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Week 5 Live Blog

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Welcome to Week 5 of the Fantasy Football season. The big news of the day is that Calvin Johnson is out! This will send ripples in the force. Below I'll give you the pertinent active and inactive news and then keep you updated on the early action in the NFL. Good luck!



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* Calvin Johnson is surprisingly out. Ryan Broyles, Kris Durham and Brandon Pettigrew get nice bumps in usage and Matthew Stafford is downgraded some.

* Lance Moore and Mark Ingram are both out.

* Marlon Brown and Jacoby Jones are inactive.

* Danny Amendola is active. It appears he will be on some sort of snap count, but it's impossible to truly know.

* Cecil Shorts is active.

* Kenny Britt is active. This will hurt Justin Hunter's playing time.

* Ahmad Bradshaw is out as expected.

* Matt Prater is listed as probable and will play.

* Tandon Doss is listed as the Ravens starter. Would only look at him in deep leagues. Dallas Clark could be big in PPR.

May all your fake teams double up their opponents!


* Danny Amendola came in on third and long for Patriots. Possible indication of limited usage.

* Aqib Talib on AJ Green to start the game.

* Zac Stacy 7 yards on first rush.

* Eli Manning to Hakeem Nicks with a 49 yard gain. They need him and will give him as many chances as possible to get going.

* David Wilson gets the TD! Hopefully this is his turn around. And a back flip to close it out.

* Torrey Smith had a 41 yard reception to set up a Tucker field goal. He should get plenty of work with Brown and Jones out.

* Justin Blackmon's first catch goes for a 67 yard TD. The Rams defense is beyond bad right now.

* Kansas City special teams recover a fumble for a touchdown.

* Ryan Tannehill seems to be regressing, intercepted by the Ravens.

* Jay Cutler can't seem to hang onto the ball. Saints ball deep in Bears territory.

* Zac Stacy looking good with 20 yards on 4 carries. Any sign of life could give a RB the starting job there.

* Russell Wilson with a ten yard TD to Golden Tate. I thought that connection would happen more often this season. Maybe this is a start.

* David Wilson's double back flip.

* Through 3 drives and WR Danny Amendola is being managed -- 5 of 12 snaps played.

* BJGE is out carrying Gio Bernard 5 to 1 right now. Weird.

* Andy Dalton picked off in the red zone. He's killing a very good team right now.

* DeSean Jackson with 3 targets and no receptions yet. It should be easier against this Giants secondary.

* Ray Rice fumbles and is having a slow game besides. Not the best of news.

* The Jaguars Luke Joeckel getting carted off the field with a lower right leg injury.

* Blaine Gabbert with an 80+ yard pick six. That's what he does.

* Eddie Lacy already nine carries for 37 yards. Good to see their commitment to him after Franklin's good game last week.

* Maurice Jones-Drew with a 20 yard gain. Good to see. He was getting bottled up by a bad Rams D.

* Eagles beat writer Jeff McClane tweets, "Michael Vick is 0 for 5. #Giants continue to have just man coverage on WRs with safety shaded toward DeSean. Cooper can't beat man"

* David Wilson headed to locker room. Looks to have hurt his hand.

* Andrew Luck hooks up with TY Hilton for a 73 yard touchdown pass.

* Vick finally completes a pass, a 12 yarder to McCoy.

* LeGarrette Blount fumbles. Might see more Brandon Bolden from here on.

* David Wilson has a neck injury...return questionable.

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* Daryl Richardson getting the carries on this drive. Stacy has been stuck at 4 carries for a while. 

* Drew Brees with 5 completions to Jimmy Graham with no more than one to anyone else.

* David Wilson has his helmet on but appears to be arguing with the Giants doctor and trainer about returning. Good news for his long term health at least.

* Colts block a FG and return for a TD. Crazy special teams game there.

* Drew Brees with a TD pass to Pierre Thomas and Sam Bradford with a TD pass to Lance Kendricks.

* Mike Wallace has six catches for 99 yards.

* Jamaal Charles crunched and fumbles, but looks to be okay.

* DeSean Jackson for a 56 yard reception that sets up a LeSean McCoy for a 1 yard TD.

* Ryan Fitzpatrick is 1-of-9 for 4 yards.

