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Target Watch: Week 15

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Cincinnati Bengals

Jerome Simpson: 2-10-4-13-5-3-6 (43), A.J. Green: 10-7-2-dnp-4-11-7 (41), Andre Caldwell: 6-9-8-9-3-0-3 (38), Jermaine Gresham: dnp-dnp-5-6-9-7-7 (34), Andrew Hawkins: 0-0-6-8-3-2-1 (20), Brian Leonard: 3-2-0-5-0-4-dnp (14), Bernard Scott: 3-1-0-1-2-1-2 (10), Cedric Benson: dnp-0-1-1-5-0-1 (8)

If you own Andy Dalton you should know that Houston has only given up over 200 yards passing 4 times this season so don’t feel too bad that he finished with 189. But if you like feeling bad you can hang your head to the news that Blaine Gabbert and Luke McCown tag teamed them and threw for 198 yards!

If it wasn’t for a couple touchdowns being called back by penalties and an injury, Gresham would be right in the thick of the top 10 tight ends for the season. His 7-plus targets the last three weeks has him ranked 4th in total targets for tight ends and he’s always going to get his red zone targets.

Cleveland Browns

Greg Little: 11-8-6-8-13-7-6 (59), Ben Watson: 3-2-5-4-4-8-3 (29), Jordan Norwood: 6-1-3-2-5-5-4 (26), Chris Ogbonnaya: 8-1-2-3-2-6-2 (24), Josh Cribbs: 3-5-5-3-4-0-2 (22), Mohamed Massaquoi: dnp-1-dnp-2-3-5-7 (18), Evan Moore: 2-2-0-0-1-3-5 (13), Alex Smith: 1-0-2-0-0-0-3 (6), Peyton Hillis: dnp-dnp-dnp-dnp-2-2-1 (5)

In their last two games the Browns haven’t had one RB/WR/TE top 8 fantasy points.

Dallas Cowboys

Dez Bryant: 5-9-6-8-6-15-2 (51), Laurent Robinson: 8-5-3-11-12-6-5 (50), Jason Witten: 12-7-7-3-5-6-5 (45), Demarco Murray: 3-6-7-7-4-0-1 (28), Miles Austin: 3-3-dnp-dnp-dnp-dnp-7 (13), Felix Jones: dnp-dnp-dnp-1-1-2-7 (11), John Phillips: 0-1-0-1-2-5-1 (10)

Dez Bryant’s target drop off from 15 to 2 is a little disheartening but he still caught a 50 yard touchdown so you can’t sob too heavily. There really is nothing about Bryant’s game that leads you to think he could possibly be behind Robinson or Austin in ability but those guys have proven their worth so there will be games that Dez doesn’t get the targets. Look at our friend Calvin Johnson. And yes, I do compare Bryant to Johnson in ability.

In Miles Austin’s first game back he led the team in targets and had a touchdown. Laurent Robinson with less time on the field now still got his targets as the third wide receiver and had the biggest game with 137 yards receiving and a touchdown. Unlike Joe Flacco, Tony Romo can spread the ball around enough to make his multiple receivers startable.

The loss of DeMarco Murray was a huge boon to Felix Jones’ looks. On top of his 16 carries in which he gained 106 yards he also had 7 targets catching 6 of them. He may have a banner day against Tampa Bay.

Denver Broncos

Eric Decker: 12-5-3-5-6-4-7 (42), Demaryius Thomas: 3-2-0-6-1-7-13 (32), Eddie Royal: 13-5-2-4-2-1-dnp (27), Matt Willis: 3-0-1-0-3-1-8 (16), Lance Ball: 3-0-1-3-0-2-6 (15), Jeremiah Johnson: dnp-dnp-dnp-1-4-0-2 (7), Daniel Fells: 1-1-0-1-1-0-1 (5)

Tim Tebow had the most pass attempts of his short career as he threw it 40 times, completing 21. A big chunk of those attempts went to Demaryius Thomas who had 13 and caught 7 of those for 78 yards and a touchdown. It’s pretty clear now that Thomas is the guy since he’s led in targets in 3 of the last 4 weeks. And with the Patriots coming up, it’s hard not to like Tebow breaking that 40-plus mark again.

Detroit Lions

Calvin Johnson: 7-BYE-20-8-8-9-4 (56), Nate Burleson: 7-BYE-9-7-7-9-6 (45), Brandon Pettigrew: 4-BYE-9-5-8-4-7 (37), Titus Young: 5-BYE-10-3-3-2-7 (30), Maurice Morris: 3-BYE-2-1-10-7-1 (24), Tony Scheffler: 3-BYE-7-3-2-3-1 (19), Kevin Smith: dnp-BYE-2-4-3-8-dnp (17), Keiland Williams: 1-BYE-0-0-4-1-2 (8), Will Heller: 0-BYE-3-3-0-1-0 (7)

Titus Young had a nice game as the coverage was smothering Calvin Johnson and saw 7 targets which was his most since Week 10. He is progressing somewhat but is still very hit and miss. He really is a step up from Nate Burleson in ability if he can just get the targets.

Brandon Pettigrew had his best game in a while which came at the expense of Tony Scheffler. If we knew Scheffler was being phased out we could go all in with Pettigrew but Scheffler could always snare a touchdown away from Pettigrew.

Green Bay Packers

Greg Jennings: BYE-8-5-6-5-13-4 (41), Jordy Nelson: BYE-6-5-7-5-4-7 (34), Jermichael Finley: BYE-7-4-3-5-11-1 (31), Donald Driver: BYE-2-4-5-2-4-6 (23), James Jones: BYE-1-1-3-4-0-3 (12), Randall Cobb: BYE-0-3-1-4-2-2 (12), James Starks: BYE-1-4-6-1-0-dnp (12), Brandon Saine: BYE-dnp-dnp-dnp-1-6-2 (9), John Kuhn: BYE-1-2-1-1-1-1 (7), Ryan Grant: BYE-0-1-0-3-1-1 (6)

Greg Jennings’ injury leaves a lot of targets to be filled but it doesn’t look like one player is just set to naturally fill that void. Besides Jordy Nelson and Jermichael Finley possibly seeing more targets, James Jones, Randall Cobb and Donald Driver all could see a couple more looks. Aaron Rodgers’ ability to spread the ball to every receiver possible makes me gravitate toward the playmakers like Jones and Cobb who, with more targets, have a better chance of turning them into touchdowns.

Houston Texans

Owen Daniels: 6-4-3-BYE-7-5-10 (35), Arian Foster: 4-7-4-BYE-9-4-5 (33), Kevin Walter: 9-1-1-BYE-2-4-10 (27), Jacoby Jones: 5-4-3-BYE-2-2-6 (22), Andre Johnson: dnp-dnp-dnp-BYE-3-9-dnp (12), Joel Dreessen: 2-2-1-BYE-1-1-3 (10), Derrick Mason: 2-0-2-BYE-1-dnp-3 (8), Ben Tate: 0-1-0-BYE-0-0-3 (4), James Casey: 0-1-0-BYE-2-0-0 (3), Bryant Johnson: 0-1-1-BYE-0-0-1 (3)

The return of Owen Daniels was a nice turn of events. He hadn’t topped 100 yards all season and hadn’t gotten to 10 fantasy points since Week 4. Hopefully Yates and he will take this connection into the next few games.

Arian Foster had 20 looks and 58 snaps compared to Ben Tate’s 11 and 23. Foster is still the guy but Tate is going to keep getting enough work to cut into his production a little.

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