamat HOU -
10Chargers Def/Spec Teamat KC -
11Bears Def/Spec Teamat CIN -
12Bengals Def/Spec Teamvs. CHI -
13Panthers Def/Spec Teamvs. BUF -
14Raiders Def/Spec Teamvs. NYJ -
15Cowboys Def/Spec Teamvs. ATL -
16Saints Def/Spec Teamat MIA -
17Falcons Def/Spec Teamat DAL -
18Cardinals Def/Spec Teamat NYG -
19Texans Def/Spec Teamvs. SF -
20Dolphins Def/Spec Teamvs. NO -
21Redskins Def/Spec Teamvs. PHI -
22Bills Def/Spec Teamat CAR -
23Chiefs Def/Spec Teamvs. SD -
24Browns Def/Spec Teamvs. GB -
25Buccaneers Def/Spec Teamvs. NE -
26Rams Def/Spec Teamvs. IND -

Week 7 Kickers

RankPlayer NameOpponentNotes
1Stephen Gostkowskiat TB -
2Lawrence Tynesvs. ARZ -
3Mason Crosbyat CLE -
4Neil Rackersat NYG -
5Jay Feelyat OAK -
6Ryan Longwellat PIT -
7John Carneyat MIA -
8David Akersat WAS -
9Nick Folkvs. ATL -
10Robbie Gouldat CIN -
11Nate Kaedingat KC -
12Matt Stoverat STL -
13Kris Brownvs. SF -
14Joe Nedneyat HOU -
15John Kasayvs. BUF -
16Jason Elamat DAL Probable(hamstring)
17Ryan Succopvs. SD -
18Jeff Reedvs. MIN -
19Dan Carpentervs. NO -
20Shayne Grahamvs. CHI -
21Rian Lindellat CAR -
22Sebastian Janikowskivs. NYJ -
23Josh Brownvs. IND -
24Phil Dawsonvs. GB Sidelined(groin)
25Shane Andrusvs. NE -
26Shaun Suishamvs. PHI -

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