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Another Thriller for Spiller

Monday, September 17, 2012

Committee Time


Saints – It is difficult to know what to do with the Saints running backs. Darren Sproles isn’t really a running back, so you just have to put him out of your mind and focus on Pierre Thomas and Mark Ingram, both of whom had good games this week.


Mark Ingram had 16 carries for 53 yards and a touchdown while Pierre Thomas had nine carries for 110 yards and six targets for four receptions and 33 yards. The touchdown helped Ingram compete with Thomas’ gaudy yardage numbers and really is what keeps him in the conversation even more than Thomas.


If you are getting goal line carries for a high-powered offense you should be fantasy relevant, whereas Pierre Thomas will have less fantasy consistency. But so far it’s been a crapshoot, so continue to be wary.


Redskins – The main running back was once again Alfred Morris. This week he only had 16 carries compared to 28 in Week 1. He did well gaining 89 yards against the poor Rams rush defense, but didn’t see one passing target. Without a touchdown he is toast.


Evan Royster seems to have surpassed Roy Helu for the time being with three targets compared to just one for Helu, but that’s all chump change anyway.


TexansBen Tate won the fantasy point contest this week, but Foster won the usage contest. Tate finished the day with 16 touches and looks while Foster had 35. It isn’t fun watching Tate score touchdowns if you are a Foster owner, but you also can’t ask for much more than 35 looks.


Steelers – Ugh, this situation continues to be poor for fantasy prognosticators. Word out of Pittsburgh was that Jonathan Dwyer would get more work this week, but it actually came out to be about dead even with each back getting 12 carries and two receptions. Isaac Redman won the fantasy battle by getting into the end zone, but with Rashard Mendenhall getting into the mix at some point, this mess is one to avoid.


Chiefs – The Chiefs once again were beat up by their opponent and never really got into any rhythm in the running game, but if you are a Jamaal Charles owner that is in no way any consolation. Charles had six carries for three yards and 4 targets for three receptions and 19 yards, while Peyton Hillis had 11 carries for 66 yards and three targets with two receptions for 25 yards.


These numbers are total garbage for Charles, but he gets the Saints next week. If he doesn’t go off, well, throw in the towel.





Fantasy MVP of Week 2: Reggie Bush – I feel like I owe him.  


Fantasy Breakout Player of Week 2: Trent Richardson, and you guys were worried!


Fantasy Rookie of Week 2: Trent Richardson, see above.


Fantasy Disappointment of Week 2: I.E. “The Chris Johnson Award” is split into co-champions, Andre Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald.


Fantasy Fluke of Week 2: Dante Rosario – He’s not a bad player, but Antonio Gates shall return.


Bonehead of Week 2: Josh Morgan --  He threw the ball at the defender and magically turned a 48 yard game-tying field goal into a 62 yard game losing field goal.


Runner up Bonehead of Week 2: Ryan Williams – While salting away the game, Williams fumbled and gave the Patriots a shot at winning the game on a Gostkowski field goal. Williams owes Gostkowski a couple steak dinners and a Rolex or two for missing said field goal.



Twitter Talk


@scott_pianowski of Yahoo Sports -- Jets essentially sit on the ball in the final minute, two timeouts left. They really trust their quarterback.


@ebenezersamuel of NY Daily News -- Ridiculous. Just crunched numbers. Eli Manning had 243 fourth-quarter passing yards. Freeman had 243 for the GAME


@PriscoCBS ‏of -- C.J. Spiller is the real deal. Speed back. In a league where passing is king, he's the ideal back now.


@RotoPat of -- Josh McDaniels has brought the St. Louis version of himself to New England.


@PriscoCBS ‏of -- How often do we have a week where Andre Johnson has three catches and Larry Fitzgerald has one and they both win? On the road?


@greggrosenthal  of -- DeSean Jackson isn't just making the big plays. He's making the tough plays. He's catching passes over the middle. None were bigger and tougher than Jackson's 49-yard catch Sunday, before Ed Reed leveled him. Jackson is a more complete receiver.


@LateRoundQB -- Through two weeks, Danny Amendola has a mind boggling 42% of team targets.


@billbarnwell of -- Absolutely mystifying pass interference penalty on the Steelers defense.


@fbgchase of Football -- Can someone explain why people keep saying "this ain't college these are paid professionals" re: Schiano? Is it better to hurt college kids?


Stats and What Not


Alex Smith now has 13 touchdown passes and zero interceptions in the last nine games.


According to ESPN’s Stats and Info, “Stephen Gostkowski had made 38 straight field goals in the 4th quarter during the regular season. That was Gostkowski's 1st regular-season miss in the 4th quarter at home (was 21-for-21).”


Eli Manning’s career high 510 yards passing just missed the Giants single game record of 513 yards held by Phil Simms and is eighth on the all-time list.


Tom Brady is 14-29 when trailing going into the 4th quarter.


Only three of the 46 teams to win a Super Bowl started 0-2. This year’s 0-2 teams – Cleveland, Jacksonville, Tennessee, Oakland, Kansas City, and New Orleans.


The Arizona Cardinals have won nine of their last 11 games.


Percy Harvin has 62 receptions for 696 yards with 31 rushes for 154 yards over his last eight games.


The Jaguars tied their record for least amount of offensive yards with 117 total yards.

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