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Week 6 Target Watch: NFC

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Here are this week’s NFC Targets for Week 6. They hopefully will help you see the future and win your fantasy leagues in monumental fashion!


But before we get to the target numbers, take a gander at fantasy points per target. I’ve taken the best 10 and worst 10 for each position. Some will seem obvious, some not so obvious and some the sample size is still too small, but overall I think it gives a good overview of how productive or unproductive these guys have been so far this season.


Fantasy Points Per Target

          Best ==>

Rank Wide Receiver Pts/Tar   Rank Tight End Pts/Tar   Rank Running Back Pts/Tar
1 James Jones 1.79   1 Vernon Davis 1.87   1 Stevan Ridley 9.76
2 Jeremy Kerley 1.79   2 Joel Dreessen 1.73   2 Frank Gore 7.9
3 Torrey Smith 1.76   3 Heath Miller 1.71   3 Marshawn Lynch 7.63
4 Miles Austin 1.66   4 Dwayne Allen 1.63   4 C.J. Spiller 6.58
5 Mike Williams 1.54   5 Scott Chandler 1.57   5 Arian Foster 5.6
6 Nate Washington 1.51   6 Aaron Hernandez 1.55   6 Andre Brown 5.23
7 Andre Roberts 1.5   7 Owen Daniels 1.49   7 Reggie Bush 4.95
8 Santana Moss 1.49   8 Marcedes Lewis 1.48   8 Michael Turner 4.88
9 Roddy White 1.47   9 Craig Stevens 1.41   9 Jamaal Charles 4.49
10 Kevin Ogletree 1.46   10 Rob Gronkowski 1.4   10 Ahmad Bradshaw 4.46


            Worst ==>

Rank Wide Receiver Pts/Tar   Rank Tight End Pts/Tar   Rank Running Back Pts/Tar
1 Justin Blackmon 0.36   1 Charles Clay 0.37   1 Greg Jones 0.51
2 Early Doucet 0.54   2 Delanie Walker 0.39   2 Marcel Reece 0.66
3 Michael Jenkins 0.56   3 Tony Scheffler 0.42   3 Evan Royster 0.74
4 Damian Williams 0.57   4 Tony Moeaki 0.42   4 Felix Jones 0.9
5 Emmanuel Sanders 0.62   5 Ben Watson 0.52   5 Chris Ogbonnaya 0.91
6 Greg Jennings 0.63   6 Jordan Cameron 0.54   6 Bilal Powell 1.05
7 Dexter McCluster 0.67   7 Coby Fleener 0.56   7 Ronnie Brown 1.11
8 Donnie Avery 0.76   8 Antonio Gates 0.57   8 Curtis Brinkley 1.12
9 Kendall Wright 0.76   9 Dallas Clark 0.58   9 Darren Sproles 1.14
10 Greg Little 0.77   10 Ed Dickson 0.61   10 Mike Tolbert 1.23

Arizona Cardinals


Larry Fitzgerald: 11-5-9-15-15 (55), Andre Roberts: 9-1-6-9-10 (35), Early Doucet: 3-4-1-7-7 (22), Michael Floyd: 1-0-2-8-3 (14), Todd Heap: 4-9-dnp-dnp-dnp (13), Rob Housler: 0-1-2-3-6 (12), Ryan Williams: 3-2-2-2-1 (10), Jeff King: 3-0-2-2-1 (8), William Powell: dnp-dnp-dnp-2-4 (6), Anthony Sherman: 1-1-0-0-2 (4), LaRod Stephens-Howling: 1-2-0-dnp-dnp (3), Alfonso Smith: dnp-dnp-dnp-0-1 (1), Chris Wells: 0-1-0-dnp-dnp (1)


The Cardinals looked like a team who couldn’t beat an infant in a foot race last week, but at times they’ve looked like they could beat the New England Patriots in Foxboro, well, they actually did!  So, we’re not really sure who the Cardinals are, but we do know the target distribution has been clear lately, Fitzgerald, Roberts, and then Doucet.  Roberts’ big target numbers lately will need to continue for him to have value.


The running back situation looks like a new AMC show, or at least a re-hashed AMC show. They lost their starting running backs and their backup’s backup, William Powell, even had a concussion. The news for Powell seems to be good for him to play this week and he was splitting time with Ryan Williams before all the injuries. He should be the guy getting the ball out of the backfield, and has shown pass catching ability. He had four targets before he left the game last Thursday.



Atlanta Falcons


Tony Gonzalez: 6-10-12-5-14 (47), Julio Jones: 9-7-7-8-15 (46), Roddy White: 8-11-8-12-6 (45), Harry Douglas: 4-3-2-2-5 (16), Jacquizz Rodgers: 2-1-5-4-2 (14), Michael Turner: 0-1-2-5-5 (13), Jason Snelling: 0-1-1-4-1 (7), Tommy Gallarda: dnp-dnp-dnp-dnp-2 (2), Michael Palmer: 1-0-1-dnp-dnp (2)


Tony Gonzalez just won’t stop. I asked him nicely! Well, not really. It’s pretty cool seeing someone my age kicking arse out there. That made me feel old. Anyway, Gonzo leads the team in targets, as well as receptions and is tied in touchdowns. That’s uh one spicy meatball!


