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Week 2 Live Blog

Sunday, September 15, 2013


Welcome to week two of the Fantasy Football season. I'll be giving you live updates and analysis from the early slate of games. I'll be interested to see how the underperformers of Week one perform this week.  There are too many to mention them all, but you know if they were on your team! People like David Wilson, Lamar Miller, Dez Bryant, Cecil Shorts, Maurice Jones-Drew and so on and on and on.


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* Dwayne Allen has been ruled out which gives T.Y. Hilton and maybe Coby Fleener a boost today.

* Jermichael Finley is officially active. He should be in lineups.

* Kai Forbath is out, make sure he's not in your lineup.

* Roddy White and Julio Jones are both active. We'd play Jones as normal, but be wary of White.

* Larry Fitzgerald is still iffy as to if he'll go in the late game. Be sure to have a backup plan.

Early Game Observations

* Jay Glazer on FOX says he hears Larry Fitzgerald (hamstring) is about 80 percent. Says he will play. An 80% Fitz is probably better than 90% of other receivers.

* Joe Flacco missed the birth of his son today. May not want to go home tonight.

* Arian Foster off to a quick start with a 10 yard gain. Will be watching the Foster/Tate split. If Foster starts strong he'll probably take hold.

* Cordarrelle Patterson with 105 yard kickoff return. Explosive player if he can get offensive touches. This should help put pressure on staff to get him in there.

* Cam Newton being allowed to pass more this week. Off to a quick start with 2 receptions for Smith and one 30+ for Olsen. UPDATE picked on that drive. Sad Trombone.

* Rodgers getting James Jones involved early after a catchless Week one with 2 receptions. 

* Eddie Lacy took a hard hit. Being attended on the sidelines. Starks in at RB. 

* Martellus Bennett with a 1 yard TD reception from Cutler. That's two weeks in a row. Looks like he'll be a favorite target in the red zone.

* Mike Wallace with a 18 yard TD reception. Good bounceback for him after getting shut down by Haden last week. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

* Jamaal Charles with a two yard TD RECEPTION. Andy Reid is doing his thing for JC. Huge upside every week in that offense.

* Steven Jackson with a 8 yard touchdown reception. He was getting nothing in the run game, but got his through the air. Another good sign for his repeatable production.

* Alex Smith has 5 rushes for 40 yards and a TD pass. Those rushing yards are a plus in fantasy for sure.

* LeSean McCoy with a 70 yard reception. He's killing it in this offense. Brown came in to give him a rest. They have an even 3 carries apiece at the moment.

* Kendall Wright with a beautiful 6 yard TD catch. Good to see him get involved and Locker go 4 for 5 to start against a tough Houston D.

* Eddie Lacy is out with a concussion. Done for the game. Starks is his direct backup at the moment.

* Ben Tate in on this drive. Looks like a pretty even split right now. Tate had a big gainer earlier.

* Steven Jackson has a thigh injury and his return is questionable.

* CJ Spiller 4 carries 32 yards and Fred Jackson 5 carries 12 yards. Sigh.

* Ryan Mathews with a 20 yard run. He looks good so far. Good to see him getting work.

* Adrian Peterson needs to change his cleats. Slipping all over Soldier Field.

* Lamar Miller sighting! 10 yard TD run. Showed his speed to the outside. He's not going to bowl people over, but has Chris Johnson like ability with space.

* Dez Bryant is doing Dez Bryant like things with another long catch. An amazing one as well. Romo has gone to him each time he has been one on one and he's caught each one for a total of 98 yards. And now a TD pass to Bryant in the back of the end zone. All Dez on that drive.

* Randall Cobb is the main man wants again for Rodgers with 4 receptions for 77 yards and a TD. So far it's all been Cobb and Jones.

* Eddie Royal with ANOTHER touchdown. That's 3 in 2 weeks. Only that one target today. Still tough to buy for long term production.

