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Week 4 Live Blog

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Welcome to Week 4 of the Fantasy Football season. We are almost a fourth of the way through the regular season. It's just like watching your child grow up and head off to college. There are broken bones, lots of money lost and more screaming than you care to admit. But let's try to savor the good times. I'll be giving you live updates and analysis from today's games, which are much like vacation pictures.



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* Terrelle Pryor will not play against Washington and Matt Flynn will start according to Jay Glazer. Downgrade your Raiders players.

* Mike Williams and Vincent Jackson are both active.

* Andre Johnson will start. Reports are he is about 80%.

* Ray Rice will start against the Bills. Some reports question his workload. He's a start in a plus matchup, but Bernard Pierce is worth a flex play.

* Brandon Flowers is out for Kansas City. Manning will still have trouble with their front 7 though.

* TY Hilton is active. His Friday rest was just precautionary.

1pm Games

* Reggie Bush and Joique Bell in the game together.

* First pass play of Mike Glennon's career is incomplete out into the flat to Erik Lorig.

* Not much action early. Arian Foster with a couple good runs against the tough Seahawks defense.

* Darrelle Revis was not on Larry Fitzgerald

* Your first score of the day is a 49 yard field goal for Steve Hauschka.

* Blair Walsh hits a 54 yarder IN LONDON.

*Joe Haden shadowing A.J. Green wherever he goes.

* Rashard Mendenhall fumbled. Andre Ellington could be seeing more time quick.

* Le'Veon Bell with his first carry, for one yard.

* Blaine Gabbert throws an interception.

* CJ Spiller is 4 for 24. Good to see him getting positive yardage.

* Mike Glennon with his first passing touchdown. This one to Mike Williams for 14 yards.

* Reggie Bush off to a nice start. 4 attempts for 37 yards and a 5 yard reception. 

* Hakeem Nicks drops a long pass.

* Matt Cassel throws a 70 yard touchdown to Greg Jennings. That's a little better than Ponder. Jennings did most the work on that one though.

* Brian Hoyer off to a nice 7 for 7 start for 78 yards. McGahee gets stuffed on goal line carry.

* Hoyer completes to Jordan Cameron for a TD at the goal line.

* Andre Johnson has 3 receptions for 45 yards. Good to see him playing well with the shin injury.

* Le'Veon Bell rewards those who started him with an 8 yard touchdown run.

* Ray Rice and Bernard Pierce with even touches so far.

* Matt Schaub throws a touchdown to Garrett Graham. Seattle Defense having trouble in Houston.

* Alex Smith continues to move the ball. 31 yard pass to Jamaal Charles. Down near the goal line. He's not going to pass it deep, but he's still able to move them enough with that defense to keep the score low.

* Marshawn Lynch able to move on the tough Texans D even with the offensive line missing 2 players. He has 4 carries for 54 yards.

* Alex Smith throws a TD to Sean McGrath. Sorry JC owners.

* Doug Martin getting a lot of work, 10 touches so far for 39 yards.

* Eli Manning breaks out of his funk with a 69 yard TD to Victor Cruz.

* Joe Flacco throws a 10 yard TD to Marlon Brown.

* Matt Forte with a 53 yard touchdown run. He's going to continue being a top fantasy back under Trestman.

* Ben Tate is getting a bunch of work now. 5 carries for 40 yards, Foster is at 7 for 23.

* Arian Foster catches a 5 yard TD from Schaub. It was set up by an amazing 30 yard reception by Owen Daniels.

* Josh Gordon with an amazing 33 yard reception. He's for real.

* Adrian Peterson runs for a 60 yard TD. He's still the best.

* Blaine Gabbert is pick-sixed.

* Jamaal Charles with 7 targets already, but just 3 receptions.

*12 carries for CJ Spiller to 3 for Fred Jackson so far.

* EJ Manuel connects with rookie Robert Woods for a 42 yard touchdown. Great young player.

* Matt Stafford gets a QB sneak for a TD. He fumbled and caught it in the air to go in for the TD.

* Trent Richardson gets a 1 yard TD. Not having a great game, but will continue getting those TD opps.

* Fred Jackson with a 16 yard TD run up the middle. The Ravens defense has not come to play.

* Cutler picked off and then Stafford turns around and throws a 2 yard TD to Calvin Johnson.

* Reggie Bush runs for a great 37 yard touchdown. The Lions are up by 20.

* Andre Ellington with 5 touches for 47 yards. He's outplaying Mendenhall.

* Jay Cutler having a Blaine Gabbert like day.

* Reggie Bush with 136 total yards at halftime.

* Antonio Brown has caught all 6 of his targets for 56 yards.

