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Target Watch: Week 9

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Indianapolis Colts

Reggie Wayne: 8-13-8-7-6-4-14 (71), Pierre Garcon: 5-10-8-8-11-6-15 (69), Austin Collie: 10-7-7-2-6-5-7 (47), Dallas Clark: 8 -6-4-5-7-0-10 (45). Joseph Addai: 4-2-2-1-dnp-2-dnp (15)

When I look through the target leaders Reggie Wayne and Pierre Garcon are always near the top, but when I look at actual production they are a little further down. Usually opportunity breeds fantasy points, fame and fortune in this game, but instead it's breeding contempt and uproarious laughter.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Mike Thomas: 10-8-11-7-6-1-4 (58), Jason Hill: dnp-5-9-7-3-8-5 (42), Marcedes Lewis: dnp-2-7-4-8-3-9 (36), Mike Sims-Walker: 11-6-6-dnp-dnp-2-4 (33), Maurice Jones-Drew: 4-3-4-0-3-3-4 (21), Deji Karim: 1-2-1-4-1-0-1 (13), Jarett Dillard: 2-0-3-1-3- dnp-3 (12)

Don’t waste your time. Really. I'm not kidding.

Kansas City Chiefs

Dwayne Bowe: 8-6-9-11-BYE-10-11 (63), Steve Breaston: 2-6-5-5-BYE-9-4 (33), Dexter McCluster: 5-6-4-2-BYE-2-3 (27), Leonard Pope: 3-3-1-3-BYE-1-1 (18), Jonathan Baldwin: dnp-dnp-dnp-dnp-BYE-5-8 (13), Keary Colbert: dnp-1-4-2-BYE-0-1 (11)

The biggest news out of this game was Jonathan Baldwin. He has a ton of talent and flashed some of it on Monday night. Of course he is a rookie on a team that favors the run and already has a No. 1 receiver and a seasoned No. 2 receiver to compete with. He had the second most targets beating out Steve Breaston and if that keeps up he should be able to continue putting up decent numbers, but it is still too early to tell.

Miami Dolphins

Brandon Marshall: 11-7-8-BYE-13-9-6 (67), Davone Bess: 5-9-5-BYE-3-12-5 (46), Brian Hartline: 7-4-5-BYE-6-2-2 (33), Reggie Bush: 1-1-2-BYE-2-2-5 (23), Anthony Fasano: 2-2-4-BYE-2-2-1 (19), Daniel Thomas: 1-3-dnp-BYE-1-5-dnp (10)

There weren't many yards or touchdowns to go around for the Dolphins last week, but Brandon Marshall did lead the team in targets once again. With Matt Moore behind center, Marshall is the only receiver even worth rostering.

With Daniel Thomas out, Reggie Bush had a nice game. It was only his fourth 100-yard rushing game ever and his first since the 2008 season. He ran with decisiveness which was good to see, but he had a couple games like that early in the season and then was unable to keep it up. He fooled me once and he'll have to try harder to fool me again, especially with Daniel Thomas most likely back soon.

Minnesota Vikings

Percy Harvin: 8-5-7-2-9-3-5 (43), Visanthe Shiancoe: 7-2-8-6-7-8-4 (43), Michael Jenkins: 3-10-1-6-6-8-2 (39), Bernard Berrian: 4-5-6-dnp-7-dnp-dnp (24), Devin Aromashodu: 2-2-2-5-2-5-6 (24), Adrian Peterson: 2-5-1-0-1-1-5 (18), Kyle Rudolph: 1 -3-4-0-3-1-5 (18)

Percy Harvin seems to leave every game with an injury, but he's still leading the team in targets and is pretty darn good at football. He’s the only Minnesota receiver I'd want on my fake team. Christian Ponder is also targeting his tight ends quite a bit, but Shiancoe and Rudolph are going to hurt each other's value going forward.

Adrian Peterson is better than anyone at football.

New England Patriots

Wes Welker: 11-20-14-8-10-BYE-8 (83), Rob Gronkowski: 6-9-5-4-7-BYE-9 (47), Deion Branch: 10-3-4-8-5-BYE-7 (46), Aaron Hernandez: 8-dnp-dnp-9-14-BYE-4 (45), Chad Ochocinco: 2-4-2-3-1-BYE-1 (16), Danny Woodhead: 2-5-0-dnp-3-BYE-0 (11)

There are only 4 players getting targets for the Patriots. Compared to the Packers these numbers seem odd for such a high powered passing attack. This does make it easier to start all of these guys week in and week out though.

Kevin Faulk saw the bulk of the work with the Patriots playing from behind. Stevan Ridley has quickly lost his snaps and that is sad. Green-Ellis will be the guy when the Patriots are ahead, but this committee is scary.

New Orleans Saints

Jimmy Graham: 7-8-14-12-11-7-8 (74), Darren Sproles: 10-9-7-7-11-6-7 (66), Marques Colston: dnp-dnp-3-6-11-7-6 (42), Lance Moore: 4-9-6-6-3-4-9 (41), Robert Meachem: 4-8-6-5-2-2-3 (38), Pierre Thomas: 4-1-4-3-1-6-4 (28), Devery Henderson: 3-4-1-1-2 -2-4 (26)

Lance Moore led the way in targets against the Rams which might just be an anomaly, but I like Moore so much that I want to square peg it into a round target hole. But I'll hold off for now especially since he was fourth in total number of plays for Saints wide receivers. Graham, Sproles and Colston remain your target leaders and the guys you start every week.

With Ingram out we saw Chris Ivory take his place and the snap count numbers went to Sproles with 43 snaps, then Pierre Thomas with 26 and Ivory with 6. Sproles is still the guy to own with Ingram the guy to hold onto and hope.

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