* Brandon Marshall runs over a defender on a 34 yard TD catch. Jay Cutler is 6 of 7 for 64 yards and 2 TDs. Efficient.

* Christian Ponder is 1 of 5 for 18 yards.  Analysis: he's not very good.

* All 5 of Tony Romo's completions have gone to Dez Bryant. 100 yards receiving/passing for the two in the first quarter.

* Jordan Cameron had a 53 yard reception I missed. Good to see him get into the game.

* Coby Fleener with a 3 yard TD from Luck. Doing well without Allen. Andrew Luck having a big game with that TD and another rushing one (his second of the season) to go with 148 yards passing. Those rushing TDs make him an every week elite start.

* Benny Cunningham with a touch before Pead. Still a murky situation.

* Jordy Nelson finally gets a reception and it's a TD that's called back for holding, but Rodgers goes right back to him and gets him the TD!

* Brandon Meriweather concussed Eddie Lacy earlier and now has concussed himself. He's a bit out of control.

* Matt Ryan having a good game against a tough Rams defense. 178 yards and 2 TDs. One to Julio Jones and 1 to SJax before his injury.

* Since Adrian Peterson's 78 yard TD run in Week 1 he has rushed 23 times for 24 yards. An anomaly which he'll break from.

* Branden Albert is in the locker room with a shoulder injury. Questionable to return. Not great news for Jamaal Charles.

* Jared Allen sack/strips Jay Cutler. Brian Robison returns it for a TD. Tie game in Chicago.

* Aaron Rodgers is going off. Just threw a 57 yard completion to James Jones who has 6 receptions for 118 yards and Rodgers is now 18 of 22 for 261 yards passing and 2 TDs and driving. UPDATE Rodgers finishes the drive with a 3 yard TD to Jermichael Finley.

* Antonio Gates stripped at the one yard line. That'll hurt.

* Jay Cutler intercepted. He's gone from efficient to Cutlery.

* CJ Spiller 9 carries for 49 yards. Fred Jackson 9 carries for 24 yards. Double sigh.

* Christian Ponder pick-sixed by Tim Jennings. Ponder is not long as starter at this rate.

* Robert Griffin III intercepted. He looks shaky. 6 of 13 for 107 yards and that interception and doesn't look strong when he runs, which he isn't really doing.

* TY Hilton with 6 receptions for 124 yards at the 2 minute warning. I think they learned their lesson last week. Hilton with 9 targets.

* The Eagles defense is not good, but the Chargers keep giving the ball back in the red zone. This time Ryan Mathews with a fumble. That's not good for his touches going forward.

* The Vikings need some semblance of a passing game to help out Adrian Peterson. Just had an 8 yard rush for his longest of the game. He follows it with a 36 yard gain. Can't keep him down, but Ponder is still horrible.

* Kickers keep messing up the one thing they're supposed to do.

* Christian Ponder trying to save his job with a 20 yard TD to Kyle Rudolph before half.

* Cam Newton with a nice drive after not doing much at all and throws a TD to Greg Olsen who is having a good game with 5/56/1.

* Ahmad Bradshaw gets in on a 1 yard TD. Good to see against a tough Miami run D. Bradshaw has always been efficient at the goal line.

* James Jones just missed a TD by reaching toward the pylon with the ball and having it knocked out for a touchback. Would have been 4 TDs for Aaron Rodgers at half, but now he only has a measly 335 yards passing and 3 TDs at half.

* Bernard Pierce 5 yard TD run. Ray Rice owners lament. Pierce 6/22, Rice 10/33.

* Aaron Rodgers to Jordy Nelson strikes again with a 15 yard TD pass. That's 377 yards and 4 TDs for Rodgers.

* Larry Fitzgerald is officially active. You have to start him at this point. 

* Target leaders at half -- Torrey Smith 11, James Jones 10, TY Hilton 9, Steve Smith 8, DeSean Jackson 8, Mike Wallace 8, Julio Jones 8, Randall Cobb 8.

