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Reggie Bush's Benching

Monday, November 18, 2013

Three Down

1. Gary Kubiak

If there’s a viable defense for Kubiak pulling Case Keenum, I’ve yet to hear it. Keenum wasn’t lighting the world ablaze at the time of his third-quarter benching — he was 13-of-24 for 170 yards, one touchdown and an interception — but that’s still a far better line than Matt Schaub managed at almost any point this season, and better than Schaub did in relief. Schaub went 12-of-25 for 155 yards, with both his and the Texans’ afternoon ending on four failed plays inside the Raiders’ 10-yard line. Schaub earned a tongue lashing from Andre Johnson for his efforts. Now Kubiak has an unneeded controversy on his hands, and lent an air of even-greater desperation to the Texans’ Hindenburg of a season. That’s not going to help him when owner Bob McNair decides what course he wants to take in January.  

2. Colin Kaepernick

A good portion of the blame for Kaepernick’s fantasy struggles this season can be laid at the feet of circumstance. Namely, an almost total lack of weapons in the passing game, and blowouts where the 49ers haven’t had to force the issue on offense. Injuries haven’t helped matters. But Sunday? Kaepernick had no one to blame but himself, particularly on the 49ers’ ill-fated final drive. Kaep appeared rattled for a good portion of the afternoon, but never more so than he did on San Francisco’s final possession, where he: 1. Took a nine-yard sack on first down. 2. Narrowly avoided both an intentional-grounding penalty and a safety on second down. 3. Ran out of bounds to stop the clock on third down as the 49ers were simply trying to get into better position to punt. It was a terrible sequence that will be hard to get off the brain for Kaep’s owners. The good news is, he gets the Redskins in Week 12, who are allowing the fourth most fantasy points to opposing quarterbacks. It will be a golden opportunity for Kaepernick to get his season back on track before the fantasy playoffs.    

3. Cecil Shorts

Shorts has just four catches for 64 yards in two games since Justin Blackmon was suspended for the season, and he isn’t happy about it. "I have to say something and sit down with (coach Gus Bradley and Chad Henne) because it's getting ridiculous in my opinion," Shorts said afterward. "To have one target until seven minutes left in the game, that's (expletive) dumb. That's dumb, period." We don’t disagree, but it’s not just a matter of Chad Henne struggling to find his No. 1 receiver. It’s also quite likely that Shorts is having trouble with his newfound defensive attention. Shorts produced well in Blackmon’s absence in Weeks 1-4, but that was also before he picked up the litany of minor ailments he’s been playing through of late. Shorts is down, but a long way from out. Here’s guessing the squeaky wheel will get greased in Week 12.


1. Maybe Jamal Lewis could jumpstart his career against the Bears?

2. Hey, whatever works, amirite Andy Dalton?

3. How quickly can left collarbones heal? The Packers are asking for a friend.

Stats of the Week

Andy Dalton became just the ninth player in league history to throw for three touchdowns in a game where he managed less than 100 yards.

The Chiefs don’t have a single quarterback hit in the past two weeks, let alone a sack.

C.J. Spiller and Lamar Miller combined for 23 yards on 17 carries.

Calvin Johnson’s 746 yards over the past four weeks would rank 19th on the season.

Mike Wallace has fewer receiving yards than Doug Baldwin.

The Eagles are 6-5, which includes a 1-4 record at home.

Matthew Stafford threw for 327 yards in the first half … and 35 in the second. As we outlined earlier, it wasn’t all Stafford’s fault, but that’s hard to do.

Josh Gordon has four 100-yard performances in eight games this season.

Awards Section

Week 11 Fantasy All Pro Team: QB Ben Roethlisberger, RB Bobby Rainey, RB LeSean McCoy, WR Calvin Johnson, WR Antonio Brown, WR Michael Floyd, TE Garrett Graham

The Blink And You Missed It Award: Knowshon Moreno spent a large chunk of Sunday’s game on the bench, but still finished with a season-high 27 carries. In hindsight, it’s pretty clear the Broncos were just trying to make sure Moreno’s workload didn’t get out of hand.

The Now I’ve Seen It All Award: Matt McGloin — the same Matt McGloin who completed 57.3 percent of his passes in three years as Penn State’s starter — is being added in fantasy leagues.

Least Valuable Player, Non-Chad Henne Division: Geno Smith had four turnovers and eight completions Sunday. Really, this award could be given to the entire Jets team, which continues to look like a playoff contender at home, and No. 1 pick contender on the road.  

Most Absurd Moment of Week 12: Maybe it was the weather in Chicago, but it was probably this. Or possibly this.

Please welcome Colts OC Pep Hamilton to Twitter.

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