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Week 4 Target Watch – NFC

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Green Bay Packers


Jermichael Finley: 11-5-5 (21), Greg Jennings: 9-dnp-10 (19), Jordy Nelson: 7-9-3 (19), James Jones: 6-5-6 (17), Randall Cobb: 9-2-2 (13), Cedric Benson: 0-4-5 (9), John Kuhn: 0-3-4 (7), D.J. Williams: 0-1-2 (3), Donald Driver: 0-1-1 (2)


I’ll forgo “The Call” talk because it makes me sleepy and angry, or as I now like to call it, slangry.  So let’s talk about how horrible Aaron Rodgers is. Or should we talk about how good the 49ers, Bears and Seahawk’s defenses are? Either way, the Packers, who were easily the most efficient offense in the league last season, are now one of the least efficient. But I am going to blame that on an easy schedule last season and an extremely difficult schedule to start this season. So in reality, it’s probably not as big a drop off as it seems.


The targets are all over the place, but Greg Jennings is the clear target hog when he’s on the field. Once their completion gets a little easier, or a lot easier in the case of the Saints this week, we may see where they want to throw the ball, versus where the defense wants them to throw the ball.



Minnesota Vikings


Percy Harvin: 8-13-11 (32), Kyle Rudolph: 7-5-6 (18), Michael Jenkins: 5-6-5 (16), Toby Gerhart: 1-3-4 (8), Adrian Peterson: 1-3-4 (8), Devin Aromashodu: 3-3-2 (8), Stephen Burton: 0-2-1 (3), John Carlson: 1-0-1 (2), Allen Reisner: 0-0-1 (1), Matt Asiata: 1-0-0 (1)


Oh how I love to see those double digit targets for my man Percy Harvin. He leads the league in receptions and is second in catch percentage (15+ targets) with 27 of 32 for 84%. Amazingly Oakland tight end Brandon Myers has a 100% catch percentage on 15 targets!


Besides Harvin, Kyle Rudolph is getting it done. And by it, I mean scoring touchdowns. Right now, with an average of 6 targets, it looks like he’ll have to score touchdowns to stay near the top of the fantasy tight end list, but as it is, he’s at the very least, a starter.


Christian Ponder continues to impress. He hasn’t thrown an interception, has a 67% completion rate in the red zone and a 100+ quarterback rating. He’s targeting his best receivers and gets Jerome Simpson back this week. All systems are go.



New Orleans Saints


Jimmy Graham: 10-13-8 (31), Darren Sproles: 8-14-3 (25), Lance Moore: 10-5-7 (22), Marques Colston: 11-4-4 (19), Pierre Thomas: 1-6-6 (13), Devery Henderson: 2-dnp-7 (9), Joseph Morgan: 2-3-dnp (5), Jed Collins: 2-0-1 (3), David Thomas: 2-1-0 (3), Courtney Roby: 0-1-0 (1), Mark Ingram: 1-0-0 (1)


The biggest questions I have about this game are why Darren Sproles only had three targets (no receptions) and why Marques Colston was only on the field for 34 snaps compared to 52 for Devery Henderson.


The first is just odd. Sproles hadn’t had one rushing attempt all season and then gets seven to go along with no receptions, while Pierre Thomas catches four passes on six targets. I think we’ll see that totter back over to Sproles' side next week, but it’s worth watching.


Colston has a foot issue, but I’m seeing no talk that it kept him out of the game other than the fact that he was actually out of the game. I’d be wary until we see him play a full game again.


Mark Ingram was only on the field for thirteen snaps and five rushing attempts. These aren’t the numbers you are looking for. These aren’t the numbers we’re looking for.  You can go about your business.



New York Giants


Victor Cruz: 11-17-8 (36), Martellus Bennett: 6-10-7 (23), Hakeem Nicks: 6-15-dnp (21), Ramses Barden: 0-2-10 (12), Andre Brown: 0-2-5 (7), Domenik Hixon: 5-1-dnp (6), Henry Hynoski: 1-1-2 (4), David Wilson: 0-2-1 (3), Rueben Randle: 0-0-3 (3), Bear Pascoe: 1-0-1 (2), Ahmad Bradshaw: 2-0-dnp (2)


There’s no doubt that Ramses Barden just slipped right into Hakeem Nicks role. As long as Nicks is back, you see Barden’s targets go back down to their unrosterable heights.


Martellus Bennett is really stepping up this season and Eli Manning’s love for him in the red zone is the reason why. There’s no reason to not ride him to fantasy greatness!


Andre Brown filled in well for Ahmad Bradshaw and was the clear cut, every-down back.  What happens when Bradshaw returns is going to be interesting.  Now that Brown has proven he can handle all aspects of the offense, it will be hard to relegate him to handcuff. I have a feeling we may see both quite a bit, at least for Bradshaw’s first game back.



Philadelphia Eagles


DeSean Jackson: 11-8-10 (29), Brent Celek: 8-11-6 (25), LeSean McCoy: 9-3-3 (15),

Jeremy Maclin: 14-1-dnp (15), Damaris Johnson: 3-1-11 (15), Jason Avant: 5-2-4 (11), Clay Harbor: 6-2-0 (8), Bryce Brown: 0-0-2 (2), Stanley Havili: 0-1-0 (1)


Damaris Johnson filled in for Jeremy Maclin. That was news to me, since I figure Clay Harbor might get more work. That’s something to tuck in the back of your fantasy notes.


DeSean Jackson seems to be the stalwart of the bunch this season. Of course if Jeremy Maclin could stay healthy, this whole offense would probably have a better chance. Or if Andy Reid would give LeSean McCoy more than 16 touches. Or if Michael Vick wouldn’t turn the ball over three times a game. Well, you get the picture.


All in all, I am taking a wait and see attitude on this Eagles team. There is plenty of talent there and they could turn around their fantasy prospects very quickly.


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