* From Adam Levitan "CJ Spiller's season-high for carries in a game was 17. He has 17 carries in the FIRST HALF today."

* Torrey Smith finally gets a reception right before halftime for 23 yards. Ravens can't get anything going against the Bills.

* Kenny Britt (rib) will not play today. Justin Hunter will get a bump in snaps.

* Looks like we'll need a bunch of 2nd half passing for quarterbacks this week.

* Le'Veon Bell with his second touchdown of the game. This one a 1 yarder.

* Larry Fitzgerald with his first reception of the game, a 9 yarder.

* Terrelle Pryor is officially inactive.

* Alshon Jeffery having a nice game, 3 receptions for 86 yards.

* Adrian Peterson going All Day mode. Just ran a 7 yard TD in, now at 109 yards and 2 TDs against a good Steelers run D.

* Carson Palmer picked in the end zone. Bucs D coming up big.

* Andrew Luck throws a 31 yard TD to Coby Fleener. Jags can't do anything. This game is over at 27-3.

* Brandon Pettigrew having a decent PPR day, but was just sandwiched and went to the sidelines.

* Ben Tate fumbles, Not something Kubiak enjoys.

* Cassel to Greg Jennings again for a TD. We may not see Ponder for a long while.

* Joe Flacco picked for the third time today, this one in the red zone. Bills defense came to play.

* Le'Veon Bell with three passing targets, catching two for 26 yards. That's a good sign for his fantasy value.

* Arian Foster doing work today. He has 138 total yards with 5 receptions and a touchdown. That Ben Tate fumble helps too.

* Jay Cutler with his 3rd interception. He's regressing.

* Torrey Smith shows up big on this drive with a 22 yard reception and then a 26 yard TD.

* The day of the interceptions continues. Carson Palmer with another.

* Reggie Bush is looking like a top 3 running back right now. Hope he can stay healthy.

* Doug Martin has 21 carries for 30 yards.

* Ben Roethlisberger with his first TD pass of the day, this one to Jerricho Cotchery.

* Cutler stripped by Suh and it is returned for a TD. Nightmare game for Jay Cutler.

* Dexter McCluster returns a punt 89 yards for a TD. You'll want to see this one.

* Andrew Luck with a 5 yard TD pass to Reggie Wayne. That puts Wayne at exactly 100 yards and a TD for the day.

* Joe Flacco intercepted for the 4th time.

* CJ Spiller hurts his ankle. Jackson getting the work now.

* Ryan Broyles with just one target and no receptions.

* Ben Roethlisberger has his hand taped. Gradkowski warming up.

* CJ Spiller back in the game.

* Those 10 targets last week for Robert Woods weren't a fluke. He catches his second TD of the day, this one a 4 yarder. UPDATE, after review the pass was ruled incomplete.

* Marshawn Lynch with a 3 yard TD run. He has 115 total yards as well.

* Brian Cushing is out with a concussion.

* Doug Martin playing well if you are in a points per carry league.

* Blaine Gabbert is 10.21 for 102 yards and 3 interceptions.

* Ben Roethlisberger back into the game.

* Russell Wilson throws an interception in Houston territory down 7.

* Jordan Cameron has 10 receptions for 91 yards and a TD. I think we can say he is no fluke.

* Joe Haden has shut down AJ Green all game.

* WOW, Richard Sherman pick-sixes Schaub to tie the game!!

* Alshon Jeffery catches a 14 yard TD. That's 107 yards and a TD for Alshon.

* That's three interceptions returned for TDs for Matt Schaub this season.

* Larry Fitzgerald with a 13 yard TD reception. He's managed a good game after being shut out in the first half.

* Jamaal Charles catches a 2 yard TD. That's 5 receptions for him on the game.

* Gabbert picked for the third time. Still not as many as Flacco.

* Antonio Brown has 12 receptions,

* Bills have 46 rushing attempts to Ravens' 7. The Bills are one of the worst rush defenses in the league.

* Da'Rell Scott fumble, BENCHED.

* Alex Smith throws a 34 yard TD to Dwayne Bowe. This is not a typo.

* Big Ben fumbles in the last seconds of the game. The Steelers are now 0-4 for the first time since 1968

* Geno Smith starts the Titans game out with an interception.

* Andre Johnson goes over 100 yards in overtime.

* Jay Cutler throws a TD to Earl Bennett.

* Jake Locker throws a TD to Delanie Walker.

* Mike Glennon picked off to seal their fate. Schiano went conservative and lost. Josh Freeman is smiling somewhere.

* Alex Smith is your top fantasy QB so far this week.

* Torrey Smith up to 145 yards receiving and a TD after a slow start.


* Ray Rice with 4 carries. Bernard Pierce with 4 carries. They were 2 and 2 minutes into the game.

