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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

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Round Nineteen

217. Mora's Playoff Pipe Dreams - Earl Bennett, WR, CHI
218. Denny Green's Arse Crowners - Jarret Dillard, WR, JAX
219. Mini Ditka - Ravens D, D/ST, BAL
220. Tuna's Big Cigars & Motorcars - Todd Heap, TE, BAL
221. Vermeil's Crocodile Tears - Garrett Hartley, K, NO
222. Shula's Champagne Poppers - Julius Jones, RB, SEA
223. Jenkins' Semi-Tough Sumbitches - Stephen Gostkowski, K, NE
224. Plimpton's Paper Lions - Giants D, D/ST, NYG
225. Exley's Self-Loathing Anti-Heroes - Saints D, D/ST, NO
226. Cosell's Cocksure Carnival Barkers - Ryan Longwell, K, MIN
227. Blount's Three Bricks Shy - Kevin Walter, WR, HOU
228. Gent's Depraved Boozers - Matt Moore, QB, CAR

Round Twenty

229. Gent's Depraved Boozers - Ben Watson, TE, CLE
230. Blount's Three Bricks Shy - Nate Kaeding, K, SD
231. Cosell's Cocksure Carnival Barkers - Martellus Bennett, TE, DAL
232. Exley's Self-Loathing Anti-Heroes - David Akers, K, PHI
233. Plimpton's Paper Lions - Rob Bironas, K, TEN
234. Jenkins' Semi-Tough Sumbitches - 49ers D, D/ST, SF
235. Shula's Champagne Poppers - Bengals D, D/ST, CIN
236. Vermeil's Crocodile Tears - Armanti Edwards, WR, CAR
237. Tuna's Big Cigars & Motorcars - Shayne Graham, K, BAL
238. Mini Ditka - Mike Bell, RB, PHI
239. Denny Green's Arse Crowners - Jordan Shipley, WR, CIN
240. Mora's Playoff Pipe Dreams - Lynell Hamilton, RB, NO

Round Twenty-One

241. Mora's Playoff Pipe Dreams - Mason Crosby, K, GB
242. Denny Green's Arse Crowners - Robbie Gould, K, CHI
243. Mini Ditka - Jeff Reed, K, PIT
244. Tuna's Big Cigars & Motorcars - Emmanuel Sanders, WR, PIT
245. Vermeil's Crocodile Tears - Davone Bess, WR, MIA
246. Shula's Champagne Poppers - Matt Prater, K, DEN
247. Jenkins' Semi-Tough Sumbitches - Andre Roberts, WR, ARI
248. Plimpton's Paper Lions - Steve Johnson, WR, BUF
249. Exley's Self-Loathing Anti-Heroes - Shawnbrey McNeal, RB, SD
250. Cosell's Cocksure Carnival Barkers - Matt Hasselbeck, QB, SEA
251. Blount's Three Bricks Shy - Lex Hilliard, RB, MIA
252. Gent's Depraved Boozers - LenDale White, RB, UFA

Round Twenty-Two

253. Gent's Depraved Boozers - Jay Feely, K, ARI
254. Blount's Three Bricks Shy - Harry Douglas, WR, ATL
255. Cosell's Cocksure Carnival Barkers - Charlie Whitehurst, QB, SEA
256. Exley's Self-Loathing Anti-Heroes - Lance Moore, WR, NO
257. Plimpton's Paper Lions - Willie Parker, RB, WAS
258. Jenkins' Semi-Tough Sumbitches - Bo Scaife, TE, TEN
259. Shula's Champagne Poppers - Correll Buckhalter, RB, DEN
260. Vermeil's Crocodile Tears - James Davis, RB, CLE
261. Tuna's Big Cigars & Motorcars - Colt McCoy, QB, CLE
262. Mini Ditka - Buster Davis, WR, SD
263. Denny Green's Arse Crowners - John Skelton, QB, ARI
264. Mora's Playoff Pipe Dreams - Brandon Jackson, RB, GB

Round Twenty-Three

265. Mora's Playoff Pipe Dreams - LeGarrette Blount, RB, TEN
266. Denny Green's Arse Crowners - Dennis Pitta, TE, BAL
267. Mini Ditka - Trent Edwards, QB, BUF
268. Tuna's Big Cigars & Motorcars - Ed Dickson, TE, BAL
269. Vermeil's Crocodile Tears - Tony Moeaki, TE, KC
270. Shula's Champagne Poppers - Marcedes Lewis, TE, JAX
271. Jenkins' Semi-Tough Sumbitches - Carlton Mitchell, WR, CLE
272. Plimpton's Paper Lions - James Hardy, WR, BUF
273. Exley's Self-Loathing Anti-Heroes - Justin Gage, WR, TEN
274. Cosell's Cocksure Carnival Barkers - Gary Barnidge, TE, CAR
275. Blount's Three Bricks Shy - James Casey, TE, HOU
276. Gent's Depraved Boozers - Plaxico Burress, WR, UFA

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