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Week 6 Target Watch: AFC

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Indianapolis Colts


Reggie Wayne: 18-7-15-BYE-20 (60), Donnie Avery: 8-10-9-BYE-8 (35), Coby Fleener: 10-4-2-BYE-9 (25), T.Y. Hilton: dnp-1-8-BYE-9 (18), Dwayne Allen: 0-1-6-BYE-5 (12), Kris Adams: 4-3-1-BYE-dnp (8), Donald Brown: 2-0-1-BYE-2 (5), Mewelde Moore: 1-2-1-BYE-dnp (4), Vick Ballard: 0-1-0-BYE-1 (2), LaVon Brazill: 1-dnp-0-BYE-0 (1), Nathan Palmer: dnp-dnp-dnp-BYE-1 (1), Austin Collie: dnp-dnp-1-BYE-dnp (1)



Reggie Wayne willed himself to 13 receptions for 212 yards and a touchdown and it really was a sight to see. I’ve seen some pretty great individual performances by running backs, but it’s always a treat to see a wide receiver take over a game.


Andrew Luck threw the ball 55 times, so we got a good feel as to how the targets are distributed, and unfortunately for Donnie Avery and T.Y. Hilton, it looks like they are sharing. Of course the crazy amount of targets should keep up since Luck is averaging over 44 passes a game, so maybe both can have some value, but it will be hard for all three of the wide receivers to have value consistently. Avery is the number two receiver, so sees more time on the field than Hilton, so that’s who I have to lean toward for now.



Jacksonville Jaguars


Justin Blackmon: 6-4-5-10-8 (33), Cecil Shorts: 7-2-2-5-3 (19), Maurice Jones-Drew: 5-3-2-5-3 (18), Laurent Robinson: 9-6-1-1-dnp (17), Mike Thomas: 1-3-3-2-8 (17), Marcedes Lewis: 5-0-1-3-7 (16), Greg Jones: 2-1-3-4-0 (10), Zach Potter: 0-2-0-0-1 (3), Montell Owens: 3-0-0-0-0 (3), Kevin Elliott: dnp-dnp-0-0-3 (3), Rashad Jennings: 1-dnp-dnp-1-0 (2)


The Jaguars faced the Bears, so it’s hard to fault them too much for a poor showing, but the two weeks before, they faced the Colts and Bengals and did little to nothing. After a good week one performance for Blaine Gabbert, it has been a quick and slippery slope to the cesspool of painful to the eyes football.


Maurice Hones-Drew is, as always, the only player worth owning on the Jaguars.



Kansas City Chiefs


Dwayne Bowe: 6-15-16-12-8 (57), Dexter McCluster: 10-5-4-4-0 (23), Jamaal Charles: 0-4-8-4-3 (19), Jon Baldwin: 0-6-4-5-3 (18), Tony Moeaki: 6-4-3-4-1 (18), Shaun Draughn: 2-2-3-5-1 (13), Steve Breaston: 4-1-3-1-0 (9), Peyton Hillis: 3-3-1-dnp-dnp (7), Kevin Boss: 2-1-dnp-dnp-dnp (3), Cyrus Gray: dnp-dnp-0-1-1 (2)


The Matt Cassel led Chiefs had become the Jamaal Charles led Chiefs with some guy handing it off to him. It’s amazing to say or type or morse-code, but Brady Quinn has to be an upgrade. He looked better than Cassel in his short time behind center toward the end of the game, but that’s not really the point. The Chiefs had given up on Cassel, which means they’d given up on the passing game.


I don’t care if Brady Quinn throws multiple picks, if the Chiefs allow him to pass the ball at all, it will be an upgrade for the Chiefs fantasy players, all two of them.



Miami Dolphins


Brian Hartline: 8-12-9-19-5 (53), Davone Bess: 7-6-7-12-6 (38), Anthony Fasano: 5-3-10-5-4 (27), Reggie Bush: 6-4-1-1-2 (14), Charles Clay: 1-3-0-1-5 (10), Anthony Armstrong: 3-dnp-6-0-0 (9), Daniel Thomas: 3-dnp-2-1-1 (7), Legedu Naanee: 2-1-0-2-dnp (5), Jorvorskie Lane: 1-0-1-0-2 (4)


The Brian Hartline target show took a detour week five. It made me a little sad, but the Dolphins took to the ground and their defense to beat the Bengals. These things happen. And they could happen more often if the Dolphins defense continues to play well.


The running game was productive, but the split in work between Reggie Bush and Daniel Thomas is a little worrisome for Bush owners. Bush was in on 39 snaps to Thomas’ 27, but Thomas got the goal line work and scored a touchdown.



New England Patriots


Wes Welker: 5-11-10-11-15 (52), Brandon Lloyd: 8-13-12-7-5 (45), Rob Gronkowski: 6-9-3-11-5 (34), Julian Edelman: 2-6-7-dnp-dnp (15), Stevan Ridley: 3-4-1-0-0 (8), Aaron Hernandez: 7-1-dnp-dnp-dnp (8), Danny Woodhead: 0-1-2-2-1 (6), Deion Branch: dnp-dnp-3-0-2 (5), Daniel Fells: dnp-dnp-0-2-2 (4), Kellen Winslow: dnp-dnp-2-dnp-dnp (2), Shane Vereen: dnp-dnp-dnp-2-0 (2), Brandon Bolden: 0-0-0-1-1 (2), Michael Hoomanawanui: 0-0-1-0-dnp (1)


Over the last three weeks Wes Welker has led the league in receptions and yardage. Of course the absence of Aaron Hernandez and Julian Edelman had something to do with that. What happens when they return is anybody’s guess.


Brandon Lloyd’s targets have gradually declined while Gronkowski’s targets have fluctuated wildly. Once again, anybody’s guess.


The fact that the Patriots are running the ball much more is completely screwing with everything I hold dear. Targets, I’m talking about targets! I named my kitty Target for gosh sake! Anyway, the run game is chugging along for the Patriots with 54 runs to 31 passes against the Broncos last week. Stevan Ridley led the way with 28 carries for 151 yards and a touchdown, but also a fumble. We’ll just have to cross our fingers and hope there is no reprisal from The Hoodster.


Does this new found run game hurt Brady and the receivers? Yes. How could it not? Will they continue to run like this? Ask Bill Belichick and see how that goes. But on the surface, I’m worried about all the receiving mouths to feed, especially once Edelman and Hernandez get back.


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