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Week 6 Target Watch: NFC

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Green Bay Packers


Jordy Nelson: 7-9-3-12-5 (36), Jermichael Finley: 11-5-5-5-5 (31), James Jones: 6-5-6-6-7 (30), Randall Cobb: 9-2-2-8-4 (25), Greg Jennings: 9-dnp-10-3-dnp (22), Cedric Benson: 0-4-5-4-2 (15), John Kuhn: 0-3-4-0-1 (8), D.J. Williams: 0-1-2-dnp-4 (7), Donald Driver: 0-1-1-2-2 (6), Tom Crabtree: 0-0-dnp-1-1 (2), Alex Green: dnp-0-dnp-0-1 (1)


The Packers have yet to win in Indianapolis. Going into Sunday’s game that statement was bound to become false, but amazingly the Packers weren’t quite ready for the rookie phenom. But we don’t care too much about wins and losses here on Target Island (from the air it looks like, well, you know). We care about fantasy production and the Packers still produce.


Yeah, I know Jordy Nelson is not one of those Packers, but he’s getting the targets and with Rodgers, the production will come. James Jones on the other hand is filling in nicely for Greg Jennings, who is doing his best work in the red zone, where he has six targets, has caught all six and five of those went for touchdowns.


Randall Cobb has been amazingly efficient with 22 receptions on 25 targets for 244 yards and a touchdown.  It seems likely that Cobb is entrenched in that slot receiver position and with Jermichael Finley hurting and having dropped five passes already, we should continue to see Cobb get targets.



Minnesota Vikings


Percy Harvin: 8-13-11-6-10 (48), Kyle Rudolph: 7-5-6-5-7 (30), Michael Jenkins: 5-6-5-4-4 (24), Adrian Peterson: 1-3-4-4-3 (15), Devin Aromashodu: 3-3-2-0-4 (12), Toby Gerhart: 1-3-4-1-0 (9), Jerome Simpson: dnp-dnp-dnp-5-3 (8), Stephen Burton: 0-2-1-dnp-1 (4), John Carlson: 1-0-1-1-1 (4), Rhett Ellison: 0-0-0-0-2 (2), Matt Asiata: 1-0-0-0-0 (1), Allen Reisner: 0-0-1-dnp-dnp (1)


My Percy Harvin love in this column has been tried and true. So what do I win? Nothing, you say? Well, I never! Anywhoo, last season Harvin had five targets/touches inside the red zone over the first five games and this season, he’s at 11. And as far as overall targets go, he had 26 through this point last season, compared to 48 this season. This is all to point out that Leslie Frazier has finally seen the light and I am delighted.


Could Harvin’s production be causing a decline in Adrian Peterson’s production? Peterson has rushed the ball seven times inside the five-yard line and Harvin twice. Kyle Rudolph has two targets inside the five and Harvin none. For the most part, there’s not much blocking Peterson. He is third on the league in carries inside the five, so the touchdowns should come.


Jerome Simpson is hurting from a back problem, which may limit him for a while, and as we saw while he was gone to start the season, there really isn’t anyone else that will step in for him. The big three are the only players I would start, with Christian Ponder making a nice bye week/matchup play.



New Orleans Saints


Marques Colston: 11-4-4-13-18 (50), Jimmy Graham: 10-13-8-9-2 (42), Darren Sproles: 8-14-3-7-7 (39), Lance Moore: 10-5-7-15-dnp (37), Devery Henderson: 2-dnp-7-2-10 (21), Pierre Thomas: 1-6-6-3-2 (18), Joe Morgan: 2-3-dnp-1-1 (7), David Thomas: 2-1-0-2-0 (5), Greg Camarillo: dnp-0-0-dnp-5 (5), Jed Collins: 2-0-1-1-0 (4), Mark Ingram: 1-0-0-1-0 (2), Courtney Roby: 0-1-0-0-0 (1)


The injury to Jimmy Graham was a huge boon to Marques Colston’s targets and production last week. And Lance Moore’s absence coupled with Graham’s injury did the same for Devery Henderson. If you are getting targets in the Saints offense, you are worth your price in gold and black.


Greg Camarillo benefitted on the back end with five targets and looks like he would be worthwhile if Moore and Graham miss any more time.



New York Giants


Victor Cruz: 11-17-8-13-8 (57), Martellus Bennett: 6-10-7-3-4 (30), Domenik Hixon: 5-1-dnp-11-8 (25), Hakeem Nicks: 6-15-dnp-dnp-dnp (21), Ramses Barden: 0-2-10-4-dnp (16), Rueben Randle: 0-0-3-1-9 (13), Ahmad Bradshaw: 2-0-dnp-4-6 (12), Andre Brown: 0-2-5-1-0 (8), Bear Pascoe: 1-0-1-2-1 (5), Henry Hynoski: 1-1-2-1-0 (5), David Wilson: 0-2-1-1-0 (4)


Hakeem Nicks’ three missed games have made for some noise from backups so far this season. First it was Ramses Barden with both Nicks and Domenik Hixon out, then it was Hixon, and finally it was Rueben Randle with Barden out.  Of course Victor Cruz was the staple on the other side, and continues to get it done, plus some.


Eli Manning and this Giants offense are able to turn about any receiver into a fantasy asset. Hakeem Nicks’ owners have to be crying themselves to sleep at night.


Ahmad Bradshaw exploded for 200 yards on a career high 30 carries, which were boosted by the concussion to Andre Brown. David Wilson only had two carries in relief of Bradshaw, but made one count on a rocket-shot 40-yard touchdown run.


If Brown can’t go, we’ll see Wilson serve as the backup to Bradshaw again. If he can get any work and do anything at all against the stout 49ers defense, he’ll have taken a nice step to more playing time.



Philadelphia Eagles


DeSean Jackson: 11-8-10-9-7 (45), Brent Celek: 8-11-6-5-5 (35), Jeremy Maclin: 14-1-dnp-3-8 (26), LeSean McCoy: 9-3-3-4-5 (24), Damaris Johnson: 3-1-11-1-0 (16), Jason Avant: 5-2-4-2-3 (16), Clay Harbor: 6-2-0-1-1 (10), Stanley Havili: 0-1-0-2-0 (3), Bryce Brown: 0-0-2-0-0 (2), Mardy Gilyard: dnp-0-1-0-0 (1)


The Eagles played a tough defense in the Steelers last week, so the overall numbers are slim, but it was good to see Jeremy Maclin lead the team in targets and receptions once again. Look for him to take back the WR1 crown from DeSean Jackson going forward. After those two there isn’t another wide receiver on the radar.


Brent Celek’s targets have dropped off significantly after the first two weeks and with Maclin looking like he is truly back, it might get harder for him to stay consistent.


LeSean McCoy is actually getting more work than he did last year at this point, so I’m not all that outraged by his rushing workload. The guy isn’t Jerome Bettis. But I would like to see him used in the receiving game more. He is one of the best open field runners in the game and could benefit greatly by averaging six targets a game.


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