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Week 11 Live Blog

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Welcome to Week 11 of the National Football League fantasy division. I will be your conductor on this journey into the depths of fantasy football angst and jubilation. We'll start with the actives and inactives and then I'll keep you updated on all of the Sunday action.


We also have Week 11 Rankings from Mr. Pat Daugherty, Nick Mensio’s sleeper picks, Jeff Ratcliffe's D/ST picks, my AFC and NFC Targets and Touches and Evan Silva's detailed look at every game in his Matchup Column. So click on all of those and read them word for word and I'll quiz you when you get back.

* The forecast for the Ravens-Bears game is currently calling for "possibly severe" afternoon thunderstorms, windy, with a south southwest wind around 30 mph, with gusts as high as 45 mph. Chance of precipitation is 80%.


* The forecast for Browns-Bengals game is for a south wind 21 to 23 mph, with gusts as high as 36 mph. Chance of precipitation is 60%.


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1 PM Inactives/Actives


* Vernon Davis (concussion) is fully expected to play in Sunday's game at New Orleans.

* Tony Gonzalez (toe) and Harry Douglas (knee) are both active for Week 11 at Tampa Bay.

* Marlon Brown (knee) is inactive for Week 11 against the Bears.

* Jermaine Gresham (groin) is active for Sunday's Week 11 game against the Browns.

* ESPN's Adam Schefter confirmed on Twitter Sunday morning that Christian Ponder is expected to start at Seattle.


* Michael Floyd (shoulder) is active for Week 11 against the Jaguars.


* Martellus Bennett (ankle) is active for Week 11 against the Ravens.


* ESPN's Chris Mortensen reports Percy Harvin's snaps will be "meaningful."


* Calvin Johnson (knee) is active for Sunday's game against the Steelers, as expected.


* Terrelle Pryor (knee) has been ruled out for Week 11. Matt McGloin will get the start.


Good luck!!


* Matt Forte starts with a nice 15 yard run. He'll need to play well on the stormy weather and McCown's weak arm.


* Garrett Graham fumbles the ball away after a catch. Raiders ball.


* Pierre Garcon, Geno Smith and Brandon Pettigrew all hurt at the moment.


* Pierre Garcon already back in the game. Good news.


* 62 yard TD pass from Chad Henne to . . . Danny Noble?


* Joseph Fauria catches 14-yarder with Pettigrew out. He would have value if Pettigrew is really hurt.


* Tony Gonzalez catches an 18-yarder.


* Matt McGloin to Denarius Moore, 5 yard TD.


* Ray Rice goes for a 47 yard run. Of course.


* Ray Rice gets in for a 1 yard TD. I guess the Bears defense is enough to get anybody back on track.


* Carson Palmer hasn't thrown an incompletion yet, including a 14 yard TD pass to Larry Fitzgerald.


* Ben Roethlisberger throws a 34 yard TD to Antonio Brown.

* Robert Griffin hasn't completed a pass yet, but has 3 carries for 23 yards.

* Santonio Holmes looked good on a 33 yard catch.


* Bobby Rainey has 5 carries for 37 yards. Brian Leonard has 4 carries for 16 yards.


* Maurice Jones-Drew has 6 carries for 6 yards and just got in for a 1 yard TD. Jaguars 14 points!


* Case Keenum throws an interception. His first ever. Raiders get great field position again off a turnover.


* Matt McGloin throws a 16 yard TD to Rod Streater right after the turnover. Football is weird.


* And another TD for Antonio Brown. This one a 47 yarder from Ben Roethlisberger.


* Nick Foles runs in a 4 yard TD.


* Justin Tucker hits a 52 yarder in the bad weather in Chicago.


* Antonio Brown has four receptions for 105 yards and two scores - in the first quarter.


* The Bears/Ravens game is going into a weather delay. This may take a long time.


* Garrett Graham holds onto the ball and Case Keenum doesn't throw an interception on a 34 yard gain.