* Joe Flacco with his 5th interception of the game.

* The Seahawks pull out a crazy game, go 4-0 for the first time ever.

* Peyton Manning throws a TD to Wes Welker. He may finish with 8 today.

* Oakland blocked a punt and returned it for a TD. That's how they'll need to do it with Flynn in.

* Bilal Powell already with 6 attempts for 32 yards.

* Stephen Hill being evaluated after suffering a head injury.

* Rivers throws a TD to Danny Woodhead for 26 yards and Keenan Allen has 2 receptions for 36 yards.

* Kendall Wright is back on the field after leaving earlier with a knee injury.

* Terrance Williams and Dwayne Harris both with drops already.

* Trindon Holliday kick return TD. That hurts Peyton Manning's chances for a huge day unless the Eagles can put some points on the board.

* Matt Flynn playing well. He's 5/7 for 68 yards and a TD to Rivera.

* Delanie Walker with a rib injury.

* Target leaders for RBs so far, Charles 11, Foster 8, Gio Bernard 7, Reggie Bush 6, Forte 6, Ellington 6, Ogbonnaya 5, L. Bell 5

* Target leaders for WRs so far, Cruz 16, AJ Green 15, Marshall, 14, A. Brown 13, A. Johnson 12, T. Smith 12, Shorts 12, Wayne 11, VJax 11, Simpson 11, Jeffery 11

* Jake Locker with another TD pass, this one to Nate Washington. He has been playing very well over the last 2 games. If he can add rushing yards to each line he'll be a good fantasy player.

* Target leaders for TEs so far, B. Unicorn 12, Cameron 12, Daniels 11, D Clark 9, Cook 9, Miller 8, Pettigrew 7, Fleener 7

* Field goals aren't going to beat the Broncos.

* Bilal Powell with a nice 36 yard catch and run. He's at 87 total yards already.

* Dez Bryant is almost is impossible to cover in the end zone, 7 yard TD on a jump ball.

* The Ravens had 7 consecutive possessions where they didn't have a rushing play.

* Spoke too soon on Matt Flynn. He's picked off on a horrible throw and it's returned for a 45 yard TD.

* LeSean McCoy had the wind knocked out of him. Bryce Brown in on this drive.

* Darren McFadden has a hamstring injury. He's on the sideline without helmet.

* Chris Polk up the middle for a 4 yard TD.  Starting to wonder if LeSean McCoy is okay.

* Eagles saying it's just the wind knocked out of McCoy in the high altitude.

* Geno Smith intercepted again.

* Jake Locker is moving the ball on a tough Jets defense with little problem. This looks like a breakout game so far.

* Locker throws his 3rd TD of the game. This one to rookie Justin Hunter who made a great catch. Kenny Britt out of the lineup is helping this team a bunch.

* Knowshon Moreno TD right up the gut. He's still the lead back.

* LeSean McCoy is hurting. Bryce Brown in there again.

* Dez Bryant with his second TD. He can't be stopped.

* Marcel Reece is out of the game. Darren McFadden's return is questionable.

* Sean Lee with a 52 yard pick-six of Rivers. The guy can play.

* Peyton Manning's arm looked pretty good on a 52 yard reception to Eric Decker.

* Jake Locker is going to be carted off the field after a hit from Wilkerson and Coples. 

* Locker was really coming into his own. It looks like a hip injury. Hopefully it's not too severe.

* For 2QB leaguers Ryan Fitzpatrick wouldn't be a bad claim just in case.

* Peyton Manning with 16 touchdowns through 4 games. That's pretty good.

* Nate Washington with another 100 yard game and 2 TDs. Have to pay attention to him now.

Your Fantasy top 5 for each position so far

QB -- Peyton Manning, Alex Smith, Philip Rivers, Matt Schaub (tie), Brian Hoyer (tie), Jake Locker (tie), Andrew Luck (tie)

RB -- Adrian Peterson, Reggie Bush, Arian Foster, Danny Woodhead, Frank Gore (tie), Le'Veon Bell (tie)

WR -- Nate Washington, Victor Cruz, Torrey Smith, Greg Jennings, Demaryius Thomas, Alshon Jeffery (tie)

TE -- Antonio Gates, Jordan Cameron, Coby Fleener, Garrett Graham, Sean McGrath

* Alfred Morris is done for the day with a rib injury. Roy Helu just ran in a touchdown and is looking good. Depending on the severity Helu could be your #1 waiver pickup.

* Asante Samuel is inactive for Sunday Night Football

* Peyton Manning is on pace to go 468-of-624 (75.0 percent) for 5,880 yards with 64 touchdowns and zero interceptions.

Good luck to all your teams and thanks for reading!

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