* Aaron Rodgers only needs 220 yards in the second half to break the single game record.

* Malcom Floyd who was having a very good game (5/102) is down with an injury.

* Chris Johnson leads all RBs with 72 yards rushing at half. Very good for such a tough matchup.

* James Starks doing well in Lacy's place. 55 yards rushing and 36 yards receiving at half.

* Lamar Miller with only 6 carries and 1 reception so far.

* Lance Dunbar with a nice strong run. I like him if/when Murray goes down.

* Robert Quinn sacks Matt Ryan. They had been getting a lot of quick hitters to keep that from happening. Was working well.

* Malcom Floyd carried off on a stretcher. Was moving thankfully. Keenan Allen comes in for him and gets a quick 18 yard reception.

* Tweet from USA Today's Jim Corbett -- "Weird. Drew Brees, Bucs backup QB Mike Glennon were throwing 2 hrs. before kickoff to WRs, Josh Freeman threw 1/2 hr. ago - to a Buc asst." Probably meaningless, but Glennon sure might be QBing this season with all the drama between Schiano and Freeman.

* Ryan Tannehill fumbled and was favoring his hand, but seems to be fine on the sideline.

* Philip Rivers to Eddie Royal AGAIN! 24 yard TD. Hey, if he's doing the thing you can't ignore him. That's 9 targets and 4 TDs so far this season.

* Jamaal Charles just leveled Brandon Pollard. Charles not a pushover. 6 receptions for 39 yards and a TD in the air. Not getting much on the ground, but PPRing.

* Alex Smith to Dwayne Bowe 12 yard TD. Smith isn't going to hit people deep often, but can run this west coast offense.

* Darrius Heyward-Bey out with a rib injury. Return is questionable. TY Hilton was already ahead of him this week, but this might cement it.

* Mario Williams is killing Carolina O-line and Cam Newton. Four sacks on the day.

* It's been a tough day for Cam Newton, but he just threw a 40 yard TD to Ted Ginn.

*DeSean Jackson is having another big day as the main target for Michael Vick. 7 receptions, 158 yards, and a 61 yard touchdown.

* RGIII is having a poor game, but what he is getting is going to Pierre Garcon. He just threw him a TD and is up to 6 receptions for 113 yards and a TD.

* Fred Jackson 4 yard TD run. CJ Spiller owners toss shoes, etc...

* Tavon Austin gets his first NFL TD on a nice 6 yard TD catch. He'll need more targets to be consistent.

* Miami's TE/FB Charles Clay has 3 receptions for 96 yards and now a goal line carry. In some formats he can be used as an RB, which I like more than using him as a TE, but he's got plenty of upside if they bring him in on goal line.

* James Starks becomes the 1st Packers RB to hit 100 yards rushing in 44 straight regular season games. He's at 116 and a TD.

* Matt Forte reaping the Trestman offense benefits with 8 receptions so far! He's now at 144 total yards for the day.

* Tony Romo and Jay Cutler both with killer turnovers.

* Adrian Peterson just passed 100 yards. He always gets his against the Bears.

* Lamar Miller making some nice runs. Finally getting some back to back runs. He's at 9/57 compared to Daniel Thomas' 5/25.

* Ben Tate isn't going away. 7 carries for 80 yards compared to Arian Foster's 12 carries for 61 yards.

* Sam Bradford is turning his fantasy day around quickly with his second TD pass, this one to Austin Pettis who is now 7/70/1 with Bradford at 285 yards with the 2 TDs.

* Philip Rivers at 343 yards passing and 2 TDs. Play all your fantasy players against the Eagles and even some ball boys.

* Michael Vick will continue to get stats as long as the Eagles defense is so poor. He's now at 372 passing yards, 2 TDs and a rushing TD.

* Roddy White being less than healthy today has given Julio Jones the bulk of the targets again and now has 10 receptions for 174 yards and a TD. 