* Joe Haden pick-sixes Andy Dalton. It's Dalton's 2nd pick of the day and second for Haden as well.

* Carson Palmer has nine completions to nine players.

* Nick Foles throws a 43 yard TD to Brent Celek.

* Case Keenum just kept a play alive to end up hitting Garrett Graham for a 42 yard TD.

* LeSean McCoy goes in for a 1 yard TD.

* Andy Dalton completes a pass for a touchdown to his own teammate Jermaine Gresham for a 25 yard TD.

* Bobby Rainey runs in a 43 yard TD. He's at 8/81/1 already. Weird how much this guy has bounced around the league already.

* Reggie Bush fumbles, Steelers recover.

* Vincent Jackson has 4 receptions for 78 yards.


* Mohammed Sanu throws a 25 yard pass to Gio Bernard.

* E.J. Manuel throws a 34 yard TD to T.J. Graham.

* Calvin Johnson catches a 79 yard TD from Matt Stafford.

* Matt Ryan pick-sixed.

* Andy Dalton throws a 6 yard TD to Mohammed Sanu.

* Robert Griffin fumbles near the goal line.

* Bills 3rd string RB Frank Summers in for a 3 yard TD run after Geno Smith is sacked and fumbles. 

* Nick Foles is tearing Washington's pass D apart.

* Keshawn Martin returns a punt 85 yards for a TD. Pure speed.

* LeSean McCoy going in to the locker room with an injury.

* Bobby Rainey goes in for a 3 yard TD. Before half he has a 13/110/2 line. The Falcons have given up.

* Rashard Mendenhall runs in for a 5 yard TD.

* Calvin Johnson catches his second TD of the day. This one a 19 yarder. Still not half and he's at 3/114/2.

* Geno Smith has three turnovers.

* Ben Tate looks like the tin man running, but gains 17 yards.

*Official word from Philadelphia, LeSean McCoy injured right hamstring. Return is questionable.

* Bengals block a punt, pick it up, return it for a TD.

* Matthew Stafford leading the way at QB at halftime with 13/21 for 275 yards and 2 TDs.

* Robert Griffin II has 4 completions for 27 yards.

* Emmanuel Sanders leaves game with a foot injury.

* Joique Bell goes in for a 2 yard TD run.

* The Bengals D/ST has 2 TDs.

* Vincent Jackson with 8 targets already. Schiano was good to his word.

* Alfred Morris has 18 carries at half. Washington going all out run even though they are losing 17-0.

* Mike Wallace is ACTIVE for the Dolphins.

* Reggie Bush is losing carries to Joique Bell after fumbling.

* Giovani Bernard is down on the field getting evaluated for an injury.

* Michael Floyd up to 92 yards on 4 receptions. Carson Palmer picking apart the Jags.

* I wrote too soon about the Lions' 1st half numbers. They're still racking them up.

* LeSean McCoy is back in the game.

* Fred Jackson is hurt.

* Fred Jackson (knee) probable to return.


* Andre Ellington has six carries for zero yards.


* LeSean McCoy gets his second 1 yard TD run of the day after Riley Cooper gets them down to the 1 inch line.


* Matthew Stafford's career best single-game record is 520 yds. He's at 327 yds at the half. Megatron at 179.


* Carson Palmer to Michael Floyd for a 91 yard TD! Palmer is at 376/2 and Floyd is at 5/183/1.


* Greg Jennings is inactive. Patterson officially starting for Simpson. Wright starts for Jennings.


* Chris Ivory gets in for a 1 yard TD.


* Vernon Davis is active.


* Dolphins beat the Chargers.


* Percy Harvin is active.


* Bobby Rainey gets his THIRD TD of the day. This one a 4 yard reception.


* Matt McGloin throws his THIRD TD of the day. This one a beautiful strike to Mychal Rivera for 26 yards.


* Ray Rice tops 100 yards rushing for the first time this season.


* Washington rules Jordan Reed out for the rest of the game with a concussion.


