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Target Watch: Week 2

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Minnesota Vikings


Percy Harvin 5, Michael Jenkins 3, Adrian Peterson 3, Bernard Berrian 2, Visanthe Shiancoe 2, Kyle Rudolph 1


With only 15 total targets it’s difficult to see what might materialize in a normal game (Viking fans better pray this isn’t normal), but we know that Percy Harvin and Adrian Peterson are the Vikings only real threats at this point and it looks like they are at least trying to get them the ball. Harvin also had 4 carries, which is good to see and will continue to be the focus of their passing attack, if you can call it that.


New England Patriots


Wes Welker 12, Aaron Hernandez 10, Deion Branch 9, Rob Gronkowski 7, Chad Ochocinco 3, Matt Slater 2, Julian Edelman 2, BenJarvus Green-Ellis 1, Danny Woodhead 1


The Brady Bunch no-huddled the Dolphins secondary into the unemployment line/infirmary and had no trouble picking them apart for 517 yards, but sadly for us fake footballers Belichick could try the old no forward pass strategy next week. But for the sake of argument let’s say he doesn’t.  We knew Welker would get his targets, but it’s never easy to decipher the distribution after that.  Hernandez and Gronkowski almost split everything 50/50 and with so many targets to go around it worked well for fantasy owners of each.  That won’t happen every time, but they are used like receivers and get red zone looks (each had 3) so you have to play them both.


Danny Woodhead had more carries than he’s ever had in his short life span. He’s serviceable in PPR, but don’t expect him to be the new running back in New England when they aren’t constantly in hurry up.


New Orleans Saints


Devery Henderson 9, Darren Sproles 9, Marques Colston 9, Robert Meachem 8, Jimmy Graham 7, Pierre Thomas 5, David Thomas 1


With Marques Colston out for a while and Lance Moore hurt for this game we can throw these numbers out the window and then get fined for littering.  They are also skewed because they were trailing for most of the game and needed to pass more often than not. That fact puts a player like Mark Ingram at a disadvantage and one like Darren Sproles at the opposite of that.  In a normal Saints game they will either be ahead or much closer and will use play action with Ingram, at least more so than this game where Ingram was only on the field 19 times compared to Sproles’ 32.


If Moore returns you can expect him, Meachem and Graham to get the bulk of the targets, but if he doesn’t, Henderson would once again see a hefty number.


New York Giants


Hakeem Nicks 11, Mario Manningham 7, Domenik Hixon 4, Jake Ballard 3, Ahmad Bradshaw 2, Victor Cruz 2, Brandon Jacobs 1, Danny Ware 1, Henry Hynoski 1


Hakeem Nicks is the no doubt, go to guy for Eli Manning and Manningham, his non-kosher receiver, is his no doubt secondary target. After that? Anybody’s guess.  Hixon and Cruz are battling it out for the No. 3 spot and Hixon looks to be in the lead, but unless Nicks is out that won’t matter much. Oh, what’s that you say? He may be out? Well, I’ll say Hixon would benefit the most from that scenario if it presents itself.


The running back breakdown is similar to last season, but for some reason Ahmad Bradshaw was in at the goal line when Brandon Jacobs looked perfectly capable of doing that job and probably better. We’ll have to see how that one plays out.


New York Jets


Santonio Holmes 10, Plaxico Burress 9, Dustin Keller 8, LaDainian Tomlinson 7, Derrick Mason 6, Jeff Cumberland 2, Shonn Greene 1, John Conner 1


Mark Sanchez and company were down most of the game and were playing catch up by passing often. Santonio Holmes is still the No. 1 receiver, but Sanchez felt comfortable throwing it up for Plaxico Burress to go get. I didn’t see Burress getting much separation from defenders, but as long as Sanchez doesn’t mind throwing it his way you have to feel good about his chances of getting into the end zone. The same is true for Dustin Keller who had 3 targets in the red zone.


LaDainian Tomlinson stole the show from Shonn Greene once again. L.T. was in there mainly because they were passing so often and if the Jets are in the lead there’s a good chance you see Greene, but when they are behind Greene owners are going to be seeing red.


Oakland Raiders


Darrius Heyward-Bey 7, Brandon Myers 5, Jacoby Ford 4, Marcel Reece 3, Michael Bush 1, Darren McFadden 1, Denarius Moore 1


Heyward-Bey is the story here, but his inconsistency is going to make me want to see him have a few more games with this many targets and receptions. It’s not like he went off, but for him he did.


If you don’t know who Brandon Myers is, don’t worry; he’s filling in for Kevin Boss. Jacoby Ford hurt his hamstring and Denarius Moore didn’t get much work. Trying to find a usable receiver in this Oakland group is one of the 9 circles of hell.


Philadelphia Eagles


DeSean Jackson 12, Jason Avant 7, Brent Celek 3, LeSean McCoy, 3 Jeremy Maclin 3, Owen Schmitt 2, Dion Lewis 1


Even though Jeremy Maclin only had 3 targets he was on the field more than any other receiver.  His lack of looks is a little odd, but I feel safe in saying they will head back up into normal range next week and normal range is ahead of Jason Avant.


Ronnie Brown was only on the field for 10 plays compared to LeSean McCoy’s 57 so there is no time share there, but Brown did get two red zone looks. It’s worth monitoring, but McCoy’s workload should keep him in the fantasy money even if Brown vultures here and there.

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