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Target Watch: Week 10

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Seattle Seahawks

Sidney Rice: 10-6-5-BYE-5-14-8 (48), Doug Baldwin: 4-6-9-BYE-3-8-6 (44), Ben Obomanu: 2-4-10-BYE-2-4-2 (36), Justin Forsett: 3-4-1- BYE-1-1-3 (21), Mike Williams: 1-5-dnp-BYE-4-dnp-3 (21), Zach Miller: 3-6-0-BYE-dnp-5-0 (20), Marshawn Lynch: 3-4-6-BYE-dnp-0-2 (19), Golden Tate: 3-0-3-BYE-1-4-1 (19)

This team is maddening to say the least and that is mainly because they don't have any consistency at quarterback. Tarvaris Jackson has flashed ability throughout his career but can't bring it every game. But unlike the Colts and Jaguars I do have a little more hope for their number one receiver Sidney Rice. In the four games where Jackson has played the majority of the snaps and Rice was starting, Sidney has averaged 9.5 targets, 5 receptions and 90 yards to go along with a touchdown. Hopefully that will continue.

San Francisco 49ers

Michael Crabtree: 6-9-5-15-BYE-9-5 (51), Vernon Davis: 9-6-3-2-BYE-3-7 (38), Frank Gore: 2-2-2-5-BYE-0-3 (21), Delanie Walker: 2-3-3 -3-BYE-0-2 (18), Braylon Edwards: dnp-dnp-dnp-dnp-BYE-7-3 (17), Ted Ginn: 0-1-0-5-BYE-1-1 (15)

Alex Smith is completing 17 passes per game which is 29th in the league, which is not all that many. Of course they keep winning because of defense and Frank Gore so that number isn't going to go up any time soon. Michael Crabtree has become a reliable receiver and is worth owning, but his upside is pretty low with Vernon Davis and Braylon Edwards taking away looks.

St. Louis Rams

Brandon Lloyd: 7-11-BYE-dnp-12-13-13 (71), Brandon Gibson: 7-1-BYE-10-dnp-6-5 (42), Danario Alexander: 8-8-BYE-10-6-dnp-dnp (39), Greg Salas: dnp-dnp-BYE-10-2-6-9 (38), Lance Kendricks: 3-9-BYE-6-1-3-1 (32), Steven Jackson: 1-8-BYE-5-5-5-2 (26), Cadillac Williams: 2-dnp-BYE-3-1-0-0 (21), Austin Pettis: 2-7-BYE-0-0-1-5 (15)

Brandon Lloyd is the story here in target land with 38 targets in the last three games which are also his first three games as a Ram. Antonio Brown is second in that span with 34. Lloyd has yet to have a breakout game but it's a coming, and hell's coming with it you hear!? Hell's coming with it! Oh, sorry, no hell, just fantasy points.

Greg Salas had a nice 9 targets before breaking his fibula. Then Austin Pettis took over and had 5 targets. He's next in line for all those slot receiver receptions and/or a broken bone.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Mike Williams: 9-8-9-13-11-BYE-8 (72), Kellen Winslow: 4-6-9-10-12-BYE-6 (63), Preston Parker: 1-7-3-5-6-BYE-4 (39), Arrelious Benn: 4-1-4-6-1-BYE-2 (27), Dezmon Briscoe: 0-0-2-2-10-BYE-2 (22), Kregg Lumpkin: 1-3-1-0-8-BYE-6 (20), Luke Stocker: 2-4-dnp-dnp-3-BYE-0 (11), LeGarrette Blount: 3-2-3-dnp-dnp-BYE-3 (11)

As you can see, the target distribution is pretty lopsided to Mike Williams and Kellen Winslow. Parker, Benn and Briscoe are extremely inconsistent in targets and production. Williams continues to under-produce but he's still getting his opportunities. Winslow is third in targets for tight ends and 17th in fantasy points. His two touchdowns are the main problem and we could see an uptick in those in the second half, but don’t rely on it.

Tennessee Titans

Nate Washington: 9-4-8-BYE-3-6-6 (54), Chris Johnson: 7-2-3-BYE-6-5-6 (41), Lavelle Hawkins: 5-4-8-BYE-7-5-6 (39), Damian Williams: 3-4-11-BYE-4-5-7 (36), Jared Cook: 2-6-9-BYE-2-2-8 (34), Javon Ringer: 2-0-6-BYE-1-6-2 (19)

In the last four games the Titan receivers' target numbers were Damian Williams 27, Lavelle Hawkins 26 and Nate Washington 23. And the yards and touchdowns are just about as evenly spread out. If I had to own one it would be Williams, but they are going to hurt each other.

Chris Johnson has 41 targets through eight games and last season through the first eight he only had 28 targets. So the Titans are at least trying to get him out in space. If he can start turning things around this should help him in the second half.

Washington Redskins

Fred Davis: 3-6-BYE-11-8-9-7 (57), Jabar Gaffney: 6-4-BYE-10-8-5-5 (53), Santana Moss: 8-10-BYE-6-2-dnp-dnp (43), Roy Helu: 2-0-BYE- 4-2-4-17 (33), Terrence Austin: 4-0-BYE-1-6-3-5 (19), Anthony Armstrong: 0-dnp-BYE-dnp-4-4-1 (19), Tim Hightower: 6-3-BYE-dnp-1-dnp- dnp (15), Chris Cooley: 5-2-BYE-1-dnp-dnp-dnp (13), Donte Stallworth: dnp-1-BYE-3-dnp-2-dnp (11), Leonard Hankerson: dnp-dnp-BYE- dnp-1-4-5 (10)

The biggest news out of Redskins camp is Roy Helu taking over as the lead back. And he truly did with 65 total snaps to Ryan Torain's 4. Oh and he had a plethora of targets and plethora equals 17 in this context.

The Redskins are going the youth route with Leonard Hankerson leading the snap count for receivers with Gaffney and Austin behind him. Anthony Armstrong is out of the loop with 8 snaps. But really the only receiver you can count on is Fred Davis. Even his name sounds boring, i.e reliable.

Here are the top 20 wide receivers in fantasy points per target. To qualify for this list they need at least 25 targets. 1. James Jones 2.3, 2. Jordy Nelson 2.1, 3. Calvin Johnson 1.9, 4. Mike Wallace 1.9, 5. Kenny Britt 1.8, 6. Greg Jennings 1.6, 7. Steve Smith 1.6, 8. Victor Cruz 1.56, 9. Vincent Jackson 1.5, 10. Devery Henderson 1.5, 11. Torrey Smith 1.5, 12. Laurent Robinson 1.47, 13. Dez Bryant 1.46, 14. Wes Welker 1.45, 15. Julio Jones 1.4, 16. Miles Austin 1.4, 17. Arrelious Benn 1.4, 18. Marques Colston 1.39, 19. A.J. Green 1.38, 20. Jeremy Maclin 1.3

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