* Vincent Jackson up to 7 receptions for 147 yards.


* Leonard Hankerson out for the game with a knee injury.


* Marquise Goodwin catches a 43 yard TD. Many of the "sleepers" are showing up today.


* Peyton Hillis is a healthy scratch. Brandon Jacobs will be Andre Brown's backup.


* Mike Glennon throws a 3 yard TD to Vincent Jackson. The Falcons have officially been demoted.


* Rashad Jennings runs an 80 yard TD out of the wildcat after running over Swearinger.


* Jason Campbell goes 74 yards to Josh Gordon for a TD.


* Matt Schaub is IN the game for Case Keenum. Does not compute.


* Harry Douglas catches a 80 yard TD from Matt Ryan.


* Geno Smith was pick-sixed a little while back. He's playing horribly.


* Jason Babin ripped the hair off Andre Ellington's head. He has no rushing yards and now much less hair.


* Darrell Young 62-yard touchdown catch from Robert Griffin.


* There are some big games for WRs today. Antonio Brown, Calvin Johnson, Vincent Jackson, Harry Douglas, and Michael Floyd all over 100 yards and a TD or more.


* Matt Simms throws a TD to Jeff Cumberland.


* Gio Bernard is back in the game.


* The Lions faked a field goal and fumbled and the Steelers recover.


* Andy Dalton throws a 2 yard TD to Alex Smith, the TE not the QB and not Eifert or Gresham or Bernard or Green or any of the fantasy players.


* Dominique Davis in at QB for the Falcons.


* RGIII throws a 41 yard TD to Aldrick Robinson.


* Antone Smith runs a 51 yard TD for the Falcons. Don't ask.


* Chris Ivory rushes for 69 garbagey yards.


* Joe Flacco is pick-sixed. Oh yeah, the Bears/Ravens game is going again.


* Ben Roethlisberger throws his 3rd TD, this one a 1 yarder to fullback Will Johnson.


* Joe Flacco throws a 5 yard TD to Torrey Smith.


* Theo Riddick in for an injured Joique Bell and getting some time ahead of Bush.


* Matthew Stafford picked off. Lions giving this one away.


* The Falcons backup Davis got hurt so Matt Ryan came back in and threw a TD to Roddy White.


* Ben Roethlisberger throws his 4th TD, this one to Jerricho Cotchery.


* Joe Flacco picked again.


* RG III with a bad interception at a very bad time.


* Philip Rivers intercepted.


* Cordarrelle Patterson got the start over Jerome Simpson, but Simpson was benched a total of one play.


* Matt Schaub doesn't get it done.


* Andy Dalton is 9th QB to pass for more than 100 yards and 3+ TDs.


* Ryan Tannehill throws a bad interception. Some poor QB play out there.


* Philip Rivers throws a 5 yard TD to a wide open Antonio Gates.

* Rishard Matthews has three receptions for 39 yards. Good start after a big game last week.

* Andre Johnson and Matt Schaub got into it after the 4th down incompletion and Johnson left the field as the Raiders knelt down. The Texans are reeling.

* Eli Manning throws a 26 yard TD to Rueben Randle. Manning's last 6 TDs have gone to Randle.

* Ray Rice has 13 attempts for 81 yards and a TD, plus 17 receiving yards. The Bears ladies and germs.

* Daniel Thomas gets the 1 yard TD run.

* Joe Flacco is sack/stripped. Bears ball.

* Darren Sproles hurts his knee and comes off the field.

* Marshawn Lynch gets in for a 4 yard TD.

* Drew Brees throws a 3 yard TD to the tight end Josh Hill.


* Back to back deep completions to Jordy Nelson and James Jones. Great passes by Scott Tolzien.

* Christian Ponder connects with Jarius Wright for a 38 yard TD to make it 10-10.

* Ryan Mathews is running well with 8 carries for 54 yards. He also has 2 receptions, which is more than he's had over the last 5 games.

* Lance Moore muffs a punt and the 49ers recover. Moore was in for Sproles.

