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Target Watch: Week 14

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Seattle Seahawks

Doug Baldwin: 3-8-6-3-5-10-2 (37), Sidney Rice: 5-14-8-4-3-2-dnp (36), Ben Obomanu: 2-4-2-2-4-4-2 (20), Golden Tate: 1-4-1-3-3-3-4 (19), Mike Williams: 4-dnp-3-1-5-3-2 (18), Marshawn Lynch: dnp-0-2-7-2-3-0 (14), Zach Miller: dnp-5-0-4-1-2-2 (14), Anthony McCoy: 4-1-2-2-0-1-0 (10), Michael Robinson: 2-1-0-0-1-1-4 (9)

Marshawn Lynch continues to get the job done over and over again and then again and so on. He scored two touchdowns against the Eagles which makes a touchdown in each of his last 8 starts and he gets St. Louis this week. Maybe he’ll start the 2 touchdowns a start streak.

The receivers on the other hand aren’t quite as consistent. Golden Tate scored a touchdown which is news because he has a ton of talent and pundit’s ears perked up when he scored. What I find interesting are the stats for number of snaps for each receiver. Golden Tate led them all with 51, then Mike Williams 27, Doug Baldwin 12, Deon Butler 10, and Ben Obomanu rounded it out with 8. That is a crazy breakdown with Tate as the only every down guy.

San Francisco 49ers

Michael Crabtree: BYE-9-5-4-10-9-5 (42), Vernon Davis: BYE-3-7-4-10-5-8 (37), Braylon Edwards: BYE-7-3-6-4-3-dnp (23), Delanie Walker: BYE-0-2-7-5-0-2 (16), Ted Ginn: BYE-1-1-4-0-3-4 (13), Kyle Williams: BYE-0-2-1-5-1-2 (11), Kendall Hunter: BYE-0-0-3-1-1-3 (8), Frank Gore: BYE-0-3-1-2-2-0 (8)

Frank Gore doesn’t get targets anymore. It’s just a fact we have to live with in the age of Harbaugh.

The Niners are airing it out a bit more of late seemingly to work on that aspect of their offense as they prepare for a playoff run. If Vernon Davis hadn’t dropped a beautifully thrown ball in the end zone Alex Smith would have had his first 300 yard game of the season and his 2nd 3 touchdown game.

Michael Crabtree continues to show signs that he could eventually live up to his abilities. He’s averaging 90 yards receiving in his last 3 games and if they continue to work on their down field passing he could finish the season strong.

St. Louis Rams

Brandon Lloyd: 12-13-13-9-14-10-2 (73), Brandon Gibson: dnp-6-5-3-7-7-7 (35), Austin Pettis: 0-1-5-4-5-4-7 (26), Steven Jackson: 5-5-2-3-5-3-1 (24), Greg Salas: 2-6-9-dnp-dnp-dnp-dnp (17), Lance Kendricks: 1-3-1-dnp-2-5-1 (13), Danario Alexander: 6-dnp-dnp-dnp-dnp-dnp-2 (8)

The A.J. Feeley led Rams never crossed the 49ers 45-yard line. It’s as if they weren’t even there. It was kind of spooky. Just look at those target numbers for Brandon Lloyd for the last 7 weeks. It’s a sad sight.

They face Seattle, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh and the 49ers again to finish off the season. Don’t put all your fantasy eggs in the Rams’ basket.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Mike Williams: 11-BYE-8-5-11-11-9 (55), Kellen Winslow: 12-BYE-6-6-11-7-5 (47), Kregg Lumpkin: 8-BYE-6-7-1-3-0 (25), Arrelious Benn: 1-BYE-2-6-6-5-4 (24), Preston Parker: 6-BYE-4-4-2-3-3 (22), Dezmon Briscoe: 10-BYE-2-2-3-0-2 (19), LeGarrette Blount: dnp-BYE-3-2-1-3-2 (11)

A good way to sum up this game is to take a look at LeGarrette Blount’s line: 11 carries for 19 yards. And then let’s look at how running backs that played the Panthers the three previous weeks fared, shall we? We shall. They averaged 26 carries for 140 yards and 1.4 touchdowns.

The previous rant may have been a by-product of Josh Johnson starting for the Bucs but that doesn’t really account for such a poor rushing game by Blount. Anyway, Mike Williams remains a target hog and put up a decent game even with Johnson at the helm. That’s 3 games in a row over 83 yards receiving for Williams.

Tennessee Titans

Damian Williams: 4-5-7-7-11-4-7 (45), Nate Washington: 3-6-6-4-9-6-6 (40), Lavelle Hawkins: 7-5-6-1-4-7-4 (34), Jared Cook: 2-2-8-3-9-7-1 (32) Chris Johnson: 6-5-6-7-3-2-1 (30), Javon Ringer: 1-6-2-3-6-5-2 (25), Ahmard Hall: 3-2-1-0-0-2-2 (10)

Chris Johnson did all the heavy lifting against the Bills while Matt Hasselbeck could only muster 140 yards passing against a weak Bills secondary.

Damian Williams remains the target leader and the most likely to give you any semblance of consistent production.

Washington Redskins

Fred Davis: 8-9-7-7-6-4-13 (54), Jabar Gaffney: 8-5-5-6-10-7-3 (44), Roy Helu: 2-4-17-3-2-7-6 (41), Santana Moss: 2-dnp-dnp-dnp-dnp-7-12 (21), Terrence Austin: 6-3-5-1-0-1-dnp (16), Donte Stallworth: dnp-2-dnp-dnp-6-2-2 (12), Anthony Armstrong: 4-4-1-0-2-1-0 (12), David Anderson: dnp-dnp-dnp-3-3-dnp-6 (12), Logan Paulsen: 2-0-2-1-2-2-1 (10)

The suspension of Fred Davis takes away a huge part of the Redskins offense which most likely will now be funneled to the two starting receivers Santana Moss and Jabar Gaffney. Gaffney only saw 3 targets to David Anderson’s 6 last week but Gaffney was clearly the No. 2 receiver with 59 snaps to Anderson’s 21. And with New England on the horizon I could see throwing Moss and Gaffney into the mix.

Roy Helu continues to show why Coach Shanahan overthinks himself into losses. Helu had a big game and dominated snaps and touches again. The loss of Trent Williams to suspension hurts him but he should continue to get work and can make things happen.

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