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Monday, October 22, 2012

Game Busts


Trent Richardson – After watching Richardson run with speed and power, just absolutely popping off the screen as the best player on the field, it’s not too hard to tell that his rib injury is slowing him down. As long as it heals, I still think he can be a force in the second half.


Ray Rice – Rice only had 14 touches for 54 total yards while the Texans bulldozed the Ravens as they exercised their demons from also getting lambasted by the Packers last week. Even though Cam Cameron should have used him more in the first half, let’s chalk this one up to the blowout and be thankful you own a healthy Ray Rice and stop all your dang complaining!


Larry Fitzgerald – Is there any possible way we can coax Kurt Warner out of retirement?


LeGarrette Blount – Blount didn’t have many opportunities to be a bust, but he took three of them at the goal line and busted pretty hard, getting stopped each time. Hopefully this will give the better player, Doug Martin more goal line work.


Kenny Britt –  After catching three balls for 26 yards on the very first drive, Matt Hasselbeck targeted him three more times the rest of the game in which he caught one pass for four yards. Um, huh? Chris Johnson was rolling, but Britt is the best receiver on the team. Hopefully the Titans' starter will look his way more next week.


Kyle Rudolph – four targets and zero receptions is the black hole line on your lineup that you see in your nightmares sucking your team into its gruesome singularity.


Alex Green – Rushing 20 times for 35 yards is an amazing stat for its complete ineptitude.  You can’t say he wasn’t given enough chances or that the Rams have impenetrable run defense. One game doesn’t make a career of course, but we could see more James Starks in the future.


Maurice Jones-Drew – MJD went down early in this game with a foot injury, so he wasn’t a bust so much as his foot was busted, but it wasn’t too helpful to your fantasy team. Rashad Jennings will be the guy to own if his injury keeps him out of games.


Oh, and Blaine Gabbert also left that game with a shoulder injury. How the Jaguars were even within sniffing distance of a win in this game is beyond me.



Numbers Game


0 - The number of receptions Kyle Rudolph had.


1 - The number of receptions and touchdowns for A.J. Green.


2 - The number of targets Jermichael Finley had this week.


3 - The number of targets Joe Morgan had on his way to catching this touchdown that looks like it was choreographed by Jackie Chan.


4 - The number of targets Santana Moss had in which he caught three for 67 yards and two touchdowns.


5 - The number of targets and receptions Ray Rice had for 12 yards.


6 - The number of yards Brandon Lloyd had on one reception from six targets.


7 - The number of targets and completions Dustin Keller had for 93 yards and a touchdown.


8 - The number of completions Christian Ponder had in a win over Arizona.


9 - The number of receptions Andre Johnson had, bumping him up to 17 in the last two games.


10 - The number of targets Josh Gordon had in which he caught just two, but for 59 yards and another touchdown, his fourth in the last three games.


11 - The number of targets Jeremy Kerley had for 7 receptions and 120 yards.


12 - The number of carries C.J. Spiller had for 70 yards, which puts him at 72 attempts for 523 yards for an unbelievable 7.3 yards per carry.


13 - The unlucky number of targets Torrey Smith saw for a paltry four receptions.


14 - Vincent Jackson’s number of targets on his franchise record setting day of 216 receiving yards on seven receptions.


15 - The number of targets Mike Wallace had to lead the league so far this week. He caught eight for 52 yards and too many drops.



Early Waiver Look


QB: Josh Freeman, Brandon Weeden


RB: Rashad Jennings, LaRod Stephens-Howling, Jamie Harper


WR:  Josh Gordon, Santana Moss, Chris Givens, Leonard Hankerson, Jeremy Kerley


TE: Dustin Keller





Fantasy MVP of Week 7: Chris Johnson


Fantasy Breakout Player of Week 7: Chris Johnson


Fantasy Rookie of Week 7: Robert Griffin III


Fantasy Disappointment of Week 7: Trent Richardson


Fantasy Fluke of Week 7: LaRod Stephens-Howling



Stats and What Not


Rob Gronkowski has 10 multi-touchdown reception games since 2010, which is the most of anyone in the NFL.


Victor Cruz had six career 70+ yard touchdown receptions in 25 games played.


Drew Brees and Dan Marino are tied with 16 four-plus touchdown and 300+ passing yards games.


Chris Johnson now has four 80+ yard touchdown runs, a new record.



Twitter Talk


@MoveTheSticks -- In 2011, there were 7 teams that allowed less than 29 sacks. Arizona has allowed 29 sacks in the last 4 games.


@RotoPat -- Borrowing Arizona's offensive line to strain some spaghetti.


@RotoPat -- DMC getting vultured by Carson Palmer. I'd say fantasy football has run its course.


@IanKenyonNFL -- RG3 is averaging a career 8.34 YPA (coming into today). Mark Sanchez, in his career, has had a YPA of 8.34 or greater in 9 of his 52 starts.


@greggrosenthal -- Joseph Morgan's TD looks like one of those game-ending Friday Night Lights plays.


@FantasyDouche -- Is that the "before" picture from a P90X commercial? Nope. It's Sebastian Janikowski.


@billbarnwell  -- And now JPP just went Gangnam Style after a sack. Did the NFL just discover Youtube?

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