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Rodgers Reasserts Rule

Monday, October 15, 2012

Well, I had decided to roll with Mr. Griffin the Third as the headliner in my wrap up of Sunday’s games, that is until Aaron Rodgers went all Aaron Rodgers on the Texans. And by Aaron Rodgersing, I mean 24 for 37 for 338 yards and six touchdowns, three to Jordy Nelson who abused Johnathan Joseph and two to James Jones. Those are some fantasy numbers you can take to the fantasy bank.


There never was any doubt that Rodgers and company would turn things around. They had faced San Francisco, Chicago and Seattle, all teams that have been playing at the top of the league in pass defense and of course when he faced lesser opponents, he lit them up in a fantasy way.


James Jones alone has two touchdowns in each of his last three games. Who threw those to him? Aaron Rodgers threw those to him. So after a loss to the Colts, many talking heads were questioning the Packers and Rodgers, but not many fantasy people were. The Packers offense is built around Rodgers because he’s that good and a couple down games against good defenses isn’t going to change the fact that he is a great quarterback in a pass friendly offense.


Of course the Texans, who had given up six passing touchdowns all season, didn’t look like the team he would throw six touchdown passes against in a single game, but nobody was that surprised when he went ahead and did it anyway. He’s been the best quarterback in the league statistically and most likely, ten years down the road, he’ll be in the conversation as the greatest of all time.



Game Balls


Robert Griffin III – He is a world-class athlete and football player. Smush those two things together and you have, what us fake football pundits like to call, monster upside. It was in full effect on Sunday, up five, after having a 19 point lead, the Redskins were on the defensive and needed a big play on third and six from their own 24 with 2:43 left on the clock in the fourth quarter, so of course RGIII takes off for a 74 yard touchdown run to help seal the win. And by takes off, I mean, this guy lives up to his 4.38 40 time on any surface.


His big game didn’t rely solely on his running ability either. He finished by completing 17 of 22 passes for 182 yards, one touchdown and one interception to go along with his 138 yards rushing and two touchdowns. If he’s throwing anywhere near his 77% completion rate, continues to have a strong, bruising back in Alfred Morris, and has his unbelievable big play ability, it will be beyond difficulty to contain him.


His concussion against the Atlanta Falcons scared away some people, but he then turns around and has his best game as a pro. Yes, he has some injury risk, but always trying to hedge your bets against injury will just leave you with run-of-the-mill players. Go bold or go home. Well, you’re probably already at home. Hmmm, you get my point.


Shonn Greene – The matchup was great, but after watching Greene split carries with Bilal Powell and not do much positive all season, it sure was surprising to watch him ramble for 161 yards and three touchdowns against the Colts.


I’m going to lay most of the blame on the Colts for his big numbers. Before this week Greene had 76 carries for 217 yards, a 2.85 yards per carry pace and had only one touchdown. He’s not quite as bad as those numbers, having faced Pittsburgh, Miami, San Francisco and Houston over the last four games, but he surely isn’t as good as today’s numbers.


The chance that he sees the ball 32 times, even in a blowout, again, is slim. The most carries he has ever had were 27 in week one against the horrible Bills defense and he still couldn’t hit 100 yards.  I know everyone and their dog is going to be barking at you about selling Greene and I’m going to join the chorus. Sell! Sell! Sell!


A.J. Green – So Joe Haden is back? He’s covering A.J. Green? That’s a tough matchup for both. Let’s see who wins this battle . . . oh, that was quick. A.J. Green is your winner in a rout! He finished the day with seven receptions for 135 yards and two touchdowns, which would have led all receivers, if it weren’t for Jordy Nelson’s crazy game.


Green is easily the best fantasy receiver so far this season with five straight games with a touchdown and six total. We all knew he was good enough to never sit in fantasy, but now we know even moreso.


Josh Freeman/Vincent Jackson/Mike Williams/Doug Martin – With the off season moves the Bucs made I was hoping for more games like this, where they spread the ball out and everyone ends up helping each other out.  If you count LeGarrette Blount (which I don’t like to do), six players hit double-digit fantasy points in standard leagues.


They won’t always get to face the Chiefs at home after a bye unfortunately, but they do have the offensive firepower to do some good fantasy work when they are clicking. Oh, and they face the Saints next week.


Dez Bryant – Bryant led all receivers this week with 15 targets and he caught 13 of them for 95 yards and two touchdowns. Unfortunately he dropped a two-point conversion that would have tied the game late, but this is fantasy football and if you are in a PPR league, he helped you put a beating on the other team.


It looks like the Cowboys realize he is their best player and even though he comes with headaches, he will continue to get his targets.


Michael Vick – Mr. Vick has turned the ball over a ton this season, but has only had one bust of a game fantasy wise. This week he had another rough looking game, but also had his best fantasy game of the season with 311 yards passing, two touchdowns, two interceptions and 59 yards rushing.


Ahmad Bradshaw - After a huge game against the Browns poor rush defense, it seemed inevitable the Giants’ running back would have a let down going into San Francisco, where most running backs go to die. But instead he ran for 116 yards and a touchdown. The 49ers only gave up one 100-yard rushing game last season and had yet to do so this season.


Russell Wilson – So far Russell Wilson is sitting fifth in fantasy quarterback points for this week with 293 yards passing, three touchdowns and no interceptions. Oh, and he beat the Patriots. And yes, the Patriots pass defense leaves a lot to be desired, but this was easily Wilson’s best game and after the Patriots got up fast, Wilson had to have this game. It was a nice response from the rookie, and one that bodes well going forward.


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