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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Top-200 lists, such as the one in Rotoworld's 2010 Fantasy Draft Guide, are handy tools for comparative trade values. For a better read on Dynasty startup draft trends, though, I came up with the idea of a one-man mock. In other words, I'll be drafting for all 12 teams. A few things to keep in mind about this startup:

  • For purposes of my own amusement, I've named each team and broken them down into two divisions: Coaches' Corner and Writer's Block.

  • This draft is for a standard scoring league (no PPR) with a starting lineup consisting of the following: 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 FL, 1 K, 1 D.

  • It's late July and rosters are starting from scratch. That means talented young players will gain even more value at the expense of veterans about to reach the decline stage. While contenders in established leagues can afford to mortgage part of their future for an in-season playoff run, no owner will benefit from loading up on aging veterans in a startup league.

  • Part of the fun of Dynasty leagues is watching teams take on unique personalities, much like NFL teams do (smashmouth Steelers, renegade Raiders, etc.). Where it was sensible and expedient, I tried to do the same here. For example, Gent's Depraved Boozers (North Dallas Forty), really is full of degenerate boozers. Every league needs a character careless team like the Cincinnati Bengals.

  • For space purposes, I've left off a full view of the final rosters.

    Those interested can check out rosters for the one-man startup mock on our Pancake Blocks Blog.

    On to the draft:

    Round One

    1. Mora's Playoff Pipe Dreams - Chris Johnson, RB, TEN
    2. Denny Green's Arse Crowners - Adrian Peterson, RB, MIN
    3. Mini Ditka - Maurice Jones-Drew, RB, JAX
    4. Tuna's Big Cigars & Motorcars - Ray Rice, RB, BAL
    5. Vermeil's Crocodile Tears - Larry Fitzgerald, WR, ARI
    6. Shula's Champagne Poppers - Andre Johnson, WR, HOU
    7. Jenkins' Semi-Tough Sumbitches - Rashard Mendenhall, RB, PIT
    8. Plimpton's Paper Lions - Aaron Rodgers, QB, GB
    9. Exley's Self-Loathing Anti-Heroes - Calvin Johnson, WR, DET
    10. Cosell's Cocksure Carnival Barkers - Drew Brees, QB, NO
    11. Blount's Three Bricks Shy - Frank Gore, RB, SF
    12. Gent's Depraved Boozers - Jonathan Stewart, RB, CAR

    Notes: The concern over Fitzgerald's QB situation has been overblown, and he has two years on Andre Johnson. ... Mendenhall is a talented, young three-down back playing for an ideal franchise. ... The last half of a startup first-round should always be filled with quarterbacks and wide receivers, which offer far more stability and long-term value than second tier running backs.

    Round Two

    13. Gent's Depraved Boozers - DeAngelo Williams, RB, CAR
    14. Blount's Three Bricks Shy - Miles Austin, WR, DAL
    15. Cosell's Cocksure Carnival Barkers - Jamaal Charles, RB, KC
    16. Exley's Self-Loathing Anti-Heroes - Steven Jackson, RB, STL
    17. Plimpton's Paper Lions - Ryan Mathews, RB, SD
    18. Jenkins' Semi-Tough Sumbitches - DeSean Jackson, WR, PHI
    19. Shula's Champagne Poppers - Knowshon Moreno, RB, DEN
    20. Vermeil's Crocodile Tears - Beanie Wells, RB, ARI
    21. Tuna's Big Cigars & Motorcars - Peyton Manning, QB, IND
    22. Mini Ditka - Tony Romo, QB, DAL
    23. Denny Green's Arse Crowners - Roddy White, WR, ATL
    24. Mora's Playoff Pipe Dreams - Greg Jennings, WR, GB

    Notes: Gent handcuffs elite talents Jonathan Stewart and DeAngelo Williams, both of whom are startable in 2010. ... Manning has five more years of Top-Six finishes left. His age isn't a serious concern yet. ... Too many Dynasty leaguers are still sleeping on Jamaal Charles.

    Round Three

    25. Mora's Playoff Pipe Dreams - Philip Rivers, QB, SD
    26. Denny Green's Arse Crowners - Shonn Greene, RB, NYJ
    27. Mini Ditka - Reggie Wayne, WR, IND
    28. Tuna's Big Cigars & Motorcars - Sidney Rice, WR, MIN
    29. Vermeil's Crocodile Tears - Jahvid Best, RB, DET
    30. Shula's Champagne Poppers - Michael Turner, RB, ATL
    31. Jenkins' Semi-Tough Sumbitches - Tom Brady, QB, NE
    32. Plimpton's Paper Lions - Dez Bryant, WR, DAL
    33. Exley's Self-Loathing Anti-Heroes - Felix Jones, RB, DAL
    34. Cosell's Cocksure Carnival Barkers - Michael Crabtree, WR, SF
    35. Blount's Three Bricks Shy - Marques Colston, WR, NO
    36. Gent's Depraved Boozers - Vincent Jackson, WR, SD

    Notes: I contemplated taking Bryant even higher. He's a legit Top-10 receiver in Dynasty circles. ... Dallas, perhaps the league's most dynamic offense going forward, has four players drafted in the past two rounds. ... V-Jax is a steal at the end of the third round if an owner can afford to be patient.

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