* Kenbrell Thompkins with a diving catch on 3rd and 14 for a first down. He continues to improve. UPDATE, call overturned. Thompkins couldn't secure the catch.

* Jay Cutler with a 3 yard TD to Alshon Jeffery. Good to see Cutler have another big target at WR and it's helping his total numbers this season.

* Michael Vick pulls up holding his left hammy, but stays in game.

* No carries for LeGarrette Blount since his fumble.

* Hakeem Nicks really getting well against the Eagles pass defense with 6 receptions for 120 yards.

* Jimmy Graham is getting all the yards, with 100+ so far, but Pierre Thomas is getting the touchdowns with his 2nd, a 25 reception this time.

* Tannehill to Charles Clay for a 9 yard TD. Clay is proving his worth this season.

* Jimmy Graham in as safety in prevent. He can do anything!

* Nick Foles in for Michael Vick.

* First half -- St. Louis RB touches: Stacy 8, Richardson 5, Pead/Cunningham 0.

* Nick Foles looks good so far. Would be interesting to see him in a full game.

* Jamaal Charles doing a ton of work before half.

* Trent Richardson, Lamar Miller and Chris Johnson with 24 combined rushing yards.

* David Wilson will not return.

* Russell Wilson just threw an interception and recovered a fumble on the same play.

* Drew Brees 18-21, 202 yards, 2 TDs right now. Too good.

* Donnie Avery is out with a shoulder injury, questionable to return.

* Ogletree and Edwards lead the Lions WRs in targets. Not good.

* Michael Vick has a hamstring injury and his return in questionable.

* The big scoring Packer/Lions game isn't so big scoring yet at 6-3. Lions D and Lions lack of O the main culprits. 

* Blaine Gabbert is picked off on 4th down. He is horrible at his job.

* Ray Rice with a 2 yard TD run. He was having an awful game so this is a big help to his owners.

* Finally a big play from Chris Johnson. He takes a dump off pass for 49 yards and a touchdown.

* Russell Wilson putting up big plays with his legs, 9 carries for 68 yards.

* Brandon Marshall is taking a back seat to Jeffery again this week. 7 targets for Jeffery, 3 for Marshall.

* Miles Austin is inactive. Terrance Williams will get the start again.

* Giovani Bernard with a nice 28 yard run after being bottled up much of the day.

* Eli Manning gets on the board with a TD pass to Rueben Randle for a nice 26 yard slant.

* James Jones with a 83 yard TD reception. He was wide open.

* Blaine Gabbert is out with a hamstring injury, or as I like to call it, a back door benching.

* Ravens have rushed for 75 yards on 25 carries today, longest run is a 14-yarder by Joe Flacco.

* Donnie Avery is back for the Chiefs.

* There are no 100 yard rushers yet and 5 100 yard receivers.

* BenJarvus Green-Ellis gets a 1 yard TD on 4th down. Bernard has regresses in terms of snaps compared to last week it seems.

* TY Hilton grabs his second TD of the game on a perfectly thrown ball from Luck for a 31 yard TD.

* Rueben Randle also grabs his second TD of the game while Victor Cruz sits at 2 receptions for 16 yards.

* Danny Amendola JUST missed a TD. 1st and one Blount was stuffed. Not many play makers for the Patriots.

* Ryan Fitzpatrick with a big 9 yard TD run to take the lead. The Chiefs need an offense.

* Ray Rice gets an easy 3 yard TD. He hasn't looked that explosive, but they are using him a ton with 22 carries and 5 receptions.

* I miss Victor Cruz.

* Tom Brady has thrown a TD pass in 52 straight games. None yet today.

* Gio Bernard was on fire and just fumbled. Painful. 


* Cecil Shorts rewards those that started him by catching a 4 yard TD from Chad Henne.

* Kenny Britt with his third drop today. He continues to hurt the team when he plays.

* TY Hilton just made a great catch. He needs to be out there on every snap.

* James Jones catches his second touchdown pass of the day, a 27 yarder from Rodgers. UPDATE, TD overturned.

* Flacco has the ball deflected and then intercepted and returned for a TD tying up the game.

* Eli Manning is picked off and then the Eagles turn around and Foles throws a TD to Celek. Big turnaround there.

* Brandon Marshall gets into the end zone to salvage his day. The Bears are passing on what has been a very good Saints defense after looking putrid early.