* Percy Harvin catches a 17 yard pass. He's back!

* Colin Kaepernick hits Anquan Boldin for a TD

* Marshawn Lynch goes in for his 2nd TD of the day, this one from 1 yard out.

* Eli Manning picked off again and again and again. That's # 17 on the year.

* Josh McCown throws a 14 yard TD to Matt Forte.

* Darren Sproles is back in the game.

* Colin Kaepernick throws an interception and then all hell breaks loose.

* The Saints DB fumbles it into the back of the end zone so it's a touchback and the 49ers get the ball back at the 20.

* Mason Crosby hits from 57 yards before half.

* Percy Harvin with a 58-yard KO return. He's good.

* Russell Wilson throws a 19 yard TD to Doug Baldwin.

* Ray Rice tops 100 yards rushing for the first time this season. He's at 116.

* Jed Collins runs in a 1 yard TD helping no fantasy players.

* Charles Clay with a 39 yard catch and run for a TD.

* Scott Tolzien isn't scoring much, but at least he's given Jordy Nelson 5 receptions for 71 yards.

* Ryan Mathews runs for 51 yards. He's up to 120 now. I think it's time the start trusting him more.

* Robbie Gould 38 yd FG in OT for the Bears win.

* Brandon Jacobs steals Andre Brown's goal line TD. He's a thief.

* Vernon Davis catches his 8th TD pass of the season, a 17 yarder.

* Eddie Lacy hasn't had much running room, but does get in for a 4 yard TD to bring the Packers within one score.

* Victor Cruz has 8 receptions for 110 yards so far.

* Scott Tolzien is pick-sixed.

* Ladarius Green has 4 receptions for 81 yards. He's good.

* Those fantasy owners with both Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch will be happy that they connected on a 6 yard TD pass. Third TD for Lynch, 2nd for Wilson.

* Right knee of Keenan Allen wrapped, iced on Chargers sideline. Blurgh.

* Christian Ponder is pick-sixed and we have a blow out on our hands.

* Tolzien picked again.

* Lamar Miller had 6 touches. Hard to trust Miller the rest of the way.


* Jarius Wright catches his second TD of the day and of the year.

* Carson Palmer completed 30 of 42 passes for 419 yards and 2 TDs. His best game of the season.

* Rob Housler had his most yards with 70 in this one. He caught 6 of 9 targets.

* The Bills have too much talent at WR. With Woods and Johnson out, Marquise Goodwin caught 6 of 9 targets for 81 yards and a TD and TJ Graham caught 2 of 4 targets for 74 yards and a TD.


* The Bills run game has hit the skids. CJ Spiller had 13 carries for 6 yards and Fred Jackson had 12 for 34 yards.

* Carson Palmer completed just 13 passes on 27 attempts for 93 yards and threw 2 interceptions including a pick-six. But he also threw 3 TDs.

* Garrett Hartley kicks three field goals including the game winner.

* Josh Gordon had 15 targets! He caught five for 125 yards and a touchdown. As long as he's getting those targets he'll find a way.

* Chris Ogbonnaya had 12 targets and caught just 6 for 30 yards, but also had 8 carries for 69 yards.

* Calvin Johnson had 6 receptions for 179 yards and two touchdowns in the first half and zero receptions for zero yards in the second half.

* It's hard to know what happened to the Lions running back rotation, but Reggie Bush had a fumble and Joique Bell an injury. Bush ended up with 14 touches for 54 yards and Bell 12 touches for 97 yards and a TD.

* Ben Tate continues to look stiff when he runs, but still totaled 117 yards on 13 touches.

* Ace Sanders led the Jaguars in targets and receptions with 10 and 8 for 81 yards. Cecil Shorts wasn't happy with his 5 targets for 2 receptions and 22 yards.

* Jimmy Graham had 11 targets, but only 5 receptions for 41 yards. Marques Colston backed up his big game last week with a good one this week, catching 5 of 8 targets for 80 yards.

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