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Dynasty Rankings: QBs

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Tier Four

22. Christian Ponder Vikings 24_7 NR NR
23. Andy Dalton Bengals 24_11 NR NR
24. Matt Flynn Free Agent 27_3 33 NR
25. Mark Sanchez Jets 25_10 18 17
26. Carson Palmer Raiders 32_9 19 21
27. Ryan Tannehill Rookie 24_2 NR NR


DLFMock: Ponder 12.07, Dalton 11.06, Flynn 14.10, Sanchez 16.08, Palmer 15.11


Dalton's late-season fade is a concern. I could see him outperforming Ponder as an NFL player over the next decade, only to have the more athletically gifted Ponder bypass him as a fantasy performer. At any rate, I think Ponder has the higher upside if things break right for both QBs. ... Flynn is the prototypical West Coast offense system quarterback. I'd place his ceiling at 90 percent of Matt Hasselbeck's career. ... Sanchez finished as the No. 10 fantasy QB in 2011, thanks to an unrepeatable six rushing scores. The Jets no longer maintain total faith in Sanchez as the Sanchize after a clear regression that had his coordinator on jailbreak alert by October. ... Palmer has a few interesting pieces in Oakland, but he's entering his mid-30s while replacing a bright offensive mind with a defensive head coach. ... Tannehill is purely a gamble on upside, as he's only played the position for a year and a half.


Tier Five

28. Colin Kaepernick 49ers 24_10 NR NR
29. Blaine Gabbert Jaguars 22_11 NR NR
30. Ryan Fitzpatrick Bills 29_9 30 48
31. Alex Smith 49ers 28_4 35 29
32. Matt Cassel Chiefs 30_4 21 25
33. Kevin Kolb Cardinals 28_1 22 27
34. John Skelton Cardinals 24_6 49 NR
35. Ryan Mallett Patriots 24_3 NR NR


DLFMock: Kaepernick 18.11, Gabbert 17.10, Fitzpatrick 16.09, A. Smith 15.04, Cassel 20.04, Kolb 20.06, Skelton 


Alex Smith answered a lot of doubts with the thrilling comeback victory over the Saints; he didn't answer mine. Smith spent the majority of that game bailing on pressure and arguably made just five quality throws throughout the game (all to Vernon Davis) before crumbling under pressure against the Giants in the NFC Championship game. At best, he's a game manager who can be spot-started as a QB2. At worst, he loses the job to Kaepernick when he reverts to pre-Harbaugh form by November or December. ... Gabbert not only plays scared in the pocket, he also finished at the bottom of all starting QBs with just 48.2 percent of his yardage coming before the catch. I wouldn't hope out much hope for a dramatic turnaround under new coach Mike Mularkey. ... Fitzpatrick and Cassel are placeholders, wasting valuable roster space during all but the bye weeks. ... Kolb is better than he showed in 2011, but he's a poor fit in Arizona and can't stay healthy. ... Mallett will likely have to wait one more year for a trade.


Tier Six

36. Kirk Cousins Rookie  24_1 NR NR
37. Brandon Weeden Rookie 28_11 NR NR
38. Vince Young Free Agent 29_4 20 14
39. Chad Henne Free Agent 27_2 28 16
40. Joe Webb Vikings 25_10
47 NR
41. Kyle Orton Free Agent 29_10 23 26
42. Brock Osweiler Rookie 21_10 NR NR
43. Jason Campbell Free Agent 30_9 27 23
44. Nick Foles Rookie 23_8 NR NR
45. Tarvaris Jackson Seahawks 29_5 40 35
46. Colt McCoy Browns 26_0 24 NR


The best of the rest among the rookie QBs. ... Cousins is coming off a fine Combine performance. ... Weeden is viewed as NFL-ready, but it's hard to escape the Chris Weinke comparisons. ... Osweiler is purely a project while Foles is a mid-round NFL pick. ... VY has the talent and past production, but NFL teams aren't going to be won over by his 2011 game tape. His best hope is the opportunity to compete for a starting job, and that's probably a longshot. ... Henne is gaining steam as the third veteran quarterback on the market behind Manning and Flynn. Don't get your hopes up on a fantasy impact. ... Flashing major fantasy potential in small doses last season, Webb is one of the most intriguing roster stashes among the NFL's backups. ... Orton belongs with Fitzpatrick and Cassel as placeholders, only he may be left without a place to hold this year. ... Ditto Campbell and T-Jack. ... McCoy is likely to be replaced by Flynn, RGIII, or a discarded veteran such as Kolb. 


Tier Seven

47. Terrelle Pryor Raiders 23_3 NR NR
48. Brian Hoyer Patriots 26_11 57 NR
49. Tyrod Taylor Ravens 23_1 NR NR
50. Dennis Dixon Free Agent 27_8 32 34
51. Matt Hasselbeck Titans 37_0 29 30
52. Josh Johnson Free Agent 26_4 34 40
53. Matt Moore Dolphins 28_1 63 28
54. T.J. Yates Texans 25_4 NR NR
55. B.J. Coleman Rookie 24_0 NR NR
56. Russell Wilson Rookie 23_10 NR NR
57. Ryan Lindley Rookie 23_3 NR NR


Pryor, Taylor, Dixon, and Johnson have the legs to hit the fantasy radar if the opportunity ever comes. ... Hasselbeck won't start for the Titans unless he clearly outplays Locker in training camp. ... Moore will be rewarded for saving Miami from a miserable season by being sent to the bench in favor of the next franchise QB hopeful. ... Yates held his own late in the season, but he's heading back to the bench behind Matt Schaub. ... Coleman, Wilson, and Lindley are mid-to-late round fliers.


Tier Eight

58. Shaun Hill Free Agent 32_8 41 NR
59. Josh Portis Seahawks 25_2 NR NR
60. David Garrard Free Agent 34_7 25 22
61. Ricky Stanzi Chiefs 25_0 NR NR
62. Drew Stanton Free Agent 28_4 45 NR
63. Chase Daniel Saints 25_11 61 NR
64. Seneca Wallace Browns 32_1 37 43
65. Rex Grossman Free Agent 32_1 36 NR
66. Donovan McNabb Free Agent 35_10 26 13
67. Mike Kafka Eagles 25_2 74 NR
68. Tyler Thigpen Bills 28_5 48 NR
69. Byron Leftwich Free Agent 32_8 64 NR
70. Matt Leinart Texans 29_4 51 NR
71. Graham Harrell Packers 27_4 NR NR
72. Stephen McGee Cowboys 27_0 46 NR
73. Jimmy Clausen Panthers 25_0 38 NR
74. Charlie Whitehurst Free Agent 30_1 39 NR
75. Greg McElroy Jets 24_4 NR NR


A borderline QB1 if Matthew Stafford goes down, Hill is one of the league's premier "handcuff" QBs -- provided he re-signs with the Lions. ... Seattle is high on Portis' potential, but he remains a long-term project. ... Garrard will have to take a backup job coming off back surgery at age 34. ... McNabb is headed down the same path even if he refuses to acknowledge it. He has a better chance of retiring than landing a starting gig. ... Daniel is a restricted free agent with interesting preseason numbers, but it's fair to wonder if he'd have even a prayer of succeeding outside of Sean Payton's offense. ... Wallace and Grossman are purely backups at this stage. ... Clausen is a never-was. ... Ditto Whitehurst. 

Chris Wesseling is a senior football editor and Dynasty league analyst for The 2011 NFL season marks his fifth year with Rotoworld and his third year contributing to He can be found on Twitter @ChrisWesseling.
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