* Trent Richardson owners cry themselves to sleep tonight after a 3 yard TD run from Donald Brown.

* Jamaal Charles gets a 1 yard TD run to put the Chiefs back up. He's once again over 100 total yards and a TD. He's been insanely consistent.

* Stafford gets a garbage TD to Kris Durham. Good news for those who took a flier on him after CJ was scratched.

* Zac Stacy has rib injury. Return questionable (probably unlikely at this point).

* Nick Foles throws a 5 yards TD to DeSean Jackson. DJax with a huge game now, 7 receptions, 132 yards and a TD.

* Alshon Jeffery's game last week looked like his coming out party, but this week he caught 10 passes for 218 yards and a TD!

* Tom Brady's consecutive TD streak is done.

* Carson Palmer already intercepted.

* Eli Manning keeps getting better at throwing interceptions.

* Ryan Tannehill completes a 40-yard pass on 4th and 10 to Brandon Gibson. Great play.

* Cam Newton off to a hot start going 5 for 5 for 70 yards, 50 of those to Greg Olsen.

* Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch both have 102 yards rushing.

* Steve Smith drops a TD.

* Kansas City scored 26 points with Alex Smith throwing for no touchdowns and one interception.

* I've been looking forward to this Dallas/Denver game. Hoping for a good one.

* Luke Joeckel fractured his ankle and is out for the year.

* Terrance Williams with a nice 25 yard gain. He's looking to make up for last week's fumble.

* Your three 100 yard rushers so far -- Jamaal Charles 108 yards, Russell Wilson 102 and Marshawn Lynch 102.

* Andre Ellington has 3 carries to Mendenhall's 2.

* Good things happen when you give Dez Bryant a chance to catch the ball in the end zone. A touchdown is the good thing that happened this time.

* That's 4 games in a row with a TD for Dez, 5 total. That may not be the last for today.

* Peyton Manning keeps throwing dead ducks right in the hands of his receivers.

* It is quite difficult tackling Cam Newton I'd imagine.

* Tony Romo just scrambled for 3.4 hours and then Witten made a great catch for the 1st down.

* Michael Floyd with 3 receptions for 42 yards. If the Cards O-line could hold Floyd and Fitz could be the next Fitz and Boldin.

* DeMarco Murray runs it in from 4 yards out to put the Cowboys up 14-0. It should be fun watching Peyton play from behind. Let's watch.

* Eric Decker starts to make up for his fumble with a 57 yard catch and run and then the next play Julius Thomas with the shovel pass TD from Manning.

* Alshon Jeffery set the Bears record with 218 yards receiving.

* Cam Newton with 3 rushing attempts for 25 yards. Not huge numbers, but the fact that he's running more now is huge for fantasy owners.

* Romo is 11-of-14 for 167 and a TD.

* Cam Newton with a late throw into double coverage, picked by Peterson. Poor choice.

* Andre Ellington just made a beautiful sideline catch. The guy is a great receiver.

* Carson Palmer with another red zone interception. He's killing the Cardinals.

* Eric Decker really making up for the fumble now with a short TD reception. Manning now has 18 TDs to ZERO interceptions.

* Your RB target leaders so far: P. Thomas (9), J. Charles (9), L. McCoy (8), B. Bolden (8), R. Rice (7)

* Yet another TD to Julius Thomas. Manning at 19 TDs and ZERO interceptions.

* Your WR target leaders so far: Wallace (16), Randle (13), Jeffery (13), Woods (13), D. Jackson (12), Nicks (12), Cruz (12), Tate (11), Shorts (10)

* Your TE target leaders so far: Graham (12), Scheffler (7), Eifert (7), Walker (6), Olsen (in progress 6), Kendricks (6), Clay (6), Chandler (6), Finley (6)

* Naked Manning Bootleg alert.


* Cam Newton has 247 yards passing but no touchdowns and one pick.


* Peyton Manning is the only player to have rushed for a TD on Dallas.

* Rashard Mendenhall with a 1 yard TD after Andre Ellington got the team down there.  Ellington looks a lot better in this game.

* Ellington has 7 touches for 67 yards and Mendenhall has 10 for 30.

* Cam Newton sacked for a safety. These two teams aren't all that good.

Well, that concludes this week's installment of the live blog. Thank you and good night!

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