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Week 10 Target Watch: NFC

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Green Bay Packers


James Jones: 6-7-7-10-9-7 (7), Randall Cobb: 8-4-10-8-7-9 (6.6), Jordy Nelson: 12-5-12-9-dnp-1 (7.2), Jermichael Finley: 5-5-4-2-6-2 (5), Greg Jennings: 3-dnp-dnp-dnp-dnp-dnp (7.3), Alex Green: 0-1-1-5-6-4 (2.4), Cedric Benson: 4-2-dnp-dnp-dnp-dnp (3), Donald Driver: 2-2-0-1-2-2 (1.2), John Kuhn: 0-1-0-1-dnp-dnp (1.3), Tom Crabtree: 1-1-3-0-1-2 (1), D.J. Williams: dnp-4-dnp-0-1-0 (1.1), Jarrett Boykin: dnp-dnp-0-0-1-2 (0.8), James Starks: dnp-dnp-0-dnp-2-0 (0.7)



The quick exit of Jordy Nelson in Week 9 put James Jones and Randall Cobb in the spotlight once again and they ended up catching three touchdown passes. If Greg Jennings ever returns, it will hurt James Jones the most. Randall Cobb isn’t going anywhere.


Jermichael Finley on the other hand has gone to the dogs. He hasn’t seen a red zone target since week five and only has 14 total targets since then as well. That’s a measly 3.5 targets a game, which with Aaron Rodgers throwing to you in the red zone could still prove fruitful, but he isn’t and right now doesn’t seem like he will be anytime soon.



Minnesota Vikings


Percy Harvin: 6-10-14-5-12-6 (9.4), Kyle Rudolph: 5-7-11-4-2-2 (5.4), Michael Jenkins: 4-4-10-2-9-2 (5.2), Adrian Peterson: 4-3-8-4-1-4 (3.6), Jerome Simpson: 5-3-dnp-1-7-2 (3.6), Toby Gerhart: 1-0-3-0-2-2 (1.8), Devin Aromashodu: 0-4-2-0-dnp-1 (1.9), John Carlson: 1-1-2-0-dnp-dnp (0.9), Rhett Ellison: 0-2-2-0-1-1 (0.7), Stephen Burton: dnp-1-0-0-0-dnp (0.6)


The Vikings pass game is going down with the sinking Christian Ponder faster than you can spell Devin Aromashodu. Percy Harvin is getting the brunt of the targets and wear and tear in the passing game because Ponder is keying in on him since he’s the only player that can separate enough for Ponder to feel comfortable. And now with Harvin nursing injuries, the overall prospects are getting perilous for everyone involved. Even Adrian Peterson, who ran over the Seattle Seahawks last week, had trouble in the second half when the defense realized they only had one man to stop with Harvin hurting.



New Orleans Saints


Marques Colston: 13-18-BYE-10-10-4 (9.2), Jimmy Graham: 9-2-BYE-dnp-10-11 (9), Lance Moore: 15-dnp-BYE-10-6-2 (7.9), Darren Sproles: 7-7-BYE-4-9-dnp (7.4), Devery Henderson: 2-10-BYE-3-4-3 (4.4), Pierre Thomas: 3-2-BYE-1-2-3 (3), Joseph Morgan: 1-1-BYE-3-dnp-0 (1.7), David Thomas: 2-0-BYE-4-0-0 (1.1), Jed Collins: 1-0-BYE-1-0-1 (0.8), Greg Camarillo: dnp-5-BYE-dnp-dnp-0 (1.2), Mark Ingram: 1-0-BYE-0-0-2 (0.5), Courtney Roby: 0-0-BYE-0-1-dnp (0.3)


The return of The Reverend Jimmy Graham is complete. He led the Saints with 11 targets against the Eagles on Monday night and coincidentally, receptions and receiving yards. He’s back so don’t look back.


Unfortunately Graham’s presence is going to hurt Marques Colston. He caught a touchdown, but had his fewest receptions and yards since week three.  The Saints throw the ball enough, especially in the red zone where they throw it a league high 71.2 percent of the time, so don’t go throwing Colston onto the garbage heap.


I believed Pierre Thomas would be the main beneficiary of Darren Sproles’ injury, but the Saints did a good job of squashing all that business. Thomas was on the field for 21 snaps with nine looks, Mark Ingram had 18 snaps with nine looks and Chris Ivory had 14 snaps with 11 looks. That’s a recipe for fantasy football pain.



New York Giants


Victor Cruz: 13-8-13-11-8-11 (11.1), Martellus Bennett: 3-4-2-7-6-4 (5.4), Hakeem Nicks: dnp-dnp-5-10-7-4 (7.8), Domenik Hixon: 11-8-6-4-3-1 (4.9), Rueben Randle: 1-9-0-0-2-3 (2), Ahmad Bradshaw: 4-6-1-5-0-0 (2.2), Ramses Barden: 4-dnp-0-0-1-0 (2.1), Andre Brown: 1-0-dnp-1-2-0 (1.4), Henry Hynoski: 1-0-1-1-0-1 (0.9), Bear Pascoe: 2-1-0-1-0-dnp (0.8), David Wilson: 1-0-0-0-0-0 (0.4)


Eli Manning completed 10 passes on 24 attempts for 125 yards against the Steelers.  That’s his worst game since 2008. He usually slumps mid-season, so I’m not going to wring my hands too much.


Victor Cruz is the stalwart of this group. He’s neck and neck with Reggie Wayne in the target race and Hakeem Nicks is hurting again. Cruz will continue to do his thing.


The #2 wide receiver if Nicks can’t go has been Domenik Hixon. Rueben Randle did have three targets to Hixon’s one last week, but Randle ran six passing routes to Hixon’s 13.



Philadelphia Eagles


DeSean Jackson: 9-7-8-BYE-8-7 (8.5), Brent Celek: 5-5-8-BYE-5-9 (7.1), Jeremy Maclin: 3-8-10-BYE-9-4 (7), LeSean McCoy: 4-5-8-BYE-3-3 (4.8), Jason Avant: 2-3-4-BYE-8-9 (4.6), Damaris Johnson: 1-0-dnp-BYE-dnp-0 (2.7), Clay Harbor: 1-1-2-BYE-0-4 (2), Riley Cooper: dnp-dnp-3-BYE-1-1 (1.7), Stanley Havili: 2-0-0-BYE-1-1 (0.6), Bryce Brown: 0-0-0-BYE-0-0 (0.2)


What happened to Jeremy Maclin? He’s getting seven targets a game, but the production is confined to just two games in which he has 226 of his 356 yards and two of his three touchdowns. Michael Vick is part of the problem, along with a culture of dysfunction, but I’m truly worrying that even a healthy Maclin isn’t going to turn it around anytime soon.


There is so much talent on this offense that it’s hard not to be somewhat in awe at how poor they play. It’s hard not to blame the offensive line for much of their woes and until they play better it’s going to be tough for any offensive player to be consistent going forward.


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