The dynamic duo of Julio Jones and Roddy White keep trading weeks with Julio winning week one 22-8 in fantasy points, Roddy week two 16-1, Julio week three 12-5, Roddy week four 28-3, and Julio week five 15-6.  So this will be Roddy’s week. Science!


The running back situation remains slow and bewildering, but it is what it is and at 5-0 nobody except me is going to complain too much.  Jacquizz Rodgers actually saw a slight decrease in snaps last week and Michael Turner saw more passing targets.


I must be blind, but at least get your best receiving back the targets. Turner isn’t fooling anyone. If you take away his 60 yarder, he is averaging one yard per reception.



Carolina Panthers


Steve Smith: 11-4-4-6-13 (38), Greg Olsen: 7-3-14-7-3 (34), Brandon LaFell: 5-8-5-3-3 (24), Mike Tolbert: 3-2-5-3-1 (14), Louis Murphy: 5-0-3-1-2 (11), DeAngelo Williams: 1-0-2-2-2 (7), Jonathan Stewart: dnp-1-dnp-1-4 (6), Kealoha Pilares: 1-1-0-1-0 (3), Ben Hartsock: 0-dnp-0-0-1 (1), Armanti Edwards: 0-0-0-1-0 (1)


The Panthers had a brutal day in Seattle and their numbers reflect that. Steve Smith and Greg Olsen need good Cam instead of bad Cam to be effective. The good news is that the Seattle defense makes even the best quarterbacks look like Garo Yepremian.


The running backs didn’t do much, but Jonathan Stewart saw a few more snaps than DeAngelo Williams and had six touches for 31 yards to Williams’ six touches for six yards. Stewart is the receiving back and with the Panthers defense not looking up-to-par so far, he should remain the go-to back.



Chicago Bears


Brandon Marshall: 15-5-11-8-17 (56), Alshon Jeffery: 5-2-7-5-4 (23), Kellen Davis: 1-6-3-4-4 (18), Matt Forte: 6-5-dnp-1-4 (16), Earl Bennett: 4-6-4-dnp-dnp (14), Devin Hester: 2-1-2-4-4 (13), Michael Bush: 0-0-2-1-3 (6), Dane Sanzenbacher: dnp-dnp-dnp-1-2 (3), Matt Spaeth: 0-2-0-0-0 (2), Kyle Adams: dnp-dnp-1-0-1 (2), Kahlil Bell: dnp-dnp-1-0-dnp (1), Evan Rodriguez: 1-0-0-dnp-dnp (1)


The loss of Alshon Jeffery for 4-6 weeks is a tough one, since he was their only true #2 wide receiver, but they didn’t really use him all that much as is. Brandon Marshall will remain the go-to player and with Mike Tice hinting at a faster paced offense after the bye; he could really take off, especially in PPR leagues.


The replacement receiver for Jeffery’s targets will be a rough-looking amalgamation of Earl Bennett, Devin Hester and Kellen Davis.  Don’t think too hard on it, but Bennett would be my favorite to benefit other than Marshall.


Matt Forte seems to be back physically. He touched the ball 24 times for 127 yards while Michael Bush touched it six times for 52 yards. They took it to Jacksonville hard in the second half and even Armando Allen got in on the fun. With everyone healthy, it remains Forte’s gig, with some short yardage work for Bush.



Dallas Cowboys (bye)


Dez Bryant: 5-7-8-13-bye (33), Jason Witten: 3-10-6-14-bye (33), Miles Austin: 4-10-9-6-bye (29), Kevin Ogletree: 11-1-7-5-bye (24), DeMarco Murray: 2-4-4-7-bye (17), Felix Jones: 2-5-2-0-bye (9), John Phillips: 1-2-0-0-bye (3), Phillip Tanner: 0-0-0-3-bye (3), Cole Beasley: 0-dnp-dnp-2-bye (2), Lawrence Vickers: 0-0-1-0-bye (1), James Hanna: 1-0-0-0-bye (1), Andre Holmes: 0-dnp-0-1-bye (1), Dwayne Harris: 0-0-0-1-bye (1)


The Cowboys spent their bye week on improving team communication skills.



Detroit Lions (bye)


Calvin Johnson: 7-12-12-12-bye (43), Brandon Pettigrew: 10-4-12-9-bye (35), Nate Burleson: 8-3-12-8-bye (31), Joique Bell: 0-3-5-8-bye (16), Titus Young: 3-3-7-3-bye (16), Tony Scheffler: 8-3-dnp-3-bye (14), Mikel Leshoure: dnp-dnp-4-5-bye (9), Kevin Smith: 6-3-0-0-bye (9), Will Heller: 2-1-1-0-bye (4), Keiland Williams: 1-0-0-1-bye (2), Stefan Logan: 1-0-1-0-bye (2), Ryan Broyles: dnp-dnp-0-1-bye (1)


The Lions were also on their bye in week 5.



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