* Ray Rice goes down on a non-contact play and limps off field.

* Marlon Brown catches his second TD of the year from Flacco and first of this game rewarding those who picked him up off waivers.

* Jason Snelling has a 10 yard TD run. The Falcons have been moving the ball in the air and Jacquizz Rodgers has been getting the bulk of what little carries there have been with no production. Snelling would probably be the better grab if SJax were out for long

* Matt Forte hurts his nice game with a fumble.

* Copy and paste. Eddie Royal TD #3. I've got nothing to add.

* Matt Schaub pick sixed to make the score 24-16 Titans. This is why they run the ball so much.

* Robert Griffin III is garbage timing it big time. Just threw his 3rd TD to go along with 340 yards. This one to Santana Moss.

* Michael Vick is hurt and Nick Foles is coming in.

* Michael Vick back in.

* Washington and Philadelphia are just not good on defense.

* Brandon Weeden hurt his thumb and went to the locker room.

* Jay Cutler to Martellus Bennett 16 yard TD with 16 seconds remaining. That's TD #2 for The Black Unicorn and most likely a game winner.

* CJ Spiller now has 16 carries for 103 yards and 4 receptions for 26 yards. Fred Jackson at 16 touches for 53 yards.

* EJ Manuel with a nice game winning drive that ends in a 2 yard TD to Stevie Johnson who finishes the day with 8 receptions, 111 yards and a game winning TD catch.

* Arian Foster gets in at the goal line twice in a row with the TD and 2-point conversion to tie it up. Tate had more yards, but no TD. Foster is still the main goal line back.

* The Tampa Bay/New Orleans game is in a lightning delay.

* Rotoworld alumni Chris Wesseling tweets, "Redskins D in a nutshell: Aaron Rodgers, James Jones, Randall Cobb and James Starks all posted career-highs today."

* Andre Johnson left the game after a hit to the head.

* Eric Decker getting early targets and catching them. 2/22.

* Montee Ball fumbles near the goal line. I doubt we'll see much more from him today.

* One of my personal favorites, Marcel Reece with an 11 yard TD run.

* David Wilson didn't fumble!!! He grew an arm this week just to have three of them around the ball it looks like. He had 2 carries for 6 yards and Brandon Jacobs had 1 carry for 5 yards.

* DeAndre Hopkins with a nice catch in overtime. Now up to 6 catches for 114 yards with Andre Johnson out of the game. He'll be the man if AJ misses any time.

* DeAndre Hopkins with a great walk off TD catch. Big game for the rookie -- 7/117/1

4pm Games

* Peyton Manning already at 127 yards passing, but no TDs and down 3-0. That sets him up for a whole bunch of yards.

* Slow going so far in these late games. I'll take a look at some of the early game stats.

* Today so far we've seen five 300+ (Tannehill, RGIII, Luck, Bradford, Ryan) and three 400+ yard (Rivers, Vick, Rodgers) passing games.

* Calvin Johnson is back in business with a 70 yard slant for a touchdown on Patrick Peterson.

* It's also been another slow day for running back rushing yards with only four 100+ yard games with James Starks (132), Alfred Morris (107), CJ Spiller (103), and Adrian Peterson (100).

* Knowshon Moreno rushes for a 20 yard touchdown. He is trying to solidify that starting job.

* Carson Palmer passes to Andre Ellington for a 36 yard touchdown.

* Reggie Bush with 3 receptions for 44 yards. If he can stay healthy he's Darren Sproles on steroids.

* The hip problem for Ray Rice is being reported as a strain with no MRI needed. Hopefully it stays like that.

* David Wilson is losing snaps to Brandon Jacobs.

* Reggie Bush has injured his knee and his return is questionable. Joique Bell in the game.

* Montee Ball still getting work so the fumble hasn't hurt his time.

* Sideline reporter saying Reggie Bush looks "fine." He should return.

* Larry Fitzgerald has two receptions for 33 yards. Good to see him getting work with the balky hammy.

