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Brees passes past Johnny U

Monday, October 08, 2012

Drew Brees has now thrown a touchdown in 48 straight games, breaking Johnny Unitas’ record of 47 that had lasted for 52 years. This, added to his record for most passing yards in a single season and a Super Bowl MVP have elevated Brees to a statistical greatness, once only held by Dan Marino.


In the age of fantasy football, numbers are king and Drew Brees is a walking record book. If you check out his NFL Records section on Wikipedia, you’ll get eyestrain before finishing. 


I’m not going to argue that he is the best of all time, because I don’t believe that, but I do believe in consistency and numbers and Brees has exceled at both. And really, I see no reason for him to slow down anytime soon. By the time he hangs up his pads, he could be hoarding more records than Lester Bangs.


On his record-breaking night, he also threw for 370 yards and four touchdowns while getting the Saints first win on the season. And this came without Lance Moore and Jimmy Graham for the most part. He has a lot of skilled players around him, but he elevates everyone around him. It will be fun watching him chase more records in the years to come.



Game Balls


Andrew Luck Luck becomes only the second rookie quarterback to have three 300+ yard passing games out of his first four starts. Oh, and in doing so, he beat last year’s MVP, Aaron Rodgers. This game is a weird one, but you can’t mark this as a fluke in any way. Luck took hit after hit and kept on coming.


Reggie Wayne But the real star of the Colts upset over the Packers was Reggie Wayne. Left for dead by some, Wayne has risen from the ashes of old age with Luck chucking the ball his way.


His 212 yards was a career high and he had a pretty good quarterback back in the day. What was his name? Curtis something, anyway, Wayne is easily the focal point of this offense with an amazing 60 targets through four games. That’s 15 targets per game! There’s really no reason his numbers won’t stay consistent with those kinds of opportunities.


Ahmad Bradshaw 30 carries for 200 yards will satisfy even the most OCD of statisticians and the fantasy players who read what they say. Bradshaw beat his career high of 151 rushing yards that he set in 2007, his rookie season.


Last year he topped 100 yards only once and this is only his third 100+ yard game in 25 games. I don’t doubt his ability at all. He runs hard and mean and elusive when he needs to be. But he just hasn’t been able to hold up well physically.  His highest total attempts in any game of his career were 26 and he hit 30 today with Andre Brown getting a concussion. I’d look to sell high.


Percy Harvin It was only a matter of time before Percy Harvin started getting into the end zone. He is easily one of the most dynamic players in the NFL, and he is finally getting the touches that such a player deserves.


This week he showed his ability to run with a nice 10-yard touchdown scamper after a catch and another touchdown on a four-yard rush. Each time he showed power and elusiveness.


Brandon Marshall Not since 1999 have the Bears had a wide receiver have back-to-back 100+ yard receiving games until this Sunday. What the? I knew the Bears passing history was laughable, but that’s pitiful. Anyway, he did it, and after his clunker in Green bay, he’s gotten right back on track.


As long as the Bears can hold some semblance of an offensive line together, Marshall is going to continue to see the bulk of the targets week in and week out.


Trent Richardson Richardson is quickly becoming one of my favorite players to watch. His speed and power just pop out to anyone watching. He finished the day with 128 total yards and a touchdown on 17 carries and five receptions, but it seemed like he was underutilized. I may be biased, but Richardson needs to touch the ball 25-30 times for the Browns to have a legitimate chance at winning games.


Peyton Manning/Demaryius Thomas – Old Man Manning finished with a stout line of 345 yards and three touchdowns with many of those yards going to Thomas, who finished with 188 on nine catches. That put him at 513 yards for the season, just one yard behind current leader, Brian Hartline. Manning and Thomas are becoming quite the duo and I can only see it improving as they learn each other’s nuances.


Manning is right back in elite statville, with 301 yards passing a game (tied for 3rd), 11 touchdowns (4th), and a 101.2 passer rating (5th).


Alex Smith So if Smith continues playing anywhere near the level he was at against Buffalo on Sunday, the 49ers are going to be hard to stop. He was an incredibly efficient 18 of 24 for 303 yards, three touchdowns and no interceptions, while adding 3 rushing attempts for 49 yards.


So now, three of his five games have been fantasy startable, but this game was his only difference making fantasy game. He has these kinds of games in him, which is great for 49ers fans, but he’s still hit and miss in fantasy.


Tony Gonzalez Gonzo is still going Gonzo, now in his, 17th season? Wow, he’s what, 54? Anyway, he’s old. And yet, he leads the league in receptions. And he doesn't just lead tight ends, but all receivers, with 39.  He is on pace for 125 receptions, 1,242 yards and 13 touchdowns. His highs are 102 receptions for 1,258 yards and 11 touchdowns. Of course those happened 8 and 13 years ago.


Marques Colston While Drew Brees was breaking Johnny U’s record; Colston was hauling in nine passes for 131 yards and three touchdowns. That was his 11th multi-touchdown game and his second three-touchdown game. He’s not that fast and he’s always gimping around, but he produces and produces consistently and well.


Alfred Morris Yeah, I was wrong about Morris, just plain old-fashioned, crispy fried-crow-eating wrong. I didn’t want to see it, but the dude’s feet are deft and he can find running lanes like nobody’s business. Is he Ray Rice or Jamaal Charles? No, but he fits Shanahan’s scheme perfectly and as long as RGIII is coherent, the defense will always feel a bit off balance, which will lend itself to Morris’ attacking style.


Ryan Mathews He had 139 total yards and a touchdown on 18 touches. It was almost impossible to take him off the field, the way he was playing, but Norv Turner found ways near the goal line and when the Chargers were in hurry up, trying to get down the field to tie the game, you know, when you need your backups in.



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