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Vicious Vick

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A lot of people call Michael Vick injury prone. That may not be fair. Although he has started 16 games just once in his career, he has started 15 games in three of them. And over the past four seasons that Vick has been the undisputed starting quarterback for his team, he has missed a total of five games due to injury. And if we look at his career, he has started 79 of 96 possible games as the undisputed starter. He’s not Brett Favre or Peyton Manning, but he’s not Mr. Glass either.

The ironic part is that Vick was sitting in the pocket comfortably -- not scrambling wildly -- Sunday night when he suffered a concussion. It could have happened to any quarterback. There’s no reason to panic here.

To help us get a better handle on Vick’s injury, we chatted with Brian Eckenrode, PT, DPT, MS, OCS and sports rehabilitation specialist for GSPP Penn Therapy and Fitness at the Penn Sports Medicine Center in Philadelphia. For more info on GSPP and the Penn Sports Medicine Center, head to

Injury: Suffered concussion in second half of Sunday night’s loss to the Falcons.
Status: In the process of going through NFL protocol on concussions. Questionable for Week 3.

What did you think when you saw Vick bang his head into Todd Herremans?
It almost looked like a whiplash type injury. But the helmet-to helmet hits, or helmet-to-shoulder, don't usually bode well. Sometimes the side impact can be as bad as the straight on.

Is it possible to pass baseline tests within a few days after suffering a concussion?
Yes, it’s possible. It’s not like he lost consciousness. There are different grading systems for the severity of a concussion. If you kind of just get knocked a little woozy and feel good afterward, it’s probably mild. Certainly it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for a guy to come back within a couple days to a week with normal baseline tests.

Could Vick be held out even if he gets medically cleared?
I think the Eagles will err on the side of caution. If he gets another concussion, he could be out long term. If it’s borderline, the Eagles will need to weigh the risks.

The thing is that if this was three or four years ago, Vick probably would have been back out there later on the game. There’s a lot more long-term risks that we’re finding now. Guys are bigger, stronger, faster, so the repercussions can last a lot longer than a couple minutes.

ROTOWORLD OPINION: Owners need to add Mike Kafka as Vick will be in a race to get cleared and active for Sunday’s game against the Giants. But the good news is that this doesn’t sound like anything more than a one-week absence at most. There’s no need to panic.

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Injury: Sprained MCL
Status: The Boston Globe is reporting that Hernandez will be out 1-2 weeks. CSN New England hears Hernandez could be out 4-6 weeks.

MCL sprains usually don’t cost players that much time. Could Hernandez really miss more than a month with one?
When you hear 4-6 weeks, it could be a severe sprain. Grade 1 is maybe two weeks, Grade 2 maybe four weeks. So if that timetable is true, it sounds like he’s between a Grade 2 and Grade 3. It’s certainly possible to be out that long.

What are the symptoms of a Grade 2 or 3?
If a player really tears the ligament, he’s going to have a lot more pain and swelling. It takes longer for your body to recover from. A Grade 1 is bad enough where you can’t power off it or get stability in it, but they are usually pretty good within a week or two.

Will Hernandez be limited when he gets back?
Usually you want the MCL to heal, to scar down a little bit. That will add to the stability in the knee. He’ll probably be braced when he gets back, but should be OK in terms of movement.

ROTOWORLD OPINION: The Patriots are among the most secretive teams in the league when it comes to injuries, so we may not know the grade of Hernandez’s sprain for quite some time. Still, he’s the caliber of player that you can’t drop. All we can do is hope it’s a Grade 1. In the meantime, Rob Gronkowski is going to beast and Chad Ochocinco is actually going to get to play.

Injury: Separated right shoulder in first quarter of Sunday’s win over 49ers and played through it.
Status: Widely expected to play in Week 3.

A separated shoulder sounds really bad for a running back, no?
Well, it’s not exactly the shoulder -- it’s the joint above your shoulder. There’s a little joint where your collarbone connects into the scapula. It’s a stabilizing structure. It doesn’t move a whole lot, but when it does it’s a separated shoulder. Like the MCL, there’s varying grades of it. So my guess is Jones had a very mild separation so that’s why he was able to play.

Can it be aggravated easily?
If he takes enough of a hit on it, he’s going to feel it, but they clearly feel it’s stable enough to where it wont be an issue. Still, it’s going to limit his range of motion tremendously. If he falls awkwardly on it he could do more damage, but it sounds like its on the mild side so he should be good.

What does a mild separation mean?
There are a couple ligaments in there. The severity of the separation depends on how many ligaments are torn. Usually if it’s a Grade 1, there’s just some extra stress, not a complete tear of the ligaments.

ROTOWORLD OPINION: Jones has an extra day to get ready as the Cowboys play on Monday night. But they could be doubting giving their feature back a full workload, especially if he is hesitant to use his shoulder to block and finish runs. It definitely doesn’t help that Jones has an ugly injury history and has been unproductive through two games. If you have better RB2 options, we’d think about getting them in there.


It was a concern to look at the box score and see that Jordy Nelson had just one catch on two targets in Sunday’s win over the Panthers. But upon further examination, there’s no reason to worry. Nelson played 33-of-58 offensive snaps, more than Donald Driver (29), James Jones (18) and Randall Cobb (11). He’s still the No. 2 receiver here and the entire game last week was a little fluky. The Packers ran just three offensive plays in the first quarter. Nelson is still a solid WR3 in fantasy.

Peyton Hillis owners need to take heed of the massive workloads he’s getting. But don’t listen to us about the Madden cover boy possibly wearing down. His own coach is also aware of it. Here are the words of Pat Shurmur:

“I wanted to get [Hardesty] in the game at some point, [but] I wish we could have got him in the game sooner because he needs to play. Peyton [Hillis] is a bruising-style runner that needs a little bit of relief at times, and I think that’s what we’ll try to do a better job of next time.”

Hillis is averaging 3.4 yards per carry so far this season after getting just 3.9 YPC over the final eight games of last season. It’s hard to see his body holding up effectively.

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Stevie Johnson (groin) says he’s in pain while simply walking but doesn’t plan on missing any games. … Steven Jackson (quad) is considered day to day. … Danny Amendola (elbow) is not going to return this week. … Brandon Lloyd (groin) is day to day as well. … Michael Crabtree (foot) is expected to play Sunday. Braylon Edwards (knee) may not. … Mario Manningham (concussion) is tentatively expected to be available this week. … Eddie Royal (groin) will likely be held out through the Week 6 bye.

Lance Moore played just 22-of-67 snaps last week. … The Jags are still refusing to name a starting quarterback for Week 3. … The Rams say they are slowly going to ramp up Danario Alexander’s workload. … There’s speculation that Willis McGahee the Broncos lead back even when Knowshon Moreno returns. Moreno, meanwhile, is not expected to be at full strength this week. … Larry Johnson was cut by the Dolphins. Daniel Thomas is ready to go. … Kevin Ogletree is expected to start in place of Miles Austin (hamstring).

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