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Week 12 Target Watch: AFC

Thursday, November 22, 2012

New York Jets


Jeremy Kerley: 6-11-11-BYE-8-3 (39), Dustin Keller: 1-7-11-BYE-5-2 (26), Stephen Hill: 3-7-7-BYE-2-2 (21), Clyde Gates: dnp-dnp-11-BYE-5-2 (18), Chaz Schilens: 4-3-5-BYE-0-5 (17), Shonn Greene: 0-9-5-BYE-2-0 (16), Lex Hilliard: 0-1-1-BYE-2-1 (5), Bilal Powell: 2-dnp-dnp-BYE-1-2 (5), Konrad Reuland: 0-1-1-BYE-0-1 (3), Jeff Cumberland: 1-1-dnp-BYE-0-1 (3), Joe McKnight: 0-0-0-BYE-dnp-2 (2), Jason Hill: 1-0-dnp-BYE-dnp-dnp (1)


You can’t trust a Jets player. I really tried. Both Dustin Keller and Jeremy Kerley looked poised for some consistency, but pfft. Shonn Greene has been their best fantasy player this season and that’s with 3.7 yards per carry. His workload and five touchdowns elevate him to the 18th best fantasy running back and three of those touchdowns came in one game.



Oakland Raiders


Brandon Myers: 7-10-3-13-7-10 (50), Denarius Moore: 9-8-8-9-8-7 (49), Darrius Heyward-Bey: 2-7-3-6-8-5 (31), Marcel Reece: 1-6-0-9-9-5 (30), Rod Streater: 3-4-5-10-3-4 (29), Darren McFadden: 4-7-6-3-dnp-dnp (20), Derek Hagan: 4-1-1-3-5-2 (16), Juron Criner: 0-1-2-0-3-6 (12), Mike Goodson: 1-1-0-6-dnp-dnp (8), David Ausberry: 2-0-0-0-2-0 (4), Richard Gordon: dnp-dnp-0-2-0-0 (2), Jeremy Stewart: dnp-dnp-dnp-dnp-0-1 (1), Taiwan Jones: 0-dnp-dnp-0-1-0 (1)


We’ve watched Brandon Myers grow from the guy who catches every pass thrown his way, but not get any touchdowns, to the guy who drops touchdown passes, but still has more thrown his way. That’s what you want to see in a tight end, not the dropping part, but the “more thrown his way” part. Myers is second in targets for tight ends since week six.


Marcel Reece leads all running backs in targets and receptions over the last three weeks and it looks like he’ll get another chance this week with McFadden and Goodson still hurting. His usage is a fantasy player’s dream.



Pittsburgh Steelers


Mike Wallace: 4-15-9-5-8-6 (47), Heath Miller: 9-8-6-5-4-5 (37), Emmanuel Sanders: 6-2-5-2-7-8 (30), Antonio Brown: 10-8-6-3-dnp-dnp (27), Jerricho Cotchery: 0-1-dnp-4-4-5 (14), Will Johnson: 1-1-2-3-3-3 (13), Isaac Redman: 5-dnp-dnp-2-3-0 (10), David Paulson: 1-1-0-2-2-2 (8), Chris Rainey: 1-1-2-3-0-1 (8), Jonathan Dwyer: dnp-0-1-dnp-1-3 (5), Rashard Mendenhall: 1-dnp-dnp-dnp-dnp-4 (5), Baron Batch: 1-1-1-0-0-0 (3), David Gilreath: dnp-dnp-dnp-dnp-0-1 (1), Leonard Pope: 0-0-1-0-0-0 (1)


The loss of Ben Roethlisberger has put a damper on the Steelers offense as a whole, but if your quarterback is worth anything, that’s how it should be (I’m looking at you Alex Smith). So I think as fantasy players, we just have to weather the storm, because Charlie Batch isn’t going to elevate the receivers’ play one bit.


Emmanuel Sanders has seen a nice uptick in targets with Antonio Brown out, but hasn’t done much with them. He needs Roethlisberger to even have a shot at fantasy relevance.


The running back situation could be better for fantasy owners. The Steelers backs have had success of late, but it with Rashard Mendenhall back, the divining pool is still murky. He and Jonathan Dwyer split work almost right down the middle against the Ravens, with Dwyer winning the numbers game overall.



San Diego Chargers


Malcom Floyd: 5-BYE-7-4-7-6 (29), Antonio Gates: 10-BYE-4-3-5-4 (26), Ronnie Brown: 4-BYE-8-5-3-3 (23), Ryan Mathews: 5-BYE-4-2-6-6 (23), Danario Alexander: dnp-BYE-1-3-7-11 (22), Eddie Royal: 5-BYE-dnp-dnp-5-3 (13), Robert Meachem: 7-BYE-3-dnp-1-2 (13), Dante Rosario: 1-BYE-5-1-2-dnp (9), Randy McMichael: 2-BYE-0-0-1-1 (4), Ladarius Green: dnp-BYE-dnp-dnp-dnp-3 (3), Richard Goodman: 2-BYE-0-dnp-dnp-dnp (2), Seyi Ajirotutu: dnp-BYE-dnp-1-dnp-dnp (1), Jackie Battle: 0-BYE-0-0-0-1 (1)


The Chargers have been awful this season, but they made a nice move in grabbing Danario Alexander. With 18 targets over the last two games, he has emerged as Philip Rivers go to target. We knew he had the ability if his knees could hold up and so far they have been. His upside is too good not to risk playing him.


Ryan Mathews has 12 targets in the last two games, which is a nice number. Now if they would just feed him the ball like they promised us in preseason! I believe I have grounds for a civil suit. The horribleness of Philip Rivers is not helping the situation at all.



Tennessee Titans


Kenny Britt: 11-6-5-8-6-BYE (36), Nate Washington: 10-8-6-2-2-BYE (28), Kendall Wright: 8-3-5-7-3-BYE (26), Jared Cook: 4-5-4-5-3-BYE (21), Chris Johnson: 4-2-3-6-2-BYE (17), Damian Williams: 3-4-1-3-2-BYE (13), Craig Stevens: 2-1-3-3-2-BYE (11), Quinn Johnson: 1-1-1-0-1-BYE (4), Darius Reynaud: 0-2-0-0-1-BYE (3), Taylor Thompson: 1-1-0-1-0-BYE (3)


The Titans used the bye week to watch old home movies on Matt Hasselbeck’s head.



Snap count data comes from our friends at Pro Football Focus and red zone data from our other friends at The Football Guys.

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