* Hakeem Nicks dislocated his finger, but will return.

* Calvin Johnson with TD #2 in the first half. I think he'll be ok. Just needs 3 more to tie his total from last season.

* Wide Receivers this week with some big numbers -- Eddie Royal 7/90/3, DeSean Jackson 9/193/1, Julio Jones 11/182/1, Pierre Garcon 8/143/1, Dez Bryant 9/141/1

* The Tampa Bay/New Orleans game is finally set to start back up.

* Maurice Jones-Drew just 10 for 27. Getting worried if he can't make something happen against a weaker opponent like the Raiders.

* David Wilson back in the game. Just picked up a good pass pro block. Nice to see. He needs to do everything right.

* David Wilson with one of the best 2 yard runs I've ever seen.

* Josh Freeman throws a 5 yard TD to Kevin Ogletree. He had a nice drive there and is under the gun in Tampa so every move is being scrutinized.

* Maurice Jones-Drew has an ankle sprain and his return is probable.


* Beat writer Michael Gehlken tweets, “Good news for Malcom Floyd: Will not be hospitalized overnight in Philadelphia, per source. He's flying back to San Diego with team.”

* Drew Brees with a 56 yard touchdown to Jimmy Graham. This is the reason you don't trade Graham just because you have Jared Cook, Jordan Cameron, etc...

* 7 touches, 55 yards for Rashard Mendenhall. Don't jump on the Andre Ellington bandwagon yet.

* Da'Rel Scott in for the hurry up offense.

* Tight end target leaders -- Antonio Gates 10 (8/124/0), Martellus Bennett 9 (7/76/2), Tony Gonzalez 8 (4/33/0), Jason Witten 8 (3/12/0), Greg Olsen 8 (7/84/1), Coby Fleener 8 (4/69/1).

* Carson Palmer pick-sixed for a 66 yard TD.

* Jimmy Graham with 5 receptions for 108 yards and a TD with 11 minutes until half.

* Darren McFadden has 12 touches for 95 yards.

* Defensive back Patrick Peterson completes a 17 yard pass!

* Reggie Bush hasn't returned to the game since he fumbled. He didn't look like he was playing at 100%.

* Wes Welker catches his third touchdown of the season. His red zone targets should keep him in the fantasy elite.

* Larry Fitzgerald is on the sidelines with his helmet off. He is rotating time with Kerry Taylor due to his hamstring.

* Brandon Jacobs in at the 5 yard line. Da'Rel Scott in on 2nd and 3rd down.

* Brandon Jacobs touchdown. He's your new goal line back for the Giants.

* Jimmy Graham is going off. He catches a 30 yard TD from Drew Brees and now has a line of 8/157/2.

* You knew Peyton Manning wasn't going to let a receiver he needs get lost in the shuffle. Eric Decker up to 7 receptions for 72 yards.

* Knowshon Moreno with his second TD. This one a 25 yard rushing TD. He's showing up Montee Ball and Ronnie Hillman this week.

* The Saints run it 3 times on the goal line and don't convert. They're the Texans right?

* Mark Ingram had two of those goal line runs that were stuffed.  The last one there were only 10 Tampa Bay defenders on the field!

* Julius Thomas already paying dividends for those that picked him up this week. His 5th reception on the day goes for a touchdown, his third for the year.

* Darren McFadden becomes the 6th running back to 100 yards rushing this week. He has 131 total yards.

* Rashard Mendenhall with a goal line touchdown to put the Cardinals up 25-21 with 1:59 left in the game. Mendy is up to 94 total yards and the TD.

* The Jacksonville Jaguars have 7 second half yards.

* The Jaguars live!! Chad Henne to Clay Harbor for a 13 yard TD.

* Josh Freeman is 5 for 12 for 31 yards and a TD.

Thanks everyone for checking out the live blog today. I hope all your fantasy teams killed it this weekend!

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